Thursday, September 25, 2008

My DIY Olay Total Effects Pampering Experience

Once upon a time, I was flipping through a browsing copy of Cosmo in a magazine/book store when I saw this product being awarded the Cosmo Beauty Award for this year:

SRP: Php199.00 per sheet in Watson's

I got intrigued at this Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 anti-ageing facial stretch mask and the fact that a lot really swear by it. I thought I'd give it a try since my skin needs TLC after all the haggardness. After the Olay videocon I attended yesterday and having coffee with Sasha, I went to Watsons and got myself a packet to try. Apparently, according to a friend, it's as potent and great as slathering an entire bottle of Olay Total Effects on your face, AKA my 20 minutes of reversing my age.

So that night, just before I hit the sack and right after I took a shower... my skin's ready for some Olay pampering. No makeup! Just me.

So I massaged cleansing oil on my face and rinsed it off (I want my skin extra clean even though I already showered beforehand). Then, I used a cleanser with a gentle exfoliant to prep up my skin and slough off the dull cells and all cleansing oil residue then whisked with toner. After letting the toner evaporate, I bonded with my mask.

The mask is not actually the one you massage on your face or brush, as they do in the spa. It's sort of this oval mask sheet with holes cut for the eyes, nose, and mouth that's stretchable enough to put on your facial contours. I didn't have a hard time fitting it on my face, maybe my facial structure is compatible with it. The paper material is strong enough not to tear as I stretched it (gently of course). Anyway, you don't wet this though, like others since it's already pre-soaked with the "mask juice," or that's what they call it in the packet.

Okay, so this mask will infuse the face with anti-ageing benefits namely

"line minimization, nourishing moisturization (soothe dry skin), tone enhancement, gentle exfoliation, moisturizing nutrient replenishment, anti-oxidants, and subtle lifting."

The solution itself smells nice but it didn't overpower my nose, considering it was already a very rich solution bombarded with anti-ageing antioxidants, moisturizers, and all that. Since there were still some leftover solution inside the packet, I used it as lotion on my neck, hands, and feet. Already I felt the effect as it got absorbed, my hands felt smoother!

I waited for 20 minutes while reading the packaging and making notes. It didn't sting my eyes or my skin and I didn't feel any burning or itching sensation, and this is wonderful news. I could already feel the effects on my hands and I can't wait for it to be on my face.

After 20 minutes, I peeled the mask and discarded it. I'm not supposed to rinse off the solution on my face but wipe it off with soft tissue or cotton so I did.

Me After!

After being infused with Olay Total Effects benefits for 20 minutes... that's me. Of course the shine could be the reflection from the flash+moisturizer because my skin felt uber moisturized. My skin did feel noticeably softer. Of course I didn't expect to look like an Olay model, but there is quite a bit of improvement with the texture. Plus, the following morning, I didn't regrease much when I woke up and I really felt that my skin was given this boost of nourishment. Eye cream afterwards and lip butter as I already ultra-moisturized my skin.

I really think that it deserved its award. Not only did I like the effect but it was beauty without pain. Tip for those who want to maximize the magic potion: Use the leftover lotion on your neck, chest, tummy, hands, arms, legs! :)

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miemiemie said...

you look lovely ate bambi :) before and after olay,your skin looks great!