Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Smells Wonderful: Pure Beauty Vanilla

Vanilla-scented anything has gotten my fancy since it reminds me of the yummy, sweet treats I've loved: cookies, vanilla ice cream, cotton candy, marshmallows, etc. When my staple vanilla scent ran out a few months back, I needed a replacement ASAP that will not break the bank yet will really smell like vanilla.

I went to the Rockwell Bazaar a few weeks ago and spotted fragrances which I tested on myself. After I walked around for a while, I found one that suited my body chemistry and olfactory senses:

I got a teensy bottle of spray so it could fit my bag as my makeup has been taking most of it. When I took a whiff of it it kinda smelled like alcohol first but as it stayed longer, it had the vanilla scent kicking in. It smells just like cotton candy and cookie dough. RIght now my bag smells like it. Mmmmm!!!!! I should have gotten the bigger bottle if I knew it would be this addicting. I also like the packaging since it looks very simple.

They also have a citrus variant that smells like a famous baby cologne.

To order from Pure Beauty Co, email at purebeautyco@gmail.com or text 0917-8902354 and 0920-9185326

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