Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bonding with SlimTone Therapeutic Day Cream: One Week After

Okay, so last week, I started out my quest on blasting away the ugly dimples on the backs of my thighs and buns. Aside from my exercises and trying to blast away salt from my diet (okay I do have occasional chips and fries too), I started to use SlimTone to help me tone and tighten my waist and problem areas.

So a week after using SlimTone, the moment of truth came, exactly a while ago when I had to measure my - eeek - waistline. I don't expect though that I'll be bouncing back to the 18-inch waistline I had in high school in a span of a week, though, but I just had to see. Get this: I was able to lose 1/4 inch off my waist. I have a 25-inch waistline originally and I guess it did have an effect. I wasn't able to measure my thighs though a week before, though. Yet I had my fitting so I knew my waistline measurement.

Anyhow, so overall how was my SlimTone experience?

After 24 hours from application, I didn't have any adverse side effects, like reddening or itching or skin burning. It didn't dry out my skin despite the fact that it's in a gel formulation. I also like that since most gel formulas tend to peel off the skin like glue, this one didn't. It got absorbed into my skin much like lotion did. After SlimTone pro, I apply regular body lotion so I have extra moisture and I'm glad it didn't rub off. I use this before I apply my self-tanner (I self-tan always at night) and it didn't get in the way with the self-tanner's absorption, since I saw that my tan was even despite that it was only on my thighs, buns, and abdomen that I applied SlimTone.

Actually, I had a beach shoot last Thursday and due to my busy schedule last week, I didn't have the time to do my usual intense workout, but just did quick maintenance and muscle-waking workouts so my muscles aren't lax. I was bloating a bit though and since the shoot would involve me wearing swimsuits and all, I was worried about puckering and dimpling. Therefore, I needed an extra help. Of course wearing a girdle is a no-no (nope, it's not a styled fashion sense) so I used SlimTone as an extra help. It did help firm up my problem areas and when I checked the mirror, I saw no obvious dimpling save when I have to pinch my thighs. I was able to go through the shoot without being yelled like "Your cellulites could be seen!" or "Suck in your stomach, I see bloat!" :P Oh, and remember the cooling sensation? Great for cooling the skin after being exposed to flash, sun, and lights.

So how are my cellulite signs now? Lemme say that I have to pinch really hard to see dimpling. I like how my tummy feels flatter. My skin isn't dry and with regards to stretch marks, they, well, are still taking their time but I noticed that the marks are less depressed and feeling them, the texture is more or less uniform than before. The package told me though that I still have to wait a couple of weeks more for results so I'll get back to you on that.

So far, I'm a happy butty. :)

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