Friday, September 19, 2008

Brush Review: The Body Shop Foundation Brush

As obsessed I am with makeup, I'm also crazy about the tools used to apply it. Hence, brushes have become my best friends. I'm always on the lookout for inexpensive but quality makeup brushes, since I know how expensive brushes can be. For foundation, I used to use sponges since it was cheaper than a foundation brush. However, I've gotten problems with sponges since they tend to "eat up" the foundation so a lot of product is wasted. A friend advised me to get a foundation brush since this eats up the foundation less so I can maximize my products.

During the Lipton and Body Shop event I attended last summer along with several other beauty and fashion/lifestyle bloggers, we were asked to choose 3 gift items from The Body Shop that make us very happy. I immediately went to the brushes and chose the Foundation Brush among the two other stuff I got (A moisturizing foundation and an Olive Bath Set). When the surprise came that these stuff are ours, I was more than thrilled.

I haven't gotten to reviewing the foundation brush even though it has been with me in quite a number of shoots. It's even my tool of choice when I did my first-ever magazine shoot. So here's what I have to say about it... after 20+ shoots:

Price: Php 895.00 (Appx US $21.00)

Knowing how The Body Shop is all about cruelty-free beauty, all their brushes are made of synthetic fibers and not animal hair. For foundation brushes, synthetic fibers are actually better since foundations are usually in cream or liquid formulations. It's also easier to clean (I use cleansing oil to clean it first followed by facial wash with tea tree oil to remove bacteria) that way. Since it's made of synthetic fiber, it feels absolutely soft on the skin. No pricking, no ouchies, no scratchies.

I first tried this brush during a photoshoot and I'm amazed to say as how I was able to use more product. It did not "drink" my foundation, and this was a problem I've had with my sponges (not to mention sponges are harder to clean to immaculately white status). The length for me was okay and comfortable enough. The only problem I've had with it is the handle shape, which is too bulky to fit on my brush case, so what I do is wrap it in plastic and place it in my makeup train case. Before, I thought sponges are cheaper, but since they're disposable, brush is the way to go. I also use sponges still, for fine-tuning my foundation application if I want a smoother and flawless finish. :)

You can use The Body Shop Foundation Brush with the following foundations:

It also performs well with my other foundations! So far, I'm getting the hang of using brushes for foundation application, and it made my life so much easier!

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Askmewhats said...

ohh I have tried touching the testers of this brush and I love how soft it feels. Lucky you for getting it FREE and I"m glad you're loving it! :) It is indeed too bulky though, but if it works, who cares di vah? :D