Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Olay Regenerist Arrives This November!

Just a week ago, I attended a videoconference at the P&G office along with select members of the press and the blogosphere where we were introduced to the newest addition to the Olay line of products - Olay Regenerist. Actually, Regenerist has been around already for quite some time and it's already available not just in the US but in Thailand, China, Singapore, etc. From what I've learned, people have been going to the counters asking when will Regenerist arrive in the Philippines. Good news to those, since they will no longer have to wait for someone to go abroad because Olay Regenrist is sure to hit Philippine shores this November!

Olay Regenerist actually

"uses breakthrough technology at the cellular level by producing aminopeptides, which signal cells to regenerate and reverse the visible signs of aging."

It's pretty cool to note, though that women here in the Philippines have gone beyond whitening and brightening and focusing on anti-ageing products from creams to serums to SPF. The influx of anti-ageing products in the market that have been tried, tested, raved, and blogged about proves this.

I've been using Regenerist for a week now, actually. Although it will be a few years before I leave my 20s, thought I'd get started now, and also I could clearly see stress lines on my skin. EEEK! I've been really conscious about using eye creams hence the eye-lifting serum has been my staple beauty regimen since my eyes get often abused by applying eyeshadow and tightlining. heeheehee. Although it's too early to tell if I've had my skin 10 years ago, I can vouch for an improvement with my skin tone and texture. My skin feels smoother and I've noticed a certain "glow" it has, especially when I wake up in the morning. Another favorite of mine is the Regenerating Serum, since it's also got mattifying properties and can be a good makeup primer. Oh and makeup? I can actually brave a day with just mineral setting powder on (oh, and mascara, brow definer, and lip butter). Also, I'm glad that it does not have this overpowering scent that's strong on the nose. My skin also isn't greasy or oily later.

Of course, for me, I always like to couple my skincare regimen for healthy skin with regular exercise, lots of healthy food and water to keep skin hydrated and glowing, and avoiding vices like smoking, alcohol, and putting on SPF. :)

Who sure can't wait for November? :)

Monday, September 29, 2008

P3 Special Collaboration

Last month, I did makeup for a photoshoot that would appear in Project Three, an online magazine geared towards featuring artists and upcoming artists in fashion.

The team consists of big names in the industry - accessories designer Dennis Celestial (his works have been featured already in numerous glosses, like the breastplate Katrina Halili had in her Maxim cover and the earrings of Miriam Quiambao in Playboy just to name a few), photographer and graphic artist Darrel Pobre, and model Chinz Ching. The photoshoot is actually a special collaboration and I was one of the two makeup artists they worked with. I did male makeup with smoky eyes.

Here's a screenshot of one of the four layouts I did.

It's my pleasure to work with highly talented and professional people in the industry. It was such a fun shoot. To see what I did, click here. Take note though that the ones posted in my Multiply are just the ones that I did.

It was so much fun and again, I've proven that Kohl eyeliner set with Kryolan eyeshadow stays well like anything.

Thanks to Dennis for the invite and to P3 as well! :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Battle of the Makeup Removers

Knowing how much I love makeup, taking it off is five times more of a chore than putting it on. Putting on makeup since age 16 (although less pro than how I do now), I just thought plain ol' facial wash and water would do. As i got older (and wiser and more OC with my skin care), I figured that I do something more than just facial wash, because come on, admit it, can simple facial wash remove 10 coats of waterproof mascara? My cardinal rule is that I always remove makeup if I feel it has been sitting too long on my face and/or before hitting the sack.

One famous cleanser that has been through ages is cold cream.
Cold cream is very effective though, until now, I still have a (huge) jar of Walgreen's cold cream on my dresser. Cold cream has also been my best friend with avante garde makeup practice sessions and it can impeccably remove kohl from heavily-lined eyes (a feat that Marc had to go through when I did his flame makeup).

According to wikipedia, cold cream is

"an emulsion of water and certain fats, usually including beeswax and various scent agents, designed to smooth skin and remove makeup. The name derives from the cooling feeling that the cream leaves on the skin."

Meaning to say it does not just remove makeup (stubborn waterproof liquid liner, kohl pencil, and mascara included) but also moisturizes the skin. So how it works is that you massage it to the skin then tissue off, repeat until no makeup or dirt is left. It was great in removing makeup but it was too heavy so I needed a good facial wash after. Plus, it was quite a long procedure (I sometimes have to repeat the whole process thrice just to get that all off) and it can be taxing for someone who just wants to plop on the bed after a looong looong day. Nevertheless, it is quite efficient in terms of makeup removal.

I discovered cleansing oils when I tried the ever-so-famous Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and its variants exactly a year ago. I got home 2 am from a function and I got a packet of cleansing oil with me. Surprisingly, it felt great on my skin and just 1-1/2 pumps removed all my makeup. Clearly, it was love at first touch since it was able to save me time and energy. I've been hesistant to use cleansing oils not because of the price (well yeah... that too) but because of the fact that it's oil. Actually, I found out that these cleansing oils are not like your regular olive oil or minola cooking oil or baby oil but a special oil with low mineral content that emulsifies upon contact with water. It's like a facial wash, except more potent.

I've also tried the more affordable brands. They also work quite well and I use them during my "practice" makeup sessions. They work quite effectively, although there are some brands that will require an extra step of foaming cleanser/facial wash. It could even remove spirit gum and plastowax for avante garde makeup. Cleansing oil works by massaging it onto the face then wetting the face emulsifying the product than rinsing it off. Surprisingly, in one step, it was able to remove as much as what I could remove in 2 rounds of cold cream and tissue. However, this didn't remove kohl pencil quite effectively as cold cream did.

As of now, I'm partial to the cleansing oil as they save me a lot of time and are lighter than cold cream. However, on occasion that I want a bit of pampering or on days that I use kohl pencil, I whip out my jar of cold cream.

Anyone share what cleansing products/makeup removers they use?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My DIY Olay Total Effects Pampering Experience

Once upon a time, I was flipping through a browsing copy of Cosmo in a magazine/book store when I saw this product being awarded the Cosmo Beauty Award for this year:

SRP: Php199.00 per sheet in Watson's

I got intrigued at this Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 anti-ageing facial stretch mask and the fact that a lot really swear by it. I thought I'd give it a try since my skin needs TLC after all the haggardness. After the Olay videocon I attended yesterday and having coffee with Sasha, I went to Watsons and got myself a packet to try. Apparently, according to a friend, it's as potent and great as slathering an entire bottle of Olay Total Effects on your face, AKA my 20 minutes of reversing my age.

So that night, just before I hit the sack and right after I took a shower... my skin's ready for some Olay pampering. No makeup! Just me.

So I massaged cleansing oil on my face and rinsed it off (I want my skin extra clean even though I already showered beforehand). Then, I used a cleanser with a gentle exfoliant to prep up my skin and slough off the dull cells and all cleansing oil residue then whisked with toner. After letting the toner evaporate, I bonded with my mask.

The mask is not actually the one you massage on your face or brush, as they do in the spa. It's sort of this oval mask sheet with holes cut for the eyes, nose, and mouth that's stretchable enough to put on your facial contours. I didn't have a hard time fitting it on my face, maybe my facial structure is compatible with it. The paper material is strong enough not to tear as I stretched it (gently of course). Anyway, you don't wet this though, like others since it's already pre-soaked with the "mask juice," or that's what they call it in the packet.

Okay, so this mask will infuse the face with anti-ageing benefits namely

"line minimization, nourishing moisturization (soothe dry skin), tone enhancement, gentle exfoliation, moisturizing nutrient replenishment, anti-oxidants, and subtle lifting."

The solution itself smells nice but it didn't overpower my nose, considering it was already a very rich solution bombarded with anti-ageing antioxidants, moisturizers, and all that. Since there were still some leftover solution inside the packet, I used it as lotion on my neck, hands, and feet. Already I felt the effect as it got absorbed, my hands felt smoother!

I waited for 20 minutes while reading the packaging and making notes. It didn't sting my eyes or my skin and I didn't feel any burning or itching sensation, and this is wonderful news. I could already feel the effects on my hands and I can't wait for it to be on my face.

After 20 minutes, I peeled the mask and discarded it. I'm not supposed to rinse off the solution on my face but wipe it off with soft tissue or cotton so I did.

Me After!

After being infused with Olay Total Effects benefits for 20 minutes... that's me. Of course the shine could be the reflection from the flash+moisturizer because my skin felt uber moisturized. My skin did feel noticeably softer. Of course I didn't expect to look like an Olay model, but there is quite a bit of improvement with the texture. Plus, the following morning, I didn't regrease much when I woke up and I really felt that my skin was given this boost of nourishment. Eye cream afterwards and lip butter as I already ultra-moisturized my skin.

I really think that it deserved its award. Not only did I like the effect but it was beauty without pain. Tip for those who want to maximize the magic potion: Use the leftover lotion on your neck, chest, tummy, hands, arms, legs! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Warning for New/Aspiring/Veteran models

Hey guys! I'm reposting this from my friend. I was really apalled at how there are quite a number of sick people in the world pala. As a makeup artist who dabbles on modelling, I feel the need to share this too to others, especially models who are just starting out. Talaga nakakagulantang talaga!
Here's the post:

I am posting here an article i read from a multiply friend which made my blood pressure shoot up. KINDLY READ, LEARN & BE WISER! Unfortunate things like this happens...is it worth it?...is what you should always ask yourself.please read : FASHION without SENSE Sep 22, '08 5:20 AMfor everyoneTo all Models, aspiring models, photogs or any other people concerned...this is a BLOG for warning.A very ugly experience I had...I will not mention any name of people involved because some details are really way foul.I did not write this to screw up the so called "established organization of that modelling whatever" but to impart my BAD EXPERIENCE and be of warning to everyone. especially to the models :)and so here it goes.............

_____________________________________________________________________________Last February 2008, I was strolling down MEGA MALL when a girl handed me a card and ask me if I was interested to join their group. ( IT was a modelling production / workshop whatever) The aspiring model that I am .... I took the card and kept it. Then another girl handed me again a card with the same "modelling workshop name" only a different layout and ask me the same thing. I got the card and took off.The following day. I was very enthusiastic thinking i could start from there. As in " wow okay... modelling ) So, i called the number posted and "DIREK ( sabi nia I call him DIREK daw kasi he's the director of the show" answered me. I asked how can I join....

He said " IKAW yung naka preppy polka dots kahapon?" i said yes... and the conversation went on... what's your height? Vital stats? address etc.then he said " call me back later if nasa bahay kana " I was on my way to my duty that day kasi. THAT NIGHT : he texted me. " call me @ this number ******* ( i forgot na , basta landline yun) the enthusiast that i was I called him ..... He told me " O-cge photo shoot mo na bukas... kayo ng mga friends mo ( i was supposed to be there with some pretty gals that i know of ) bring stilletos and shorts . what's your height again? VS?and the list went on.

Then he started telling me weird things....DIREK : "alam mo ayaw ko ng model na pavirgin---- ayaw ko ng maarte, nakakainis nga mga yung mga nagsasabing vigin pa sila."and started asking me.... "VIRGIN KAPABA? NA-SECOND BASE KA NABA? MAY EXPERIENCE KA NABA? ( which is not supposed to be a part of the iinterview dba? )and telling stories like "yung si k**** ( he was laying down names and that girl he was talking about happen to be my school mate- kakahiya talaga . " pag sinabi mo jang hubad . Hubad kagad yan and ang bilog ng B**bs nian....he was bragging about how he was able to give his models their first experience and how they enjoyed it . He was telling me " kung wala kapa experience ... paturo ka sakin . yung mga models nga after ko sila bigyan ng exprience nasasarapan and humingi ulit." PWEDE KITANG PASIKATIN,IKAW ILALAGAY KO SA MGA POSTERS NATIN and calling CARDS.... lahat ng show isasama kita .... ANO BA KAYA MONG IBIGAY? and he said " huwag mo sasabihin kay k**** ( d' overall model president whom I happen to know) itong pinag usapan natin.

I was so scared i made an excuse that my brother is going to use the phone so i could hang up. THE FOLOWING DAY , I did not show up and still he was making kulit and texted me a million times ( my friends have read those messages) " SORRY if I scared you last night , sana you won't talk about it to others... you don't have to undergo the screening anymore WELCOME MY NEW MODEL... I just replied " NOT INTERESTED "

I change my mobile number after that kasi he was still bugging me.LAST MARCH 2008 they have launched the new batch of models in which i was supposed to be a part of somewhere in MARIKINA... I just felt sorry for the other girls who fell for him. ( espacially the ones he had mentioned to me...... they are far too many of them )A photographer friend who covered the event was chatting with me... and said " alam mo ba MANIAC daw yung director nian " and I said " tell me about it..... geezzz I should know"

________________________________________________________________________There organization is now invading the multiply world. They kept sending invitation to girls who are in the modelling world.. Read my title carefully and get a hint. I did not do this to wreck some names after all i did not mention anyone. I just want to set an example that BULLSHITS like this happen and if you are not careful enough you might turn the wrong wayNOte : there's a part two to this write up, I'll take you to what happens when you go there for the screening or workshop process ( whatever they call it) A MODEL FRIEND told me her story ( it was so devastating that she ended up filing a case against this so called "DIREK" )

PART II. please read : FASHION without SENSE Sep 22, '08 6:50 AMfor everyoneto all models, aspiring models , photogs, etc... pls take time to read this. To those wonderin' what organization i am talking about read my title and get a hint. This is the second part of my blog.

____________________________________________________________________________This is a story of my model friend who have encountered that "bastard DIREK" . this happened 2 years ago. MY friend is just 17 years old now. So i bet she was 15 that time. ( the hell with him !!! )

____________________________________________________________________________The story goes......She went to that place somewhere in MANDALUYONG , for the start of the workshop . She was one of those aspiring models that was "discovered while walking at that very same building... MEGAMALL "They were in a room. Direk told them " what's there vital statistics? "let's call my friend *girlie. Girlie was writing them in a piece of paper when Direk said " HINDI SUSUKATIN NATIN YAN" Girlie thought that the other girl in the room was the one who will measure her stats. Only to find out that DIREK ask that other girl to go out and he was holding the tape measure.He was behind girlie. wrap his arms around her chest and then " nilamas" ( sorry for the term * girlie used the very same term when she was telling me the story. She was shocked and was stunned for a moment. then direk acting very profesional ask " may pads ba iyan? "

Then She was asked to sit in a room. While Direk let another BEAUTIFUL MODEL in the room. She was directed to sit and watch what they're gonna do becasue she will be doing it next.Girlie felt something was wrong.... and the next thing she knew....She was watching Live S3X right in front of her. She pretended she was texting .... but she was really capturing it on her mobile phone. ( imagine for a 15 year old girl to see that )

The next thing she did was pretend that she has her period that day and went OFF.Next step... She filed a case against this DIREK!!! and guess what this Direk has the nerve to say that " isa ka lang... madami ang models ko " girlie got a threat from those poor girls that they'll kick her off if she spills a word. ... sadly .....after two years he is still free...girlie had erased the video she had captured.

Monday, September 22, 2008


This is my take on I Love Saturdays.....because it's photoshoot day!

Marc created his magic again on me. This was actually a test shot for his lights but it turned out so well. If you find that dress familiar... it made its first appearance at the Pantene Dare to Get Wet Presscon.
Here I pay tribute to my first love... the stage, since I was very active in theater in high school (and I really miss it). Marc was able to simulate dramatic lighting, which reminded me of the playbills in Broadway magazines. I love the mask too. I'm kinda reminded of the Phantom of the Opera scenes.
Love the picture. Love the mystery!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Rainy Day FOTD

I was supposed to meet the crew for my Saturday morning shoot at Max Brenner in Greenbelt by 6 pm. By 4 pm in my house I was already packed... my stuff included. I was bringing a lot since I had a back-to-back shoot so from Ortigas I'll be going to Makati to meet sina Marc for our photoshoot in MES. After I got my velcro rollers out and I was about to put on my makeup... rain started pouring - HARD - and there's no way that it'll settle down and I had to take whatever means to GET THERE. No way am I going to be putting on a smoky eye or anything with effort with the chance that it was going to be rained on so I opted for something simple:

skin evened out using VOV concealer in #3 just where needed.
cheek tint on the apples of the cheeks.

matte skin using pressed powder.
tightline eyes using dark brown liner - KRYOLAN, which never failed me in its long-wearing abilities.
Maybelline eyeliner in light brown topped with EM in khaki on brows.
EM in latte all over eyelids and EM in Brown sugar on the lids.
Body Shop Gurana Berry Lip Butter on the lips.
Fasio curl+length shockproof mascara.

The rains made me bring an extra bulk of an umbrella and a jacket. Arrrrghhhh! And I was bringing so much already. Glad I was able to get a cab that was willing to take me to Greenbelt all the way from Las Piñas. No way am I gonna go to Makati in the traditional way I'm used to. Yet I had to look effortlessly fab.

And can I just say.... Fasio has the most amazing, most long-staying mascara power in the world. I had a really hard time taking it off and it did not smudge at all! It's beginning to be a kikay kit and train case staple.

Any rainy-day FOTDs for you guys?

Friday, September 19, 2008

How To Clean Your Shu Uemura Lashes


The question is probably asked among the many girls who own a pair of Shu Uemura False Eyelashes but never got to wear them. For one thing, these lashes are very expensive and throwing away a pair after one use is just heartbreaking (My heart is just breaking just as I type that). Actually, aside from the fact that they cost a lot, they can be reused and in fact, they last quite long provided you take care of them.

When I attended the Shu Uemura event last Wednesday, I had a chance to talk to Ms. Michelle Fernandez, product manager of Shu Uemura cosmetics here in the Philippines. Michelle is definitely loyal to the brand, and her favorites are also my favorites (Hello Face Architect Foundation, Eyelash Curler, and Cleansing Oil). She even was amused as to how I told her my addiction the the Eyelash Curler. I noticed she also sported the lashes (just the half-ones) and they really looked good on her, very natural in terms of length and it accented her eyes. Then, I asked her how are these lashes supposed to be maintained, since I also have a pair myself, a gift from a friend, but I haven't really gotten to using them as false lashes have a short lifespan on me.

"They really last provided you take good care of them," states Michelle. "After you take them off [carefully, of course! - BCD], remove the adhesive residue and use cleansing oil to clean the lash band." Then, wipe the excess oil carefully. If you're a neat freak, you can spray a bit of water and wipe it off. Never immerse them in water. Plus, keep the cases because you put them back there once they're dry.

Pretty easy and low-maintenance. Now I wish I could go try on my pair of lashes, provided that I have the right opportunity now. :) Hope this helps my Shu Uemura lash fan friends out there!

Brush Review: The Body Shop Foundation Brush

As obsessed I am with makeup, I'm also crazy about the tools used to apply it. Hence, brushes have become my best friends. I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive but quality makeup brushes, since I know how expensive brushes can be. For foundation, I used to use sponges since it was cheaper than a foundation brush. However, I've gotten problems with sponges since they tend to "eat up" the foundation so a lot of product is wasted. A friend advised me to get a foundation brush since this eats up the foundation less so I can maximize my products.

During the Lipton and Body Shop event I attended last summer along with several other beauty and fashion/lifestyle bloggers, we were asked to choose 3 gift items from The Body Shop that make us very happy. I immediately went to the brushes and chose the Foundation Brush among the two other stuff I got (A moisturizing foundation and an Olive Bath Set). When the surprise came that these stuff are ours, I was more than thrilled.

I haven't gotten to reviewing the foundation brush even though it has been with me in quite a number of shoots. It's even my tool of choice when I did my first-ever magazine shoot. So here's what I have to say about it... after 20+ shoots:

Price: Php 895.00 (Appx US $21.00)

Knowing how The Body Shop is all about cruelty-free beauty, all their brushes are made of synthetic fibers and not animal hair. For foundation brushes, synthetic fibers are actually better since foundations are usually in cream or liquid formulations. It's also easier to clean (I use cleansing oil to clean it first followed by facial wash with tea tree oil to remove bacteria) that way. Since it's made of synthetic fiber, it feels absolutely soft on the skin. No pricking, no ouchies, no scratchies.

I first tried this brush during a photoshoot and I'm amazed to say as how I was able to use more product. It did not "drink" my foundation, and this was a problem I've had with my sponges (not to mention sponges are harder to clean to immaculately white status). The length for me was okay and comfortable enough. The only problem I've had with it is the handle shape, which is too bulky to fit on my brush case, so what I do is wrap it in plastic and place it in my makeup train case. Before, I thought sponges are cheaper, but since they're disposable, brush is the way to go. I also use sponges still, for fine-tuning my foundation application if I want a smoother and flawless finish. :)

You can use The Body Shop Foundation Brush with the following foundations:

It also performs well with my other foundations! So far, I'm getting the hang of using brushes for foundation application, and it made my life so much easier!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Makeupbybambi Meets Byahilo

At the Volcom event last night, I got a chance to meet travel blogger/photography enthusiast and fun person Enrico Dee AKA Byahilo.com, who I introduced to my bestest friend in my makeup kit... My Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. Known for his kooky shots, we both gamely posed for this picture as Eric "tries" the lash curler. :P

Uplift, Relax, Energize, and Balance With The Body Shop

When was the last time you had a massage? We all love that feeling after all our kinks are kneaded or we savor that scent of woody lavander after we stepped out on a spa. Or when we get that jolt after eating that sushi dipped in soy sauce and wasabe? Either way, there are stuff that gets us energized or relaxed just so we could be less haggard, depending on our mood. There are also times when all we need is just a little "mood-booster" to make our already good day better.
I myself actually have days when I'm all jittery that I need calming down. I also have that days when I need to relax or I need to get a good night's sleep by winding down. On my haggard days, I need an extra shot of energy, and being intolerant to certain types of coffee, I need something that's a tad better than that.

Yesterday, The Body Shop launched its Well-Being line, which features massage oils, body mists, massage balms, lotions, starter kits, and all sorts of body potions just to make our moods a tad better, whether it may be uplifting or calming or balancing, it's up to you. Aside from displaying their new line, The Body Shop treated everyone complementary hand massages, skin care, and makeover featuring their fall collection, Jewels of Desire (aint that name sexy?) to make its consumers feel good and look good (I've noticed a trend of philosophy!).
This is a moisturizer in gel form with a refreshing and cooling feeling designed for

"those looking to support a healthy lifestyle, by helping them to eliminate impurities from the skin more efficiently, so that they feel more purified, rebalanced and revived"

This is for those that need a good night's sleep, if you've had too much of coffee during the day and you want to wind down.

This doube-duties as an exfoliator and cleanser. Note the ingredients. :)

This beauty got my senses in attention

Ylang-ylang and lomi-lomi smells good on my skin! This massage oil is a great as a wedding/bridal shower gift. Plus, it smells fab and yes, sexy!

And speaking of sexy... here's a preview of their fall collection

These are just the blushes, mascara, and pencils. The pencils actually have a tinge of green and blue in them instead of being your natural black or brown. The mascara, they call Divide and Multiply because they separate the lashes creating the illusion of more fringes. I'm liking their blush, and I like also that they are in a matte finish plus the itricate details are just pretty. The deeper blush actually looked good on me, which was surprising because I'm known for being a fan of faint-colored blush.

I also got a makeover courtesy of RG of the Body Shop. Plus I had my hair done by Toni and here's me with Toni:

The eyes are just a little smoky and I love how defined my brows are. They're darker than my usual, but they are formed enough but not too dark as in aging-harsh dark. I also like the lipsticks RG combined. Toni also did a good job with my hair. It looked better pulled back. Plus, I had a hand massage using the Deep Calm lotion. I can say that it's not too sticky. Plus it smells good. I like the lavander-like smell. I even was able to doze for a minute when I'm being made up. heeheehee. I really had fun in the event and I was able to meet people from the brand. I also discovered a new thing about their business cards - they're made of recycled paper. They are indeed, earth-friendly. :)
Whether it be calming, uplifting, balancing, or winding down to a deep sleep, there are lots of variants to try. :-)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Coming Soon In Rockwell

Another reason that I'll be frequenting Powerplant Mall by October more....

I thought before it was just chismis (gossip) that this ever-so-famous luxury brand will have a boutique but when I saw the display in Rockwell this afternoon and the event, it's definitely true! and I really can't wait! How long have I prayed that Shu Uemura would open more branches and they did!

To anticipate this much-awaited event, a display was put up in Rockwell where customers, VIP clients, and members of the press can avail of complementary makeovers by Shu Uemura's team of makeup artists and hairstylists from L'Oreal were there to do magic on our hair as well.

Some of Shu Uemura's skincare items

Oh... and there's a surprise

"The Shu Uemura boutique will house an Atelier Room or Learning Center, a service which no other brand in the Philippines can offer its loyal customers. Here, VIP clients can have private make-over sessions wherein they will not onl get their make-up done but their hair as well."

Talk about a total shopping experience! There will also be a complementary makeup session and makeover not just for clients but also makeup workshops as well. The Atelier Room can also be the venue for trial makeup for brides-to-be and their entourage done by their Accredited Arists.

This definitely sounds like a total oasis for Shu Uemura addicts like myself. I was once one of those people who never paid attention to Shu Uemura until I tried their products. From the first touch of the cleansing oil to the eyelash curler (I own 5 eyelash curlers presently, 3 of them being Shu Uemura) plus experiencing the makeup first-hand... I began to love it. Oh.... and if you read my blog post in multiply about me modelling for CAS, the foundation used on me happened to be Shu Uemura Face Architect foundation. The foundation happened to be a favorite of the makeup artist, since it feels ultra-light on the skin plus it photographs really well.

For those who want to experience Shu first hand, you can visit the counters in Makati and Shangri-La plus the display in Rockwell. :).

On My Toes

Got my pedi yesterday. Can I just say how much I looooove my polish color?

Orly Nail Polish in Close Your Eyes. Done at Nail To Toe Spa in Las Piñas. I've been a regular at this spa since I got addicted to their Thai massages plus I love their mani-pedis. They have a great selection of their imported nail polish and what I love about the nail art/colors is that they're not picked from random. They're picked from the trendiest bestselling colors.

The thing with dark polish is that they make the feet look whiter. It's also great for fall, where our summer brights and pastels make way for spicier, warmer, darker colors. So far my polish is fine now, despite that I've been standing up and running around all day. Orly looks like a great brand to try too. I like the metallic finish of this plum shade.

Also, I was advised that although dark colors are a classic, we should not let them stay on our nails for a week as they could stain the nails. Also, give nails a break from polish to prevent unsightly yellow nail stains.

Anyone want to share their autumn nail color?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Contest Alert!

For the first time.. My Makeup Paradise will be having a raffle contest!

All you have to do is send in your complete name, address, contact number, and the answer to this question:

What do you do to keep you energized throughout the day?

and you win a gift pack from Neutrogena, which contains the Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Foaming Cleanser, a sample bottle of the Neutrogena Body Oil (Light Sesame Formula), and a surprise freebie!

Send in all your answers to makeupbybambi@gmail.com. This is applicable to readers within the Philippines.

Deadline for all these entries is Oct. 1, 2008 12:00 pm. :D

Good luck to those who join!

Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Products: Two Steps Away From Haggardness

Okay so this weekend I've been stuck at home. I really have no energy to go out whatsoever since I've been really tired lately. Boo....

Anyway, so it's just a few hours till my homeward-bound status ends since I've got a purdy busy week ahead of me. The first time in ages. It's like dayjob time again, but better since it involves shoots and gigs. So no time for me to schlump down my bed right? Anyway, I just discovered 3 pick-me-uppers that does not involve breaking a bank or ruining my metabolism. All I have to say is.... THANK YOU NEUTROGENA!

Tadadadadadannn... Presenting the Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing/Invigorating Products!!!!!!!!! (in a TV voice-over voice) Designed to clean your face deep into the pores as well as awakening your senses! How's that? Neutrogena is one of my favorite products. I love their sunblock since it's as light as a feather (the closest I get to Shu Uemura) and also their Body Oil. I was using Neutrogena in the states since some of their products are harsh for my skin. As you guys all know, I'm super OC with my skin care, couple the fact that I really love piling myself with makeup.

First up is....

You get this pretty blue bottle with liquid inside, almost like alcohol. Since I was practically home-bound last Friday I needed a midday wash so I proceeded to use it. When I dispensed the product on my hands though, instead of liquid, I get FOAM! I like the smell, it's very citrusy actually, and I get this minty-clean feel. Perfect for hot days. I mean I know it's September here already but the weather is just still hot. The feel after I toweled off? Love it!

When I need an extra rub when I feel that a lotta dirt has been sitting on my face (think a Divisoria adventure or a marathon location shoot outdoors), I think I'll be needing the Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Foaming Cleanser.

This one comes in a tube, just like a traditional facial wash. They've got these beads that help clean deep into the pores. I think they help in exfoliating but they're not as scratchy as your traditional exfoliators so those who redden easily with a little more rub can benefit from this. It's also got a minty feel, which I love and the citrusy, fresh scent that perked my nega vibes. Heeheehee... I was really feeling down, but this was an instant jolt. Oh, and I like the color of the cleanser. It's blue, very amusing and a treat for the eyes.

For clean and tight pores, I'm never without toner. I'm particular to using toners that are gentle to the skin and do not sting. A lot have had toner-burn experiences but I didn't when I tried the Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Dual Action Toner. When we say toner, we get the conotation of stings, alcohol, and dryness. This one didn't sting me but it didn' t leave my face sticky or dry. I like the feeling actually. When I saw that it contained salicylic acid though, I was worried for any adverse reactions, but it actually didn't harm my skin. Maybe I'm allergic to another aspirin ingredient?

All in all, I like how all three cleansed my skin well without leaving it tight and dry. The scent is pretty good too. It reminded me of a cologne I really liked. Yep, it is a good pick-me-upper... with a bonus on clean, healthy skin.
(Neutrogena products are available in leading drugstores and department stores. You can also check their website at http://www.neutrogena.com.ph for locations)

Friday, September 12, 2008

No To Haggardness

We all have that don't we? We got that "haggard" phase at the end of the day or at the middle of the day. Name it - we're fatigued, flat-out, and all we want to do is just go home and snooze. However, not only do we feel it, we also look haggard as well - our complexion is sallow, our eyes puffy, and we just look plain blaaah.

So, here are some tips that we could use to perk up our day - sans nicotine and caffeine overdose, which could dehydrate the skin.

1. Rehydrate. Haggardness = dehydrated skin. How do we rehydrate? WATER! Our office has a whole water dispenser right? Use it. Remember how in kindegarten we were always told to drink 8 glasses of water? That's the key. It replenishes lost moisture and also flushes out the body's toxins. Got a long flight? keep hydrated with water. You can also carry a plane-friendly facial mister to re-energize and rehydrate the face from yucky, dry, recycled plane air.

2. Detox or take a break. Yep. just like the commercial. If drawing relaxes you, grab a scratch paper and start doodling. You can also surf the Internet for the latest chika or your favorite YouTube channel. Take an office break and detox by reading your favorite beauty/lifestyle/tech blogs or blog as well. These little 10 minutes can also refresh and recharge you. When I was working back in the office, I take a break from transcribing reports by blogging or catching up on the latest chika or watching 80s cartoons in Youtube. It preps me up and gives me my much-needed energy for the day.

3. Have a snack. There's a merienda time right? Go down to Jollijeep and have your favorite turon (bananas also give energy). Sip some warm tea.

4. Take a power nap. This is, if your work allows it. If you really must get some shut-eye, a 10-minute nap can do wonders. Just don't abuse it by taking your afternoon siesta. :P

5. Meditate. Working nonstop for hours can make you see stars later on. Believe me, I've had that experience. I worked nonstop even if my body was crying "TAKE A BREAK ALREADY!" It came to the point that my hands were shaking and I had to pause. When we're about to reach our breaking point, I've learned to just pause first. Close your eyes and think of your favorite vacation spot or just empty your mind and breathe slowly.

6. Do a quick exercise. Remember how after an exercise session we have this "feel good" vibe? Actually, here's the thing, when we exercise, our body releases chemicals called endorphins, and these produce that "natural high" or sense of well-being. Okay, I'm not telling you to hit the gym but you could get a quick endorphine rush by taking a quick walk to stretch your legs. Or combine with #3 and walk to your favorite coffee shop (okay, so I said no caffeine but a little nonfat iced coffee drink won't hurt, huh?) Your body will thank you for it. Plus, the atmosphere change could relieve you of the "office rut".

7. Aromatherapy. It really works! If you're jittery and anxious, take a whiff of lavander, which has calming properties (remember how spas smell like lavander?). If you need energy, have a citrusy and light fragrance with you. Spritzing your favorite cologne also helps.

So, here are stuff that might help you re-energize mid-day when you need that extra oomph at the end of the day.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Checker girl

When I was still studying makeup in CAS, we were asked to color face charts in one seatwork. I designed a checker-pattern look that I wanted to recreate once I sourced the right materials. Last Saturday's shoot, I was able to do so, and Lauren was the canvas.

By Shed Chua
First time do do face/bodypaint and it was really fun and exciting. Lauren was really game to do posing. Had to use my Kryolan palette as a makeshift rule. Also, it was my first time to use 3 falsies and put falsies on the bottom lashline. Lauren also was a sport posing for me.
I discovered how I like the Snazaroo brand of face paint better as it's water-based. It moves around easily as well and it's easier to blend. Plus, it washes out rather easily.
Review coming up!

Pinup Girl Look

I had so much fun at the photoshoot last Monday by Stanley Ong, one of my favorite photographers and one of the most-loved in the industry. So, I just want to share these pictures:

I've got the Dita Von Teese thing in me that made me fascinated with vintage anything, hence my inspiration for this shoot. I've always wanted the pinup girl look on me, even I've accepted that my upper body prevents me from donning bikini shots unless I've got a whole box of Kleenex. My love for Vintage is practiced right now, as I'm window-shopping for vintage bags on Ebay.

It does not have to mean baring a lot of skin. Just be confident and have fun! I did the makeup here, using Sally Hansen Airbrush Makeup Foundation as foundation, which did not melt. It has a matte finish, so it's perfect for vintage look. And the falsies! I just found out how heavy they are! I've never worn falsies that thick. But I laaaahv the effect.

The glow on the legs? Shimmer lotion+shimmer powder as highlight and really good lighting. :)

Shoots are fun aren't they?

As the Rain Pours, Let the Skin Glow

As I was about to attend the CPK event last night, even though it would be a food event, I made sure I dolled up. Heeheehee... Since it was raining, I didn't bother the curls, which would get washed on the rain and flattened out by my hat (to protect my makup) and so I flat-ironed it to straighten out the kinks.

For the face, I went vintage but simple. I wanted it quick, too, as I left the house early.

Products used:
  • Skinfood Moisturizer
  • Watercolors corrector kit as concealer
  • Paul and Joe Moisturizing Compact Foundation #30
  • Nu Skin Powder
  • Careline mestiza white on the browbone
  • The Body Shop Lip butter
  • Fashion 21 black pencil liner to create cat's eyes
  • Paul and Joe Eyebrow pencil in #4 topped with Body Shop brown eyeshadow.
With my journey to Makati becoming haggard to due the traffic, weather, and floods, it was automatic that some makeup is bound to slide off. However, the foundation was intact but for staying power using:

  • Paul and Joe Dual Protective Dual Powder Foundation #31 to set
  • Paul and Joe Face Color powder in #09 and blush.
  • Paul and Joe Waterproof Curly Mascara in black (I realized that I didn't bring mascara.eeek! How can I forget mascara?)
  • Paul and Joe lipliner in #6
  • Paul and Joe lipstick in #15

I realized how soft and cushy P&J lipliners are. They didn't event dry my lips and they double as satiny lipsticks. And that mascara was able to withstand humidity so no raccoon eyes! Horray! I was going for vintage as usual, but with a tad more time. I forgot how fun to was to create cat's eyes.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Concealer Tips

Just a quick blog log

Made this last night. Just wanted to share my tips for concealers and finally answer the questions for the green concealers and purple concealers

As an example, I used my Watercolors concealer kit, which I purchased at the CAS cosmetics fair.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Makeup Artist Chat: Tippy Destacamento

Just a year in the industry, makeup artist and stylist Tippy Destacamento (the surname is Portugese) has a lot of accomplishments tucked under his belt. After completing his Basic Makeup Artistry course at the Center for Aesthetic Studies last year under Mari Wild, he has had a rich portfolio and has graced newsprints, billboards, and even glosses. At present, he has just finished his photoexhibit, BARE, and he's currently under the tutelage of veteran makeup artist Steven Doloso.

Tippy's headshot by Ku Manahan

Aside from being a makeup artist/stylist/creative director (specialty being high fashion and avante garde), Tippy is known as one of the industry's most controversial bloggers. His blogs have awakened many artists with regards to their rights. He is not just a makeup artist and stylist. He is an advocate of artist's rights. If the makeup industry was a university, Tippy is one activist. Included in his numerous activities, is his current stint as a writer for 'Bout Pratique magazine, an upcoming magazine here in the Philippines dedicated to practical tips. :-)

Right now, the controversial blogger/makeup artist extraordinaire sits down with me and answers a few questions.

1. What was your job before being involved in makeup full time?
After graduating in college, I got persuaded by my then partner (laughs) who was working in a callcenter. I thought it was just a phase, like me staying there for only six months. But I enjoyed it. We were the pioneers then of then eTelecare International, which was still in Libis. Nobody knew what the callcenter industry was. It was not a hit with everyone just yet. Eventually it was hard to leave when promotion after promotion came in. It's funny i stayed for 6 solid years.
Fun times with Tippy (above) after the Model Project Shoot and (below) at the Ciao Italia Event.

2. How was it leaving the corporate world for the uncertainty of the life of a freelance artist? How do you cope with it?
It was life changing. I was earning a lot before i left. I can travel elsewhere and I can afford things. It was so hard. I say it was a humbling experience. I had to budget my money. It was hard because I went cold turkey. I was severely burned out from the corporate world. It was like the next day I said, "I'm gonna go and pursue my passion".

Tippy during his days in the corporate world

3. About your blog, you're known in the circle of multiply artists as a very controversial blogger with the two blogs that have stirred many reactions. Did you ever regret posting articles like that?
Yes and No. Yes, because I had this image where I am a bitch and a primadonna. Some people are stupid. You cannot take away stupidity from anyone. It's their gift. They cannot separate opinions from who the person is throwing the opinion. I was tagged negatively. Even models are afraid of me. I even heard gossips saying that i am difficult to work with. You know me, Bambi. I never am a diva. Well, yeah sometimes. Hahahaha. On the other hand, No, because it awakened some make-up artists that they have to stand up for their rights. I am happy to say that almost all make-up artists now are being fed during shoots.

Serious at work: As a stylist (above photo) and as a makeup artist (below)

4. Correct! We get fed now! Hahahaha! As an artist fully immersed in this business, we had our share of negative experiences. We can't help that we will have our detractors. How do you deal with detractors and rivals in the industry?
I just laugh at them. You cannot move on if you wallow. There are really people who are born to destroy. That's what they're good at. The most difficult I would say would be the people who heard the gossips. It's too hard to collect them all and revert whatever has been said. They already have this fear. Unexplainable fear.

5. Describe your artwork when you were a featured artist in Manila Bulletin. (for his artwork, Tippy used old makeup and eye pencil shavings and made a dinner plate using these materials)
I am very good in conceptualization. I thought of it as make-up being food. A make-up artist always has to have something to fuel the passion. It's actually dual. Figuratively and practically. Food being something that fuels his continous talent and artistic abilities. You feed on it. You suck on it like it is your breastmilk. As well as being a make-up artist is now known as a profession that can feed a family. It was known before as a hobby or a low level job that can never raise a family. Now it's otherwise.

Feature in Manila Bulletin with his artwork.

6. What are your plans in the future?
Like what Ms. Mari Wild always says, "It is a continous learning experience. You have to seek knowledge because the possibilities are endless." I am planning to study again. I am also introducing airbrush make-up slowly to those who can afford.

Tippy's Masterpieces!
model: Lauren Dalao
photographer: Jaydproductions

model: Keit Quiozon
photographer: Paul Ang

Serenity in Fury, Tippy's first photoexhibit (Model: Iya Consengco / Photographer: Pen Mulingbayan)

7. What's great about you is that I can give you any makeup, brand-name or whatever and still do a great job. Do you advice beginner makeup artists not to snub on cheap brands?
Actually some local brands are great brands. As a beginner, never ever play with expensive make-up brands. It's just plain stupid. I am known in the industry for carrying economical brands when I do pro-bono or low budget projects. For me as long as you have the ability, you can actually achieve the same results.

8. Tell us about your latest photoexhibit, BARE? (BARE is Tippy's second photoexhibit, the first one being last April, entitled "Serenity in Fury")
Bare actually was my baby concept. I hooked up with my good friend JayD Ramos to help me out with the photography. A lot of headshots are actually going around now. But mostly they are just for themselves. I wanna make something that's unique, raw and unmanipulated by photoshop. The statements should say something that's truly you. Whatever you believe in. That's what we put beside your picture. It's actually a headshot that's coupled with a shoutout.
Some of Tippy's work for BARE:
(models: Erika Maguad and Ina Mendez. Photo by Jaydproductions)

9. How is it working with Steven Doloso?
Oh! He is such a sweetheart! We met around two months ago. We hit it off pretty well. I am now under his tutelage. He was the one told me to immediately focus on beauty and glamour since the money is there. When he found me, I was already known to be good in avante garde. Manila Bulletin gets me for their avante garde-themed shoots. He is teaching me a lot. How to deal with things. How to do this and that. What products to use or buy. I don't actually mind being his associate. Anyway he is Steven Doloso.

10. Any advice to young makeup artists starting out?
Before you even start, make sure that you are packed with enough cash to make you survive for at least six months. Buy economical yet quality brands. Practice. Work with hobbyist photographers. There you'll know where you are really going. Practice good brows. Watch make-up videos online. You have so many resources around. use it!

11. If you were a makeup product what would you be?
A concealer stick. In this industry, we cannot afford to be ugly. We need to conceal things that are not good. We represent beauty. It is just right for us to represent it well. Like a concealer stick, it is handy. Very easy to handle.
For more of Tippy's work, log on his website at http://tippyfield.multiply.com

Sunday, September 7, 2008

QuickBlogLog: Glowy Skin, Red Lips

Another quick tutorial for those with no time.

The sich: I want to look glam but I have no time!

The look: Red lips, clean face, defined eyes, and all-over glow

1. Buff mineral foundation all over face after concealing imperfections using concealer.
2. Brush illuminizer on the tops of the cheeks, T-zone, and chin for an all-over glow.
3. Tightline eyes with dark brown eye pencil and smudge to soften.
4. Curl lashes and add mascara
5. Define eyebrows.
6. Create oomph by lining the lips with a nude lipliner and filling in with a richly-colored red lipstick in a long-wearing formula preferably a matte or satin finish.

(Products used: Monave Minerals Foundation in Saturnina, Monave Minerals Illuminizer in Glow, Nichido dark brown eyeliner, Sephora lengthening mascara, Ever Bilena Eyebrow Pencil, Sephora nude lip liner, The Face Shop matte lipstick in Deep Wine)

He says the look is very Dita Von Teese, which reminds me I'm working on a vintage look tutorial for those with more time. Take care all!

The Makeup Weekend

Some of my loyal clients have been my good friends. Also, my good friends are also my good clients. I was online one time when my friend from high school, Vicksy sent me a message asking for my makeup rates. Vicksy and I go way back in our high school days. She was my classmate back in grade 5 and we used to write each other letters (back when email was not the thing and even if we were classrooms or seats away) about anything. Plus, when we started getting crushes, Vicksy and I would gush and giggle over them plus she was my bonding-mate when we wait for our rides going home.

So imagine my thrill when I'm about to meet Vicksy again after so long. The last time I saw her was 2 years ago! I got to her house last Friday and I proceeded to do her makeup. She was gonna be wearing a pink gown (designed by Rajo Laurel himself), and with pink being her favorite color (and mine too) we're in for lots of fun.

Vix has really nice skin, and there were only a few stuff that I had to cover. I like how she already had her brows shaped beforehand and how still she was during the makeup procedure. It was easy to do makeup on her plus we used the makeup time to catch up on the latest chismis! Since she'll be a bridesmaid, I made the makeup simple and the skin glowing. I used wateproof eyeliner and mascara (2 musts!) and did not use falsies as she stated she might not be comfortable wearing them. So I used my favorite mascara and her mom actually thought she was wearing false eyelashes. I created a bit of glow instead of making it the usual mate finish.

Aside from doing her makeup, I also helped her wth retouching and I gave her tips on how to retouch. Blot first before applying pressed powder and blend well. I also showed her a possible lippie combination that she could use.

After her sister's wedding, Vix texted me and stated that she really loved the makeup. I was really flattered and that really made my day. :-)

The following day was my shoot for MES. This is Lauren Dalao, which you've already seen in my folio. Here's her glam shot:

Lauren has been a fan of my blogs and I've been her MuA for more than a lot of times. This is also the first time she's been bronzed.
And the resident MES photographer gets in front of the camera under my coercion. I bribed him with airbrush foundation makeover:

That's Marc, the guy who took my fabulous picture that has garnered great reviews from pros in the industry. In front and behind cameras, the guy does a fantastic job. Well, that's why the MES guys are known for. They model. They shoot. Naks!

As soon as I get more pictures, I'll be posting it here.

How were your weekends?

New Title, Same URL

If you guys have been typing the URL of this blog and instead of getting "Brushes to Blogging", you get "My Makeup Paradise" not to fret, this is still my blog, I just changed my title. Yet, the URL address is still http://brushtoblog.blogspot.com, so not to fret, your bookmarks, if ever, will just be quasi-changed, just the title, not the URL.

I just felt that I needed a better title. My blog is doing pretty well, in a span of less than 6 months, with more posts than originally planned. I thought I'd reward it with a not-so-blah title, though (not much but hey, it sounds better on the ears now, and I'm really horrible with titles).

Anyway, that's for now. TC!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Brown Instinct

Browns are lipsticks I used to shy away from. As I am hard core on reds and wines and berries and do try an occasional orange or coral, I really stay away from brown as I felt that it was not good for me. Yet when I saw Shu Uemura's Instinct Fall Mode Makeup Collection, the brown looked so pretty so as not to try it on.

Brown Dazzle is what they called the shade, which is "beige brown with a classic shine". The formula really melts on my lips and it's buildable so I can create the intensity I want. Did it dry my lips? Nope. :-) I actually just applied 2 coats so I get the brown color and let it blend with my lips. It's pretty different and a new twist of a color I used to be too shy to wear. EJ actually loved the color!
Just like I always advice, there is always a shade perfect for everyone - pink, plum, red, beige, and now brown. This brown suits me well and with that much intensity, I can create that effect. There is a brown that doesn't look muddy on me.
And I just love the lipstick how it made my lips look shiny without looking intimidating.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

FOTD: Experimenting with Texture

I went out today since it was my friend's birthday. Food was beyond superb - Amber pancit, sushi, cakes, chicken lollipop, and pizza (although I didn't touch the pizza). I must have reached my limit but the empire cut top I wore made room for 3 or more servings. buuurrrppp...

Anyway, my makeup for the day is simple save for the lips, since I'll be showcasing hot pink lips.

Did not retouch practically the entire day but I didn't feel oily. Might be the camera flash. Oh whelps. :-)

On face:
ELF All-Over Cover stick to banish imperfections
YSL Matt Touch foundation #3
Set with: Bare Minerals foundation in fairly light
Guerlain Compact Foundation with Crystal Pearls in Beige Parfait
Estee Lauder Blush in Fresh Plum

On Eyes:
Kryolan eyebrow pencil in dark brown
Estee Lauder e/s in ivory box all over as a base
MAC e/s in Swish on lids.
Estee Lauder e/s in copper penny as contour color.
Fashion 21 liquid eyeliner in black
The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara in Curling and Sephora Lengthening Mascara.
On Brows:
Nichido Eyeliner in Dark Blonde and set with Elegant Minerals in Khaki

On lips:
The Face Shop Pink lipliner topped with MAC lipstick in Hollywood Nights.

I made my hair sort of the in-between straight with body by just ironing roughly so that it tames a bit but it still has that natural volume from my natural waves. I could iron it poker straight but I just thought I'd give it a go and let my curls be. :-) By the way to know the staying power of Hollywood Nights, the lipstick is already faded, yet there is that stain from the rich pigments.

The overall look is how I played with different textures. The foundation is very matte but I sorta balanced it since the Guerlain foundation had a bit of radiant finish. The blush is matte and the eyeshadows are a myriad of matte, satin, and frost. Lips are satin, but it looked good when I went out of the house with just lipglass on (MAC Viva Glam V). We can mix-and-match textures, just make sure to blend and just not to go too overboard with color.

Im also loving the effect of YSL Matt Touch foundation. Matt sure means matte and just when oily-skinned girls complain, here's one investment item just for them. Review coming up! :)

Smells Wonderful: Pure Beauty Vanilla

Vanilla-scented anything has gotten my fancy since it reminds me of the yummy, sweet treats I've loved: cookies, vanilla ice cream, cotton candy, marshmallows, etc. When my staple vanilla scent ran out a few months back, I needed a replacement ASAP that will not break the bank yet will really smell like vanilla.

I went to the Rockwell Bazaar a few weeks ago and spotted fragrances which I tested on myself. After I walked around for a while, I found one that suited my body chemistry and olfactory senses:

I got a teensy bottle of spray so it could fit my bag as my makeup has been taking most of it. When I took a whiff of it it kinda smelled like alcohol first but as it stayed longer, it had the vanilla scent kicking in. It smells just like cotton candy and cookie dough. RIght now my bag smells like it. Mmmmm!!!!! I should have gotten the bigger bottle if I knew it would be this addicting. I also like the packaging since it looks very simple.

They also have a citrus variant that smells like a famous baby cologne.

To order from Pure Beauty Co, email at purebeautyco@gmail.com or text 0917-8902354 and 0920-9185326