Wednesday, September 17, 2008

On My Toes

Got my pedi yesterday. Can I just say how much I looooove my polish color?

Orly Nail Polish in Close Your Eyes. Done at Nail To Toe Spa in Las PiƱas. I've been a regular at this spa since I got addicted to their Thai massages plus I love their mani-pedis. They have a great selection of their imported nail polish and what I love about the nail art/colors is that they're not picked from random. They're picked from the trendiest bestselling colors.

The thing with dark polish is that they make the feet look whiter. It's also great for fall, where our summer brights and pastels make way for spicier, warmer, darker colors. So far my polish is fine now, despite that I've been standing up and running around all day. Orly looks like a great brand to try too. I like the metallic finish of this plum shade.

Also, I was advised that although dark colors are a classic, we should not let them stay on our nails for a week as they could stain the nails. Also, give nails a break from polish to prevent unsightly yellow nail stains.

Anyone want to share their autumn nail color?

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