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My Favorite Workout Channels

Lately, even going to the gym or getting out of the house alone is a chore in this heat. For those who need their workout fix without leaving home, check out these YouTube channels to keep you moving without even needing to step out of the house. I find this absolutely great since I'm such an introvert and sometimes there are times when I have this mood that I don't like to go out because I feel so stressed or overwhelmed with all these energies around me that I really like to retreat in my cave. But then, I get this itch to exercise (kind of funny though). These are some of my go-to channels when I need to work out at home and I want something to really follow rather than do things at the top of my head.

Because of online workout videos, #theresalwaystimeforfitness can actually happen

The Fitness Marshall

Their cardio hip-hop workouts are for those who hate cardio. Lead by Caleb Marshall, he takes you into a sweaty, sassy dance session to get your heart rate up and melt the baddies away. With fun tracks such as Justin Bieber's Sorry, Britney Spears' Toxic, Rihanna's S&M, and Pussycat Dolls' Buttons to name a few, you would be super inspired and stoked to dance you don't even know that it's cardio. He even recruits his sister and grandma to work out with him making this a workout for anyone. And who cares if you look funny? You're just at home.


I wrote about her and as you can see, I'm a fan of this lady and she has so many fans around the world. It's practically a community. Blogilates not only features a series of workouts that you can do everyday with a theme each month but also easy recipes for healthy eating to keep the pounds and muffin top off. There are also words of wisdom and inspiration to live by so this fitness thing will not just be a one time thing but a lifestyle change. With her bubbly personality, it's as if  you're working out with your friend.

Fightmaster Yoga

Missed the yoga studio because of traffic and you just want to get home but still want to get the body moving somehow? Or are you travelling and want your yoga fix but couldn't find a yoga studio near your area? Fightmaster Yoga is lead by yoga teacher Lesley Fightmaster and she has a variety of free online classes depending on your practice. Basic yoga stretches, yoga flow, power yoga, ashtanga yoga, or yin yoga, there are so many classes to choose from. I do this class when I can't go to the yoga studio and I definitely need a yoga fix for the day. Try her 50-minute ashtanga yoga if you want something strong or chill with her yin class at the end of a hard day's work. No time at all? Do the Yoga Quickie workouts.


Model-turned-yoga teacher Tara Stiles is like one of my life pegs. She's fun, she's gorgeous, she's got both strength and flexibility balanced. and she makes yoga fun and less intimidating. I was doing her classes way before becoming a yoga teacher and even way before developing my own yoga practice. Oh and that body is such a fitspiration. The best thing about her channel is that she makes yoga fun and less intimidating. I like how some of her videos are titled. My teaching style is somehow inspired by her because I also want yoga to be fun and less intimidating. Most of her videos are quick, and she has a routine from the moment you get up and also when you're about to go to bed. Also, she has recipes in her channel .

As you can see, I vary my workouts a lot so my body doesn't get bored and plateaus. I sometimes mix and match, like I would do cardio hip hop, then do some pole training and cool down with yoga or something to that extend. What matters is that there are ways I can get things moving too. Also, if you're travelling and where you're staying has free WIFI, put it to good use and get your daily dose of fitness. Have fun and stay fit and fab!

Photo credits:
fitness photo by Dix Perez

My Favorite Work Footwear

When I was younger, I couldn't imagine life without high heels. Practically every shoe that I own had to have high heels, even my sneakers. Remember the Spice Girls-style sneakers? I actually owned a pair and it lasted me so well. I even used it to run for my P.E. finals (I made it by the way). However, a decade or more after my high heels obsession, I'm into flat shoes. I didn't even know why I loved high heels back then in the first place.

There are times when I work that I need the height boost, like if I'm about to give a workshop/demo or a talk, for photo purposes. But when I know that I'll be standing most of the time, as in really working, like a client call, wedding, fashion show, or a shoot, I know I need my trusty flats. It pays to be comfortable since I'm on my feet a lot and not to mention carrying all my equipment myself. Sky-high heels and lifting trolleys is a no-no. :)

So far, in my shoe collection, I have a few go-to shoes for work which I find super comfy with minimal pain over the course of time.


I wrote about FitFlops way before and in fact, they rank by far my most favorite footwear of all time, nevermind if they're not very pretty for my feet. It's quite expensive at Php3,500 almost but for me, it was super worth it. They conform to my feet and give me the right elevation I need so my ankles and lower back do not suffer that much. I can drive wearing them!


rock, leather, and boots for a wedding gig with my friend Lei Ponce. 

I own a pair of leather boots I bought at CubaoX last 2012. I found these boots in fact while shooting a prenuptial shoot then and I didn't want to let go of the boots and thankfully, they had my size. It was originally supposed to be my boots for Stellar 2 but somehow, I used it beyond Stellar. Boots are great for me during the rainy season or when it's a bit colder and I'm in a venue where it's better to keep my feet covered or when I have to be a bit dressier. Currently, the boots have a bit of wear and tear and a few kitty scratches. I was wondering if anyone knows where I can have them restored a bit since I want it to look a bit dressier but if not, then I may have to wear this for more casual occasions where the scruffy look actually adds to the appeal.

Ballet Flats

Ballet flats keep my feet covered and I can still wear skirts, shorts, jeans, pants, or dresses and still look like a girl on the occasion that tells me I should I could wear this when I have to be a makeup artist in the day and then head off to a press launch at night (no more heels for this Tita of Manila). I found these quirky dog-cat ballet flats at a bazaar. Thankfully they had it in black.

I get funny comments with these shoes if I forgot that I left the house wearing different shoes or if I made these shoes myself. They are great for driving and feel as if I'm driving barefooted. The only problem though is that they're too flat and since I have a high foot arch, walking on them for quite some time can put pressure to my ankles so I usually reserve this for events that I won't be out so much, I have that same problem with regular flip-flops and super flat sandals, so not to worry, it's not the shoe, it's me and the foot arch.

I discovered though that Melissa shoes have flats with just a teensy height boost so it's less stressful on the ankles.

I'm crazy for leopard prints so it's just apt that I get myself a leopard-print shoe like the one above. I was just so glad that they had it my size. I'm currently in the process of breaking these shoes in and I discovered wearing them with footsocks takes the friction off the feet.  Although while I was at the store there are a few shoes that I'm eyeing on so this may not be my last Melissa shoe though.
perfect for me because I'm a cat lady. This however, did not have my size but I like looking at it.

The Maleficent shoe got my villain heart pumping. I would wait for this to go on sale. *wink*


They're great for working out, for walking around, and of course, why not for #MUAduties?

working with my now kumare and fellow makeup artist Jinky

My Fila lilac sneakers were purchased on sale last 2011 (notice how I keep on the lookout for sales?) They aren't for training though but okay enough for walking around and standing. Again yay on the arch support, For sneakers that I can take from training to work to long walks and on my rare travel occasions (since I hardly travel nowadays), Skechers memory foam sneakers give me support, cushioning, and comfort. I don't have a photo of the one I have right now though but I super love it since it's super comfy. I've not only worked wearing it but also done HIIT, cardio hiphop, insanity, etc.

I used to obsess on high heels back then because I thought what else would look good when I need to wear a dress or I thought it would make me look better. Actually, now I discovered flat shoes need not be flat and boring because there are so many styles to choose from. I'm not much of a style person but I know the importance of looking presentable especially in my job, because I have to be my own advertisement. There are situations when I can get by with my usual shorts, tank top, and flip flops with no makeup and my hair in a scraggy bun. However, on times that I need to insert a bit of style whether classy, sporty, rock, or glam, there are shoe options to try without sacrificing comfort or risk losing balance and getting injured.

Photo sources:
FitFlop photo: FitFlop Facebook Page
Melissa Flats: Melissa Facebook Page

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bridal Work: Paula

I find it amazing how cat lovers or animal lovers find a way to become friends, and here's a story.

Paula is my neighbor. How I met her is so funny. I was on my way out when I spotted her talking to my cat Candy by the window and another one of our building cats. As you all know, cat ladies have a constant click. We happened to belong to the same Facebook cat group. She sent me a Facebook message when we found each other's profiles.  I also met Paolo, who happened to be more of a cat person than I was.  My friend Romina met them in one of our cat rescues and she still remembers them and tells me, "They're a fun and nice couple. I like them a lot."

That was a couple of years ago. Sending food to each other like forreal Titas of Manila and exchanging cat stories and kitty playdates later, I was tasked to do a very important thing - to be the makeup artist on their wedding day, which I am just super stoked to do. I did Paula's makeup already as a bridesmaid in one of her friend's weddings as well as a YOLO moment photoshoot. Even if I practically memorized her face, I wanted of course her wedding to be the most perfect makeup she would ever have in her entire life.

For Paula's wedding look, she wanted to still look like her and not have a total operasyon-level makeover. You can still wear bright lipstick or have smokey cat eyes and contour but still look recognizable that you're you.

Paula has a full head of natural, gorgeous curls, which she embraces. She wanted her curls to show on her wedding day. No 5 hours of straightening then recurling here. We just humidity-proofed her hair. I think it was the quickest bridal hair my hairstylist ever did.

candy pink lips is MAC Pink Nouveau, a shade usually worn at the reception but we used it as a ceremony color. 

Adorable shoes + short wedding dress. 

The couple inserted their own individuality in their wedding, choosing food they really like and having a theme that fits them. They also inserted elements of them being cat people in their wedding.
Groom's gift to bride is an illustration of their life together - artwork done by Chichi Romero
wedding favors: Spanish fans. Note the kitties on the logo. I kept the cards. Hihihi. 
 Having a summer garden wedding, they chose a white-themed wedding where the guests wore summery whites to keep things cool and clean. I'm thankful for the discovery of airbrush makeup because they stayed on fresh up to the end of the festivities.

The three bridesmaids are the three sisters of the bride, each sister had makeup that fits their own style and personality, natural, smoky, rosy glow.

Family Photo
 Paula loves rom-coms and it fits that her prenup video would be rom-com themed. You guys can watch it here. The masterpiece was done by VOV Productions. Makeup and hair for the couple, both done by me.

The thing I loved about their wedding is that it expressed their individuality so much and it really shows who the couple is instead of following every single celebrity wedding or going through cookie cutter conventions. At the same time, the element of classiness is still there. All I felt was genuine happiness.  It was one occasion to be remembered by everyone.

Final touch-up before the ceremony. 

I've witnessed Paula during her preps up to the last part of their reception and she's super cool and calm about everything. As she wrote in her post-wedding status message, she emphasized one aspect: You can have a great wedding without being a bridezilla. I definitely would have to agree with that, and she's a perfect example to that part. It was so easy to do her makeup and her smile was all natural. She was talking to her friends, suppliers, eating the good food, and she had so much energy to really talk to everyone and make sure her suppliers are well taken care of. I would definitely recommend that as a number one advice to all brides.

The happy couple

Congratulations Paula and Paolo! It was one gorgeous and super cute wedding! Love, hugs, and lots of kitties.


Photographer: Shutterpanda
Video: VOV Productions
Makeup: Bambi de la Cruz Makeup Artistry
Groom's Makeup: Jinky Ureta
Hairstylist: Annaliza Alejo
Bridal Gown: Curitthy Couture 
Venue; The Henry Hotel Manila
Caterer: Apartment 1B

Photo credits:
official wedding photos by Shutterpanda
Bambi with the couple, fan, and bridesmaids by the author

Review: Viva Glam Ariana Grande Lipstick

It's that time of the year once again when MAC launches a new lipstick to launch its newest Viva Glam Spokesperson. As you all know, I've always been collecting Viva Glam lipsticks not just because I love the shade (okay, of course I love the shade) or the artist but because it's for a good cause, as proceeds of the sales of a Viva Glam lipstick goes to the MAC AIDS fund.

This year, we have the gorgeous petite Ariana Grande as the Viva Glam spokesperson.

Last year, Miley Cyrus had us at a hot pink lipstick. This year, Ariana dazzles us with a deep, matte plum shade. The lipglass is a clear, sparkly one which goes well with almost anything, either or its own or on top of lipliner, your favorite lipstick, or the matte, plum lipstick to enhance it some more.

The lipstick comes as usual with the iconic Viva Glam red packaging afixed with Ariana Grande's Signature.

Here's the swatch of the lipstick. As you can see, it stays true as it is on the tube, super pigmented and not overly dry but less slidy and feathery.

In comparison with other deep colored lipsticks:

vs Sin
Sin was much redder than Viva Glam Ariana Grande

vs Rihanna Talk That Talk
This one, they were almost identical I had quite forgotten which one was which. The only slight difference is that Talk That Talk, being Retro Matte is much drier than Ariana Grande. 

I actually have this thing for bold and deep-colored lipsticks because they cut my prep time in half. I like wearing this on its own and like Ariana with just eyeliner and mascara on my eyes. I know plum is usually a fall color but hey, why not? It's a nice color anyway.

Another way of wearing this is using this like a stain, much like the gradient lips or ombre lips, which are making raves right now, just like the K-pop stars.This may also be the technique used by those who are still scared to use a deep and strong color like plum on the lips.

For those who are curious with the lipglass, here's a swatch.

It's super glittery though and there were glittery specks on the back of my hand even after cleaning up with a wet tissue. Gloss fans  would like all MAC lipglasses because they are non-sticky but just to be sure, use lipglasses sparingly or else too much would make you look like you faceplanted on a lechon.

The lipstick retails for Php 1,000 at all MAC stores near you. If you're thinking of a perfect gift for your friend and this friend of yours loves Ariana Grande or plum lipsticks, this would be an awesome gift.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Period Myths Debunked

With our periods come the 101 old wives' tales that we should or should not do. I'm sure you've heard of them and probably are guilty of doing them or cringing at the thought that people believed them. Here are some of the monthly flow myths we probably might have heard and you can sigh now, because none of them are true.

She may tell you funny tales

PMS is just plain kaartehan. It's imaginary and just an excuse for girls to get what they want.

"It's real, I tell you! It's reaal!!!"
We know you don't like the mood swings, irritability, grumpiness, and the yoyo of feelings we have. But most often than not, we hate it as well. And no, inasmuch as we wished it were some sort of imaginary thing or just kaartehan because we're crazy, it's something that's real. The cause of PMS is due to the hormonal changes in the body, not because we woke up one day and decided to make everyone miserable because we have our monthly flow. The good news though is that it can be alleviated by certain medications and a few lifestyle and diet changes can help us bid PMS bye-bye in the long run.

On your first period, wash your face with your blood so you won't get pimples.

It's so funny that a male friend asked me about this myth. Here's what I found out: your flow is the body's natural detox, and what's in there are stuff our body needs to get rid of. Washing your face with the blood will not prevent you from getting pimples. In fact, aside from the thought of it being super gross, it may aggravate the situation more. What will prevent you from getting pimples is proper skin care and a good facial wash for acne prone skin, not blood your body doesn't need.

Tampons will make you lose your virginity.

This has been a long debate in conservative crowds and Catholic schools. But no, tampons will not make you lose your virginity. They may stretch the hymen but they won't. Only sexual intercourse makes a person lose his or her virginity.

Taking a bath during your period will make you crazy

If this was the case, we would have a lot of crazy people around the world. There's nothing wrong about taking a bath during your period. In fact, a nice and warm bath can actually help alleviate menstrual cramps. Just avoid any super heavily perfumed soaps that may be harsh to your delicate area.

Jumping will make your period last for only five days

Periods generally last 3-5 days, sometimes they linger on for a sixth, depending on your flow. There is no relation between jumping and the monthly period. In fact, just for fun, I did burpees, jumping jacks, squat jumps, jump to hang swing, etc.,  and what did you know, my period lasted still for 5 days, which is how long it usually lasts.

Any crazy period myth to share? Let me know in the comments below.

Picture sources:
grandma and cat photos:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tips for DIY Hair Coloring

If you're saving a few bucks and going DIY by purchasing your own box of hair color, you can avoid a DIY mess and get good results by following a few tips.

My new DIY color. Make DIY a breeze with a few simple steps

First of all, never forget to do a an allergy test.

We often take this for granted because we're excited for our new color right away. Different people react to different products so before placing the whole thing in your hair, best to know if that's good for you. A red patch behind your ear is better than your whole scalp flaring up. Better be safe than sorry.

Find a shade that would flatter you well

The shade on the model on the box may be different from your own natural color. To know which shade suits you well, you can download those fun makeover apps in your smartphone or tablet (like Virtual Makeover) so you can virtually "try" several shades and brands. This will help you narrow your choices so you don't stare at the shelf of hair colors looking clueless.

L'Oreal Excellence Creme (Php 399) in 6.35 is a flattering auburn shade that softens the features. It's an office-friendly shade too, making it the bestselling shade, Available at department stores, supermarkets, and drugstores

Do your application in the bathroom, where cleaning is easy, and keep pets away during the coloring process

Since I have pets, I had my furbabies hang out in the room first as I did my DIY coloring in the bathroom. There's less distraction of kitties rubbing against your leg or being curious on how you look. I hugged them later after the coloring has been done and my hair has been dried and styled.

Wear an old black top and use a dark-colored towel to protect your neck and shoulders.
DIY hair color can get messy so drape a black towel on your shoulders (secure it with a clamp, just like what they do in salons). Wear an old black top, especially if you have long hair so that just in case there may be stains, it's okay.

Don't forget the hair at the crown and back section! 

Make sure you get all areas covered! We often get the front side even but by the time we reach the back of the head, we can get a patchy, uneven result. You can get a friend to help with the back and make it a fun bonding session bringing memories of slumber parties of our pre-teen years.

Plan your activities

You can't wash your hair a day after color usually so make sure you're not going to the gym for a major sweat session right after your color. Plan your color when you are not going to go to the beach or swim on the pool since that can cause major fade. If I know I'll be hitting the beach, I would usually color my hair a month before. Also, no HIIT or core training the day after coloring since I know I'll be sweating buckets. Maybe yin yoga, light yoga flow, or pole dance perhaps?

Invest on a sulfate-free shampoo and products for color-treated hair

L'Oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Moisture Shampoo cleans your hair while caring and preserving your color.  Once a month, treat your hair to a hair masque treatment. I recommend the L'Oreal Professionel Vitamino Color Color Radiance Protection + Perfection Jelly Mask. Smells good too! Available at salons.

This would make your hair color last longer and stay more vibrant. They also contain ingredients that can hydrate your hair. Care for your hair as well by applying hair masque on your hair once a month.

Hopefully, these may make your DIY color experience a breeze. Have fun with your new color and rock that head of hair.

Work Diaries: Browhaus Makeup Range Launch

I was invited a few weeks ago by Browhaus Manila to give a demo during the launch of the Browhaus Makeup Range, which are long-lasting eye makeup products that are super easy to use. I'm a longtime client of Strip and Browhaus and what else to complement a perfect set of arches but the makeup to enhance our eyes right?

This event was held at Cafe Naya and the attire was Military Chic, for these products are weapons of mass seduction.

Makeup station dressed for the occasion. 

Makeup artist also dressed for the occasion. Inspiration for this look was General Guile in Streetfighter. I would've done a pompadourish high ponytail too.  Got my pants at the men's section of H&M, which are super comfy
 The makeup products are very easy to use, even for the makeup noob and are created for the woman on-the-go, the woman who doesn't have two hours to spare to sit down and set up her gear to do her makeup everyday.

With most brides, even if they ask for very clean and natural makeup, they would always want emphasis on the eyes. Like they would go, "I want my makeup clean lang, but I want my eyes to really pop." I guess it's because the expression, the eyes being the "windows to our soul" is somewhat true. What we feel reflects in our eyes, even if what we say may be different. The eyes show our true feelings. A flutter, a wink, or a stare can convey a lot of things, even in the most subtle way.

As I mentioned during the  demo on the products, these products can easily transform a very subtle daytime look to a dramatic glamour look if you plan to go out at night after.

The heart and soul of Browhaus is brows, it would not be complete without the Browhaus Classic Brow Lead pencil (Php 648), which comes in three different shades - Blonde, Asphalt, and Soft Brown.

swatched of Browhaus Classic Brow Lead L-R: Blonde, Asphalt, and Soft Brown

 I personally use Asphalt for my brows since I color my hair and would like a soft but defined look for my brows. I understand that brow pencils scare a lot of us since if used wrongly, they give a harsh, pencilled-in, old-school soap opera antagonist look. Each shade of the is very subtle and very buildable so you create soft, hairlike strokes that can mimic a slight shadow on the brows, just to give them emphasis. This is easy to use with no waxy finish. It also comes with a sharpener so your brows stay on point.

When applying to brows, just use light, feathery strokes and brush with the spoolie on the other end. Although I use Asphalt for myself, Soft Brown, their bestseller also works for me especially if I want my brows stronger and paired with a red lip.

Since we all can't live without our eyeliner, the Browhaus Precision Eyeliner (Php750) is for those who want their cat eye on point without spending 2 hours just trying to make things even.

The secret is that it has a super fine felt-tip pen that's easy to handle and control. It comes in two shades, black and brown.

The brown is a soft shade that can be used for everyday, especially for those who would want just a subtle definition. This eyeliner also has the best of both worlds - it's waterproof but when it's time to remove it, it's easily removed with warm water or makeup remover. If you're pretty new with the liquid eyeliner thing, just dot your lash line with the Browhaus Precision Eyeliner and just like the childhood activity we used to do, connect the dots slowly using small, short strokes. Then go over the finishes line to even things out.

The Browhaus HD Mascara (Php 998) is a client favorite.

 My friend Cita hardly wears makeup but she swears by this to give her lashes that make her look like she's wearing falsies. It gives long, lush, and glossy lashes and the brush delivers just the right amount of product so there's no clumpy, spidery effect. This, I would say is my most favorite among the line. I could even just go out of the house with just brows and mascara and I'd look like I have eyes.  For brides or clients that are uncomfortable with falsies, I could use this instead. It can be used with a disposable mascara wand or a mascara fan brush for hygiene purposes.

Here's how it looks on my lashes.

Here's also another look I did on my friend Kelay. Kelay chose not to wear false eyelashes for her look  so I used a fan brush to apply the Browhaus HD mascara on her to finish her eye makeup.

The Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner is the newest product. It's a pencil with a gel finish and an eyeshadow in one. The bi-liner comes in a set of five sparkly, shimmery shades, purchased at Php 1998 or you can just purchase your favorite for Php498 each.

All these pencils have a shimmery finish, which are great for nights out.

swatches from L-R: Blush (a frosty baby pink), Burgundy (a warm violet shade), Amber (a shimmery gold shade for daytime or brown smokey eyes), Noir Shimmer ( dark charcoal gray with shimmer), and Midnight Blue (a dark blue shade great for smoky eyes or a colorful cat's eye)

If you're the type who likes colorful cat eye, this comes with a built-in sharpener so you always have a nice, precise pointy end. If the smudgy smokey eye is your trademark look, use the smudger end on the lower lashline.

Anatomy of a Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner: The other end of the pencil reveals both a sharpener and a smudger. No need for a lot of brushes in your kikay kit!

You can use this the same way as you would use your pencil eyeliner.To use it as an eyeshadow, just shade on your lid like your were coloring and then blend with a brush or your ring finger. The brush works well for me because I have more control. For the lower lashline, I use the smudger brush that comes with it. You do have to work super fast though, because this sets really fast.

For the daytime look, I like using Amber on my eyelid then contouring my crease with a matte brown powder shadow if I want more warmth and definition. If I want more smoky at night, Noir Shimmer or Midnight Blue would be my best bets.

products used on Kate: 
Brows: Browhaus Classic Brow Lead in Soft Brown
Lid: Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner in Burgundy
Lashline: Browhaus Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner in Noir Shimmer and then smudged to "smoke" it up
Top lashline: Browhaus Precision Eyeliner in Black winged out for a nice and flirty lift.
Lashes: Curled using an eyelash curler then 3 coats of Browhaus HD Mascara

Here's the smoky look I did on my model, Kate. I used Burgundy and blended this well. The Heavy-Duty Bi-Liner can also be used as a base for matching powder eyeshadow, if you want more intensity.

What I do like about these products is that they're very easy to use and compact. You can take this with you in your personal makeup kit when you travel. Complicated brushes are not necessary as well, so this really saves a lot of space. Your makeup kit can practically be a slim pencil case and a compact.

my usual work look using the Browhaus makeup range. This look is super easy to do and I look quite polished. All I needed is brows, a bit of winged eyeliner, and mascara.
This time and energy-saving line is great for makeup artists and afficionados alike. Even if makeup artists like me know how to apply makeup professionally, we need time-saving formulas like this. When going to work, doing the whole shebang is an extra two hours and if our call time is 8 am, that may not be possible. This simplifies our work look while making us still look the part.

Thank you so much Browhaus Manila for asking me to do the demo. I had a lot of fun during the event!