Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Golden Pink Look

Guess what? I got so excited with my new Coastal Scents 78-color palette I made a new tutorial using a pretty color: PINK! But instead of a super all-pink Barbie look, I warmed it up with a bit of gold so it's sort of a warm sunset-y like look that's very natural. I made the two colors look blended so it creates a bit more of a dimension.
First up is a super-duper clean and moisturized face. Don't forget to put eye cream under the eyes and on the lids so the eyes aren't dry (if the skin around the eyes are dry, I've discovered that eyeshadow does not adhere much). After I let the moisturizer sink in, I put foundation and concealer and set everything with powder. I framed my face by defining my eyebrows with an ashy eyebrow powder.

A bit more definition, I tightlined the eyes with dark brown eyeliner.

Then, the eyeshadow would need a base so I applied a netural pink cream eyeshadow from lid to browbone for the eyeshadow to hold.

I used my ring finger here but a concealer brush would do. I applied only a little bit and then spread it as too much can cause creasing and caking.

Okay so we go to the fun part: The EYES! Here are the colors used in my Coastal Scents palette labelled accordingly.

[click for a larger version]

I used a candy pink color on my lid and dabbed it to pack the pigments for the colors to show blending it until the crease so everything's seamless instead of those hideous demarcation lines.

For the crease, I used a warm bronzey-gold color with a hi-shine finish but not too much shine. I blended it to the crease and blended the color for about 30 seconds to get a seamless look.

I highlighted the inner eye with a yellow-gold color for more pop. If you want bigger eyes, line the inner rims with shell pink lipliner/nude lipliner/skintone eyeliner/white eyeliner.

The browbone should always be highlighted. Here, I chose a neutral bone-colored matte (but sheer) eyeshadow color and swept it across the browbone. Again, I blended where the two colors meet so everything looks seamless. If you want to be 100% sure of staying power, set everything with setting powder or a bit of colorless loose powder. I'm not fond of using wet application of eyeshadows because I don't like getting my eyeshadow pans wet.

I then lined my lower lashline with a black eyeliner and used liquid eyeliner to define my upper lashlines. Lashes were curled and I applied 3 coats of volumizing/curling mascara.

For a pretty flush, I blended a bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks. I chose a pink candy color. if you want more warmth, You can highlight the cheekbones with a golden color of blush or a bronzer.

For the lips, I chose a bright pink lipstick in a satin finish. Since the color is quite intense, I blotted it with tissue. Then, instead of reapplying the color, I topped my lips with a lick of gold glittery gloss so it doesn't look too dry.

So here's the final look plus a detail on the eyes:

The look is very fun and playful, and a mixture of pastel and metallic. This could be worn during the day or maybe prom or a dance if you want candy-colored lips. Falsies can be added too, for a flirty, pretty effect.
Have fun all!

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