Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pretty on a Budget: The Fanny Serrano Two-Way Cake

The reason why most of my foundations are the branded ones, is that I can't seem to find foundation that's perfect for our skin tones. In a quest to be forever fair, I always see foundation that's too pale or too pink. The result is makeup that ghastly kabuki look or a horrid gray cast on the face. Luckily for us, Filipino makeup artist Fanny Serrano has come up with his own makeup line for makeup suitable for the Filipino woman, without breaking the bank.

Fanny Serrano has been in the makeup industry probably when I was in diapers, and with that much experience, he knows more about quality makeup and makeup shades that look good on Asian skin than the rest of us. A makeup line created by a makeup artist (and a legendary makeup artist at that) must be really good, since who to understand makeup better than one who uses makeup for a living?

I've received pretty much so many good raves and reviews about Fanny Serrano makeup from fellow makeup artists, even the seasoned ones. I'm a fan of their blush in Georgia Peach and their lash curler. I'm sad to see the blush palette go bye-bye but still happy that the individual shades are still available. The two-way cakes are also stellar, and with good reviews and my own personal experience, here I've got three shades of them, to mix-and-match. I use this during collaborations and shoots, and even on my own for everyday, reserving my expensive stuff for special occasions.

From L-R are my Fanny Serrano shades in Organza, Rajah, and skin. I chose bestselling shades in light, dark, and medium formulas so I could just mix and blend colors depending on my model's shade.

Each compact comes with a mirror and also a tiny round sponge. Two-way means you could use this wet or dry. I personally prefer using this dry, on its own after concealer or after foundation for full coverage, say during a show or photoshoot.

Here are swatches. Skin is quite yellowish and great for undereye highlights or for those with really really fair and yellow-toned skin (sort of like a MAC studiofix in C3). Organza is a midtone color, and this is my personal shade, and a shade of many of my models. Rajah, I use to contour. It could be used on its own on a very morena model or mixed with Organza or Skin, depending on the model's shade. As you can see, it adheres well to the skin. It actually can be a dupe for MAC Studiofix. Here, let me show you the swatch I made of Organza and MAC NC35 (my MAC shade)

Organza, are you ready to showdown with NC35? Hahaha. If you wonder why my Organza's quite rough on the edges with breaks and all, it's because I had a major depot fail when tried to depot them but then saw that the FS Two-Way Cakes aren't for depotting, boo. Or probably I haven't figured out the best way to depot them.

The swatch shows that Organza can be a dupe of Studiofix NC35. The only difference is this, up close, MAC particles are still much, much finer and more velvety.

Staying power of Fanny Serrano, is unbelievable though. This is what I used during our Stellar Summer Show on myself, and my makeup didn't melt and slide from pole to the floor. For maximum coverage, I like pressing this on with a sponge and then blending everything for a seamless finish.

At Php399.00, this is a steal if you're starting out as a makeup artist or want affordable makeup you could use for everyday that's your own shade and not a shade too pink or too pale. They have got also other yellow-toned shades that are really right for the skin.


Morbidfrank said...

Hello! I hope you don't mind that I linked this blog post on my blog. Nice Review. :P I haven't bought anything from MAC cause the brand is way out of my budget. But it's nice to discover FS is a great alternative and not to mention a good rival in terms of quality against MAC. :P New Follower btw. :) Hope you had a great Sunday!


Iya Boto said...

Great review! I also have FS in Organza. I'd love to get Raja as a contour powder soon. Great review!
New follower, hope you can follow back.