Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Colour Collection Look Makeover: Simply Stunning

Just last week, I visited the MAC counter at Makati after an event I attended. I needed to purchase a few items as well and I was given a makeover courtesy of MAC counter manager Zeldy Liquigan. The look was supposedly simple with a bit of impact on the eyes using MAC's spring color collection.

The look happened to be very simple yet the impact was really nice, something I could wear for a daytime event then meetings and then back to a nighttime event. Colors were very basic... browns and pinks and the coverage was medium, without looking too made up.

Of course I had to start with clean skin, so I cleansed my skin with MAC wipes and then my face was sprayed with Charged Water and then let evaporate. After moisturizing my skin, Studiofix fluid in NC30 was brushed onto my skin using a 187 brush to even out my skin then set with Mineralize Satinfinish powder in Medium. Brows were defined using Brunette pencil and then for a natural look, this was brushed with a 208 brush.

Zeldy's technique was to start by framing the face first, so after defining my brows, she proceded to line my eyes with eyeliner to give it shape and lift. She used Blacktrack using a thin eyeliner brush only to tightline my lashes and make them look lush. Before eyeshadow, she prepped my eyes with Prep+Prime eye in light, which was a great base for eyeshadow plus evened out any eyelid discoloration.

For eyeshadow, Zeldy used Colour 4 from the Spring Colour collection. She dabbed Flip on the lid using a 239 brush and on the crease, she used Aztec Brick. These colors were blended well so there are no demarcation lines. On the outer V and outer crease, she defined it by using Creole Beauty, a brown shade that deepened my eyes and blended well with the two colors. For this, she used a 209 pencil brush, which she also used as a drop shadow to define my lower lid. For the browbone highlight, my browbone was shaded the lightest color, namely Manila Paper. The eyeliner was retraced again for more impact then my lashes were curled and applied 2 coats of Loud Lash. Falsies were then glued for more oomph. The techniques were really simple and she asked me to do the other side after to show how easy it could be achieved using only 2 brushes.

For blush, Azalea Blossom (a pink-and-lilac gradient blush) was applied on the apples of my cheeks. The brush was brushed onto the lilac gradient and the color was applied on the lower portion as a subtle contour.

To tie everything, Zeldy chose a universal color in the pink-brown family, Cosmo, for my lip color. Cosmo is in an Amplified formula, meaning it's less drying on the lips, and in fact, has moisturizing properties which make the lips look absolutely lush. It tied up the look because my eyes were in the brown/amber family while my cheeks were pink, so neither was out of place.

So here's my look after the makeover:

I love the new shape of my eyebrows. The thing I like was how the eye makeup wasn't really complicated. It only made use of 2 brushes and it really maximized the entire palette. The lashes really opened up my eyes too. and I like how the Studiofix foundation blended well with the Mineralize Satinfinish powder to give my skin a youthful glow.

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