Sunday, September 14, 2008

Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Products: Two Steps Away From Haggardness

Okay so this weekend I've been stuck at home. I really have no energy to go out whatsoever since I've been really tired lately. Boo....

Anyway, so it's just a few hours till my homeward-bound status ends since I've got a purdy busy week ahead of me. The first time in ages. It's like dayjob time again, but better since it involves shoots and gigs. So no time for me to schlump down my bed right? Anyway, I just discovered 3 pick-me-uppers that does not involve breaking a bank or ruining my metabolism. All I have to say is.... THANK YOU NEUTROGENA!

Tadadadadadannn... Presenting the Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing/Invigorating Products!!!!!!!!! (in a TV voice-over voice) Designed to clean your face deep into the pores as well as awakening your senses! How's that? Neutrogena is one of my favorite products. I love their sunblock since it's as light as a feather (the closest I get to Shu Uemura) and also their Body Oil. I was using Neutrogena in the states since some of their products are harsh for my skin. As you guys all know, I'm super OC with my skin care, couple the fact that I really love piling myself with makeup.

First up is....

You get this pretty blue bottle with liquid inside, almost like alcohol. Since I was practically home-bound last Friday I needed a midday wash so I proceeded to use it. When I dispensed the product on my hands though, instead of liquid, I get FOAM! I like the smell, it's very citrusy actually, and I get this minty-clean feel. Perfect for hot days. I mean I know it's September here already but the weather is just still hot. The feel after I toweled off? Love it!

When I need an extra rub when I feel that a lotta dirt has been sitting on my face (think a Divisoria adventure or a marathon location shoot outdoors), I think I'll be needing the Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Foaming Cleanser.

This one comes in a tube, just like a traditional facial wash. They've got these beads that help clean deep into the pores. I think they help in exfoliating but they're not as scratchy as your traditional exfoliators so those who redden easily with a little more rub can benefit from this. It's also got a minty feel, which I love and the citrusy, fresh scent that perked my nega vibes. Heeheehee... I was really feeling down, but this was an instant jolt. Oh, and I like the color of the cleanser. It's blue, very amusing and a treat for the eyes.

For clean and tight pores, I'm never without toner. I'm particular to using toners that are gentle to the skin and do not sting. A lot have had toner-burn experiences but I didn't when I tried the Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Dual Action Toner. When we say toner, we get the conotation of stings, alcohol, and dryness. This one didn't sting me but it didn' t leave my face sticky or dry. I like the feeling actually. When I saw that it contained salicylic acid though, I was worried for any adverse reactions, but it actually didn't harm my skin. Maybe I'm allergic to another aspirin ingredient?

All in all, I like how all three cleansed my skin well without leaving it tight and dry. The scent is pretty good too. It reminded me of a cologne I really liked. Yep, it is a good pick-me-upper... with a bonus on clean, healthy skin.
(Neutrogena products are available in leading drugstores and department stores. You can also check their website at for locations)

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