Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coming Soon In Rockwell

Another reason that I'll be frequenting Powerplant Mall by October more....

I thought before it was just chismis (gossip) that this ever-so-famous luxury brand will have a boutique but when I saw the display in Rockwell this afternoon and the event, it's definitely true! and I really can't wait! How long have I prayed that Shu Uemura would open more branches and they did!

To anticipate this much-awaited event, a display was put up in Rockwell where customers, VIP clients, and members of the press can avail of complementary makeovers by Shu Uemura's team of makeup artists and hairstylists from L'Oreal were there to do magic on our hair as well.

Some of Shu Uemura's skincare items

Oh... and there's a surprise

"The Shu Uemura boutique will house an Atelier Room or Learning Center, a service which no other brand in the Philippines can offer its loyal customers. Here, VIP clients can have private make-over sessions wherein they will not onl get their make-up done but their hair as well."

Talk about a total shopping experience! There will also be a complementary makeup session and makeover not just for clients but also makeup workshops as well. The Atelier Room can also be the venue for trial makeup for brides-to-be and their entourage done by their Accredited Arists.

This definitely sounds like a total oasis for Shu Uemura addicts like myself. I was once one of those people who never paid attention to Shu Uemura until I tried their products. From the first touch of the cleansing oil to the eyelash curler (I own 5 eyelash curlers presently, 3 of them being Shu Uemura) plus experiencing the makeup first-hand... I began to love it. Oh.... and if you read my blog post in multiply about me modelling for CAS, the foundation used on me happened to be Shu Uemura Face Architect foundation. The foundation happened to be a favorite of the makeup artist, since it feels ultra-light on the skin plus it photographs really well.

For those who want to experience Shu first hand, you can visit the counters in Makati and Shangri-La plus the display in Rockwell. :).

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