Friday, September 19, 2014

Strip and Browhaus Opens Its Newest Branch

For Strip and Browhaus fans in the Mandaluyong or Ortigas area would be happy to know that they need not travel all the way to Makati or to Fort to get their monthly defuzzing. Just yesterday, Strip and Browhaus opened its newest branch at SM Megamall.

Strip has been around for six years and has been popular for its racy bikini waxing, depending on your comfort level or preference) Whether you just want the basic cleaning or are daring enough to go all off, it's up to you. If you want to permanently remove unwanted hair, there's the IPL ACE option which not only removes unwanted hair but also cares for the skin underneath it. IPL ACE is also pain-free and quick.

Browhaus will take care of what frames our face - our brows by giving the shape that flatters your face structure the most. If you have once been a victim of a plucking horror story, Browhaus can bring back the brows that are right for you.

The new Strip and Browhaus branch is located at the 5th floor of  the Mega Fashion Hall of SM Megamall. It's located near the escalator and the skating rink.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Of Time Warps and Blue Beehives

So, I had a stressful morning today, so to wipe it off.. let me focus on these two new collaborations MAC Cosmetics has which is getting me all excited and I feel wallets (at least mine) ripping apart at the seams.

MAC The Simpsons Collection brings back memories of the 25-year-old series (yes! it has been that long) that we watched as kids and still enjoyed up to now. The image model of course, is the dotting housewife who still has her lithe and slim figure even with three children, with orange necklace and big blue beehive hairdo - Marge Simpson.

We are not expecting yellow foundation here though, not to worry. Just like the bright yellow packaging, While we may not get Marge's complexion, we have candy colored palettes, lipglass, falsies, and eyeshadow palettes embossed with a Marge Simpson Emblem.

Erm, no, Homer. makeup is not applied that way.

Quirky, fun, weird ... let's do the time warp again and just in time for Halloween, MAC would be releasing a Rocky Horror Picture Show collection.

My exposure to this Broadway play was the number Time Warp from Stellar 3 last year performed by the Intermediate 1 students and as of this moment, I can see a few of them eyeing the collection and doing their research. I was viewing the collection photos over at Temptalia and I see a lot of reds in the lipsticks, and not just that glaze of red sheen, but bold vivacious reds in mattes and amplifieds  and of course -  blacks, plums, and reds. I am also eyeing on the glitters and pigments, A permanent lipstick - Sin gets a revamp in its Rocky Horror Picture Show  packaging. For those not familiar with Sin, it's a vamp-y dark red, almost plum, more accurately described in the MAC website as a "deep dark blue red".

I'm hoping that these come by October and I can't wait to see the MAC Counter theme days and collection launches for these. This should be fun!

And definitely

"But listen closely
not for very much longer
I've got to keep control".

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Color Restored via Serie Expert Vitamino Color

I spent my morning today at the L'Oreal Academie in Ortigas to experience Serie Expert, a high performance hair treatment that targets specific hair needs that go deep into the hair's molecular structure. Despite that I left the house at rush hour, around 8:30, the drive to Ortigas was unexpectedly breezy.

We were asked to choose which treatment we were supposed to have. First, was the Vitamino Color, which was for color lock for those who color their hair and want to restore its vibrancy and shine and give our color-treated hair its much needed nourishment.  For super damaged locks, Absolut Repair Lipidum is suggested to instantly reconstruct, detangle, and soften hair, basically making your hair not much of a pain to handle in life. I had my hair colored a month ago and it somehow faded, so I opted for the Vitamino Color. When I made my choice, my hair was washed and then my treatment started,

The first step was the application of Powerdose, a powerful concentrate (not to be taken in to give you superpowers, mind you) treatment to instantly revitalite color-treated hair. The serum was applied using a spray pump attachment, and depending on the length and thickness of hair, you may need a second vial or one might be enough. In my case, I think they only used one. 

The second step involved the application of a color masque. Unlike traditional conditioners which we use at home, this one is thicker, richer, and more intense which nourishes our dry and colored hair bringing it back to life. Just like the Powerdose. this was massaged well into my hair to really get my treatment to work.

The waiting game starts, the products have to be left in my hair for quite some time before rinsing them out. Oh and hello morning coffee!

My hair was blow-dried after into soft curls that feel super lush and smooth instead of dried and fried.  And yay for shine!!!!

My hair is alive. ALIIIIVVEEEE!!!!!

The whole procedure is really fast and took approximately 35 minutes for the whole treatment. Plus points also on the fruity scent of the treatment. Since it was fast, I had time to attend my pole lunch class where my shoulders died and went to pole heaven. My hair was still super smooth and shiny though, even after an hour of class. The curls were more relaxed though, but it was still a big check for touchable smoothness. This treatment may help preserve my color longer, especially if I'm the type that has a wash-and-wear kind of lifestyle. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sparkles and Megawatt Shine From Sally Hansen Triple Shine

Sometimes, I tend to overlook my hands, due to my lifestyle. However, when I realized that some of the behind-the scenes shots from work show my hands, either holding a brush, or arranging the model's hair and - *urk* - I spot hands that looked like it had too much of a day's work. So to make them look a bit more decent, what I do is I use Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover Gel and push back the dry skin before rinsing. If I do have time, I apply polish depending on my mood. My usual favorites are usually darks and metallics although I occasionally like a pop of color, especially on summer. When I do have the time, I go online and look for nail art tutorials to follow, and from my own experience, these are the ones that seem to last longer on my nails, due to the layering. The only downside of it though is that applying nail art takes time.  On super special occasions though, or on times when I feel my nails really need major overhaul and reshaping, that's the time when I go to the nail salon. Of course, that just goes for my hands, as for my feet, they get their bi-monthly pedicure in nail salons.

Newly-polished nails have their megawatt shine at the start. With the daily grind, wear and tear, and exposure to water and chemicals (detegents, soap, cooking ingredients, alcohol, etc) can make our polish lose its shine and the colors get to become dull. That is why in order to maintain that shiny nail color, we need to reapply topcoat once in a while. Thankfully, Sally Hansen introduces its newest collection - Triple Shine, now available in 28 awesome shades to choose from for a very affordable price of Php 315

There are 28 shades to suit  your very own personal tastes. These 28 shades are divided into 3 groups, Iridescence is for those like me who love metallics and shiny pearlescent finishes. If vibrant and bold colors are for you, hop over to Pop section and find brights to match your outfit. When the Holidays strike (as you all know -ber months are here!), try Fanta-Sea, which have glittery shades that can be used to create glittery glazes or use them on its own fine sparkly nails in jewel and aquatic tones.

The Triple Shine polish bottle actually has two lids - So that cap you see on the display shelf has another cap at the bottom.

The brush is also thicker than some of my other polishes. It can be tricky if applying this to the toes though, since I have tiny toenails, but a bit of control and after-polish cleanup will make things easier for me. 

Shine payoff is also awesome. It's shiny even without a top coat, as shown.

However, if you do want your polish to last longer, apply quick-drying top coat to shine and seal things.

I used Make Waves, a shiny aqua blue color.

I asked though how to apply the Fanta-Sea colors, since glitter polishes tend to just glaze over.  I wanted it to look really awesome, sparkly, and opaque.

I was taught this technique: Apply one coat first in strokes, just like a regular polish. Then, dab on the glitter with a brush or a sponge. Clean up with a cotton bud soaked in polish remover.

Shown on my hands is their bestseller - Seanic

Try this quick and easy nail art tutorial which I put a twist on the traditional French manicure - no need to grow tips. 

1. Apply basecoat.
2. Apply two coats of Make Waves (or a non-glittery polish of your choice).
3. Let dry for 2 minutes. 
4. Using a sponge, Apply Fanta-Sea on the tips of your nails until you get desired sparkliness. For better control, I prefer buying a cheap dishwashing sponge and cutting it up into sizes that fit the nail.  5. Let dry,
6. Apply quick-drying topcoat.

And here you go... pretty nails!

You may choose to apply glitter all over the nails or use the ombre technique in applying glitter. The options are up to you.  Also an added bonus, glitter polish is hard to remove so this ought to last really long.

As of this weekend, Sally Hansen Triple Shine is already available in Sally Hansen counters. :) What's your favorite shade? Do you have a combination you want to try? How about adding stripes and stickers? Just have fun with your new toys!