Thursday, August 25, 2016

90s Clothing Brands That We Miss

Time for Throwback Thursday! This time, I would like to compile a list of clothing brands, both local and international that have been very popular during the 90s and early 2000s. These brands were in almost every college and/or highschool girl's closet and are the usual go-to places for gifts for debuts, and birthdays and are friendly too for college student allowance and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find photos online of the stores or at least a shot of their clothes so I could share it with those who are not familiar with them,. So if you still have photos of of the store or you wearing those items, take a photo and post it on Instagram and tag me @bambikitty so we could live these memories together, okay? If these stores though that still exist, do let me know as well.


Sari-Sari was the prom dress ng bayan store. With Sari-Sari's clean, simple lines, classic style, and neutral palette, girls were able to find affordable RTW gowns and evening dresses that they can wear to formals such as their prom, a friend's debut, and maybe even lent it for their younger sister to wear.


Anonymous is the sister company of Sari-Sari. It had the same minimalist look their store had. This brand was part of my college life as my go-to source for new tops and accessories or birthday gifts to give to friends with college student-friendly budget. I remember purchasing their tank tops and baby tees in ziplocks and Chinese takeout boxes. They also had their hair accessories and sunglasses packaged in this manner. Aside from apparel, they also sold snacks and bath and body products. Another sister company, Fish, also was very popular among young girls and it had the same look.

All Boxed Up (A.B.U.)

This place was shorts heaven - from comfy boxer shorts to wear at home to shorts to wear when going out or on the beach. A.B.U. had a shop in the old Glorietta mall before the 2007 explosion. I had high hopes that this brand would be active as it still had an existing Facebook account with its last update being 2011. Unfortunately, when I passed by the old location in Alabang Town Center last week, the shop no longer exists.

Morgan de Toi
Morgan de Toi is a European clothing brand brought by Cinderella. This brand still exists internationally but is no longer available in the Philippines. If you were a fan of this brand in the 90s, you can still catch it online or abroad like Europe or Thailand.

Tokyo Fashion

Tokyo Fashion is another go-to store for dresses and separates that can be worn for formals and parties. It had funky, sleek, and classic in one store. I still have the long black Tokyo Fashion skirt I bought in third year high school. I haven't fitted it for quite some time, though. You can also purchase your first few pairs of slacks that you would be needing for your first job.


Blue Soda (or Soda Man) and Pink Soda were brands that were super popular among teens  and has been part of most of the 90's and early 2000's college life with casual wardrobe that's affordable and comfy to wear everyday. I read about it closing finally in this article, with the real cause unknown.

Do you have any apparel brand from the 90s or early 2000s that you miss? Comment below or share your thoughts and photos. These are brands that are no longer active or at least no longer available in the Philippines yet still is active internationally. Let me know what #throwback post you would like me to feature next.

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