Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Makeup Weekend

Some of my loyal clients have been my good friends. Also, my good friends are also my good clients. I was online one time when my friend from high school, Vicksy sent me a message asking for my makeup rates. Vicksy and I go way back in our high school days. She was my classmate back in grade 5 and we used to write each other letters (back when email was not the thing and even if we were classrooms or seats away) about anything. Plus, when we started getting crushes, Vicksy and I would gush and giggle over them plus she was my bonding-mate when we wait for our rides going home.

So imagine my thrill when I'm about to meet Vicksy again after so long. The last time I saw her was 2 years ago! I got to her house last Friday and I proceeded to do her makeup. She was gonna be wearing a pink gown (designed by Rajo Laurel himself), and with pink being her favorite color (and mine too) we're in for lots of fun.

Vix has really nice skin, and there were only a few stuff that I had to cover. I like how she already had her brows shaped beforehand and how still she was during the makeup procedure. It was easy to do makeup on her plus we used the makeup time to catch up on the latest chismis! Since she'll be a bridesmaid, I made the makeup simple and the skin glowing. I used wateproof eyeliner and mascara (2 musts!) and did not use falsies as she stated she might not be comfortable wearing them. So I used my favorite mascara and her mom actually thought she was wearing false eyelashes. I created a bit of glow instead of making it the usual mate finish.

Aside from doing her makeup, I also helped her wth retouching and I gave her tips on how to retouch. Blot first before applying pressed powder and blend well. I also showed her a possible lippie combination that she could use.

After her sister's wedding, Vix texted me and stated that she really loved the makeup. I was really flattered and that really made my day. :-)

The following day was my shoot for MES. This is Lauren Dalao, which you've already seen in my folio. Here's her glam shot:

Lauren has been a fan of my blogs and I've been her MuA for more than a lot of times. This is also the first time she's been bronzed.
And the resident MES photographer gets in front of the camera under my coercion. I bribed him with airbrush foundation makeover:

That's Marc, the guy who took my fabulous picture that has garnered great reviews from pros in the industry. In front and behind cameras, the guy does a fantastic job. Well, that's why the MES guys are known for. They model. They shoot. Naks!

As soon as I get more pictures, I'll be posting it here.

How were your weekends?

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