Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Plueys for 2011 + Cute Bowed Booties!

For quite some time, Plueys have been every girl's life and poise-saver, making even the stormiest of all stormy days happy and dry so we've been trooping from one place to another in pretty and quirky rainboots while keeping our jeans and feet dry in a very pretty way. Makes me look forward actually to happy showers instead of cursing them to oblivion.

As you guys all know, I've been doing makeup for their lookbook for quite some time now, and it brings me a smile to my face whenever Esel would contact me and tell me that it's shoot time. Once she gives me a peg, I'm up to elbows researching and testing materials which I could use. Every year, our shoots get better and so much funner. This year, our shoot takes a very unexpected turn, and it actually challenged my and Mike's skills as a makeup artist and a photographer respectively. We did a photoshoot amidst rain and a blackout. That's right! With a project that's ever-so-dependent in light, we had to pull off a fab shoot even when there's a power interruption.

Since the shoot was located at a studio that's near my place, I offered to do some of the makeup here in the house before proceeding to the location. Esel and Erika did makeup in the house as Mike did product shots in the studio. When Erika and I got to the studio and set up, I was about to plug in my airbrush gun and blowdryer when the studio experienced power failure. We were able to make use of a few lights the makeup table had as well as a few lights. Still, instead of waiting, we proceded with the shoot with traditional makeup instead of airbrush and cold set and updos instead of heat style. Yes. I also did hair.

So what was the outcome? Check some of our photos out (credits in first photo):

Some people say that the show must go on. We say the shoot must go on, and make it rock. HARD!

The 2011 lookbook can be found here at the ReadyForRain Facebook page. You can also visit the Ready For Rain website to see past lookbooks and other products like the My Brolly umbrellas and suggestions on how to care for your boots. As you can see, Plueys have added a few more designs to fit anyone's fancy. There's Retro Pop, which shows gray need not be drab if it were peppered by cute lil polkadots. Erika (yep! That's my Erika! She modelled for Plueys this year, and I'm such a happy mommy ducky!) models Savanna rain boots, which are just so cute and rarr at the same time with cheetah prints adding an unexpected twist to pretty proper cuts and lines. Rainbows and stripes collide with Spade rain boots which give print-on-print a cute spin.

If you check the lookbook, notice how much of the looks are styled with the girls wearing pretty dresses and skirts showing that you can wear Plueys not just with jeans but with shorts, leggings, skirts, or dresses. I personally like wearing them with shorts and dresses, as you can see in some of my OOTDs.

Plueys also launches a new product: Booties! If you find boots too heavy, booties provide another alternative to keep the tootsies dry (Hey! It rhymes).

I think the bow's pretty cute. Booties are available both in black and nude color, with a different colored bow accent. They look so cute and pretty I can actually wear these pretties even on the sunniest on all sunny days instead of flats or sneakers. Remember how the sun is blasting our pores one moment then rains hard the next? Booties make sure we're protected when the rain part comes when we go out with the sun shining. And yes, you can wear this with shorts and dresses.

I chose to get Savanna this year, since I love animal prints. With cheetah prints, it expresses my love for kitties just like Catstooth did. :)

Cheetahs are kitties too! And looks like the kitty in the background is about to notice familiarity upon spotting the print. Don't worry, kitty, that's not made of real kitty fur but of floodwater-protecting rubber in a cute cheetah design.

So what's your Plueys choice for this year and how do you want to wear it? Whatever choice you have, the only key to look good is to put things you love together and are comfortable with and just rock it.


Cat said...

Absolutely love the bowed booties! ♥


♥ mia said...

ooh i want that pair of booties!