Sunday, December 21, 2014

Night TLC For Your Skin

With the Holidays comes parties and engagements left and right. And with those events, it's time to get dolled up so we bring out the heels, pretty dresses, bling, and lipstick. Wait, I stand corrected, not just lipstick but the whole shebang of makeup. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional makeup artist to glam you up for events, it's not just lipstick on your face but foundation, blush, powder, false lashes, etc.

While we look pretty for the night, we must always never forget one golden rule - to remove our makeup right before we go to bed and give our skin the proper care it needs. Just like our feet that can't just wait to step into the comfiest flip-flops from a night wearing killer heels, our face needs a breather too. With the heat from dancing and being exposed to elements like smoke and dust, your face is being cooked under that pile of makeup, and much more so if you're a fashion model or performer, as stage lights and professional photographer lights plus sweat and oil can add up to the heat. Removing all that makeup can be such a chore especially if you would just want to plop down the bed and sleep but trust me, your skin will thank you for it.

So, here's how I remove my makeup step-by-step and the products I am currently using. Here's one thing,,, I don't shortcut this routine. A smidgen of makeup left on the face could mean a zit the next day, and we don't want that. When I danced at my Stellar recital two years ago, I had probably applied on my face the thickest amount of makeup I ever did in my life, because I was performing onstage. I know I'll be tired from all that dancing and cheering so while I still had some energy and adrenalin left, I did my initial removal of makeup using a round of cleansing oil and wipes before I went home and continued the rest of the stuff at home, since I know it would take me more than just one round of cleansing oil to completely remove everything. (It also gives my skin time to breathe at an earlier time).

Removing makeup:

We all have different preferred products in removing makeup - cold creams, wipes, etc. I really swear by Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil. I have been using them for 8 years and it's really effective in removing makeup and dirt in just one step and leaves my skin really clean.

Currently, this is what I use, but I think for this season, when it's colder I might switch to a more moisturizing formula such as Ultimate. I recommend the pink oil for those with oily skin, since it leaves my skin oil-free awesomely.

Wipes are good if my makeup is pretty light that day but for a full face of makeup, I really whip out my Shu Cleansing Oil. One round usually gets everything, but like I said, depending on how thick your makeup is that day, it may take another round.  Don't forget to extend this to your hairline, near the ears, or jawline and neck, should you have had makeup applied there.

To remove eye makeup, I use a q-tip soaked in eye makeup remover to gently remove wateproof eyeliner that would not budge. I use a cotton pad soaked in eye and lip makeup remover to remove lipstick residue, most especially if I have been wearing long-lasting or dark-colored lipstick.

I discovered this makeup remover from Island Basics a few months back and I use it to remove mascara and eyeliner and dark-colored lipstick. It has also been awesome at removing my everyday makeup, when I save my Shu cleansing oil for special occasion makeup.

It smells really good, is quite affordable (I think less than Php 200 at Echostore. I got this in the Podium branch), local, and organic! So yay! The downside with this though, is that since this is not the type of oil that I can wash off without oil residue, I would really need the extra step of washing my face, hence the next step.

Wash Your Face

Even though I have already removed makeup using cleansing oil and washed it down with water, I still wash my face with facial wash and water. There might have been makeup still stuck there and also, I really want the feeling of residue-free skin, As of the moment, I'm using Ilog Maria's face soap, since it leaves my skin really clean without that tight, dry feeling. It's also got natural ingredients sourced locally. This step, sometimes I include when I step in the shower at night, because I also don't like the feel of hairspray on my hair when I go to bed.


Toner closes the pores and also is the indicator if  I did a good job in cleaning my face. It also removes whatever residue I have left. There are alcohol-free toners like Human Nature, for those who don't like the sting. At night, I use L'Oreal Paris Revitalift Laser x3 Power Water.

This rehydrates skin as it refines pores and improves skin texture. Notice how our skin is drier as the months are colder? We might have to switch to this for the season.

Eye Cream

Our eyes have the thinnest skin, but it's also where we concentrate most of our makeup on - eye primer, 3 colors of eyeshadow, brow makeup, brow gel, eye pencil, liquid liner, mascara, false lashes, Oh, there is also undereye concealer. I use Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting eye cream and lash serum duo to give my eyes the TLC it needs. The lash serum also cares for my lashes. In the absence of this, I can use virgin coconut oil. It's like conditioner or treatment for processed hair, (or in this case, lashes). Also, try using water-resistant or non-waterproof mascara on regular days, and save waterproof mascara on events when you actually need waterproof mascara, just to give your lashes a break.

Serum and Moisturizer.

Here, I alternate with Olay Regenerist Night Cream or L'Oreal Paris Night-Cream Mask. Both leave my skin feeling supple and smooth the next day as if they were repairing my skin overnight. I do not forget my neck in this step too. I boost circulation by applying this in a massaging motion, and make sure to spread the product evenly. L'Oreal Paris Night-Cream Mask has a richer formula than Olay's. I treat this like a bi-weekly powerdose for my skin, especially on days when I've been quite brutal with cleansing because I wore a lot of makeup that day that sat on my face for a long period.

Sometimes, especially when I feel like my skin has been stressed, especially if I came from a shoot, I use mask sheets from Face Shop or Etude house. I think of this like intense conditioner for my skin and use the 15-minute time I have to have that mask sheet sitting on my face to meditate or do some breathing exercises to slow the body down. Then, I peel off the mask and go to bed.

Aside from taking care of our skin using all these products, we must also remember that there's also that part of taking care of your skin from within. Keep hydrated by drinking lots of fluids and feed your body with a lot of antioxidants. During the party, choose food that is good for you. Go makeup-free on days that you can, and avoid places which can wreck your skin. And always remember, that with good skin, not only will makeup look so much better, there are days when you don't have to put on makeup at all. :)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

This whole weekend has probably been more eventful for most of us... some of us are at the middle of Christmas shopping and probably stuck in traffic somewhere or attending lots of events - weddings and Christmas parties.Despite a storm threatening once again to pound the country, mall parkings are still full and weddings still push through.

This weekend, I wore three different hats - cook, makeup artist, and pole dancer, which put me in a very giddy mood to power a bit of sunshine in me. As sunshines have been alluded with a lot of happy and positive, inspiring things, I'm hoping that this will fuel positive energy which I'll be needing this week.

Both days I started early. Saturday morning was a mini-brekkie get-together with me and two of my pole friends. It was quite random, really. I've been posting a lot of my food creations in Instagram and somehow a "brekko party" was in the works and made into reality.

For breakfast, my philosophy is that, it's okay to have a heavy brekkie because we will need all that fuel for energy that day. I know Oliver's favorite food is eggs benedict and I found a recipe for truffled eggs benedict online. I also made three kinds of French toast - strawberries and cream, Nutella, banana, pecan, and PB&J, which are honestly, recipes that I was constructing from my head as I was staring at the inside of the fridge, They loved the spread of sinful food I made, and I think that truffled eggs benendict deserves a repeat in my brekko table.

Our breakfast probably ended around lunchtime (Ladies Who Lunch ang peg? Hahahaha) and we headed off for the rest of our own Saturdays. I had work at around 3 at Serendra so I grabbed a quick light lunch of soup and salad before heading off. I'll be having work the following day so my yin yogi self knew well not to stay out night.

My client for Sunday morning is my friend from high school, Ria. We interact a lot in Facebook since we have a common ground (i.e. cats, and you know how cat people are) but even that there was a lot still to talk and catch up on. Sharing the same philosophy on beauty makeup, I updated my usual formula of makeup transformation to ground it with a balance of still making whoever I'm doing makeup on still look like her and not look too transformed.

From Eastwood, I had to fly to Ortigas for a 3pm workshop by Marion Crampe. Marion Crampe is this amazing, amazing lovely pole champion who travels the world performing, teaching, competing, and just being this passionate, loving person that she is.

 She's not crazy, guys, she's passionate. I had the pleasure of meeting her last year in the Pole Stars Workshop but I wasn't able to take a workshop under her (I just took workshops under Steven Retchless and Nadia Shariff). This year, I made it a point to take her workshop. I took her Flexibility workshop, a one-hour workshop to work on our bendiness the smart way. I really like how she teachers. It's fun and she gives you key points you wound want to remember. These key points I found really useful not in pole but also in my other physical activities like yoga, HIIT, and dance (yes, I am learning dance, and dance language. more of that later).

a. Take care of your back. in backbends, The misconception is like jerking or crunching the back. While this technique may look pretty in photos, it's actually very dangerous. Work on your hip flexors and shoulders. I found this really helpful. I have a bendy back, and I really tend to jerk it or crunch it, causing compression. However, I have moody shoulders, which I must work on. Working on hips flexors and shoulders is safer.
b. Vary your training. One day, do strength, then work on bendiness, maybe floorwork on another day, and then one day, probably target one area like core or arms, That way, you also don't get bored and your training is balanced. Case in point strength and flexibility. We need our strength to help us recover in flexibility. We need strong core to protect our backs.
c. Rest. For the love of whatever divine being you hold dear to your heart, rest! Our body deserves to rest and recover. I learned this in Yin Yoga, and this is echoed in pole dancing. A weekly massage may be expensive luho to most of us, but injuries are more expensive, and also, a lot of hassle. The body needs time to rest and repair, So during competition season when training is intense and hellish, sleep at night, take a day to rest, or do yin yoga. your body will be able to perform better.

The workshop was challenging too. I mean okay, I thought I was already bendy to begin with, but there's still a range soon to be reached. I need to work on my strength. And also, I learned how to be bendy the right way, which can prolong my pole stay more, so I won't be like those horror stories that were gone from the sport due to injury. It also improves lines, like squaring splits and better shoulder flexibility.

I love Marion! Her passion is contagious.

You know that light happy mood you have after that fulfilling day or week even though you're tired? Yes, there are brushes to be washed and I think my hip flexors will experience delayed onset muscle soreness tomorrow but I just have this awesome feeling from all the good vibes. I usually get all grumpy-cat mode each time rain comes, and developed a phobia when rain pours, much more that there's a typhoon. Maybe I can make this positive energy channel good vibes.

Okay, I know positive energy would not physically be able to improve weather conditions. I am no superhero, and let's be realistic. But rather than let the gloominess of the weather dampen our mood, maybe I can help create a figurative sunshine from within me, by channelling this positive energy. Remember how like when we're moody or grumpy, it just affects everything else, like how food tastes, our decisions, our actions, and so on? Or just how a bad happening just diminishes a good mood? What if positive energy turns things around? What if I use this good mood and maybe, with that, my day won't be dampened and maybe I can actually make better decisions, or think clearly.

Aside from staying dry and safe, maybe I'll let my sunshine from within help me with what's about to come, like how I can handle it better with clearer thoughts.

This was written in my cup lid when I ordered my drink from Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf  Ortigas Park just this afternoon while waiting for my workshop.

These little notes can be cute, sometimes hits you in the spot just right. I kinda felt like Supergirl after though, Let's all stay safe and dry, and take the necessary precautions, and despite this weather condition, let us still face the coming days head on with a clear mind and let this little sunshine we have created in us guide us through this week, and maybe spread this sunshine to others. As Marion's passion is contagious, let our sunshine be as well.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Getting the Sexy Bombshell Look With Covergirl

Today's makeup tutorial has a little bit of makeup history involved, yet even if it was a big hit in the 60s, it still serves as templates for sexy, come-hither looks. I'm talking about the bombshell look, characterized by cat eyes and nude and pouty lips. Probably the person that you might recall sporting such look is sexy siren Brigitte Bardot.

She got the essential ingredients for the classic bombshell look. Although through the course of time the look has got its upgrades (like a bit of tan, contours, slight pinks on lips and cheeks, more smokiness, etc), the essential ingredients still remain - big hair, sexy pout, fluttery lashes, and sultry eye makeup.

Popular brand Cover Girl's new collection, Bombshell Eyes allows anyone to recreate the classic makeup look for your themed Christmas party or - what the heck - everyday. It's got the essentials to create the bombshell eyes - cream eyeshadow in shiny formula that can also be used as base for your sparkly eyeshadow to hold, an easy-to-use eyeliner, mascara, and lipperfection colors.

I did my own version of this look using some of Covergirl's Bombshell eyes collection. It's less smoky which makes it nice enough to wear for a daytime event. You can lessen the cat-eye too if you'll be using this for work, or change the color scheme to fit your own preference. It's your face after all.

So how I did my bombshell look.


Brigitte Bardot was known for her big, bombastic hair. I already created a tutorial here in my blog. I curled my hair beforehand and kinda added some oomph by teasing the roots.


Are eyebags sexy? Are discolorations sexy? Of course not. So we even out our skin with flawless base makeup. This choice, I leave up to you. If you want light coverage, conceal the dark spots, redness, and blemishes and mattify with powder. Full-coverage makeup base (concealer, liquid foundation, powder), may be used for special events.


 Contour where needed to add shape for photo purposes. Add a flush of color with blush.


Of course we shouldn't forget our eyebrows!


I applied primer on my entire eyelid because I hate creases. I used a satin-y shiny skintone color I use for the browbone (like MAC Ricepaper) all over the lid, from lashline up to the browbone.

I used a matte brown eyeshadow powder and a nice blending brush to contour my crease and open and round my eye more. Like all of my eye tutorials, I always blend so the eye makeup looks more like a natural shadow than a drawn-in curve of brown.


I first lined my eyes with pencil liner like Covergirl Perfect Blend Eye Pencil in Basic Black. The objective of it is to make lashes look fuller and avoid the white blank spots we have when we don't really get into the lash roots. Since this is pencil liner, I set this with black eyeshadow or dark brown, depending on your preference.

If you are starting out with cat eyes, you can slightly map out with pencil liner where to put the "flick of your wing liner. For me, it's easier to manipulate and erase pencil eyeliner than liquid liner, as there are some liquid or gel eyeliner which can be difficult to remove.

Create the cat eye with liquid liner. I personally like Cover Girl Bombshell Intensity Liner. Instead of a fine, long brush and a bottle, the liquid liner is some sort of a pen-type liquid liner, so it's easier to apply most especially if you have fidgety or shaky hands. It's almost like drawing. I have here brown,. which is okay too, if you don't have black.
My personal technique is to work from outside to inside. I start a bit below where I want the flick to end and draw inward. I take a step back to make sure both sides are even. And then, I add a little flick just to create that tapered look. It does take a bit of practice though, especially if it' s your first time to use liquid liner.


You may curl lashes and put on mascara. I used Bombshell Volume Mascara. It has two ends. The first end plumps and volumizes. The second defines the lashes. You can also use the second end on the bottom lashes.


I chose a neutral pinkish shade here for a my-lips-but-better look.

The Bombshell Lip Perfection Lipsticks also has four shades, depending on your preference and mood

This swatch of an in-your-face pink is Bombshell Explosion. Lip Perfection lipsticks are great for those who want megawatt pigmentation but nothing drying on the lips.

And my finished version of the Bombshell look:

There are many versions of the Bombshell look and you can change color scheme to make it more bronzey, maybe apply a different hair texture, or add more smoke in the eyes. Like in all my tutorials, I don't limit to a specific shape or color scheme. You know your face better. :) In fact, this look might yet even evolve during the next couple of days. But the best advice to make even the simplest makeup look is to own it. :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Celebrating Polecats Manila's 5th Birthday with Flight, Light, and Music

Every year, Polecats Manila puts on an anniversary show that takes their audience at the edge of their seats leaving them wanting for more. Last year, at their fourth anniversary show Amihan, local folklore tales were told using dance and aerial arts as medium. This year, as Polecats Manila turns 5, they went #beyondlimits by combining dance, aerial arts, and light in their anniversary show, Prism: Expressions of Flight and Light. This happened two weeks ago at Whitespace Makati, but even if it had been two weeks, it is still very much happening and alive in social media and photos.

Prism also  features visualizations by Vitamin See and live music by Tarsius. Being a Polecats Manila student, I wouldn't want to miss a show by my teachers. Polecats has introduced me to fitness and my strength and fitness goals, I owe it all to them (who would have thought I would have my splits and be able to do the things I thought were not possible?). From a tiny group of just a few dancers back in 2009 with a dream, the Polecats family has grown over the past 5 years, with new company members and taking flight as they go beyond limits, getting better and better each time I see them perform and teach.

My phone was somehow acting up during the show so I was only able to take a few shots. So, most of these photos are from my friends who took photos during that day.

Photo by Ida Ortiz

Photo by Ida Ortiz

Photo by Ida Ortiz
This trick is kinda new. I think it's called split grip straddle? It's pretty! 

For those who are curious with what men's pole is like, let the Tomcats show what men's pole is - a perfect mixture of grace, strength, and flexibility.

I always tell any guy who would be bewildered by the fact that men's pole fitness exist to watch the Tomcats in action. This one they have to see for themselves.

Photos by Ida Ortiz

For every Polecats student who has been with them since year one, this was a moment to not miss - the current Tomcats dancing with a video of AJ, the first Tomcat. I think I cried when I saw this. *senti tears*

We were taken back to the ground with this vavoom acro-chair number. 

Photos from Ann Dajon

These Skechers memory foam shoes are made for dancing as well as being pretty while walking while not sacrificing comfort. :) 

Aerial Hoop and Silk made their debut performance last Stellar 3 and students showcased aerial hoop and silk in last summer's stellar. This year's anniversary show also has our teachers up in the air in silks and hoops.

Photos from Ann Dajon

The silk shots from my camera and then my phone died.

The finale had all the dancers onstage.

Of course, aside from the Polecats who have worked hard for months to get this show up and running, students also took part on the show by being part of the production team. 

Our lovely Front-of-House and ushers making sure everyone gets seated.

Photo from Tin Villena

Pole wipers kept the x-poles in top condition, wiping them after each performance so they're ready for the next dancer. And take note, they were also in makeup and in coordinating clothes and were synchronized in their movements. They kept their toes pointed.

photo from Jinky Ureta's Instagram

Makeup Artists Ish Sison, Gery Penaso, Regi Escolin, and fellow Polecats student and #fitmua Jinky Ureta hard at work making our teachers pretty and stage-ready.

Hair by Piandre salon. I must take a style tip from them as they do hair so fast and so clean.

Bayani Brew kept everyone hydrated, as Jinky shows. 

Photo from Jinky Ureta's Instagram account

Nestle Drumstick as a treat for everyone

Photo from Jinky Ureta's Instagram account

Big hugs to Hannah, my pole batchmate who is now a company member of the Polecats teaching Moms and more and beginners classes. Also, she celebrated her birthday on the day of the show. What a nice way to celebrate your birthday doing what you love and flying high!

Thanks too to the show's sponsors Nestle Drumstrick, Peakform Manila, Bear Brand Adult Plus, Cloud 9, Magic Flakes, Skechers, Bayani Brew, Piandre Salon, Connie's Kitchen, Mister Donut, and Jamba Juice for being with Polecats Manila and making this awesome show possible. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Makeup for Cat Ladies who Love Makeup and Shu Uemura

The cat lady in me is excited for Shu Uemura's newest collection. Makeup and kitty in one cute package! I squee with delight. Karl Lagerfeld and Shu Uemura once again collaborate for a new collection for Shu Uemura. This time, the inspiration is Karl Lagerfeld's famous kitty Choupette.

This lovely kitty who has her own Twitter account (ChoupettesDiary) who has captured the fashion world's and the cat lover's world's hearts is the face of  this purr-eety collection. She is not only famous in social media (she has her Facebook page as well) with her love for her iPad and all things posh, but she has graced magazines as well and has become a model herself. She has also become the inspiration of Karl Lagerfeld in his cornflower blue Spring 2012 Couture collection. Now, she models for a world-famous makeup line.

Shown in this photo are cleansing oil, eyeshadow palettes, powder, and travel brush set. The eyeshadow palettes are actually refillable. If the eyeshadow begins to hit pan and finally see their last days, you can still re-use the lovely container with your favorite Shu Uemura eyeshadow.

I like the lashes, which look like cat claws. I don't know when I'll be wearing the lashes though. Or maybe I won't and just add them to my eyelash collection.

This collection is like catnip and silvervine combined in one cutesy package. A must-have for cat ladies like me! I must choose wisely what to buy. But knowing me, if money was no object, I would have bought everything.

The makeup case would make me hyperventilate with delight. Look! It's a kitty!!!!!! Meow meow meow meow!!!!

As of the moment, looking at the photos are making me squee with delight. Now excuse me while I squee more with the perfect combination of perfectness and squee.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

New From Banana Republic: Scents for Him and Her

As wedding season approaches and you would want to think of a wedding gift that's not in the registry or do not fall in the rice cooker and toaster oven staples, here's something that's useful, won't collect dust, and pretty handy to carry in the reception.

Banana Republic's, a brand known for their crisp, classic clothing line brings two new his and hers fragrances that will attract the modern man and woman.  Wildblue Nour and Wildbloom Rouge are a mix of sophistication and sensuality and compliment each other, making it a perfect gift for couples. Just like towels, toothbrushes, shirts, and pillows, this is a really awesome his-and-hers gift idea that's not cheesy. These new fragrances scents  can be used during the day at work or on date nights in their honeymoon.

For her, Wildbloom Rouge's topnotes of citrusy, fruity scents of fresh clementine and bergamot fades into the sensual scents of magnolia and jasmine. Woody sandalwood and amber endnotes add a charming touch. There's still a bit of lightness for me personally to be able to wear this scent during the day. I would prefer wearing this scent during the colder weather due to its floral-woody nature as the scent lingers.

Wildblue Noir has a sophisticated scent with a mix of spices, suede and leather (yes! fabrics!). I was kinda interested when I was told that elements of leather was added to the scent until I'm reminded of the scent of leather bags and belts from a leather store. Overall, there was a somewhat mystery in the scent with a bit of elegance and sophistication. Normally, I find fragrances for men a bit too overpowering or "ageing" but this one still has that sensual appeal.

Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir are also friendlier in the pocket. Wildbloom Rouge retails for Php 2,500 for 50 mL and Php 3,200 for 100 mL. Wildblue Noir costs Php 2,300 for a 50-mL bottle and Php 2,900 for a 100-mL bottle. Aside from newlyweds, this can be a gift for parents for Christmas or celebrating their wedding anniversary or why not give one for yourself and another for your partner? They are available at Banana Republic stores and leading department stores.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Yin Yoga Teacher Training: The Beginning of a New Journey

Hello everyone! As of the moment you are looking  at someone who has just completed her 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training. You got that right! I am now part of the newest batch of Yin Yoga teachers here in Manila. I took my training last week and it has been a very enlightening journey both for my body and my mind. This training is just the beginning of another adventure in Yin Yoga.

A few months ago, I announced that I would be taking my teacher training, a no-turning back move I had. Although I'm poorer, I know that this is a big investment career-wise and also in my yoga journey. I have practiced yoga informally for about a decade (starting from looking at tutorials in magazines and YouTube) and two years formally in a yoga studio, taking workshops, and self-practicing homework at home, but there's so much to learn!!!

September even opened itself to me. I didn't have a single work booked that month. In a way, there was frustration because my brushes were itching to be used.  That free time, though, happened to be a blessing because it gave me an opportunity to really prepare and be pre-yinned out before the training. Since I was at home most of the time, I had time to cook healthy food and incorporate more of them into my system. I also used the time to read and study in advance and also do my yang workouts (pole, Vinyasa, HIIT) to balance the very Yin prep time.

The training itself was intense - physically and mentally. This helped us prepare to become better teachers. One thing Victor Chng, our teacher said to us that, "Teaching is an extension of genuine experience." This echoed what a good friend and mentor in Yin Yoga told me, that everything is still rooted upon practice. We did practice yoga- a lot until muscle memory tells our bodies where to cue and what to feel. My friends in Facebook were probably worried when I posted status messages of my teacher training going like this: Day 1: broken hips. Day 2: broken lower back. Day 3: broken legs. They probably thought I was getting injured from all the yoga I've been doing (on the contrary, it's quite rare to get injured from yin yoga). This broken actually is a different kind of "broken". It's a figurative kind of broken. It's actually a process of transformation, since the old body must be "destroyed" for the new body to develop.

On the lifestyle change, old sayings actually are true. I learned to take water warm or at room temperature and eat dinner earlier and keep it lighter so as to not stress my digestive system when it's supposed to be resting (remember the after 6 diet?). Eating a more plant-based diet is actually good for my body and also the environment. I didn't go diamond-class vegan just yet. Small changes like eating plant-based meals during dinner or going vegetarian a day in a week already can make a lot of difference. I also got exposed to a lot of yummy vegetarian dishes. I always liked vegetables and found out so many other ways to eat them.

Our lunch from Greenery Kitchen - buttered vegetables and vegetarian Korean "barbecue". They deliver in Makati and their rates are affordable!

I still have my surf and turf since I need my animal protein for HIIT and pole, though but I choose when to have them and what kind. Sleep has never been more important. I remember my good friend makeup artist EJ telling me that we have to be asleep by 10 pm to 3 am since this is the time that the skin gets to rest and recharge. It actually holds true not just in the skin but our organs and liver. When we close our eyes, we give our liver a rest.

Another old saying that is true is when we were in grade school we learned to drink 8 glasses of water each day.  Water is very important because keeping hydrated prevents injuries, helps flush out toxins, and keeps the skin clear.

This mason jar was a gift given to me by the nice people of L'Oreal. It came to me the day before teacher training. Been using it to drink my infused water.

Yin Yoga is a type of yoga that is humble and submissive. Although most of these poses are not bombastic enough for #yogaselfie posts and worthy of 20 likes in social media, it actually has a very good impact in our bodies. Yin yoga helps ease our way during our periods and also menopause. It can help with our digestion, It can help with depression, tension, and stress. It can help reduce cholesterol levels. There are so much things a yin yoga practice can do to our body long-term that can make us less dependent on medicines which can provide only temporary relief and may have ill effects in the body due to allergies or physiological sensitivity. I've always been afraid of surgery and yin yoga may help me not undergo surgery in the near future which can actually put the body at risk for a lot more complications.

A photo with my teacher, Victor Chng. When I was choosing my college years ago and my courses, I chose a career path that would enable me to heal people. Obviously, that traditional path to that did not occur. Now, I also took a journey to heal people but in a different path. Despite that this may be different or I may not be wearing that white coat or have a syringe and scalpel to cut through tumors and cysts, I have different tools. It is a path that I chose because it is the path I like, and the journey that my body and heart actually wants to take. As Victor said, "The job of a yoga teacher is to bring healing to another human being."

With me are my mentors, Victor Chng and Dona Esteban (my first-ever yin yoga teacher) and the two ladies who got me into yin yoga in the first place- Jane and Ria.

Although in paper I am a Yin Yoga Teacher, there's still so much to learn and I know that this learning process never stops. It is only the beginning of another journey. I am excited to share my practice with my (future) students.

Some might wonder, "So, is she going to be yoga teacher already and stop doing makeup?" My answer is no. In fact, yin yoga is the perfect complement to my job as a makeup artist. It can in fact, prolong my life in the industry and help with the work-related injuries I might have. Makeup artists are prone to back pains and wrist and shoulder injuries. I might not take jobs though that would require me to endure having days with little or no sleep. There will be some lifestyle changes. I will definitely be around stronger to serve everyone better. And no matter what lifestyle we have, we always could use a little yin. :)