Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bare All @ Lay Bare

I guess that's what they say with brazilian waxing - once you go bald, you'll never go back. After going brazilian, I resolved to include my waxer's appointment in my monthly budget. My waxer is practically used to my shrieks of pain though, so I make sure to do my appointment on a weekday non-payday when the shop opens and there's hardly any people.

One time my waxer wasn't available and I was scheduled to have a shoot though and I needed to de-fuzz. So, in panic for a good and relatively painless waxer, a friend of mine recommended Lay Bare waxing salon in Makati, where she goes. My question: "How's the hurt?" Her answer: "No biggie." I trust you.

I've also read reviews about Lay Bare as well, and with the positive reviews and client testimonials I got (plus my friend's own experience), I decided to book my appointment. Oh, and the affordable price list was another plus.

Although I'm no newbie to waxing, this is a new experience to me because they would be using cold wax jelly made of sugar, honey, and calamansi instead of hot wax. New experience. No heat. Could be good too. After setting an appointment via phone, I went to the salon where I was briefed with what to do and all. I was prepped with powder. Wax was taken from this little plastic disposable cup. It wasn't like the spreadable wax in microwave waxing kits but it was somewhat like clay, so it needed a bit of waming up. The mixture is spread on one area at a time and then quickly ripped off on the opposite direction of hair growth.

Surprisingly, the procedure was relatively painless. For girls who have trauma or phobia with hot wax, this is a place I would recommend. The whole waxing procedure took approximately 30 minutes for me, and that includes the plucking of whatever remaining hair that remained. After antibac topical cream was applied, the procedure was over. Quick, painless (relatively. there is no super painless level of brazilian waxing), and simple. Nice.

I also found out that Lay Bare not only has waxing services for women but also for men (boyzillian waxing? Okay, I'm kidding). They offer loyalty cards for their loyal customers and even have a promo during your birthday month - You get 15% on all your services plus complimentary eyebrow threading. You could also book your appointments online by logging on their website or calling their hotline.

Overall, I could say that I'm satisfied with their service and I recommend these to my friends who are looking for affordable waxing services and are scared of hot wax. Lay Bare also has several branches nationwide, so you can look for a branch that's convenient to you.

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Steph said...

ooh! ive always been a laybare fan since it first opened. i tried having the brazilian wax in other salons which use hot wax but i still prefer lay bare :)