Monday, March 24, 2014

MAC x Maleficent Coming Soon

My friend Jessica posted a link in Facebook and tagged me and Leeanne announcing another MAC collaboration. A lightbulb in my head, angels singing, kitties dancing, and (although the collection doesn't have it) leopard prints suddenly painted the world.

We're all so excited with the movie (starring the sexy modern-day superwoman Angelina Jolie) telling the tale from the character's side of the story with the trailer just building the anticipation. When MAC x Maleficent mix, my evil dark side just squeamed with delight.

My first instinct would say that it was just as similar to 2010's Venomous Villains, which also featured a Maleficent line, that was more cool purples and plums. This year's collection is actually different, which had earth tones and reds this time (taking it I guess from Angelina's makeup)

image again borrowed here. It was quite hard to find photos and swatches of it online

A bit of throwback, last 2010's Maleficent, from my blog

I'm spotting nail lacquers, lashes, penultimate, beauty powder, lip glass, lipliner, lipstick, eyebrow pencil, a shading powder, and a palette. The earths and reds (browns and hardly any blushes) are a stark contrast to four years ago, yet I'm excited nonetheless I feel my wallet burning. 

Actually, the shading powder looks promising and I probably can use that when I do my contours, just to get an approximation of Angie's award-winning cheekbones. Believe it or not, I'm thinking the eyeshadow palette can be great for bridal work, especially if the bride wants smokey eyes. I'm visualizing on how to recreate the easy effortless brown smokey eyes Topshop models have, and the palette has those shades. 

As of now, as we are waiting for the movie here, I'm just as excited and nervous of breaking a buy ban for this. Meanwhile, to build the anticipation, let's all watch the trailer.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What's In the Gym Toiletry Kit?

Part of being beautiful is not just layering makeup or all those lush creams. Since I started going deeper into exercise and fitness, it kind of makes sense that it also helps not only with the body's circulation, but your overall well-being. Pole has helped me gain strength in my core, which I still need in my job, carrying all my heavy equipment. It also helped in my overall self-esteem. When I cross-trained in yoga, I started out first with a gentle yin practice, with the initial intention of getting a split. When I got in deeper by doing dynamic yoga practice like Vinyasa, it helped also with my own inner peace and concentration. Exercise, whatever form you may find comfortable be it dance, gymnastics, Crossfit, running, or just working out in your neighborhood gym can really do good not only in detoxifying the body and giving it its definition but making you stronger and improving your own well-being.

So hence, I have finally decided to just have my own little gym bag which I have ready just in case I could sneak some time to pole or visit the yoga studio to get my endorphin fix. Aside from our change of clothes and the usual essentials, I'd like to share what I keep in my gym toiletry kit and how I maximize space. The bag I have to work out isn't very big. It's actually a tiny one that has the same capacity as a school backpack. Thankfully, my pole/yoga clothes are very tiny and save for the heels I sometimes need to bring for pole class, I can still have a lot of space and it doesn't get overstuffed. 

I'll start first by going through my toiletry kit, which usually contains the toilertries I need if I have to shower after I work out, since I have a meeting later or just to refresh after sweating the pizza I had the day before.

Since my exercise bag is small, naturally, my toiletry kit is just a small pouch instead of a toolbox or a tote bag. Number one rule, sample sizes are our best friends. This is when the shampoo/conditioner sample sachets or bottles we get in magazines, events, department store counters, or giveaways come in handy. Same goes for the shampoo and shower gel bottles we get in hotels. 

So, here are the contents in my toiletry bag:

See? No need to lug out the big pump bottles of shampoo and conditioner. For those who aren't really fond of sachet sizes, you can always buy travel-sized bottles at department stores and just transfer your favorite shampoo there. Okay back to regular programming. I prefer using liquid shower gel to solid soap as well since it's easier to pack and less messy in the bag. I save the solid cleansing bars for home use.

First row (L-R)

Eye cream and Face moisturizer with SPF 35 - Olay Total Effects Eye cream is light enough to be used during the day and the double-duty Olay Regenerist Day Cream has SPF as well so no need to bring a separate bottle for SPF

Second Row
  • Shu Uemura Cleansing oil (travel bottle) - Going to Hot Yoga or Vinyasa yoga class is better with a makeup-less face since I don't want my makeup to land or stain the studio yoga mat. This is my all-time favorite in removing heavy duty makeup easily. Also, it removes deodorant, i-Tac, and Grip Paste residue as well.
  • Facial Wash
  • Shampoo and Conditioner - To keep with the natural and organic theme, I packed organic shampoo with no harsh chemicals. I got Human Nature Shampoo and Conditioner in the tiny 50-mL bottles (Php 44.75 each) at the grocery store. Right now, what I do is buy the big bottle and just refill the smaller bottles until probably when the small bottle gives out (it's actually Human Nature Peppermint shampoo in the bottle when I already finished the Mandarin Fresh). They smell really good too!
  • Shower Gel -The Body Shop shower gel gift sets are classic gifts and I use this for travel or in my exercise bag because it's so handy. Sometimes I switch to a different scent when I feel like it. The gel variation is also pole dance friendly!
  • Baby Wash - Human Nature's Baby Wash smells really mild! It's also an awesome all-in-one gentle but effective wash that can be used as a facial wash, body wash, and feminine hygiene wash
  • Feminine Wash - Again, I am thankful for Human Nature for having tiny bottles that are perfect for the tiniest gym bags. 
  • Deodorant - roll-on, stick, or spray. Doesn't matter as long as it does its job keeping my armpits dry and my skin likes it.
  • My Amazing Blow Dry Quick Shake 'N' Spray (travel size) - So I can blow-dry my hair so that it can look decent enough for my next appointment without taking an hour to do so. Read my review about it here and thank me later when you purchase your first spray bottle. 

Third Row
  • Hand cream - I use this if I know that I won't be touching a pole after. This works amazingly for chafed heels (since I work out barefoot) and hands as well as rough knees and elbows
  • Wide-toothed comb - separates our wet hair strands and detangles hair without breaking it.

My second bag is more specialized, since it contains equipment that I need for the actual sport I do, as well as a bit of after-pole or yoga care.

This is the one I take out while at the studio.

0Top Row:
  • iTac - Initially, I use this in pole to give my skin some grip since grip paste can be too much. a little goes a long way! I've had my little jar of iTac since Stellar 2. 
  • Tite Grip - I use this on my shoulders to prevent slipping from sweat when I do my shoulder mounts. 
  • Leukoplast and Mueller foam - in the absence of wrist support (Tite Grip and iTac are available at the Polecats Manila Studio) 
  • Rubbing Alcohol - to help dry up the skin and make it more pole-ready. As long as there's no moisturizer.

Bottom Row:
  • YogaLove Healing Cream (check link for store availability and contact information) -  a nice-smelling cooling cream that's non-oily and easily absorbed by the body. it relaxes the mind and relieves pain. I use this to relieve migrains too.
  • Band-Aids - for scraped skin and whatever little boo-boo or accident happened.
  • Wet Tissue - to clean dirty feet and hands after 
  • Salonpas - the more travel-friendly pain killers, the better.
With packing-friendly packaging, I still have space for my workout gear and towels, and it's still light enough for me to carry from Strata to Podium and back. Plus, lockers are tinier this time and can't seem to fit the big gym bags that double as overnight bags,. 

Next up is what I pack inside the main gym bag. Stay tuned.