Sunday, July 26, 2009

Classic Meets Animalistic at the Lancome Genefique Launch

Here's what I did to make a classic dress look interesting while keeping the streamlined form. Accessorize with a tad of punch

So on this photo it's a simple shift gray-black dress with black stockings, my hair tamed and flat-ironed, the usual red lipstick (Ruby Woo used here, which I hardly retouched), and black pumps. The tights are snake-pattern tights, which had support too, to withstand long hours of standing in stiletto heels. I wanted something interesting so I opted for the snake-pattern tights, which kinda went with my snake-print bag (me love snakes a lot). Accessories were kept minimum and classic - just watch and earrings as I don't want a very busy look.

For makeup, I wanted matte foundation for zilch shine and white cast on cameras, defined brows, red lips, and a bit more drama on the eyes by doing cat's eye.

I had a pop of color on my cheeks for blush so as not to get looking washed out especially if the red lipstick is very intense. Hair today is flat-ironed since curls might look too busy and distracting in such a streamlined dress. :) I wanted something timeless and classic with a little twist. I break the clean-eye-dramatic lip rule by adding a tad of drama to the eyes. To break the matte monotony on the makeup, highlights were strategically placed on areas of the face to create dimension and avoid the look from being too mask-like.

Lancome Genefique: Anti-Ageing To the Cellular Level

We all want to look young forever, and if the Fountain of Youth truly existed, I would be the first one to go there and haul gallons of water for me to stay young forever. As of now, I have yet still to search it and I'd have to deal with anti-ageing creams, healthy diet, and proper lifestyle. I guess everyone's on that quest as I am, and with anti-ageing skin care and makeup fast emerging, the desire to prevent ageing goes on and on.

Last Friday, I attended the press launch of Genefique, a youth activating serum brought by Lancome, which takes anti-ageing to a whole new level - down to the cells and not just the cells but right there at the genetic level- chromosomes, biomolecules, and all. This product took 10 years of research and promises visibly rejuvenated skin in 7 days.

"Genes' activity is revived stimulating the production of youth proteins"

was the mechanism of the product. It claims to return the skin's original and youthful quality. As we age, the activity of our genes slows down and

"needs more time to act to produce youth proteins".

I was given a first-hand experience on how Genefique works not just by infusing the serum on my hand (as I did when I entered the venue) but also its effects in seven days in 4 minutes using a high-tech ultrasound device.

First of all, my hand was cleansed and 2-3 drops of serum applied and spread to skin. The product is actually dispensed by a glass dropper, as it was demonstrated to me.
And then the ultrasound device was used to let the serum penetrate to the skin. The ultrasound device felt like an instant mini-massage to my super-overworked left hand that's exposed to chemicals.

Whee! Me like like. Genefique felt almost like water to the skin and it's cool to the touch. When I asked how to use the serum, the Lancome MA told me that it's supposed to be applied after skin cleansing and before moisturizer and makeup. Two to three drops on the fingertips and applied to clean face avoiding the eye area and spread across the face starting from center and working outwards.

After four minutes, she asked me to feel the back of my hand and compare it to the control subject, which was my untreated right hand. The back of my left hand felt smoother and softer. I didn't feel any greasy or sticky afterfeels, and this is good since this is one extra step to skincare- and-makeup routine.

I did like the product (please note that this does not have sunscreen so you would have to use a separate sunscreen or skincare/makeup with sunscreen to protect us from the harmful and *eek* ageing effects of the sun) after my own first-hand experience and would recommend it to those who would want to try it. It's a bit pricey but with the effects, it must be worth every penny. I'll let you know in seven days how my skin feels. :)


Had a shoot with a very gorgeous model. Her name is Zhenya and she's Ukranian. I actually worked with her before and I'm glad we got to see each other again. She just got back from China and she loves it here so much. She got so much stories to tell too, and just like me she enjoys shopping and makeup (she also being a makeup artist) and she gave me updates on great sales here in Manila.

She looks very much like Rachael Leigh Cook with perfect alabaster skin. After our basic clean headshots (which I can't wait to come out as she looked absolutely fantastic in them), I did a colorful eye look on her with red, yellow, and coral eyeshadow. This look was quick, we only had 20 minutes for this shoot.

Her cheery and fun personality makes her fantastic to work with, plus she has great poses too. :)

Photography: Mike Yu of Mantra Photography
Model: Zhenya
Makeup: Bambi C. de la Cruz

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Makeup 101: Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

If there was a book that could be called "Makeup for People Who Are Absolutely Clueless and don't know where to start" it would be makeup artist and Today Beauty editor Bobbi Brown's newest book, Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. This book isn't so new as it has been available already in leading book shops for quite some time. However, it has been perpetually out-of-stock until I saw it at Bibliarch at Glorietta during my birthday. I looked for other bookshops that might have sold it for a lower price and I found out that National Bookstore sells it for like Php1,295. I wanted a paperback edition since it's cheaper and easier to tote around but I think this is only carried here as hardbound. Oh, by the way, this book is one of my birthday gifts. Horray! Yep, I just got to blog about it now.

See? I covered it in plastic so it's super protected. Shame that I only got to blog about it a month before I got it. Anyway, it was in good fate because it was freshly delivered from the stockroom but there were only a few left. I guess it must be good.

When I read it at home, I couldn't let go of it. I didn't know whether to start reading the text, read the text, or just look at the pictures, because looking at the pictures are just divine. What I like also was that it illustrates everything step-by-step, as if Bobbi herself was talking to you. She starts with skin care, as the very basic foundation for makeup. Skin care didn't stop with just cleansers and all but taking care of the skin from within, meaning proper diet, exercise, and avoiding smoke.

She also illustrates the different brushes and their various purposes, since many can get overwhelmed with brushes and their purpose. Tip: have your man read that chapter when he wouldn't understand why girls spend so much fortune on good-quality makeup brushes - okay I'm kidding. Although the book uses primarily Bobbi Brown makeup, she doesn't hard sell the products that much.
Application of eyeliner (for Asian eyes here) is just one of the many step-by-step illustrated instructions. It shows how to apply powder blush, cream blush, liquid bronzer (which can be a pain to apply since it's so difficult to blend), foundation, concealer (in various color-correcting methods), lipstick, individual falsies, full falsies, and many more. It even gave us ideas on how to do creative and artistic makeup.

Starting with regular beauty makeup (far upper left), Bobbi demonstrates how she did this avante garde look using colored powder pigments while letting the reader unleash his or her own creativity.

Aside from makeup for everyday, Bobbi gives tips on how to do makeup for teenagers, older women, brides, and women of different races making this book a book for all ages and races.

However, makeup 101, skin care, and application is just a part of the book. Bobbi writes this book with startup makeup artists in mind. She answers questions on how to book work, career inquiries, and even gives a brief history on makeup. She illustrates that makeup differs on how you apply it - on a celebrity, model, or actress. Makeup for TV, HDTV, and photography are different and she shows you the different techniques for each of them. She even lists down short biographies of makeup industry icons as a source of inspiration to would-be makeup artists as well as addresses and websites of various agencies and makeup artist unions (However, this applies to makeup artists residing in the United States).

I like what Bobbi Brown said in her book to always be pleasant, that even if her work was just okay then, she got called back because people loved her. This is something that should really be imbibed in every makeup artist, to always be grounded and have a pleasant aura with no diva attitude. Maybe that's why Bobbi's so successful until now - her positive energy and neverending quest to share what she knows and even goes to the extent of listing beauty supply shops' addresses and websites for her readers - all good karma and positive vibes.

Although this book teaches the basics, I sure was able to pick up a thing or two. This is useful to makeup artists who are venturing life abroad. The makeup industry abroad is tougher since requirements are stricter, for example, in working for film, you need union membership. Some require training and certifications and a very strong portfolio. I recommend this book not just for makeup artists and makeup lovers, but for anyone who wants to learn a thing or two. This is a beauty book PLUS.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pink and Pretty Look For Saturday

My friend Kirk asked me like a few weeks ago if I would like to do makeup for his friend's shoot. I like Kirk's work as a photographer plus his quick post-processing without altering the makeup. I agreed to do the shoot. While booking, we were supposed to book our home base studio but since our 2 favorites are fully booked, he asked me if I knew any other studios. I remembered that a friend of mine set up a studio down south and since we're all from the south area, we booked at Keylight Studios.

I wanted to go for happy and girly today for some reason so I curled my hair using a thin ceramic hair iron (which holds curls easier but I find this harder to control than a regular curling iron) and did an all-pink makeup scheme that's as girly as my hair.
To recreate this look. here's what I used for makeup.


Shown (Clockwise from L): MAC lipstick in Strayin' (Hello Kitty), The Body Shop Eye color #5, MAC Mineralize blush in Lovejoy. Elizabeth Arden palette (blush for contour, light shadow for browbone), MAC Cremesheen Lipglass in Fashion Scoop, Lancome Courbe Virtuose (Black, Estee Lauder Automatic Eye Pencil in Walnut Brown, Paul and Joe Eyebrow Pencil #4, MAC Heatherette Eyeshadow Trio #2 (I used Hoppin', the leftmost color on the lid, which was quite neutral peach pink), Paul and Joe Creamy Compact in Clair.

Not Shown: MAC Studiofinish Concealer in NW30, Watercolors eye perfector, Bare Minerals in Fairy Light, MAC eyeshadow in Soft Flower (Emanuel Ungaro collection), a matte salmon pink finish.


  • Even out skin with the necessary color-correctors and concealers. For me, I used a peach-toned concealer under my eyes and topped this and all other imperfections with concealer.
  • Apply foundation (creme-to-powder in a dewy finish) with a sponge and set with powder.
  • Contour face to bring the natural planes of the face forward. Here, I used blush with a brown undertone like the blush shown here, which comes with my Elizabeth Arden Palette.
  • After blending my contours, I used a candy pink color on my cheeks for a pop of color
  • Define brows with eyebrow pencil and powder in a brown shade. Brush with brow gel to set.
  • Apply a shell-colored cream base from lashline to browbone.
  • Use a bone-colored nude shadow on the browbone as a highlight.
  • Neutral peach color on the lid and blend these well.
  • For color-contour, I brushed a matte pink shadow on the outer V and crease. Blend well.
  • Line eyes with dark brown liner and set pencil liner with brown powder. Try getting the liner in between lashes for the illusion of full lashes.
  • Curl lashes and apply mascara.
  • Line lips with a pink lipliner and fill in.
  • Apply a complementary pink shade on lips and top with gloss if desired.

Shoot was fun and fast and I even had time to get some shots done. Sure can't wait to post them!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cindy Kurleto on UNO Magazine

Has anyone seen the latest UNO Magazine? I saw it and was totally blown away by the cover

Cindy Kurleto in nothing but lace undies, satin gloves and hot pink straps. Clean makeup, hair pulled back tight, and a surprise on subtle smokiness on the eyes to bring attention to the hazel color. The contrast of hot pink on the all-black ensemble - black lace panties and satin gloves adds a chiaroscuro-like pop of color. The whole look is edgy and despite the that she reveals more skin than she used to (with the text strategically covering her up), it still is classy instead of sleazy. Sexy? Definitely.

The new look is something that I've been impressed, almost with international quality. Not your usual men's magazine, yes? I just couldnt stay long reading it at the bookstore because I keep getting strange looks from people when they see me read men's magazines (What? :P)

To my male readers, what do you think?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Fourth MAC Counter?

Oh let me rephrase that... a FOURTH MAC STORE! Saw this sign at Rockwell last Monday. More reason for me to go to Rockwell now. I surely can't wait for September to come! Oh, and this is right next to Beauty Bar. Makeup places ahoy! :D
Two months, Bambi, two months....

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunny Day? Still Pluey-Day

Okay... so it was not raining but hey, we'll never know, with the weather being super schizo that it could be strikingly sunny one minute then all of a sudden the rain would pour like there's no tomorrow. It's been like that for 2 days, so here's what I did. - just bring out them Plueys!

It was my first non-fashion photo wearing my Plueys. I don't really post my outfits because I'm not super brand-conscious and most of my stuff are generic. I also don't have a tripod with me so my pictures are, if not taken during a shoot, are FOTDs. My usual style is just classic and non-adventurous (yeah, I'm a boring dresser) since I prefer being safe. My body type is also schizo since I've got broad shoulders with wide hips so it's a mix of athletic, skinny, and curvy.

I usually wear my Plueys with tight pants/skirts/shorts/dresses but a friend gave me an idea of a gender-bender type of outfit- looser pants to be balanced with slim belt and tight tank top.

Makeup: None. hahahahaha. cover the face with shades.

(I did wear Shu Uemura UV Armor SPF 30 since it was a sunny day, take note)

Shades: Bought online
Tank Top: PBCom Bazaar (layered over a skintone tank)
Belt: Terranova
Pants: Mango
Boots: Plueys catstooth

I had a client that morning so I needed the flat boot to be comfortable. I haven't worn those pants in a long time, I just realized that fact. Hahaha. I was dashing right out of the door. Hair was let loose in its natural waves with curl-boosting gel to hold the shape in. As you could see, my work lets me wear only the basics with accessorizing - a watch and a hair elastic in case I need to tie my hair up.

It did rain during the night and I was glad that my feet or pants didn't get wet. Rockwell was the place for dinner but going to Rockwell wasn't complete before stopping by EJ. By that time, I had a decent amount of makeup on, so I don't look washed out. EJ was nice enough to give my brows a boost.

EJ and I have been bonding ever since I was about a few days old from makeup school and he knows my features too well. He has a different approach to my own makeup as I do, which is refreshing.

Finished product. What he did was just define them with an ashy brown brow pencil and brush the brows to keep them in place. Eyeliner to define my eyes in place of mascara.

Here's the rest of my makeup:

  • Shu Uemura Ace ß-g signs preventing essence
  • Maybelline Angelfit Flawless Natural Liquid Foundation in Natural Buff (W02)to even out skin tone
  • MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30
  • MAC Mineralize Blush in LoveJoy
  • Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited in BR 750 S

Happy day with friends and MAC HAUL

Apy and I were lunching out with our friend last Monday and she told me that our CDs were ready. She said she'll be giving part 1 soon and since I have to pick up a few stuff at MAC (wheeee! PP day!) on Wednesday, Wednesday would be a good idea since all of us are in the area. So Wednesday it was. Met up with Rudge then at Greenbelt since we both had to run a few errands there after which, since the MAC office is near Rockwell, where we would be meeting Apy, we went there next and the goodies I got were really beyond my wildest dreams.

Brush sets. MAC BRUSHES GIRLS! The red edition. :) I think these two plus a few from my Colorforms brush set are enough for me to do a full-blown makeup. The portable size and red color are pluses. I chose the face brush set, which contains a stippling brush, a foundation brush, contour brush (#168) and concealer brush. The Basic brush set has brushes from face to lips - a blush/powder brush, 2 eyeshadow brushes, an angle eyebrow brush, and a lip brush. I love brushes and having MAC brushes are a definite plus. So my old #217 brush is no longer lonely. Horray!
It was a long wait for me to have a Heatherette palette but I'm glad I got one. The colors are pretty wearable too. The peach makes an excellent base color as well.
Two cremesheen lipglasses that were absolutely pretty and pink. Gift #1 from MAC is the coral lips palette from last year's Holiday Collection (yep, the one with the red casing)Mineralize Blush in Lovejoy. This was chosen for me as this was a super pretty color with a raspberry candy pink pop of color on the cheeks. The glow is another plus, since it's mineral-based.
After I fell in love with leg sprays, I requested another one in medium dark. Last in the pretty bagful of makeup was a pot of gloss from the MAC Sweetie Cake collection, which looks good enough to eat. heeheeehee.It does look like a cookie or candy, doesn't it? So cute!

Finally, after the joy of the makeup, we met up with Apy at another favorite makeup counter - the Shu Uemura Flagship store at Rockwell. EJ greeted us again and was happy to pause for a chat on counter as I played with the makeup. Here, I made sure I had really nice brows. :D Apy followed a few minutes later since she had a client shoot. The girl's gorgeous as ever, I won't believe that she was haggard from work.
EJ, Rudge, me, and Apy. :) Just having fun. Makeup and skin care and friends make the world go round. The white lights of the Shu counter has made my face paler. eeeek! Heeheehee... i've been sporting dresses despite the rain. Good thing it didn't rain while I was outdoors and I didn't skid when I drove home.

Apy told me her lips were drying so I gave her a mini-makeover. So mini that she only needed a tad of UV Underbase (#01) to even out her skintone and a corally-orange lipgloss and she looked fab. Life ain't fair. Rudge and I were also introduced to the Ace B-G eye cream, a newfound love as we're starting to both be OC with our skincare. And I'm bad introducing him to the UV Underbase as well. After a fun talk plus stories of Rudge's recent Bangkok trip, we went over to Starbucks for coffee.

It sure was a great day after being cooped up in the house for a long period of time all with good karma of friends and of course, makeup. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Looks Familiar?

Twin butties in a new level. Okay, repeat performance, you've seen this:

Photo by Apy Arevalo

While I was browsing pictures for my makeup set card, I found this picture too

Photo by Stanley Ong.
Model: Erika Maguad

We had this photoshoot almost a year ago at the now-defunct Gray Area Studio with Stanley, since he would be entering a photography competition. He chose Erika to model one theme, which was retro. I did the makeup and this look came to mind, being very iconic during that time. It's funny and cute how similar makeup styles can have a whole different effect depending on the photographer's eye and theme of the shoot.

Toink Toink!

"Eye" Spy on Eye Creams

It's pretty funny, but uh-oh for me that I only got to start being OC about eye creams just now, when I'm older, but hey, at least time to start right? As I've read in countless magazines and beauty books, eye cream is a MUST especially for older girls like us. Teeners can get away without eye cream but once you hit your 20s, start getting eye cream.

Eye creams are like moisturizers, but they're formulated especially for the eye area. Now, why not use moisturizers formulated for the face for the eye area? The thing is, the skin around the eyes is actually thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face, hence, its needs are different. Eye cream can be used during the night and the day (the richer ones are better be used at night). Choose an eye cream that fits your needs, there are whole lot of ones in the market from soothing, to anti-ageing, to rich formulas for dry skin, and even ones to help reduce fine lines.


PAT, not rub. Rubbing causes wrinkles. Use a little amount and use the ring finger to lightly tap the product on the skin around the eyes. If you're going to be wearing makeup, allow the skin to absorb the eye cream for a few minutes before putting on makeup (Added tip: Eye cream also prevents makeup from becoming crepey).

I've gone through many eye creams, and even tried using good ol' Vaseline (a fave of Tyra Banks), but amongst the eye creams I've tried, these are what I would highly recommend:

1. Olay Regenerist Eye Cream - I've been a fan of Olay Regenerist after it did wonders to my skin and I got comments that I look 21 instead of my real age. Olay Regenerist eye cream is light enough to be used for day, even under heavy eye makeup. It's what I use for myself during shoots. It doesn't sting the eyes either.

2. MAC Fast Response Eye Cream - One of MAC's bestselling products in their skin care. This product has almost immediate results. It's one highly-recommended product to be used when a model or client hasn't had much sleep or has had a cryfest the night before. The texture is somewhat silicon-like so it can help hide fine lines. It's odorless and weightless too.

3. Obagi Eye Cream - odorless and colorless, this is a frills-free yet highly in-demand product (and also expensive as compared with other skin care). Obagi works quite well in caring for my eyes. I like that it's odorless, so I could wear it with me when I'm sensitive to scents and all. I currently alternate this with my Olay Regenerist Eye Cream, but I use this during the night, since the formula is richer. During the day, I apply only little amount and spread the product well so I don't get any excess "heavy" or "goopey" feel.

4. Shu Uemura Ace ß-G Reinforcing Eye Cream - Shu Uemura has impressed me with their skin care line to make me fall in love with them and buy a humongous cartful when I'm filthy rich and have nothing to do with my money. Now, I could purchase just a bit at a time first. This eye cream goes on really light instead of goopey and greasy and is packed with ingredients to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, and all things that make our eyes look super haggard. I actually had someone try this for me and from the immediate result (a bit fresh around the eyes), it looks like a good product.

Any favorite eye creams out there? :)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Elegant Entrapment

Another series of photos inspired by editorials done by the uber talented Apy Arevalo. I love how Apy post-processes the pictures. Her creativeness is beyond our wildest dreams.

models: Philip Rudge Arca and Bambi de la Cruz
makeup: Bambi de la Cruz
photographer: Apy Arevalo

In every shoot, she makes us look different and gorgeous. Rudge as usual, gorgeous model, fantastic shoot partner looking fabulous frame after frame after frame.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Rudge and Rachel: Fierce Fantasy

models: Rudge Arca and Rachel Lobangco
Photography: Apy Arevalo
Stylist, Accessories, and Art Direction: Dennis Celestial
Makeup: Bambi C. de la Cruz

MAC Style Warriors Product Swatches

Okay. so what does makeupbybambi think of Style Warriors?

Two letters, one expression: Rarrrrrr! Wild, Bold, and Sexy with gold packaging and animal prints, Style Warriors arrives at makeup counters with a bang. Here in Manila, it hit MAC counters last Friday but although I wasn't able to see it, I dropped by the next day to do some testing and I swatched some products for me to try. Colors are browns, golds, plums, and bronze. In contrast with the pretty pastels of A Rose Romance, Style Warriors would be another collection of FIERCE.

Eyeshadows came in gold packaging with iconic design reminiscent of tribal wars and all.

From L-R Bright Future, Vibrant Grape, Tempting, Soft Force, and Night Manoeuvres. Whereas Bright Future and Vibrant Grape are saved for those who want it wild and striking, Tempting, Soft Fource, and Night Manoeuvres could be used for bridals or every-day colors, since they're in the browns. The soft force makes and excellent warming highlight, don't you think?

Beauty Powder Blushes came in two shades, a plum shade and peach-bronze shade

Eversun is a peach-bronze shade that's more of an orange. For me, this is more of a warming bronzer than a blush. The mid-tone plum of On A Mission is quite interesting, and something wearable for fair-toned girls.

Bronzers were a must and they came in pressed form, loose form (with a kabuki brush) and spray form.Refined Golden and Solar Riche

Iridescent Bronzing Powder in Golden Bronze with a 182 Buffer Brush

Skinsheen leg sprays, which give legs, arms, and body a sexy J.Lo Glow (the lovely scent is another plus). For a super sexy bronzed effect, spray on hand, and massage on the body, and then top with powder and/or loose bronzing powder. Rarrrr! Lip colors had the same color scheme of yellow-gold, bronze, brown, and plum. Definitely do away with pastels and come the deep, dark, and metallic:Brave New Bronze, Sunsational, Purple Rite, and Tribalist. Brave New Bronze are the Angelina Jolie lips with a hint of wamrth. At first, Sunsational was weird being a cool gold lipstick, but it looked quite cool on the lips. Purple Rite had a tinge of coolness to it, and just like MAC frost shades, it had a some glitter in it. An unusual color, tribalist, was amplified creme in a deep plum finish. I tried it on and it looked quite good on me, and this was something new since I'm not a pure plum user, but the look kinda fierced up my look.

Lipglasses were the same color scheme too. It was weird seeing yellow lipglass, but this could be mixed with any lipstick to warm up a shade.
Liberated, Style Warrior, Gold Rebel, and Fierce and Fabulous. Remember, lipglasses are sheer liquid lipsticks so the color on the tube is ten times sheerer on the skin.

Two additional products were solar bits and lustre drops. Lustre drops are like the Barbie Collection's Glimmershimmer in tints of lilac pink, bronze, and gold to add shine and highlight. They could be mixed with foundation or moisturizer for a subtle glow.
Pink Rebel, Sun Rush, and Bronze Hero. The Bronze Hero is for deeper bronzes, if you want to do an all-out bronzing, while the Sun Rush is more subtle. With the pink rebel being tame, this could actually be used as a shimmery glowy blush.

Lastly, the solar bits were an interesting part. It looked like crumbly eyeshadow but it practically melted into my eyelids when I applied it and had a creaseless, creamy, and highly pigmented finish. I love how it updated my neutral makeup into something more dazzling. Although this could be applied with a brush, patting and blending gently with the ring finger could also do.

Impassioned, Bronzescape, and Scatterays.
Crushing the pigments help deliver the brightest and shiniest look.
Style warriors is already available in MAC Counters here in Manila.

Makeupbybambi Reviews: MAC Dazzlelash Mascara

Mascara... my second best friend. Mascara makes my lashes more defined and I'm quite generous in coating my lashes with them. Since I do the strong brow technique, mascara sort of balances the strength and fullness of the brows keeping my look feminine. This purchase was actually done a couple of months ago, but I only got to reviewing it now (eek sorry). However, this product is still available in the store, and this is something that I absolutely love.

Another trivia is that this is my first MAC mascara. I've heard great reviews on MAC mascara being opthalmologist-tested and safe for contact lens wearers. This one is pretty new, and of course, it came with a pretty packaging: Black with sparkles!

Actually, when I purchased it, I was told that instead of a matte finish, this one has a glossy finish so the lashes are shiny (kinda like shine serum for the lashes with color). It's smudgeproof but not ultimately waterproof. So, hey, let's give it a try.

When I opened the tube, what attracted me the most was actually the mascara wand, which was small enough and tapered to an end quite nicely so it could go to the inner corners and hard-to-reach areas. I wasn't able to see if it was shiny or not but I like that it was easier to maneuver than those big bushy mascara wands. For more lash to say LASH, I needed my Prep + Prime Lash to give my lashes a bit of a boost.

Effect was more length+define than plump and volume. All in all, it's very subtle. It wouldn't work if I want smoldery smoky eyes because since they only define my lashes, lashes could still get lost with the eye makeup. But for light (or no) eye makeup, it does perfectly. If you want the subtle-lash, this one's for you.

not much of a definition, but at least we know my lashes are still there. Overall, effect was not bad, if length+define is what you're looking for. For smoldering eye makeup though with pumped-up lashes, Zoom Lash and Plush Lash would be better options.

(product shot of Dazzlelash by Kirk Barbosa)