Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uplift, Relax, Energize, and Balance With The Body Shop

When was the last time you had a massage? We all love that feeling after all our kinks are kneaded or we savor that scent of woody lavander after we stepped out on a spa. Or when we get that jolt after eating that sushi dipped in soy sauce and wasabe? Either way, there are stuff that gets us energized or relaxed just so we could be less haggard, depending on our mood. There are also times when all we need is just a little "mood-booster" to make our already good day better.
I myself actually have days when I'm all jittery that I need calming down. I also have that days when I need to relax or I need to get a good night's sleep by winding down. On my haggard days, I need an extra shot of energy, and being intolerant to certain types of coffee, I need something that's a tad better than that.

Yesterday, The Body Shop launched its Well-Being line, which features massage oils, body mists, massage balms, lotions, starter kits, and all sorts of body potions just to make our moods a tad better, whether it may be uplifting or calming or balancing, it's up to you. Aside from displaying their new line, The Body Shop treated everyone complementary hand massages, skin care, and makeover featuring their fall collection, Jewels of Desire (aint that name sexy?) to make its consumers feel good and look good (I've noticed a trend of philosophy!).
This is a moisturizer in gel form with a refreshing and cooling feeling designed for

"those looking to support a healthy lifestyle, by helping them to eliminate impurities from the skin more efficiently, so that they feel more purified, rebalanced and revived"

This is for those that need a good night's sleep, if you've had too much of coffee during the day and you want to wind down.

This doube-duties as an exfoliator and cleanser. Note the ingredients. :)

This beauty got my senses in attention

Ylang-ylang and lomi-lomi smells good on my skin! This massage oil is a great as a wedding/bridal shower gift. Plus, it smells fab and yes, sexy!

And speaking of sexy... here's a preview of their fall collection

These are just the blushes, mascara, and pencils. The pencils actually have a tinge of green and blue in them instead of being your natural black or brown. The mascara, they call Divide and Multiply because they separate the lashes creating the illusion of more fringes. I'm liking their blush, and I like also that they are in a matte finish plus the itricate details are just pretty. The deeper blush actually looked good on me, which was surprising because I'm known for being a fan of faint-colored blush.

I also got a makeover courtesy of RG of the Body Shop. Plus I had my hair done by Toni and here's me with Toni:

The eyes are just a little smoky and I love how defined my brows are. They're darker than my usual, but they are formed enough but not too dark as in aging-harsh dark. I also like the lipsticks RG combined. Toni also did a good job with my hair. It looked better pulled back. Plus, I had a hand massage using the Deep Calm lotion. I can say that it's not too sticky. Plus it smells good. I like the lavander-like smell. I even was able to doze for a minute when I'm being made up. heeheehee. I really had fun in the event and I was able to meet people from the brand. I also discovered a new thing about their business cards - they're made of recycled paper. They are indeed, earth-friendly. :)
Whether it be calming, uplifting, balancing, or winding down to a deep sleep, there are lots of variants to try. :-)

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