Thursday, June 30, 2011

Grooving Via Sensual Grooves

Pole dancing is not pole dancing without involving dances. Taking the regular classes, we spend time with our spins and tricks and then prior to cool-down, our instructor teaches us a dance. The dance part teaches us how to incorporate all the pole fundamentals that we have learned to a dance so we don't look funny doing a trick, then spin, then another spin, then a trick with music.During my first-ever class in pole, at the end of the class, we were asked to freestyle a dance. CD played a song, and each student should dance to it, complete with tricks, of course. If you're a first timer, you're as shy as to sway your hips as you are to bare your tummy. Sometimes, you might feel shy to dance as you feel you might not have a dancer's grace. I was shy myself also to dance at first (CD told me I was mahinhin then), and it takes quite a while as to hiding in a t-shirt, but we have to.

Sensual grooves is a new class that's offered starting June. It still requires the same requirements as pole class but this class focuses more on dancing and how to incorporate the tricks learned in class into a dance. Since this utilizes the pole, the same pole rules apply: no oils/lotion/sunblock/moisturizer/body glitter. Short shorts are a requirement still and a comfy top for dancing.

Teaching this class is Polecat Mara Andres.

After the (very much) required warm-up, Mara breaks down the choreography for you step-by-step. You do the steps with her first and when you get the hang of it, we try it with music.

Mara demonstrates an arch with an oomph. Hair down is a must. It adds to the appeal. Seriously.

With tricks, for beginners, not to worry, we get to do very basic tricks. Mara adjusts to the dance to each student's level. "If you've been taking pole for quite some time, you could go the extra mile if you want to."

Although this is a dance class, this could help us in so many ways. One, for those who want to "boil their bones" and get some groove into their system, this could polish up the dance skills. The steps we learn here can be used for our freestyle dances in class. The moves could also remove the inhibitions we initially have and not be afraid to go ahead, have fun, and dance. Call it adding a bit of landi to your spin or adding some grace to your system, it shows the fun and sexy side of pole dancing, if you want to add more choreo.

Group 2 it's your turn.
Just like our classes with Polecats, this is a really really fun class to take. Hopefully maybe in a few months I'll be as graceful as Mara. Taking this class can also help me learn dance steps faster and build coordination.

Sensual Grooves classes are held every Wednesdays 6-7 p.m. at Gen Studios.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Heavy Cat Eyes + Hot Pink Lips (and how I remove all that)

Giving my winged cat eyes a break (the one with the eyeliner-hanggang-bumbunan level), I wanted to make cat eyes again, this time smokier, fatter, darker, blacker. And... paired with red lips. This is my first attempt though, which took like an hour on the eyes alone, since with cat eyes, the biggest challenge is to creating the shape and make sure both sides are equal. Strong eyes with nude lips? Uhm. I want hot pink. Wala lang.

I can't seem to get them to smoke up enough without looking much like there's a lot of silver and gray. Maybe it's my eye shape, I think. Hot pink lips go with hot pink lipliner.

I certainly used a lot of black eyeshadow that day!

A strong and dark makeup would go well with big spiky falsies on a day out. Hmmm... maybe in the next show.

MAC Studio Sculpt concealer NC30 on redness and imperfections and also on undereyes
MAC Studiofix Powder NC25 on undereye as a highlight
MAC Studiofix Powder NC35 all over
MAC MSF in Gold Digger as a golden blush highlighter

MUFE Eyebrow Corrector in 0
MAC Paint Pot in Painterly as a browbone base
MAC Nylon on brows
Stilla Smudge Pot in Little Black dress to shape the cat eye
MAC Mont Black on lids.
Kohl pencil (the ones I buy in Indian stores for Php150, the one that goes really smudgy, creamy, and smoky) to line and shape and then set with Mont Black
MAC Pigment in Soft Washed on the crease, for a soft blend and transition of colors.

Fashion 21 hot pink lipliner (I'm sad F21 phased this out na. I love it coz it's super waterproof)
MAC lipstick in Hollywood Nights

I think I'll try putting the base eyeshadow first before shaping the cat eye so the browbone highlight stays true to its natural color instead of having a silvery gray tinge to the supposedly champagne-y color it has. Anyway, this cat eye is just for practice. Maybe I'll try it out Wednesday come Sensual Grooves class time, yes as I'll be out of town tomorrow. Or whattheheck later!

And what I use to remove this, since this is such a heavy color and I used three pain-to-remove products (paint pot, smudge pot, and kohl eyeliner)? Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover! I swear, I'm so glad they invented this or else I'll be having wrinkles now.

I get this usually as hand-me-downs from my mom since she loves Clinique skin care and when she gets the GWPs when she purchases her favorite moisturizer, I get the cute purple bottles since she doesn't use them anyway. Yay! I think I have about 5 travel size bottles of this. It's so ironic because I have adverse reactions to skin care products of Clinique (but not the makeup, since I use their eyeshadow and mascara) but not this one. In fact, my eyes love it.

The fact that it's so easy to use I'll show it to you in simple steps. Step 1: You see that there's a barrier separating the oil part from the water part? You have to shake the bottle well before using. Step 2: Dispense a good amount on a cotton pad. Not too much to soak it wet, but just enough. Step 3: Gently press the cotton pad on (closed) eye just to get the product in. I wiggle this a bit sometimes so I get the makeup to loosen up. Not too hard to poke your eye out. Be sure not to get product inside the eye. That can sting, so keep the eye shut. Once there's product on the lid, wipe eye area gently with the cotton pad until it's clean.

My right eye has no more makeup as compared to my left eye. Stubborn eyeliner can be removed with a q-tip soaked in makeup remover. The makeup's all in the pad almost effortlessly. The lids are a bit oily after though, from the oil so after removing the makeup, cleanse face with your favorite makeup remover/cleanser (like cold cream or cleansing oil) to remove makeup that remained on the face like foundation, blush, leftover eye makeup, etc. And wash face as usual with your facial wash.

Not only did I use this to remove my very heavy eye makeup, I was able to wipe my lips of all hot pink lippie traces effortlessly too, like on cue. I like using this product when I want to remove makeup in a flash since I'm too tired to go through an entire roll of tissue, wipes, and makeup remover and I'm wearing very heavy makeup that day.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Panther and Red Tights

Rainy days make me gloomy. How to be happy? Dress up and feed the kitty to be happier. Rainy days call to be protected from the weather so I need a nice jacket and of course, my ever-so-trusty rain boots!My black panthers and I share a story yesterday. I was on my way for my 7-8 class when hell of all hells EDSA was a parking lot in the rain so what I did was take the MRT to Shaw and walk from Shangri-La Mall to Pearl Drive. When I got out of the mall, It was flooded at the hotel, super puddly at the streets. The waters at San Miguel Ave and Lourdes Drive were about a centimeter high and I see girls in flip flops and heels teetering just to go through. My wellies and I roughed it through the flood enough for me to get to Gen Studios by 6:30 p.m. My umbrella though got bent from the wind and pressure but I made it to class without looking like I swam in the rain. Kemerlu the baha.

After washing them last night (Plueys care could be found here), I wanted to treat my boot-boots right by glamming them up for errand day Friday. After all, they are made to make us look human despite the whole of the Metro is raining.

Jacket: Zara
Dress: Promod
Tights: Dorothy Perkins
Shoes: Redrain boots in Panther

The boots aren't your everyday ordinary bota. They're fasyon and could be worn with jeans, dresses, shorts, anything that strikes tour fancy. The slimfit look makes them look more like riding boots than rain boots, but they're just as cute. Since everything's black, gray, and white, what better way to say POW! with a pair of opaque red tights? Finally the tights that got my fancy (aside from the fact that they were on sale at Php 99.00) got to good use!

Yes, these boots are comfy. I have no blisters whatsoever and I've owned them for a year. So I guess since the happy sunny skies have bid adieu, the only way to make the most of the rainy season is, well, to bring out our boots and stomp the bad vibes away.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Exercise Barbie!

The challenge is to wear all-mineral makeup today for my makeup come pole class today save for lipstick and mascara. Mmm why? just a bit of rest to make the skin breathe. I also tried not to use primer on the eyes today for a sheer wash/sweep of color. Para akong lalagnatin. I'm overly dependent on primers. And no eyeliner. WALANG EYELINER!!!!

Ellana Minerals foundation in cinnamon latte
MAC Mineralize Blush in Merrily

Shu Uemura Eyebrow Gel in Seal Brown
Elegant Minerals in Rainforest
Clinique High Impact Mascara

MAC Candy Yum Yum

Rainforest is a pine green sparkly color that came out as a sheer minty wash without primer. Since it's quite loose, I made the mistake of forgetting loose powder under the eyes so I had to do major cleanup for cheeks. No eyeliner means lots of mascara and I'm glad Clinique's powerful in boosting lashes.

The hot pink lipstick plus my OOTD spells Exercise Barbie. High ponytail not included.
Midriff top+ sports bra+ aqua dance shorts. Leg warmers and it's Exercise Barbie on a seat up the pole.

Top: Bazaar bought
Sports Bra: Forever 21
Shorts: Sassa Swimwear
Shoes: Rainskimmers. They're climb-friendly! Wore them today because it was drizzling.

Bare tummies and Plueys don't match so I covered up for pictorial purposes. Learning choreo was easier this time and I was able to do a few choreo rounds without looking like a lost duck. Plus new spins today like the close leg hook and the martini. I love spins! I think spins are my ultimate forte. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Going Smokey Again

I wanted to look pretty for pole class last Tuesday, so here's a (delayed) FOTD and EOTD. Make time, at least an hour, iron my hair, and work those smokey eyes that kind of thing. I haven't had smokey eyes in a long time and sometimes, a line of Dipdown fluidline needs a bit of help too, especially if I'm gonna be wearing a very nude lippie.

It's easy to straighten the hair rather than curl it, to think my hair's naturally curly. It's sorta not like the full face of makeup I wear on shoots or events but just enough coverage to matte me out. No blush, just contour focusing on popping out my eyes.

Smoky eyes usually takes me 3-4 colors, but I tried limiting my colors to just 3 (including brow highlight) to focus on blending.

MAC studio sculpt concealer NC30
Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake in Organza (used dry)
MAC MSF Dark to contour and powder to highlight.

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
In2it silver waterproof eye color to resist the urge of makeup meltdown come routine time.
Kryolan Black
MAC Shroom as brow highlight
Kohl pencil set with Kryolan black
Cover Girl LashBlast Fusion Mascara

Shu Uemura Eyebrow gel in Seal Brown
MAC Espresso

MAC Viva Glam 2 Gaga

Gaga needs a really, really strong eye, whether in black, red, pink, gray, or brown so we don't look as featureless. As for my lashes, I wanted to give my LashBlast a test run. Magfeeling ANTM model lang.

LashBlast hasn't disappointed me really. I like how easy it is to maneuver the brush despite the fact that it's a big and fat brush, and even though the angle I took this shot can create a shadow, I could still see fringies of my lash tips. Easy breezy!

It was a good thing I decided to look presentable though that day instead of my gulo-gulo look because Hannah asked me if I could do these pictures for The Wake Up Show
Professing my love for The Wake Up Show on a skater up my favorite pole Rain.

"Doubles" with Hannah. Point those toes, kittens!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer in July with Surf, Baby!

On the other side of the globe, summer starts in July. That's why MAC's latest collection, Surf Baby is all about fun in the sun, sunkissed cheeks and skin, and just-eaten-a-fruit-pop lips. At one of my visits at the MAC counter, I was able to peek at the Surf, Baby! collection, which will hit MAC counters in a matter of days.

Since summer is more about having fun instead of being cooped up indoors perfecting the contours and blowdrying hair, Surf, Baby!'s got easy-to-wear colors for that sunkissed skin that summer left us, makeup could just enhance it.

The Skinsheen Bronzer Stick reminds me of NARS the multiple. The bronzey shades could be used to contour cheekbones, enhance a tan, or just put some warmth to the face when you feel blah. It's not too bulky too so you could stash this in your bag or whatever if you want a pretty portable equipment.

Eyeshadows are repackaged in Surf, Baby! packaging that's so pureety!

Swell Baby, Surf USA, Sun Blonde, Saffron, and Short Shorts at your service, depending on the look you want. Surf USA can stand on its own, as a fresh pop to tanned skin, while foolproof colors Saffron (it's like Paradisco, but warmer) and short Shorts are great to take past surf season. I haven't figured out how to use Sun Blonde as it's a tricky yellow color, but I think it would look great as an accent while Swell Baby's gray could give depth to an eye.
Cheek Powder is a pretty, pretty peach color with this pretty gold hibiscus overspray pattern on top. I think I'd wear this with a spash of Surf USA on my lids.

For lippie colors, lustre and cremesheen finishes imitate popsicle-stained lips with lush moisture, and the semimatte Mocha are for those who would like more staying power.

Mentionables are pigments in Melon and Naked, and if you're a bridal makeup artist, I think you'd love this in your stash even though you're not doing makeup on a summer bride. Just don't forget to put loose powder under the eyes as dealing with pigments (i.e. loose powder shadows) can get really really messy.

I guess for me personally, I'll be eyeing more on the warm eyeshadows and nail lacquers. But for a bit of bronzey power, I might check out the line of bronzers the collection has.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Birthday Celebrations: Celebrating Day 1 With Polecats and Polekittens

I celebrate my birthday for a month. Why? Because a day isn't enough for me because I like to spread the love to everyone I love, and since the world is spread apart and too big, I can't reach that wide in a day, so a month it is. But still, yay! When I found out that my birthday falls on a Wednesday, I checked if there were pole lessons that day. I wanted to pole during my birthday. So at Ayala Triangle, I sorta somewhat street poled and what better way than to do so wearing my Polecats Manila shirt.

I saw that there were only two classes available, one for beginners 1 and one for their new class, Sensual Grooves. So Wednesday night was all about Sensual Grooves.

Sensual Grooves is a new class the Polecats are offering. A background in pole fundamentals would help since this combines dance and pole. During our regular pole sessions, we learn the spins, tricks, and dance a little. Here, it's incorporating what we know about pole into a dance, and who else to teach it but Mara, who shows you guys what Sensual Grooves is all about in this video.

For Polekittens who want to add a bit of groove into their system and to get immersed into dance, this could be used as a supplementary class, or the other way around, if you want to get the feel of the pole before entering a class.

As with pole dancing, same rules apply: presence of short shorts (the shorter, the better. your dreamgirls and thigh holds will understand), no lotions or oils (not even sunblock) and a comfy top. I personally like midriffs since that extra skin gives me that extra hold. Since it was our first day in class, I wasn't able to take pictures of the class (I'll take pix next time if my classmates say it's okay).

Every class starts with a warm-up to get our body going. It's really important to attend the warm-up because that prepares the body for the routine (and there's less injury risks). Mara teaches you the routine bit by bit, and adjusts according to the fitness level of the student. She has variations of the routine if you're experienced with pole dancing (1 month beyond pole classes) or if you've never poled before. All the routines are pretty regardless if you're on the floor or way up in the pole.

Sensual grooves also helps us release inhibitions, which really help in our projection in class. Let's admit it, tricks look a whole lot better with pretty projection, right? Hopefully I get to attend more of this class to get a bit of groove too.

And since it was my birthday, Mara led the class in singing me a happy birthday song. And I returned the love with mini bite-size cupcakes after cool down

Kiara had to oblige on cupcakes before she left.

My two adorable and pretty teachers: Amaya (for pole) and Mara for sensual grooves.

Pearly and I came to class with metallic shorts and our Polecats Manila tanks.

Going in class during my birthday couldn't be better. I know my body needs more conditioning and probably my joints will be lubricated well enough for me to be able to dance without looking like a scarecrow. But as one of my classmates said, projection helps.

Day 2 up next!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pretty on a Budget: The Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake

The reason why most of my foundations are the branded ones, is that I can't seem to find foundation that's perfect for our skin tones. In a quest to be forever fair, I always see foundation that's too pale or too pink. The result is makeup that ghastly kabuki look or a horrid gray cast on the face. Luckily for us, Filipino makeup artist Fanny Serrano has come up with his own makeup line for makeup suitable for the Filipino woman, without breaking the bank.

Fanny Serrano has been in the makeup industry probably when I was in diapers, and with that much experience, he knows more about quality makeup and makeup shades that look good on Asian skin than the rest of us. A makeup line created by a makeup artist (and a legendary makeup artist at that) must be really good, since who to understand makeup better than one who uses makeup for a living?

I've received pretty much so many good raves and reviews about Fanny Serrano makeup from fellow makeup artists, even the seasoned ones. I'm a fan of their blush in Georgia Peach and their lash curler. I'm sad to see the blush palette go bye-bye but still happy that the individual shades are still available. The two-way cakes are also stellar, and with good reviews and my own personal experience, here I've got three shades of them, to mix-and-match. I use this during collaborations and shoots, and even on my own for everyday, reserving my expensive stuff for special occasions.

From L-R are my Fanny Serrano shades in Organza, Rajah, and skin. I chose bestselling shades in light, dark, and medium formulas so I could just mix and blend colors depending on my model's shade.

Each compact comes with a mirror and also a tiny round sponge. Two-way means you could use this wet or dry. I personally prefer using this dry, on its own after concealer or after foundation for full coverage, say during a show or photoshoot.

Here are swatches. Skin is quite yellowish and great for undereye highlights or for those with really really fair and yellow-toned skin (sort of like a MAC studiofix in C3). Organza is a midtone color, and this is my personal shade, and a shade of many of my models. Rajah, I use to contour. It could be used on its own on a very morena model or mixed with Organza or Skin, depending on the model's shade. As you can see, it adheres well to the skin. It actually can be a dupe for MAC Studiofix. Here, let me show you the swatch I made of Organza and MAC NC35 (my MAC shade)

Organza, are you ready to showdown with NC35? Hahaha. If you wonder why my Organza's quite rough on the edges with breaks and all, it's because I had a major depot fail when tried to depot them but then saw that the FS Two-Way Cakes aren't for depotting, boo. Or probably I haven't figured out the best way to depot them.

The swatch shows that Organza can be a dupe of Studiofix NC35. The only difference is this, up close, MAC particles are still much, much finer and more velvety.

Staying power of Fanny Serrano, is unbelievable though. This is what I used during our Stellar Summer Show on myself, and my makeup didn't melt and slide from pole to the floor. For maximum coverage, I like pressing this on with a sponge and then blending everything for a seamless finish.

At Php399.00, this is a steal if you're starting out as a makeup artist or want affordable makeup you could use for everyday that's your own shade and not a shade too pink or too pale. They have got also other yellow-toned shades that are really right for the skin.

Friday, June 10, 2011

I Moved Up

Although I'm stuck home today due to my horrid horrid cough (my back hurts na as I'm coughing), Kayleen sends me a PM that brightened my day like two tablets of Berocca:

Hello Bambi,

Congratulations! You passed evaluations yesterday! You now move up to Beginners 2. Feel free to ask me if you have
questions :)

See you in class!

If there were an x-pole standing steps away from me, screw this laryngitis and cough and I'll be doing my cross-ankle releases and I probably would have mustered that much adrenalin for me to do a routine. I actually thought I'll morph into a duck come exams time since I haven't poled since our recital and I had the makings of the flu coming on but I made it! Can't believe that four months ago, I couldn't spin or climb the pole.

Still shy to bare the tummy by hiding underneath a t-shirt.

The intro of our routine at the recently-concluded Stellar Summer Show with my groupmates Jeanette, Pearlie, Hannah, and Bits.

The plank was the second trick I learned (the first was the thigh hold) and here we are doing our planks come our number's ending.

Curtain call!!!!

The four months have been a dizzying blur of things. Met new people, learned new things, got stronger. Although the bruises that have mushroomed on places I never thought would have bruises have made me less than flawless, I would not have it any other way.

Here's me and Donna four months ago where I did her makeup for her company event. This was the day she convinced me to attend pole class, with that she added the disclaimers pointing out that I will get bruises and skin burns, but I'll be proud to show them off. That Saturday I headed off to Gen Studios for my first-ever pole dance class. By the way, Donna's teaching the Striptease class held every Saturday. :)

Another picture of Myla spotting me as I do the Superman. I'm going to miss Myla's class but I know I'll be seeing her still twice a week at Gen Studios.

To all 11 members of the Polecats who have been there since day one, you are an amazing group that I'm so glad to work with as a student and as your makeup artist. Eleven and a million hugs to you! To my classmates and colleagues who have been my friends and encouraged each other to move up, high fives to all of you. And you, yes you. Who have painstakingly witnessed my adventures in Facebook, Plurk, and here in my blog every spin, every trick, and every routine that I post or blab. A little like or positive comment really gets me going.

Beginners 2 level are you ready? Yes we are!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wow-ing on the NARS Bento Box

So exclusive, this new set this is, that this set is non-returnable, according to the NARS website.

The Bento Box Lip Set is an extremely limited edition set (just when the label "limited" isn't enough) for a beauty fanatic who loves NARS and lipsticks.

"NARS captures the majesty of the kabuki lip – the ideal of feminine beauty – with Maiko and Sakura, unique lip colors in this exquisite keepsake."

That's a handmade bento box (no mass production here, the whole set is treated practically like a sacred work of art) and a set of two Kabuki cups that were hand-poured with two lipstick shades named Maiko and Sakura. Yep, that orangey-red and fuschia colors on the cups are actually exclusive-to-NARS lipstick formulas. The set also comes with a Kabuki lip brush for precise application.

Maiko is a rich warm orangey-red color while Sakura reminds us of cherry blossoms with a happy fuchsia color, as seen on the swatch:

Sakura on the left and Maiko on the right. Sakura does remind me of Schiap when swatched on my hand. I expected it to be a hinty glaze but it's quite matte and highly pigmented. It can be a bit drying though, but not too dry that your lips would be reminiscent of a land in drought.

Sakura passes the test on my lips. I used my ring finger to swatch Sakura on my lip, as I tried the tester on the counter this morning. I was surprised though, that the pigments were quite intense.

Yay intensity! I presume using the Kabuki brush that came with it with its specialized shape reminiscent of art brushes, the color payoff would be more intense than swatched with my pinky finger. The set is actually quite pretty to have on my vanity, looking like an elegant set served to me. Obviously, I can't travel out of the house with my Bento Box, and if I had my own set, it would just stay on my vanity and never leave the house and I'd keep it immaculately clean so it stays super pretty that the guys who made all the parts by hand would not conk me on the head for ruining their work of art.

A work of art like that doesn't come cheap. The Bento Box Lip Set retails at around Php 7,250 at NARS counters here in Manila. An avid NARS or makeup collector would have this as one of her most prized possessions, much like jewelry.

Blast of a LashBlast Lash

Cover Girl has been an iconic brand ever since I got introduced to makeup. While leafing through old Seventeen magazines from the 80s, Covergirl has been alive and kicking. It's quite famous as a drugstore brand in the US and when Covergirl decided to go and stay here in Manila, it was good news to Covergirl fans, yes?

Another thing that's also associated with Covergirl cosmetics is every aspiring model's favorite show, America's Next Top Model. One of the top contestants' challenges is to shoot a Covergirl commercial and beauty shoot as part of their evaluation. And of course, that "one-hundred-thousand-dollar contract with Covergirl cosmetics" that Tyra Banks always reiterates. An example of a Covergirl commercial below:

That commercial is from Cycle 15, and that features one of CG's very famous products, LashBlast mascara, which I'm going to talk about now, and also the mascara I currently am using. I was fortunate to receive the complete LashBlast line to test on myself and/or clients, and I did give this a run last Sunday and today.

Wheee! It's time for a hairflip and say "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful... COVERGIRL!"

That's LashBlast Fusion Mascara, LashBlast Length Mascara, LashBlast Mascara, and LashBlast Luxe Mascara. The orange tube we all know also has its sisters to help her out, depending on every girl's need. Although they address different needs, there are two overall things I like about them. First of all, the BRIGHT-COLORED PACKAGING! Yes, that is very important and I'll explain why. A bright-colored mascara tube stands out more than a black one when you have to fish it out from your makeup kit or endless abyss of a bag. I think I'll find a bright orange mascara tube faster than a black one, when I'm in a hurry to touch up. Anyone agree? Or maybe I'm the only one in the world with a messy bag.

Second, makeup artists will understand this:

The cap on the mascara. The directions says you should replace the cap with the mascara wand after use. This is okay if you're using this for personal use. For makeup artists, you could replace the cap after using the mascara (no double-dipping!) and wash the mascara wand like you do with your brushes and use it on your next model.

The classic orange tube of LashBlast mascara has a fat brush compared with other mascara brushes (or your own mascara spoolie brush) with 50% more bristles to get each lash hair coated for big vavavoom lashes minus the clump and smear. It's available in Black or Black Brown both in Regular and Water Resistant Formulas. I'm such a fan of the water resistant formula for bridals or for shoots that would involve water. This works for models or brides with naturally long lashes that do not need the extra falsie boost or for those who want big volume minus the falsies hassle. And with a color like happy citrusy look-at-me orange, this ought not to get lost in a makeup kit, yes?

I'm currently using the LashBlast Fusion mascara, which is the one featured in the ANTM ad I posted (the one on the purple tube). This mascara gives both volume AND length, if you can't get enough of your lashes or want to enhance them. Before, I used to put three coats of volumizing and three coats of lengthening mascara to create long lashes. This one saves me the step (and cost of an extra mascara).

The fat, fat brush with the numerous bristles helps it get mascara onto each strand without clumping. So lashes are separated, extended, and thickened. However, since the brush is quite big and fat, it could work to the disadvantage of girls with tiny or narrow eyes, so it takes quite a bit of maneuvering though for a less messy application, say using the tip instead of the sides. I do that for my bottom lashes. Volumizing mascaras tend to get clumpy sometimes, but four coats of these and my lashes didnt look all fake or clumpy. I guess maybe if I don't overdo it too.

For the LashBlast Length Mascara, let's hear what Covergirl endorser Drew Barrymore has to say as I dug up her ad on YouTube:

She did mention "lengthening mascara" and "flakes out" in one statement. Here's the thing, lengthening mascaras have fibers that stick to the ends of our lashes providing a sort of "extension" so it appears longer. The flakes are those fibers that break off from the lashes with time. The Elasta-Nylon flexes as we go about our daily ways with wind and elements and all so our lashes stay long.

With the wand too being long, it gets into the hard-to-reach corners so each lash gets lengthened and coated. I noticed too that this wand is longer than the three other LashBlast mascaras .

Lastly, LashBlast Luxe makes lashes look like they cost a gold mine. How? By volume with a hint of shimmer that reflects and plays with light for thick and shiny lashes that command and demand attention in a non-draggy way. I'm quite intrigue on the shimmer part this one has, so I'll let you know once I open my LashBlast Luxe.

With all mascaras, they work best with curled lashes. Waterproof varieties are great, but once in a while, I like resting my lashes with regular formulas on days when I know I won't be near the dance studio, gym, or anything that would bring me to tears. Also, hygienic measures are also important, especially with using mascaras to clients. Wipe mascara wand after use so it stays clump-free and no double-dipping mascara wands.

Now say it with me... "Easy, breezy, beautiful... Covergirl"!!!!

disclaimer: product provided for review