Sunday, March 24, 2019

Underwear That #FeelsLikeFreedom

Inasmuch as we plan our outfits for the day or for a period of travel, apart from the outerwear we use, we should always take into consideration what we wear underneath. I found myself leaning towards black and skintone underwear when I got older. This was because those are the staples in a professional model's bag and wardrobe. During pole recitals, there would even be an underwear check - to make sure that there are no frilly ruffles or stars or cartoon character printed underwear peeking through pole shorts. Besides, no matter how gorgeous that dress is if you're wearing bad or ill-fitting underwear, it just loses the sense of it all.

Visible panty lines, bunching straps, and uncomfortable pinchy wires could definitely make or break you. That is why good underwear matters, even if it's not shown.  When you are uncomfortable picking wedgies or fixing straps, it really shows. It's really important to find a pair that's comfortable and most of all affordable. Unfortunately, good underwear that's affordable is quite hard to find, sometimes costing more than the actual dress worn. In these frugal times, sometimes it takes a while to buy that bra which costs thousands when it costs more than your outfit.

I was glad though when I received a pack from Avon's latest collection: Body Illusions underwear which is powered by Invisilite technology and boasts underwear that's lite, seamless, and limitless that anyone of any age would wear it - the teener that's starting to wear bras to the corporate mogul who needs to look presentable and proper for meetings, the pole dancer and fashion model who has always to be wardrobe malfunction-free all the time during performances and shows, and the regular woman who wants to look good and feel good with what she wears underneath her OOTD.

Charlene Bra in Tuscany (nude)

The Body Illusions underwear collection comes in two styles: The wired Charlene Underwire Seamless bra and Panty available in Tuscany (a more nude skintone color). I got the Charlene bra and even though it had wires, the wires were not pinching.

laser-cut edges for no marks even in the tightest catsuit you would like to wear
The fabric glides on like butter with no straps digging to my shoulder or showing through clothes. It literally felt like second skin. The foam cups did not feel or look fake at all. Even though this was a wired bra, it felt comfortable with no pinching or digging wires - and this is coming from someone who is a sports bra kind of girl.

Sonia Bra in Pink Blush

The Sonia bra (available in pink blush) is for those who do not like wires and have that sports bra-like vibe because you wear it by pulling it on like a t-shirt instead of hooking it at the back. It still has the same You can even use a set for the perfect bridal boudoir photo (throw in a robe for good measure).

Bridal boudoir feels with Avon Fashions Body Ilusion underwear after Jinky's bridal makeup masterclass.
makeup by Jinky Ureta

I'm very tricky and picky with panties as I have chunky thighs and buns (thanks to squats and plies and teacher Paulo reminding me never to skip leg day). The thing I didn't like with no VPL panties is that they are so thin that I feel they would rip apart under my yoga pants during splits. This, however, was made of sturdy material that still glides on the skin super smoothly. It literally feels like nothing and looks like nothing - even at the tightest of tight leggings and yoga pants. I didn't even feel like my panty was riding down that I have to keep on pulling them up. It stayed put where it is supposed to be.

Go and wear tight yoga pants with no lines. 
For those who wear dresses that are tight at the hip and bum area, this is your best bet. If you are an everyday leg day kind of person like I am, you would be happy to know that this is a panty that will not leave you picking on wedgies. So go ahead and show off  your gams and buns without unsightly VPLs getting in the way. This is also workout-friendly as I've tested this during flexibility training - did not bunch, rip, or tear at all. Also, no unsightly peek-a-boo moment in my tiny pole shorts/yoga shorts. So to my pole buddies, this is pole-friendly and Stellar recital approved.

So how does this fare with your budget? Not bad at Php 899 for the bra and Php 299 for the panty. They have a variety of sizes from S-XL. The bras also come in bigger sizes  (36C, 38B, and 40B). I definitely would want to get the Sonia Non-Wire soon after hearing good reviews about it.

Care is also easy because these babies work best as handwashed with gentle detergent, so yay for those who travel. Just be sure to store your Sonia or Charlene bra in those bra cases you buy at the mall for the bra to keep its shape in your luggage or wardrobe.

If you Konmari-d your closet and you are looking to overhaul your underwear drawer with the more versatile basics, this is your best bet for comfort, durability, and versatility. It doesn't cost much as other high-quality underwear so you could get more than one or not feel bad about wearing underwear that costs way more than your dress. I swear my favorite happens to be the panty which feels nice on the skin and totally did not budge with my workout.

If you would like your own set, Avon Fashions Body Illusion is available at or at Zalora.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bambikitty X Soapmaking

Hey all! So much things have been going on and whaddya know that the first two months of the year are over and we are here in March. So much has been going on with life lately that I haven't really sat down and wrote entries. I started the year pretty nicely and I really hope it means that it would carry on for the rest of the year. I'm currently in the process to adjusting to new schedules as I started teaching actively again in Yoga For Life after my self-induced -ber month break as -ber months suck the life out of me and I also added a new class in a new shala to my roster of classes. Like a friend told me, I hardly had time for myself, and sometimes, sitting down for a few minutes in front of the PC and really writing things down helps me slow things a bit and get me to reflect (and perfect, it's Mercury Retrograde. Time to reflect).

Speaking of Retrograde, how has Mercury Retrograde affected you? I've noticed that lately they've been really unkind to me. Before it was quite manageable, but last year and this year, it's been quite horrible. I don't know if I started being more sensitive to these things or what. This one is crazy. There was a day Facebook and IG would act up, then phone connections acted up, then confusion, omigod. Just a few minutes ago, I had a panic regarding my tax deadlines and then when I clarified it, I was mistaken. Whew! I got scared for like 10 minutes at 3 am.  And really, from the word "retrograde" I should really just re-tract, re-flect, and re-connect. Funny thing though, when I checked my zodiac, that's what it said. I'm not really an astrology expert nor do I follow horoscopes to the letter but somehow, when my gut feel tells me so and from past experience when making rampa just messes up life during this time, I'd rather not. Take it slow. 

As my crafting is literally a form of moving meditation, that's what I've been doing for this whole period. I'm starting to re-connect back to fitness as well and trying to get into regular workouts as life has gotten me being lazy 80% of the time. I try to vary my workouts so my body doesn't plateau. My crafting is also a way of re-connecting because I was doing that even before blogging or makeup started. It just took a back seat because of life happenings like work or busyness (sometimes drama) but thankfully, crafting has found a reinassance in today's very hipster era of Pinterest and DIY. Anyway, that's what I've been doing lately so if you follow my IG you see me doing crochet work (I DIY-ed my hats, gloves, and scarves during the Japan trip), doll crafts, the toys I make for the baby kitties, etc. Just recently, I got into soapmaking. Yes. I now make my own soap.

So how did I get started into it? I started because I saw how sometimes my skin would get red and patchy from certain brands of commercial soap. At first, I thought it was okay but then I was like, "Hey, this never happened before!" Even if I would switch brands, I would often find a bit of rough and red patches on my skin. When a friend of mine who got into soapmaking  started selling her soaps, I bought because 1) I wanted to support her businesses and of course, as a small business owner myself,  I would do so. 2) #lovelocal 3) I thought it might save my skin and believe me, it really did. It had that pole-friendly feel (unslippy skin is a pole must) yet it didn't leave my skin itchy and raw. When I switched over to handmade and more natural processed soaps, my skin has been better. Since I use those soaps most of the time anyway and seeing how fun and fulfilling it must be, I thought, why not start to make my own too? Besides, it jives with the yoga lifestyle as well.

After asking around for soapmaking workshops, I found one at the recommendation of my friend at Satinka Naturals in Kamagong, Makati. This location was perfect because it's super near and the price is affordable.  The shop had a very quaint hipster apothecary vibe that serves really good food and coffee. The workshop was taught by the owner of the shop herself.

handmade soap by Satinka Naturals

Soap is basically a combination of butters and oils (basically fat) combined with a lye  (sodium hydroxide) solution. You let their molecules come together to have a party until you have this cake batter-like substance that hardens in time. The fragrance, extracts, and additives are just icing on the cake (and sometimes handmade soap does look like cake).  Sounds simple right?  It's a lot more than that apparently. Soapmaking I found out is both an art and science. It is an art because you make an artwork with your soap and a science because it involves chemical reactions (it's basically a very pretty smelling chem experiment) and a lot of  Math. I mean if you look at my soaping notebook right now, it's got more numbers than words. During soapmaking, three things are totally ingrained in my head: to never, ever use aluminum in soaping (aluminum reacts with lye to produce a very toxic and flammable hydrogen gas), be careful (but not scared) of lye, and lastly, to have separate gear for soaping and cooking. So yea, I literally had to buy a kitchen extension after, lol. 

We also learned how to formulate our own recipes such as a combination of oils, the proper ratio to get the kind of soap we want, and what ingredients are good for certain conditions. I also learned to use the term "natural" soap instead of "organic" soap. Organic apparently refers to the product or the actual ingredient. So if you say "organic", you picked the produce from the tree or harvested it and didn't use pesticides or hormones. But since we already processed those fruits or vegetables and used oils, extracts, and stuff, the term we should use is "natural". To say "organic" shampoo means to pick the shampoo bottle from a tree and use it. I think a proper term is natural process soap/shampoo using organic products (in case they used organic coffee/ milks, etc).

cooking hot process soap
We learned three ways of making soap - cold process, which doesn't use heat and which produces the swirls and cute designs we see in handmade soaps. It's nice because it requires less tools and produces the swirly things but curing time takes a month and a half. There's hot process which we cook the soap through the saponification process and "gel" phase and make the lye solution evaporate quicker so the soap is ready for use sooner. Lastly, there's glycerin soap, which is a gentle soap for babies and face and we also learned how to make this from scratch. Glycerin soap is also the base for melt-and-pour soaps sold in craft shops. 

At first, I was a cold process loyalist because I wasn't fond of heat  in a tropical country. But after delving into hot process, I'm a convert of hot process now (my teacher Satinka prefers this too and now I know why). Turnover is faster and it's more efficient.  Plus what I love about HP (hot process) is that cleaning is much better and less wasteful. The slow cooker I used to cook my soap batter in practically became self-cleaning because the batter residue has already become sudsy soap and not a mixture of oils and lye. I didn't need to use a lot of detergent and water to clean out oil residue or mop out soap batter with a lot of paper towels. The only sad thing I have about it is that I can't get as artsy with my soap designs. But honestly, I like the rustic and more handmade look of hot process soap.

The disadvantage I have though with handmade soap is that it's meltier than the commercial soap we buy in the grocery. I've noticed that even with those handmade soaps that I buy. The reason for this is that handmade soap does not contain hardeners and extenders. As a bar of soap from the grocery would sometimes last me weeks or even months (I know, right?), handmade soap lasts for a week or maybe just even a few days. However, at least I know what's in my soap and that there are no extenders or added chemicals that can cause more irritation on the body. 

It, however, does take a lot of planning and formulation. We were taught how to formulate our own recipes and not rely on being super dependent on recipes online. If you want to make a soap on Christmas that looks like cake or muffins, you start as early as June with the execution because that would be a cold process soapmaking procedure. For cold process soaps, you can't use them right away since you have to wait for the lye to completely evaporate from the soap. There are some soapmaking processes that take 2 days to make if you plan to infuse oils or do layers like soap within a soap kind of thing. And just in case the first attempt doesn't come out right, you have proper lead time to get t right until Christmas comes.

Boldy-Boldy - the first cold process soap I made
I called this Boldy-Boldy because it's fragrance and colorant free
I remember my first ever soap I made on my own, I stick-blended so much that my batter got so thick it looked more like mashed potatoes than cake batter and I had to glop it in the mold like oatmeal instead of pouring it in. I've had soaps that stuck to expectations and soaps that didn't turn out as expected. As some of my soapmaking friends stuck to cold process and found how it worked for them, I found more success in my hot process attempts for usable and pretty soap.

all soaps that I made

Part of retaining the craft I learned is to practice it more often. Just like dance, you need the muscle memory so you don't forget it. Plus also, I make more bars for selling. The selling part came unexpectedly when I started posting my soaps and I've gotten inquiries. So funny though, I never thought of selling my food but soaps I am good. Another funny thing is that I never owned a slow cooker ever. I just started using one when I made soap. 

It certainly is an art and science and pretty much you'll see more posts of my creations. I'm putting up as of the moment an online shop of all my crafts (that's why I've been making a lot of stuff lately!). Selling it wasn't really expected but when I got inquiries about my handmade soaps after posting them online, I thought of giving it a try. After all, we do need clean at one point.  Once it's fully up, I will announce details here soon. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Tokyo Travel Beauty Must-Haves

During my recent Tokyo trip, I originally decided to bring more makeup than I would usually bring. I wanted to go a bit extra in Tokyo since it would be my first temperate destination in a long while since US in 2005 (I am so undertravelled, so I'm claiming travelling energies right now!) so I thought I could wear more and not worry about my MOTD sliding off my face. Besides, I also wanted to YOLO and go like a Harajuku girl and have a crazy OOTD photo in the famous Harajuku lane.

However, that first morning in Tokyo when I was about to get my makeup, I discovered a boo-boo. The makeup pouch which contained my eyeshadow primer, concealer, lip and cheek tint, cream blush, contour, and highlight powder  and my hair serum was all the way in my bedside table way back Manila. LOL. I was left with just the basics. Well, at least better thaan nothing, eh?

Surviving my travel face with the makeup I have
Anyway, so that's my packing boo-boo. Thankfully, being in one of Asia's beauty hubs, I was also able to make emergency purchases while maximizing what I have. When I got home in Manila, I also discovered a few amazing beauty must-haves I can take in my next travel so I still look like a person in my travel photos. I was also thankful temperate weather allows my hair to cooperate making it look like I have a hairstylist with me all the time.

travel must-haves that I would pack on my next trip

I was surprised and amused as our hotel in Japan was aware that there are female guests who are very particular with their skincare.  Beauty travel kits containing eye cream, serum, cleansing oil, day cream, night cream, and other beauty paraphernaila are being sold at the front desk for 500 yen. However, if you're like me who already has her own personal stock of beauty products with her, read on for my essential beauty travel must-haves.

Brow pens - I was so relieved I didn't forget my brow products. In fact, I had two with me!  There was one in my handbag and another in my check-in luggage. Brows have gotten so much attention now whereas during the 90s, us titas would pluck them to death. My two brow products in hand are Happy Skin Perfect Brows Long Lasting Liquid Pen (Php 399) and Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen. They are both pen-type brow liners which give natural-looking brows for #kilayislife realness that looks like I had my brows professionally microbladed. I super love that both brow products are long lasting and waterproof. I actually bought that Maybelline Tattoo Brow Ink Pen after reading the post of the lady who gave birth in EDSA. If her brows can withstand a baby shower, labor, traffic, and childbirth, they can last you the entire day.

Still have my brows intact and shine-free freshness thanks to my trusted products

2-in-1 powder foundations - I didn't have concealer with me but I was relieved that my Maybelline White Superfresh Two-Way Cake gave my skin an even finish while covering imperfections. It's also got UV protection because I forgot my face sunblock too at home. I normally use the small refill packs which cost less than Php 200 to bring with me to travel because they save so much space and could even fit your jeans pocket.

Eyeliner- This was my emergency purchase. I needed my eyeliner to make the eyes pop because without my primer, my eyeshadow palettes were practically nonsense. LOL. Thankfully, Japan was the land of K-Palette and this 1-day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner gave my eyes its much needed definition as well as give me effortless double-winged cat eye when I felt like going a bit extra with my makeup.

Alcohol-free toner - My skin would be drier so I needed toner that's gentle to the face. Even if it's a temperate country, toner helps prep the skin for makeup and care for it after a long day by cleansing and soothing the skin as well as balancing the pH level. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner (I got this cute little travel-sized containers from the Beauty Bar K-Beauty event) cared for my skin without the sting.

Atomizer bottle from Beabi holding a bit of my MAC Fix+ Lavender 
Travel-sized containers - Travel-sized containers saved me so much luggage space when I have products I super cannot live without and bringing big jars and bottles isn't very  practical. I bought travel-sized containers in Beabi for storing small amounts of body cream cream, day cream, and night cream). I also saved those sample-sized containers of cleansing oil I used to get from Shu Uemura events to hold my cleansing oil. I even brought a small atomizer bottle for my Fix+, so my makeup sets well and lasts all day.

Lipsticks - I was so glad I had my lipsticks with me. I don't bring my super duper limited edition lipsticks with me when I travel and if I did, I guard them with my life. Lipsticks brought color to my face since I practically had zero coloring products. Thankfully, those bright lippies made my face pop in photos but I also thought, hey, I can use my more neutral lipsticks as cheek cream blush too! I just blended them with my fingertips, makeup tools I automatically never forget.

Lip and cheek tint - I super love Happy Skin's Kiss and Bloom Water Lip and Cheek Tints from the KathXHappySkin collection (Php 299) for their universal shades flattering for every complexion. Sadly, I forgot my little tube in this trip but this definitely will make my travel kit in my next destination, whether it's a personal vacation or a work trip. It's super perfect and easy to apply.

Simple Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes

Micellar wipes - Sometimes after a long day, it can get too tiring to remove makeup from your face. Even if this is a temperate country where you don't sweat, you should! I discovered Simple Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes (Php 249 for a pack)  a few weeks ago and they are so making my travel kikay kit next time. These micellar wipes lift off dirt, grime, and makeup off your face without leaving any harsh ingredients, making this safe for those with sensitive skin. Even if this is gentle on the skin, I have proven that this can remove waterproof mascara and the hardiest brow makeup known to man. Best of all, it does not leave and slick oily residue. I can take this with me on the plane if I want to remove makeup that's been sitting on my face in long-haul flights.

Simple's newest product, the mask sheets (Php 89 per piece) give the skin its needed TLC in just 15 minutes
Mask sheets - How did my skin not get scaly, patchy, and dry the whole time? I have my mask sheets to thank for making my skin glow in 11-degrees weather. Simple recently launched their mask sheets that are super affordable at Php89. You can even get a set of 3 for Php 199 and that's enough for a week's stay. Just slap one on on your face after cleansing and wake up to nice skin. Don't forget also to maximize the mask liquid on your rough spots like elbows, knees, and heels. Mask sheets are also perfect for long-haul flights where skin can get really dry and thirsty from exposure to recycled airplane air. This is so much more convenient than bringing a big tub of face mask.

Cuticle balm - It's not just your face that gets dry. You also can get dry nails and cuticles. I super love Posh Nails Cuticle balm (available at Posh Nails branches) because it made my nails look pretty decent for those IG photos even if I didn't have polish on. Best of all, it smells like chocolate!

Going on vacation does not mean your beauty routine needs to go on vacation too. You can still have your supple skin while on vacation and look good and glowing without bringing your entire bathroom using space-saving and multi-purpose products that really work. Although I did forget a chunk of my intended makeup to bring, I was able to pull off a good beauty and makeup routine that includes not just skin care but makeup and nail care. When I travel again, these (and a more complete beauty kit) are going in my bags.

Store Directory:

See for store details

Happy Skin;;

available at beauty bar, SM Department Stores, Rustan's Department Stores;

Available at all leading department stores and drugstores nationwide;

Posh Nails
See for store details;

Saturday, November 24, 2018

A Magical Day At Tokyo Disneyland

There's something with Disney that transcends generations. So when the occasion came for me to visit Tokyo, I wanted a trip to Disneyland. The last time I was in Disneyland was in California in 2002 and I had a marvelous time and didn't know how it happened but I managed to ride even roller coasters and thrill rides. I missed the happiness and even with people telling me to go to Disney Sea, as it was more for adults, I wanted to relive the nostalgia of my childhood first and went to Disneyland in Tokyo.

With Google Maps, it was easy to get to Tokyo Disneyland via train. Before going there, I already watched travel vlogs and ride walkthroughs so I could know where to go. To save time, we already bought our tickets ahead of time via and I downloaded the Tokyo Disneyland Wait Time App in my phone so we could plan out the rides and check out parade and character greeting schedules. To get there, you need to get to Maihama station and from there take a 6-minute walk to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth.

We go to Disneyland on a Tuesday, which was a relatively light weekday. In weekends, the park reaches maximum capacity. We were also lucky that it didn't rain and it was quite sunny (and a bit hot) during noontime.

The moment I saw Cinderalla's castle and Disney music started wafting on air, I cried. It was just the right time we got there because the Spooky Boo Parade (annual Halloween Parade) was about to start. As it was Halloween, the park was decorated with pumpkins and halloween decor. Guests even came in Disney-related costumes. When I mean Disney-related costumes I meant full gear, with wigs, makeup, and shoes. It was actually hard to distinguish who was the park guest and the cast member.

wore my Little Mermaid t-shirt for this occasion.
Next time, I'm going full gear.
The Spooky Boo parade featured classic characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Chip and Dale in Halloween floats and cast members dressed like ghouls and skulls dancing.

Before the parade started, the cast members taught the guests a bit of choreography to join in. Since it was in Japanese, I couldn't understand it though but I watched the guests who did the choreography.

What I did notice in the parades was that everyone was sitting down. Even if there were lots of people watching the parade, it was very orderly and I was able to take decent photos.

check out the guests in full costume
Fantasyland had almost all the nostalgic Disney rides there. There was the Peter Pan's Flight, Snow White's Adventure, and Pinnochio ride there too. The first ride we had was It's a  Small World, which had a relatively short wait time (25 minutes)

It's A Small World gets a different upgrade since popular Disney characters were included in the ride. I was able to spot Peter Pan, Lilo and Stitch, Moana, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Mulan, Mushu, and Ariel making cameos in Small World children form.

Of course, who wouldn't forget that sole Filipina every Pinoy takes photos of?

By the time the first ride was done, we were hungry. Since it wasn't lunchtime yet, we decided to get popcorn with an unusual flavor. Hence, the honey-flavored popcorn near Pooh's Hunny Hunt.

I was super surprised too that not only was there presence of very popular Disney characters and characters we see in Disney channel, even super throwback and lesser-known characters were there too. Guests dressed as them too. I was only able to take a photo with one character, Max Goof, from A Goofy Movie, which I used to watch.

I swear the cast members are the sweetest. They give super tight hugs to guests and even kiss the little children. A little girl even came back to give Alice a few more hugs.

 There were lots of photo-op corners in the park, and interactive displays especially in Toon Town, which took you to a quirky land reminsicent of Roger Rabbit cartoons complete with sound effects. It was also in Toon Town where we watched the second parade of the day.


When I was a little girl, I was quietly watching the parade. Now, I was waving back at the characters and singing with the songs and saying "Hi Minnie! Hi Mickey!!!!" But wait, am I not a cat person?

The main waterworks for me for this was the floats of the Disney Princesses. As a little girl, Cinderella was my Disney princess. Then, it became Ariel when The Little Mermaid came. When Frozen was shown, I added Queen Elsa to my list. Well, here I saw one of my princesses and I super waved at her.

A nod to modern-time Disney was this Baymax float

This is Peter Pan, the first person who showed us that adulting sucks.

I'm not really much of a roller coaster fan (lol, such a tita) and since this version of Tomorrowland was full of them, we decided to make our Tomorrowland experience to be where to have lunch. Park food can get quite expensive. However, it's also part of the experience. So what you can do is eat small bites or share food. That way, your tummy isn't super full so you can maximize your ride time too. I just had nuggets and a melon soda sugar churro that looked like a lightsaber. How does melon soda sugar churros taste like? Like Froot Loops. Not bad.

Also, even it was fall, it does get a bit hot during noon time. Have a reusable water bottle with you that you can fill up with water so you stay hydrated all the time.

Most of the afternoon was busy exploring the park and riding rides. One ride that we waited super long was The Haunted Mansion, which took 40 minutes. However, it wasn't much of a long wait because the mansion itself had a lot of decor to take photos of.

The Haunted Mansion takes a different spin because the ghost host happened to be Jack Skellington of Nightmare Before Christmas, and this feature would continue over at the Holidays. It was a total Tim Burton-fest with more creepy creatures and monsters, not just ghosts.

I also saw one of my favorite rides of my childhood - Splash Mountain.

Did anyone dare try ride this? I remember it not being super fast though with the thrill part being just the 52-feet drop.

Mark Twain Steamboat made me sing Pocahontas songs in my brain and took amazing photos of the sunset.

It captured autumn leaves and sunset colors at just the right moment. Honestly, it was a ride I would definitely ride twice.

While I was doing my Disney research, I came across the waffle cone. It does look like an ice cream cone but it wasn't as it was a steak and potatoes cone. For 500 Yen, you get this cute cone which had beef in yakiniku sauce and purple potato on top with a bit of cheese sauce.

This is not ice cream. 
 At first I thought it was weird, but I wanted to try it since it seemed like a bestseller. It was pretty good actually. It would have made a good lunch or pre-fireworks snack. There was also  maple churros as a special autumn food but since I already had my melon churros, I thought I would have just one churros for the day.

The Celebrate! Tokyo Disneyland at Cinderella's castle had fountains, lights, pyrotechnic effects, and music show attractions and throwback Disney clips which got adults who have been going to Disneyland as kids sentimental. I guess this was the show/parade that made me cry a lot since I saw all the rides, even the rides I no longer ride and the cartoons I used to watch. This was the perfect feature that showed that the magic of Disney reaches many generations as it will definitely live in many people's hearts forever.

A day in Disneyland would not be complete without the Nighttime Parade. So another tip for those going to Disneyland, be prepared to stay until nighttime because these are shows you wouldn't want to miss. If you are bringing children, have them nap first in the afternoon because they would surely not want to miss this as well.

You get your usual Mickey and the gang, classic Disney characters like Alice, Pete's Dragon, and every little girl's favorite- The Princesses, from classics like Cinderella and Belle up to today's Rapunzel and Frozen. I was happy to see two of my Disney Princesses and even sang their songs with them.

I think I cried probably about 7 times in this visit. I cried at the park when I saw the entrance. I cried in all 3 parades and in Celebrate! I cried at It's a Small World. When the park was closing and we had to go home, I also cried. Even though that Disneyland was the "kiddie" version, I enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe the cold weather helped but I didn't realized that I walked so much steps in that day with no complaints at all. It was super nice to relive the nostalgia of Disney and just like Peter Pan, being a kid is super fun!

Is a Tokyo Disneyland trip worth visiting and returning to? Yes. They change every season and they have different character greetings every time. Maybe when I'm ready to grow up, I can go give Disney Sea a visit as well and see Ariel too. As Disney transcends many generations, It's a perfect place to bring your children. Don't forget to take plenty of photos and relive the magic and share it with your loved ones. Now that I know, maybe I'll level up my dress up a bit.