Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Olay Regenerist Arrives This November!

Just a week ago, I attended a videoconference at the P&G office along with select members of the press and the blogosphere where we were introduced to the newest addition to the Olay line of products - Olay Regenerist. Actually, Regenerist has been around already for quite some time and it's already available not just in the US but in Thailand, China, Singapore, etc. From what I've learned, people have been going to the counters asking when will Regenerist arrive in the Philippines. Good news to those, since they will no longer have to wait for someone to go abroad because Olay Regenrist is sure to hit Philippine shores this November!

Olay Regenerist actually

"uses breakthrough technology at the cellular level by producing aminopeptides, which signal cells to regenerate and reverse the visible signs of aging."

It's pretty cool to note, though that women here in the Philippines have gone beyond whitening and brightening and focusing on anti-ageing products from creams to serums to SPF. The influx of anti-ageing products in the market that have been tried, tested, raved, and blogged about proves this.

I've been using Regenerist for a week now, actually. Although it will be a few years before I leave my 20s, thought I'd get started now, and also I could clearly see stress lines on my skin. EEEK! I've been really conscious about using eye creams hence the eye-lifting serum has been my staple beauty regimen since my eyes get often abused by applying eyeshadow and tightlining. heeheehee. Although it's too early to tell if I've had my skin 10 years ago, I can vouch for an improvement with my skin tone and texture. My skin feels smoother and I've noticed a certain "glow" it has, especially when I wake up in the morning. Another favorite of mine is the Regenerating Serum, since it's also got mattifying properties and can be a good makeup primer. Oh and makeup? I can actually brave a day with just mineral setting powder on (oh, and mascara, brow definer, and lip butter). Also, I'm glad that it does not have this overpowering scent that's strong on the nose. My skin also isn't greasy or oily later.

Of course, for me, I always like to couple my skincare regimen for healthy skin with regular exercise, lots of healthy food and water to keep skin hydrated and glowing, and avoiding vices like smoking, alcohol, and putting on SPF. :)

Who sure can't wait for November? :)

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