Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Got Nothing to do Saturday Night?

As I've been blabbing, tweeting, plurking, and all that, on the fourth of June, my fellow pole dance friends and I would be performing at the Stellar Summer Show. We've been rehearsing our numbers for months now, and we're all excited with this Saturday night, to show the bruises and muscle pains are definitely worth it. You could check out what's up behind the scenes in our dress rehearsal over here.

There's also going to be a special number from our mommies, the Polecats and when I saw them at our dress rehearsals last week, my jaw opened and all metabolic functions have come into halt. They're amazing and I kid you not when I say that.

With all our hard work (I've been going to pole classes more often this summer, and although I'll be in a wedding gig this Thursday, I'll be doing double-shift classes on Wednesday to strengthen and practice) and all, we'd be happy if you could drop by and watch. Tickets are already available and feel free to rush over to Gen Studios and purchase them.

A teaser video that I'd like to share with you all:

See you there! And hopefully, I'd see you up in the pole at our next pole session :) Just as pole dancing changed my life and turned my world upside down, I hope it will to others too!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My 45-minute CurveX Experience

I like keeping fit, that’s why I decided to take up pole dancing, a fun and challenging sport which I’ve been doing for almost 4 months now. Aside from pole dancing, I try to swim at least 3 times a week and do strengthening and toning exercises like pilates and yoga. Even before I took formal classes, I already do my workouts via home videos, which I follow and pop on, depending on my mood.

Of course, I do not deny that the body does need a little help with regards to unsightly fat that appear on the sides of the stomach, back, arms, hips, and thighs. Even for thin girls like me, I admit that I’m quite conscious with the appearance of dimpling on the backs of my thighs and a bit of saggy fat. No matter how much I tried exercising, there’s still a bit of sag that needs a little push. Of course, even if the fat is gone from all the workouts and healthy diet, there’s the skin that still hangs on.

During the Elizabeth Arden event, we were introduced to a procedure called CurveX Advanced Body Contouring, now recently offered by Beverly Hills 6750. CurveX is a non-invasive and nonsurgical method that allows one to lose stubborn fatty deposits (like cellulite) in hard-to-reach areas like legs, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Noninvasive means that you won’t be punctured, incisioned, or sliced, so for those with fear of pain or surgery, that’s a big yay.

So what happens to the fat? The fat cells are broken down and converted to a liquid substance that’s removed through the lymphatic system and locaql inflammatory scavenging, meaning the fat just exits the body via sweat or when you pee it out.

Lucky for us, we were given the chance to undergo one session of CurveX Advanced Body Contouring. I decided to have my appointment last Friday, where it would be a rest day from pole class and a rest day for me to work. I booked an appointment and got to the main branch of Beverly Hills 6750 for my appointment.

Before my session, I was asked to fill out a patient form, which had to contain my medical history, family history, allergies, current medications, recent hospitalizations, and all that the doctors and therapists need before me jumping to the procedure room. After that, I was briefed by one of the staff on the procedure. She asked me about my medical history too and also asked me the million-dollar question as to where will they blast the fat cells away. When I pointed out my thighs and saddlebags, she understood (thin girls with cellulite please raise your hands!) I was also told that in the process I could be experiencing bruising, a bit of swelling, and soreness just like after I had a workout session. Bruises are nothing new to me, obviously and with the squats during our warm up sessions that we do, I’ll probably be a-okay and not be screaming of exquisite pain midway.

I was then led to the room where the procedure would be done. I changed into this wraparound coverup and two of the therapists took measurements of my thighs. Prior to this, I had to sign a waiver/consent form in undergoing the procedure and allowing necessary documentation, like photos for studies and measurements. I had to lie on my belly and before starting, they made sure I was comfy, even granting my request of putting a pillow under my head.

If you’re getting your saddlebags and thighs done, it’s advisable to come in loose clothing and preferably wear a pair of thong panties or g-string so it’s easier to work on the buttocks. The process of Curvex is broken down to 3 stages, each with specific roles in losing unwanted stubborn fat in the body and tightening the skin too.

The first step uses Ultrasonic Cavitation. Gel is applied on your trouble areas an a machine head glides through the body. You’re going to hear a slight buzzing and high-pitched sound as the process goes on. In this stage, the fat cells are broken down. The gel just makes the machine head glide better on the body. The reason why there are two attendants in the process is because one attendant works on the machine while the other one spreads the gel (or lotion, in the next two stages).

The next stage is Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and LED Photodynamic Massage, which uses heat and light to burn the fat. The head of the machine is kind of warm, and the whole thing feels like the jet streams from a Jacuzzi. I was told that there are some patients that even fall asleep in this step due to the heat and massaging action.

It's like those karate-chop moves we get during our massage with a bit of heat, but nothing really strange. Who would have thought that this is the stage where the fat burns right?

Next stage supposedly is the painful part, and where the bruising comes in. Lotion is again applied and the head has a slight suction action as it goes on the targeted areas in a gliding, rapid motion. The purpose of this Endermology Vacuum Massage is to firm and tighten the skin so we get smoother results. Since intensity varies from person-to-person depending on the target area, the intensity level of this stage varies. The therapist first sets it to the lowest intensity, being 1, and if tolerable, they increase it until it's the most tolerable option for the patient. I was able to tolerate up to intensity 4. It felt like a hard swedish massage, but nothing really causing me to wince or scream of extreme pain. I was even chatting with my therapists during the entire process.

After the third stage, the lotion was wiped and alcohol was spritzed on my thighs and bum to remove all the lotion. My measurements were then taken. my mid and lower thighs had an increased measurement but that's probably because that I'm still swollen from the procedure, something that's expected. the area below my bum was the one that lost a few millimeters though.

Basically, I felt okay after. I didn't feel like I was beaten to a pulp. More of the feeling like I had quite a number of squats, but nothing bad. The next day, I was able to notice less of the jiggling and my backside looks and feels a lot firmer. I do notice that I tend to pee a lot more and sweat, probably the fat exiting my system (hopefully vowing never to return again). It's more pee than sweat for me though thankfully.

It's recommended for those planning to take CurveX though to have it at every four days to see maximum results or once a week. However, for Php14,000 a session, it's a bit too steep for my budget. If I have the budget though and probably I know when I'm older I might need more help than crunches or yoga to maintain a tighter tummy then maybe I'll be back for that too.

Just remember that results in each patient or area could vary, so just be patient and go with your own pace, in case you're willing to try it. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

See You at This Weekend's Bridal Fair!

Hey hey hey everyone, just a heads-up! For (future) brides out there who have yet to hunt down suppliers, here's good news. This weekend (May 28-29, 2011) head over to the Rockwell Tent for the Power Weddings Bridal Fair!
"Power Weddings Bridal Fair is on its 7
th year of gathering the country’s most professional and sought-after wedding suppliers under one great event. Dubbed as the “Coziest Bridal Fair Ever!”, Power Weddings Bridal Fair continues its tradition of providing the most relaxed ambience to soon-to-wed couples so that they can take their time getting to know different wedding suppliers and deciding whom to share their wedding day with. Deciding whom to get can be quite overwhelming, but with Power Weddings, we have simplified your selection process by calling o
n the most dependable wedding suppli
ers and asking them to come up with special packages or price offerings that’s made available only to Power Wedding soon-to weds.
As a special treat, Power Weddings Bridal Fair Year 7 is giving away a WEDDING PACKAGE ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE to a lucky soon-to-wed couple who gets to register online and actually visit the fair. Included in this package are the following:

• Wedding Reception Venue from the historic place of intramuros
• Wedding Photo Service from GRUPPO i4i
• Musical Entertainment from STRADAVARIUS STRING ENSEMBLE
• Bridal and Entourage Bouquets for a total of 14 members from 15-58
Flowers and Styles
• On-the-Day Wedding Coordination Service courtesy of ANGEL’S WINK
• A professional Emcee for the Wedding Reception Program

Soon-to-weds who wish to qualify for this one-of-a-kind promo must register online via www.angelswink.biz.

Upon online registration, please print a copy of the EVENT PASS
and present this pass at the Registration Counter of Power Weddings Bridal Fair Year 7.

Your printed event pass entitles you to a RAFFLE COUPON. The winner shall be announced on May 29, 2011 at 7pm.

Please take note that our Wedding Package is non-transferable, non-convertible to cash and is valid for on

e year only.

We are also giving away a HONEYMOON PACKAGE for Two (2) that includes free Accommodation for Three (3) Days and Two (2) Nights at romantic Pearl of the Pacific, Boracay.

Please call us at 0919.4270794, 0915.9316092 or email us at angelswinkprod@yahoo.com for any questions which you may have.

ADMISSION IS ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE at the POWER WEDDINGS BRIDAL FAIR YEAR 7, the country’s “Coziest Bridal Fair”. Join us on May 28 and 29, 2011 at the Rockwell Tent, Rockwell Center, Makati City.

Power Weddings would like to thank this year's presentors - - Josiahs Catering, SmartShot Studio, Engaged Digital Photography, Edward Teng, Pearl of the Pacific in Boracay, We


g Republic and Gruppo i4i."

Bambi de la Cruz Makeup Artistry (hence me!) will be joining this weekend's bridal fair under iSnap Creatives, Inc., a one-stop shop printing and creative station that also includes photobooths, photography, and videography as part of their awesome awesome services.

Joining me in iSnap's pool of makeup artists are Nix Abaca and Gina Sapno. We will be there to give trial makeup to brides-to-be and answer their queries regarding the makeup they want for their wedding day.

For event coordination and hosting, Wonderful Occasions would be there with us as well. They're an amazing and hands-on team of wedding coordinators who know how to deal and take care of suppliers and make sure your event is in pristine condition from preps to finish. They show you how it's gonna be done and during your big day, they handle the stress for you.

We'd really love it if you guys would drop by in our booth. Just look for the iSnap Creatives booth. Hope to see you there!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Morena Bride

I love doing makeup on morenas, or girls blessed with bronzey skin. I love accenting their color instead of masking it with light-colored foundation and making it glow with my play on earth colors and bronzers. Whenever someone asks me to make her skin look lighter like the Koreanovela actors, I tell her how beautiful her original color is. "There are some people who would pay thousands in tanning booths, tanning salons, or beach trips just to get your color." I myself spend some of my waking days getting that honey-colored glow.

I think morena brides are beautiful. There's something very beautiful about tanned skin against a pristine white (or warm ivory) dress. And just for summer, it looks fabulous! For this summer, I was able to do makeup for two morena beauties and I can show you how wonderful my chosen palette looks on their honey-colored skin. These are all photos taken from my camera, so it's not as artsy as wedding photographers do.


I met Nicole through Jenny, one of the first people I worked with in a PR shoot for a restaurant. Nicole's wedding would be coming up in a week and they needed a makeup artist. I was available for the May 7 wedding and when Nicole got to my house, she was an inspiration to work on. I told her she looks like a morena version of Kim Chiu. She has always a fascination for antique and anything Filipiniana inspired hence choosing a Filipiana theme complete with the ceremony, invitations, and reception said in Tagalog.

I chose earth colors to match her skintone and then a mixture of gold and pink with a neutral undertone so the browns aren't so dull. Morenas can wear pink too, as long as it matches the entire color scheme. Of course, since this is a wedding, I chose a more natural pink.

During the preps, Nicole was calm and was even joking around with her entourage. She showed me her gown, which was very simple in a warm ivory color.

I told you, she really looks like Kim Chiu.

Joking around with her entourage, bossom buddies from her high school and sisters. They're the cutest group ever!

Check out their church, a total blast from the past, like we were whisked away in time.

Right after the ceremony, rain started to pour, like the couple was being blessed or something. By that time, the couple were already in the bridal car on the way to Plaza Rizal.


Joan is an overseas bride who is also a picture of calmness. She was fun to talk to and a makeup lover too. We have the same favorite makeup brand as she showed me her stash of makeup. We get along quite fine with being adventurous with color. But since it was a wedding, we had to make it conservative with the color scheme but still enhance her features.

Joan has such pretty eyes and since she's gifted with naturally long and thick lashes, we opted to skip falsies and just enhance her lashes with mascara. For her eyes, I used a mix of golds and browns, but blended them in such a way that they look like almost one color with a good transition instead of a whole rainbow of different colors.

For her lip color, Joan herself chose a peachy brown lip color that's not too dull. It's got the my-lips-but-better vibe which was one with her natural bronzy look scheme but it's got a pop of statement. If anyone would ask, that's MAC lipstick in Cosmo, one of MAC's bestsellers.

Romantic updos seem to be the in thing this summer, so Joan opted for a handcombed loose and romantic updo peppered with decorative pins.

The trick to really rocking wedding looks: enhance, not change. Enhance the features and bring them out. I really like bridal looks that I could look back 50 years from now and the look would be classic and timeless. For those blessed with skin color like Joan and Nicole, bring on the glow and be the beautiful bride you already are.

Hair for both brides: Maricel Basaysay
Makeup technique: Airbrush

Thursday, May 19, 2011

That Rustic Tagaytay Wedding

Left: January 8, 2011. Right: May 15, 2011

As I've told many a people, Jho didn't have to formally tell me that she was getting married. I was able to read between the lines while we were texting. I clearly remember I was on my way to Makati for a shoot when I asked her to be my veil sponsor. A few moments later, she told me she wanted me to be part of her entourage. Kahit flower girl, papayag ako. Jho has always been there for me - in difficulties, in food, in tears, in work, and in play. She's probably one of the fewest people who has never let me down ever. That's why during the happiest day of her life, I had to make it a point to be there, by hook or by crook.

Her wedding day was a day where everything just fell into place. The day before, Bugsy, Benjie, Ram, and I were panicking as to how are we going to be complete there. After managing to turn some logistics around and packing light, swearing to the high heavens that we had to make it to Jho and TJ, we were all set for the wedding of the summer. While on the road, I turned my seat into a micro-makeup station completing my hair and makeup (down to false lashes).

It was an early day for us, After doing my makeup base and setting my hair at home (bawal magmukhang pulubi kay Jho), we picked up Benjie at McKinley then picked up Bugsy at Southwoods before heading off for lunch. We also made sure that we had our cameras with us because we know how much the couple loves pictures.

The wedding was held at San Antonio de Padua church in Cavite, whose rustic details matched the wedding theme. We got there early, deciding to head to the church right then and there so we would be early, have a good parking slot, and of course, do as we promised: bring our camera and take pictures.

Buhay Baboy friends of Jho check!

Curl insurance: lots of lots of humidity-resistant hairspray.

Jho wanted flowy dresses with very feminine and romantic details. The bridesmaids wore beige-colored dresses with various necklines to match their own tastes. For the secondary sponsors like us, we had a rosy rosy pink color.

I wore my Fila sneaks in a happy lilac color so I could be comfy, run around, and have fun.

The bride was a vision. As soon as she entered the church and she started walking, everything just felt right.

I love the rose details on her dress. They were like this rose-brown combination. Jho herself was OC in handpicking the details she wanted. She got everything right, down to the last stitch of the cabbage roses.

Long epic train. :)

I've shared so many laughing moments with Jho and TJ but never have I seen the two break down and cry when they said their vows. Midway through his vow, TJ, who I have never seen cry in my entire life broke down. Some members of the entourage and the couple's close friends and family were also in tears. Their vows showed how much they loved each other in the 11 months they have been together, and now for a lifetime.

The happy couple with the secondary sponsors. Coincidentally, I was the veil sponsor as Jho and TJ were in mine. ;P

Hacienda Isabela's courtyard garden was instantly turned into a very elegant setting. Jho and TJ love to take pictures. Aside from the guestbook, Jho and TJ printed out their pictures in different 4R prints, where guests and friends could write to the couple their messages and hang them for everyone to see.

Back at the table, I took pictures of the flowers.

Buhay Baboy friends. The food was really yummy. I must have eaten more than the couple combined did. :P

The couple had a wonderful list of suppliers too. Particularly, they were lucky to have ace wedding videographer Jason Magbanua to cover their wedding. Jho just shared us the link to Jason's SDE video, which he showed during the reception and you guys could view it here and be witness too to my friend's happiest of all happy days.

To my dearest friend, I wish you and TJ a happy life together. Thanks for letting me be your veil sponsor for your wedding. And when you guys get back, we will hang out with the newest adopted member of the Buhay Baboy group.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Scent With Spunk: Elizabeth Arden Pretty Hot

I choose my fragrances according to my mood and the temperature. Sometimes, I like something light, especially now that it's summer. Colder temperatures opt for spicier and richer scents. Oftentimes, my scent changes by my mood as well, but most probably I know I gravitate towards scents that are fruity, light, and uplifting. I've always liked and preferred fruity and light scents as compared to the floral ones. However, on certain moods, throw in some flowers and spice and you get something very, very nice. Take note the scent I was introduced to last Thursday, Pretty Hot by Elizabeth Arden.

Yes, I kid you not. The name of the scent is Pretty Hot, just like an expression or description. The introduction to the scent was done in a very small event, very intimate, very pretty with only a few bloggers invited. In a cozy little table set up like an afternoon tea party at the Peninsula Manila Hotel, a tiny red flask was presented to us, with tea, sandwiches, and pastries. How very elegant!

Elizabeth Arden's fragrance Pretty Hot is no exception to the rule, with a bold red bottle. I immediately got reminded of an apple (i.e. the forbidden fruit) but it's actually inspired by a vase.

Oh yes, with a flower on top.
As a refresher, we were oriented to Pretty Hot's older sister Pretty, which was launched back in 2009. As we took whiff from the blotting papers handed out to us, we found that Pretty's scent is more floral and feminine, fitting a girl who's all romantic, sweet, shy, and dainty. If you've got a little devilish spunk in you yet still remain your pretty vibe, the younger fragrance Pretty Hot suits you more.

Pretty Hot includes juicy and yummy topnotes of red currant, blood orange, juicy mandarin, freesia, and red apple. These are fruity and juicy scents (a personal favorite of Shen, she mentioned), which give bursts of energy upon first sniff. After a bit, it fades off, paving way to the floral scents of red peony, Belle de Nuit (translation: Queen of the Night, a nocturnal flower which blossoms in the late evening), and Pimiento blossom as some of the floral scents before fading into a gentle musky mix of sensuous amber, white patchouli, tonka crystals, and sandalwood.

I was quite apprehensive using perfume during summer, but I found this scent to be a perfect balance between fresh, floral, and musky, so it's still okay to use on summer, but just not too much. A few spritzes on pulse points would be enough for me to last throughout the day. It's not too heavy or strong, and it's not your usual too-sweet fruity scents nor is it too floral that it's kinda ageing on you. The musk in the end is very subtle with just a hint of spice. The spice and musk part in things, I'm not quite a fan yet, as I prefer to keep my scents fresh and light, as it's summer, but this one's mellow enough and yes, I must agree quite sexy.

On a personal note, I'd wear Pretty Hot on a night out or even on an ordinary day at the mall or at work. I'd avoid the scent though if I know I'll be outdoors most of the time or I'll be working out or something. I'd skip this during pole class and prefer leaving my skin and pulse points devoid of perfumes and lotions just to be safe as the increase in my body temperature could affect the scent on me. But for other days, I'd wear this too. Since the temperature is quite warm, I use this sparingly, only a two gentle sprizes on pulse points and dab the cologne on my body. It's a very fresh and youthful scent that warms up quite nicely on the skin without it being too heady or heavy.

(Pretty Hot is available at Elizabeth Arden counters at all leading department stores. A 50 mL bottle costs 3,300 and the 100 mL costs 4,200. Since this is perfume, a little goes a long way)

disclaimer: product provided for review.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bridal Work: Wapole

Wapole's wedding is a day where everything magically fell into place. No kidding. It was the happiest day of her life with hardly any hitches. Wapole's such a sweet, sweet girl even on emails and texts alone, she's the type of girl that would be easy to talk to. She's a recommendation by my loyal client Evelyn. I've been doing Evelyn's makeup for three years now and in one of their annual company Christmas parties, Wapole loved her look so much that she was like, "It's okay, I love her already! I'll book her!"

During our trial makeup, Wapole was such an inspiration to work on. She's a very happy person and she had a lot of good stories to tell. During our trial makeup, she didn't have a decided hairstyle yet so I just did a simple hairstyle on her and I told her to email me a picture once she's decided. Quite interestingly, she chose a hairstyle that's quite similar to what I did to her in her trial makeup.

Her wedding was the first day of Holy Week ever, Holy Monday to be exact. The calltime for all of us was 8:30 a.m. I was on my way already to the hotel when I had a car problem. The car had to be taken to the shop and I hailed a cab to Diamond Hotel. Unfortunately, I thought I lost my watch that day so I went back home to check it. Fortunately I didn't. Whew! So anyhow, I called the wedding coordinator for that day (Gen Lee Events) and I informed them that I'm on my way, alive. I just had a vehicle problem so I'll be a little late. I also texted the hairstylist and asked her that if ever she comes early, to set the hair of the bride. I also gave her the room number of the bride as well.

Thankfully, I was just a few minutes late. When I got there, Wap was the first who greeted me. She had this big, big smile on her face. She just looked so happy with no sign that she was haggard or stressed. She asked me if I would like to get makeup done in the bedroom. I was like, na-uh, we're doind makeup in the common area. Why? Because if you get your makeup done, in the area I chose, you have an ample supply of daylight as my source of light (my choice of lighting as it helps me give a more natural look). Also, my bride and the five other faces I did makeup on would have this epic view of Manila Bay.

It's a very relaxing and zen-like view for the makeup artist, hairstylist, and clients. I wanted Wap to be relaxed on her wedding day and to look her most beautiful. Before makeup, our happy, happy bride already radiated the aura of a blooming bride.

After hair and makeup, my bride looks very much like a princess.

I like a mix of browns and peaches on her, since her theme colors were red and black. I gave the entourage liberty to play with their makeup but for my bride, I let her stay fresh and classic, my signature bridal look. Of course, we have falsies there to open up the eyes. I used natural-looking falsies on her and I blended it with mascara. The makeup I did on her I used the airbrush technique, which she loved. It looks too fair at first but when it sets, it looks a lot like her own

While at the bridal car, Wap told me the story of their wedding preps, how many years in the making the plans were and how they waited for the right time and place their wedding would be. A touching story would be how she had friends and classmates who flew in all the way from the province to be with her on her wedding day. She got married on a weekday and her friends actually took leaves from work, which was really sweet. Also, her bridal gown was a gift from her younger sister who was based on the states. She never fit it, and her wedding day was the first time ever she wore it. And it fits really well!

Ready to march down the aisle? Yep! And who's singing the bridal march? No one but the groom! Wap told me that this was one of her requests, that she march with him singing her bridal march. I insured her makeup too with waterproof makeup, since Wap told me she tends to get emotional. After the ceremony, I showed her with a mirror her makeup. No smudgies!

Back at the hotel pre-reception pictorial.

Wap with her lovely sister Tulip, who's her maid of honor. I grabbed some pictures from her album, by the way, since I didn't have much pictures come reception time.
Wap and Tulip are really really close. And not to mention they look so much alike. They're practically like twins. As I chose a very classic and neutral palette for the bride, the maid of honor had more leeway with colors, so I gave her subtle smoky eyes and red lips, so she stands out. Of course since this was a wedding, I wanted everyone to still look like themselves, so beauty makeup still comes to mind.

It was a truly blessed day for everyone. Everything just fell into place. It was a work day that I enjoyed immensely with great food, great people, and great fun.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Seeing Red: OOTD

I spotted this really, really pretty long maxi dress a week ago. It's deceiving really, it's in a solid color, with a high neckline and for once, it's sleeved yet it cuts low at the back. I loved the fit of it and since it was on sale at Topshop at a good Php399, I was so lucky that it had my size. I was contemplating whether to get it in gray or maroon, but I've never had a maroon dress before, and it looks so elegant and hugs me well at every way.

I like how it cuts low on the back and the solidness but at the same time boldness of the color. I wore this dress to this afternoon's tea/press launch of the newest Elizabeth Arden scent, which I'll blog about it a bit. I know that a dress with a deep back like this requires me to wear my hair up but I thought of just wearing my hair down that day. Kitty Chompy's by my side eating her post-dinner dinner.

Chompy decides to take centerstage and be the center of the photo and not the front of my dress. Hahaha. It looks very formal, and could actually pass for a formal dress with the right accessories but with flipflops or flats, a scraggy handcombed ponytail and fresh face, I could channel the model off-duty vibe. This dress is definitely part of my "raket dress" collection, a term I use for dresses that I could use for my formal event works which require me to be comfy but presentable at the same time.
Even with the chore of feeding the cat.
This was the part where she rubs her head on my hand. Awwww. Another share... I just love the job the guys of Piandre Greenbelt 1 did to my hair. They blowdried it with volume at the ends so it doesn't fall scraggly or flat. Swear, I needed to have a picture of it before I wash it off the following morning. Walang shampoohan sa gabi ito mehn! Since the dress is already bright and bold, I just made do with red lipstick and little accessories for it. Summer's too hot to pile up with a lot of trinkets so let the staple stuff take the show.

Dress: Topshop
Shoes: People R People
Watch: Fossil

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Candy Yum-Yum? YUMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is Bambi and I'm a lipstick person. To date I have probably almost 70 lipsticks in colors that you could just imagine, and I'm about to add more. The recent baby of my lippie collection happens to be one of the most-coveted lipstick in MAC's recent LE collection Quite Cute: Candy Yum-Yum.

Okay, and I have reason to purchase it, because my Hollywood Nights is almost running out and I need my hot pink lippie fix. I'm not alone who loves it though, it's much loved by everyone. While I passed by the MAC counter in Makati, they had 13 stocks, so I got one. That night, there was none left. Then Monday (i.e. yesterday), my friend Brenda was able to get the last one remaining in MAC Shangri-La. It upstaged Saint Germain even!

Candy Yum-Yum is a matte neon pink color. If you're wondering what the AC0 in the package is, it's not part of the shade name, but it's actually the batch code. The name of the lip color is Candy Yum-Yum. These are pictures of it on the tube, and what I like about it is that the color intensity of the lippie on the tube...
...is the same on the lips.

Intense pink really means intense neon pink. It's matte and it stays like no other. this lippie was able to withstand large barbecue fries, a bottle of Gatorade, fresh vegetarian spring rolls, and kung pao chicken and still have some a bit of stain remaining even after one round of makeup remover.

It looks so pretty on its own with just liner and mascara or go ahead and do a bit of playtime with smoky eyes and wavy curls. It's your right to be gorgeous!

While at it, you could check out Quite Cute's oh-so-purdy blushes. These are mineralize blushes that look pretty as highlighters on top of matte blush.

Love pinball and Quite Cute? Then play Cute Pinball on Facebook.

The Body Shop Moisture White Line Review

The immaculately white bottles in The Body Shop's shelves are a new line to their growing family of skin care to suit all skin needs. The Body Shop answers our call to bright and luminous skin like Asianovela actresses with the Moisture White line, which brightens the skin naturally (i.e. again, no pasty or fake colors) while caring for the skin and the environment. I have sampled out three of the products in this line and I asked a friend of mine to help me along so it's not that biased too.

When I was asked to try it out, I asked if the "white" part meant erasing my tan, it wasn't the case. Yay! It just brightens skin from within, so everything's all natural since they use natural ingredients like vitamin C and Community Trade aloe vera to care for our skin. This line helps prevent hyperpigmentation, age spots, and freckles making the skin look more even and luminous. A sun-worshipper like me could benefit from that too because with the hours I spend swimming and baking, who knows what spots could creep through my skin. Plus sometimes, swimming in the pool tends to gray me out, so this one will help the whole world know that I'm not a gray goose.

First up on the testing road was the Foaming Facial Wash. I find foaming facial washes so amusing. You pump the nozzle and foam comes out instead of a serum. The foam feels so cushy on the face and my friend told me it smells absolutely clean and beats the wet wipes I used to clean the face. It smells very gentle in fact, and just like the packaging, it's so simple. The best part was, I felt really clean and refreshed after using it, and only little toner was needed afterwards to get all the gunk out. Another nice thing about it was it didn't sting my skin.
The Moisture Milk is for those who are scared of moisturizer because they feel like their oil glands would go into hyperdrive and the skin would start regreasing minutes after moisturizer has been massaged to on the skin. Take note that the Moisture Milk is for any skin type - oily, dry, combination. It's not heavy or greasy like creams, and since this summer is abnormally hot, this could be a great alternative to our richer cold-season creams. It feels absolutely cool too on the skin, I think it's due to the community trade aloe though (remember how aloe vera gel cools our sunburnt skin?). It doesn't have SPF though, so if you're using this and going out, be sure to slap on anything with SPF. During a photoshoot though, I could use this since it doesn't have the SPF that bounces lights for the ghostly look.

With the word on SPF, here's the one to the rescue. The BB cream. This one I was quite hesitant to try since the last BB cream I tried made me look too pink and fair and almost unnatural. Most BB creams I try are either too light or too pink and I have yet to find something that would flatter my skin tone. The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso BB cream here is quite light, but at least it was more on the beige side.

Since I'm darker, I have to be careful to not apply too much that my face looks whiter than the rest of my body. It's still a bit bright and light when I swatched it over my cheek, but at least it could still be remedied by a slightly more honey-colored powder foundation.

I encircled the part where I swatched it. I could still note the difference (the one with the BB cream is on the right side, it kinda looks more beige than my own skin) but at least it's not that drastic when it comes to my neck. The BB cream is like a tinted moisturizer I suppose. It has a very slight coverage and my skin looks more flawless than it is when it's bare. I'd have to use little amounts of this or probably mix it with the Moisture Milk, so it goes on sheer with a slight, slight tint.

There are other products in this line to try. One thing I'm curious though is the Moisture White Shiso Concentrated Target Perfector, which zeroes in on dark spots to minimize their appearance. It sounds like a weapon by the name, when it's actually a tiny roll-on device that you apply on dark spots and freckles. The thing that won me over this line is more of the simplicity of the packaging and the scent. The heat of the summer makes me more sensitive to heavier scents, and the lighter formula could be a refreshing change as the temperatures rise up.

***Disclaimer: product provided for review.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Paying Homage

While I was searching for pictures, I found some of my favorite model shots, which I would like to share. I used to be in front of the camera (and with that I did my own makeup as well) while starting out and while we were building our own portfolios. I've officially went backstage concentrating on bridal makeup and let my brides and models take the center stage now. However, I would like to show some of my favorite shots of me during the series of fun shoots we had.

Pinup look by Stanley Ong. Stan's one of the first-ever photographers I've ever worked with, by the way. This was shot at the now-closed Gray Area Studios, one of Stan's home-base studios. I still had the bangs and red streak there and I stil didn't own my Russian Red lippie.

How did this shot come about? It was one of those shoots where we used to just have fun and make kulit at each other and do headshots. Fortunately, I was wearing a tube top here so pak! Clean headshot. Thanks to Ryan Sulit! Actually, this is my company ID picture. hahaha. Landi much?
A pre-Christmas 2008 shoot with now New York-based fashion photographer JC Cerilla.

I feel so lucky to have modelled gowns by fashion designer Gerswin Qua. Photo by Bugsy Jimenez.

Another Gerswin Qua creation, and the first time ever I wore a bridal gown. Since this was a size 0, I had to lose weight to be able to fit in that tiny, tin
y dress as I'm a size 2.

Being shot with two of my closest female friends is a wonderful thing. When I got back from the beach, I had a shoot with my Gemini twin Apy Arevalo.
She made me an Egyptian queen! I've always wanted to know how that felt like. Epic!

Christine also shot me in this grungy Kate Moss-inspired shot:

A simple but fantastic headshot by Italian photographer Massimiliano Cori:

It was an honor to have modelled for Manny Librodo last December 2009.

This epic shot by Aly Reyes landed on DPP magazine. Word!

How I fared in a [faux] bob by my good friend Michael Yu.

Before Ewa and Piotr left for Poland last year, we collaborated for a fashion shoot. Piotr is an amazing photographer and I love how he captures pictures. He and his Ewa are a dream team. Check out Piotri Wlazinski's work at his site.

My love for kittens in this photo by the talented Adrian Gonzales. Adrian's known for his cinematic take in his photos, being a film student. I like the desaturated treatment in his photos.

As I bowed out to the world, I ended it up with a photo from my last print shoot for Alphaland Corporation's projects - Marina Club and Balesin Island Club.
These are photos from their website.

I am open to the possibility of me going in front of the camera again in the future, but as of the moment, it's backstage work for me. :)