Saturday, December 25, 2010

Of Pink Tutus, Sad Fairy Tales, and Going Drag

Christine and I had another shoot together. At first, I was informed that it's going to be a sexy Calvin Klein inspired shoot. Just the same, I had my palettes together and basic makeup kit in case we decide to go colorful in a snap. At first, Christine and Aisa were thinking of renting a hotel first, since it was CK sexy. However, by the turn of events, the male model got sick the morning of the shoot so we had to improvise. As soon as I grabbed my phone and checked it for messages (I asked Christine to text me directions to her house), she said that we're going to turn the girl model into a guy in the next layout. So we do drag today. Horray!

Without traffic, Christine is about 3 backflips from my cat cave. I was the first to arrive at the scene, which is perfect since I get to set up my gear and my gun.
Christine said that the model would be portraying a soldier and a ballerina. I was like, "This reminds me of a fairytale, with the tin soldier, the ballerina, and the creepy Jack In The Box." She affirmed that the fairy tale was The Steadfast Tin Soldier, a bittersweet sad love story.
Aisa and Mitch arrived lugging their trolleys of props - accessories, shoes, and gowns and all. I really love these two girls. Aisa's got ideas that spring from the creative world I have yet to conquer and Mitch is such a dear in helping us and being so supportive of Aisa.

The two assemble the clothes and accessories.
Our lovely model Kate is a chameleon and she's so game to portray a guy as well.

First up, I told Kate I'll do the girlie look first and I'll transform her to a girl. Set the hair in curls and here's me airbrushing her. Grabbed this photo from Aisa.

Kate looks like a doll. She's too cute! I'd want to put her inside a glass case like a porcelein doll.

Mitch with the reflector and Aisa doing last-minute touches.

Aisa doing BTS as Christine shoots away.

Sherrif Woody tone: Reeaaaaccchhh for the sky....errr... toes.

Kate as a guy. Omigod... she's so gwapo. She's got a hawt Johnny Depp vibe. Johnny Depp dressed like the Nutcracker prince.

Can't believe that layouts ago, Kate had candy pink lips, curls, and wore a pretty pink dress.

We were laughing during the guy layouts. It was funny too since she looked like the guy model we originally had. I love the transformation too. Imagine what a few little strokes could do too.

After the shoot, Christine and I got hungry and since she craved for a good hot plate of sisig and garlic rice, she drove over to Laiya in BF for an early dinner. I craved for green mango and bagoong and had a serving. Yummmm!!!!! My day ended early and since I was pooped I just fell right asleep after cleaning my brushes. good thing that tomorrow was rest day for a full weekend. :)

Holiday Greetings from Makeupbybambi

As if I couldn't think of a better title, I would like to wish each and every reader *waves a big fat wave to the handful of readers I have* a Merry Christmas. Some of us are on Holiday, and I extend my Christmas cheer to wherever you guys are, with Internet access or not.

I would just like to thank each and everyone of you guys for continuing to read my rants, raves, and mishaps in the love of my life that is makeup and the subgroups that lead to that category and branch out from it. Here's to a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy, have fun, love the cold weather, the wonderful food, and the little occasions which give us an excuse to dress and doll up. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Footwear Got One Lemming Down

Every year, it's been a tradition for me to buy Havaianas during the time it goes on sale. Since makeup artists have introduced me to FitFlops as their must-have back-saving shoe, I kinda broke the tradition and decided to increase my flipflop budget a bit and try to buy FitFlops this year (don't worry my lovely Havs, I still love you and in fact, I'm eyeing on a pair to buy, when budget allows). Since I find spending 3k++ on a pair of slippers quite obsurd, I've been postponing buying a pair and wish for Santa to stuff a pair on my Christmas stocking (size 8 please).

Last Sunday, I accompanied Sam to a wedding gig in Tagaytay and I've noticed her sporting her favorite black FitFlops. While on the topic on footwear, she told me how much she loves it and encouraged me to get one, especially since I have a very sensitive back problem and I tend to get back pains a lot. Sam drives in FitFlops, carries her gear (aluminum director's chair included) and runs from one location to another and during the course of our work, she hasn't complained of back pain.

And the following day, without much ado, on my shopping trip to the mall, I got myself a pair of FitFlops.

Call in a Christmas gift to self, that's why I plunked what I'd spend on two Studiofix compacts on a pair of flipflops. As I took the picture, the flops are almost 3 days old already, since the moment I purchased them, I already put them to use. It's best I use this on the concrete jungle or on gigs though and I save the regular flops I have on the beach.

Anyway, probably all the stores selling FitFlop must have gotten really confused with me since it took me quite a while before deciding which one to buy. After all, I only have budget for just one pair, so I needed a pair that could fit a lot of outfits that I wear. White soles were out of the question ince they tend to gray out in the long run. I didn't want black as I have one too many black footwear already, with my steel-toe Nikes being black as well. So I settled for a warm copper, which doesn't get quite dirty at the same time, the shiny upper makes it cute to wear in weddings or a pretty maxi dress. I was contemplating on getting the blingy blingy gold pair though, but I thought I would be having a hard time with cleaning the sequined top and of course, it had a white sole.

I'm looking at the FitFlop leaflets now and the reason why my walks have been cushioned and my back pains have lessened is due to the patent Microwobbleboard technology, which cushions the feet the right way providing the right support where you need it to optimize your walk and posture. The highest density would be on the heel section, absorbing up to 22% more shock (when you jump or do sudden movements and all). The lowest density would be on the midsection, and that increases leg muscle activation (yay! workout without a gym).

Since I'm the type who stands a lot and walks a lot, I can't stay in heels anymore that long. In fact, I only have a four-hour limit with high heels so I've resulted to getting flatter or wedge shoes as my footwear of choice. However, my soles can't be too flat since that puts a lot of stress on my heels so I need something with a bit more elevation. The FitFlop design provides the support of a slight lift with the comfort that slippers could give me.

I know it's a bit pricey though, and it costs almost like I would plunk on a pair of sneakers. However, I'm actually thinking of the quality of life I'd have to live with less back pains and lesser risk to go into physical therapy in the long run. I definitely would wear a pair during times where I need to be doing a lot of standing and walking, like if I'm in the mall or at work. I do however, would result to close-toed options depending on the nature of the work and the venue. I definitely didn't regret having this up my shelf and I sure wouldn't mind getting another pair or any style in the same family. This currently stands next to my regular rubber slippers of course, and in fact, there's more footwear for me to love.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Thank You SHOT!

I've learned never to let a wonderful opportunity pass. That's why when I was given a chance of a lifetime, it was an immediate yes for me. Now looking at it, it's so surreal I'm both shy and excited to blog about it. Although I'm nearing four years of living my life as a makeup artist, I still consider myself quite new here, and there are bigger people given bigger job responsibilities. I guess the picture below would tell the story:

I gotta give a heads up and big hug of thanks to Lucas for the cover. Lucas and I go a long way back. He was the first model I worked with ever, and I'm just glad he trusted his face to my uhugin makeup artist self then. Today, Lucas and I still do projects together and this was one he gave to me. Probably this was one of the most challenging shoots that we did. We were given little time for this photoshoot, roughly 10 minutes for the whole thing and less than 3 minutes to do the prep up. Of course we can't just slack because time is of the essence for our very busy subject and this is going to be the cover of a maiden issue of a magazine. Christine and I had our jobs on the line too, since we shouldn't use limited time as an excuse to make our work so-so. We had to give our best no matter what and in whatever situation.

An early Christmas, yes? Thank you SHOT Magazine, Lucas, and Christine. It was indeed an eventful day but the experience was worth it.

SHOT Magaine hits magazine stands on December 20 so be sure to grab a copy. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hair Care that Cares

As The Body Shop cares for our skin and body with its yummy bath and body lines, home care, skin care, and makeup, the care also extends to our crowning glory that is our tresses. The Rainforest Hair Care comes shampoos and conditioners that care for our hair without any sticky residue while caring for the environiment by not including chemicals that could be harsh to our ecosystem.

Call it Christmas that came early for me or a happy grocery shopping trip, but here are some of what Rainforest Care has for each and everyone of us, depending on our hair condition. Why I chose the sun as the shape to arrange the products? Uhhhmm... nothing I just feel like it.
Oily hair could be yucky and greasy. Although the obvious would be to nix out conditioner or load up on sudsers to decrease the oil, what we really need is shampoo and conditioner (yes, we still need a bit of moisturizer here) that's made for oily hair. Rainforest Balance Shampoo cleans our locks without stripping it of much-needed moisture while Rainforest Balance Conditioner lightly conditions the hair without weighing it down. Instead of harmful colourants and fragrances, natural ingredients like pracaxi oil, Community Trade aloe vera, white nettle, and seaweed are used.

On the other end of the hair woe spectrum, and most of our problems is dry hair. Since we all love to process our hair to blowouts and hair straightening and curling. Just as too much of cooking the hair leaves our hair dry as the Sahara Desert, hair needs extra moisturizing power that would bring it back to its lush state.

Rainforest Moisture is manna for the hair. This is the one I'm currently using and I love the blueberry scent. It's not itchy on the hair and I like how it makes my hair soft and silky. Here's one thing I like about it too. It doesn't interfere much with my hairstyling since even if I shampoo, my hair still holds its shape. It doesn't weigh my hair down so I still have a bit of volume in me.

The tub there is hair butter. Hair butter is like intense conditioner for the hair, the conditioner which you leave on your hair before you rinse it out with warm water. My hair loves this product. A little dollop does the trick and I really don't like to pile on too much of this on the hair because that weighs the hair down. It smells like blueberries too! The pracaxi oil, manketti nut oil and Community Trade honey and sugar are the ingredients behind this product. If you don't want too much, you could dilute the shampoo and conditioner in water as well.
Rainforest Shine (included in the photo) are for the lucky girls and boys who just need a tad of tune up on their already excellent hair condition with an oomph of shine. Keep the luck flowing with this fruity-smelling baby that contains pracaxi oil, caméline seed oil and Community Trade olive oil, sugar, and aloe vera. The thought of having olive oil as an ingredient is just love, since it reminds me of those ancient days when olive oil's so precious to the skin and hair.

If you're the type who loves to experiment with style, trends, and color, I guess you already know that care for coloured hair is much more specialized. To begin with, coloured hair is already processed with chemicals. We need shampoos and conditioners that give the hair its much needed dose of TLC without stripping or interfering with the color. A good coloring job doesn't come in cheap, right?

To preserve a coloring job well done, The Body Shop's Rainforest Radiance cleanses to remove the color residue which causes the hair to look dull and dry in due time after a color job and keeps the color looking vibrant. There's also UV filter to block UV rays, which could fade color. We all know the job of shampoo and conditioner but there's also a third spray bottle of Detangling Spray for combing and brushing ease.

The price range of The Body Shop Rainforest Hair Care products are of course a tad more expensive than those bought over the grocery due to the materials sourced of course. It's not the type that you'd use to clean brushes though and I prefer that it stick to its job of cleaning my hair. A special gift to someone who's OC and concious with hair care, you could give the full-size bottles already, especially if she's a fan of the line already. If you have a friend who would want to try it out, then starter kits in fun sizes plus a detangler comb are also available.
[disclaimer: product provided for review]

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Super Steal Gift Ideas 500 and Below

Has anyone done her shopping yet? Or are you like me that has the nasty habit of cram-shopping? While being guilty of that crime, I've scoured several options for friends and family for gift options to consider. What's more is that some of them are readily available online ergo no need to spend time squeezing through crowded malls. All of these stuffs cost 500 or less too.

There's a gift for everyone and I'll let you know why:

The gift for the one who's always stressed:

I really suggest Echostore's Spa in a Bottle (Php130) and/or Spa in a Can (Php 195) after I got introduced to it. It's a teensy bottle or can that definitely perks you up when you need to or calms you down when you're too stressed. It definitely unclogs the nasal passages with the scent of peppermint, citrus, and lavander. The Spa In A Can's perfect in the purse and for travel. I have two Spa in a Bottles - one at home and one in the car to clear my senses during the horrid holiday traffic.

For those who are addicted to anything that smells yummy:

At Php 100 pesos each, Milk and Mixture's hand sanitizers and EDTs in yummy scents that remind us of our favorite desserts and drinks. Vanilla Lollipop smells like ice cream and Warm Vanilla Hand Sanitizers is a perfect dupe of my expensive vanilla hand sanitizer. Melon Candy is a very fresh scent if you're in for the fruity vibe and Apple Pie Torte gives us a warm whiff of cinnamon and apples for a Christmas-y smell. Another shoutout to the Tiramisu drizzle or hand sanitizer which smells like our favorite Italian dessert. You could also check out the other products like sushi soaps, lotions, and massage oils in sexy scents of Vanilla Crumble, Chocolate Fudge, and Gingerbread Cookie. The products are very affordable you could give one to all of your friends and clients depending on their taste or favorite food.

For those who would want super smooth skin:

These cubes look like gum drops in our favorite candy stores but they're actually sugar scrubs from Barenaturals, an online store first known for selling all-natural . they're actually glycerin soap cube bars coated in sugar in jars that feel cushy on the skin. The soap is non-drying so it's great to use now when cooler temperatures and recycled airconditioned air gets our skin dry. Aside from this variety shown above ( Rooibos Tea With Apple and Tomato, which smells really fruity), they also have sugar scrub with pineapple extract, lavander, coffee cubano scrub, and muscovado sugar cube scrub). Again, this could be ordered online as well.

For those who want lush, lovely hair and more:

Argan oil smells nutty instead of heavy and glides on like syrup on the hair instead of greasy. It could be massaged on the hair at night for shiny, thick, and smooth hair. Aside from getting lush and goddess-like hair, Argan Oil could be used to soothe dry cuticles or soothe the skin after being baked under the sun. A 10-mL bottle costs Php 198, and a little definitely goes a long way. Again, this is available at the Barenaturals site.

For the techie or non-techie annoyed at the knots and ties in the bag:

I purchased Clutterzap earbones from Sophie to give as a little gift and then when I bought a pair for myself, I was like, why didn't I think of getting earbones sooner? I swear, it's saved me time from having to solve the jigsaw puzzle of kalat I have in my bag caused by my earphone wires being tangled to a maze that takes minutes to solve (and embarrassing moments too revealing my kalat self). Isn't it great that my earphone wires are neatly tucked in a neat spool in my bag just like this:
I'm telling you, I'm as low-tech as an upgraded Captain Caveman but I love my earbones. They cost Php180.00 and there are several color options to choose from.

With super steals like these that hardly require us to take a trip to the mall, we've got a stress-free Christmas shopping for our loved ones that's pocket-friendly. Enjoy the last stretch towards Christmas and have a stress-free Happy Holidays!

Yay Victor!

My baby brother from Sweden buzzes me and tells me that one of the shots that we did together lands in a big newspaper in Sweden.
The picture on the bottom was our work. Okay, so of course I don't understand the language but I was really happy that our fun shoot got to travel halfway across the globe. I'm glad Victor's gone so far. I've been witness to his life here in Manila and he went through a lot of obstacles. Glad he's made it. Currently in Mexico City, Victor would be flying off to New York for another booking. Busy, busy bee that he is.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Another Day, No Day But Today

I've seen Facebook posts on ads that Rent would be restaged again, this time in Rockwell. I really had a good experience with Rent working with them last February, so I got all excited to watching the show again. Although I'm not in the crew this time, I'm glad that at least I get to see the play, watching it instead of backstage with the audience and of course, giving these guys moral support. So when I got invited to watch RENT, I answered with a big, fat, enthusiastic YES!

Rent is a story that's close to my heart. It's a story about passion, love, struggling, and happiness where anyone could relate, whatever age, social status, or sexual orientation you have. I love a show that really talks to everyone. I admit having the guilty pleasure of actually considering of trying out for the cast but decided against it when I needed a bit more immersion to sharpen the hibernating acting chops. It's the type of story that you would love to take part in. It's so cool too that it was also staged on December, since Rent's first scene was set during Christmas time (let's hear Mark Cohen sing now, "December 24th 9 p.m., Eastern Standard Time").

This run is currently staged in Rockwell Cinema 2 (yes! a stage play inside a cinema house!). The challenge of the production was to convert a set that was set on a relatively bigger stage to a smaller performance space. The set was impressive though, although there were minor adjustments too like with blocking and changing choreograp
hy . But as director Robbie Guevarra said, "It was a challenge and I love challenges."

With only 2-1/2 weeks to rehearse, cast members worked twice as hard prior to opening night to master their lines, songs, and dances. Aside from the old cast we fell in love with last February, this December's run also had newer additions to the Rent family:

mian Dimacali portrays the role of Maureen Johnson, the performance artist ex-girlfriend of Mark Cohen who dumped him for a lawyer named Joanne (played by Jenny Villegas).

As Gian Magdangal returns as Roger, his real-life love Sheree takes on the role of Mimi. Mimi would be notable for her solo, Out Tonight. Despite the fact that Mimi's character is HIV positive, she doesn't stop herself from loving and living. They were really cute onstage during Press Preview, with the cat-and-mouse flirting of Lig
ht my Candle Number.

Bohemian-turned-yuppie Benny is played by theater veteran Lorenz Martinez. Benny's character used to be roommates and friends with Mark and Roger, two of the main characters before he marries a rich woman, buys the building Mark and Roger stays and constantly torments them with paying up the rent.

I'm glad AJ Bautista and OJ Mariano reprised their roles as Angel and Collins. Every Renthead would agree with me that although Angel and Collins were both male, they were the perfect example of love. I got all kilig during I'll Cover You's lyrics:

"I think they meant it when they said you can't buy love. Now I know you can rent it a new lease you are my love on life, be my life."

"Just slip me on I'll be your blanket. Whenever whatever, I'll be your coat."

I love the song since speaks compromise and equality instead of wimpy and submissive love songs. The melody's also happy but it's a song that definitely touches the heart. In contrast, its reprise, sung during Angel's funeral would bring you to tears with a slower tempo. Angel and Collins were both poor with AIDS yet they never gave up on each other. Collins was at Angel's side from the time Angel took care of him when he got mugged up to the time it was Collins' turn to take care of Angel when he got weak. If this isn't a perfect example of love I don't know what is.

It was quite different though watching it in the audience, but it was quite refreshing as well since I got to see the show from a different angle. It was a great show despite adjustments with the new venue and only 2-1/2 weeks or so of rehearsal, press preview was really great and I had fun during the entire show, also a bit nostalgic remembering how it was backstage as well. Of course there were little boo-boos like problems with the sound, but these things are forgiveable since of course this was the first performance in a different venue. But still, the cast and crew did a very remarkable job with the show and able to get the message across. 9works took on their challenge this time, and always in every performance, Best Show Ever! :)

Catch RENT for a limited run of 8 performances at Power Plant Cinema 2 from December 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 (8 PM), December 10 (3:30 PM), 11 (4 PM), and 12 (4:30 PM) Tickets are available at the Power Plant Cinema ticket booth. Call 8981440 or 8981441 or 09088692988.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Red Lips for My First December Bride

December means wedding season for the Philippines and most makeup artists have their hands full with brides, especially those known for weddings. I was quite bummed to not have a December bride but I'm fully optimistic that I would be having one.

Fortunately, I did have a December bride, and it turned out to be Marie (nicknamed Red), who I met around two years ago. She told me that she wanted an upgraded version of her signature look, which was natural makeup with very red lips.

Since Marie is also a makeup artist, we both understood terms regarding makeup like her shade color. She also told me that her skin's acidic, so we would have to adjust shades with regards to foundation. Marie's wedding would also mark another milestone on me because she would be my first airbrush makeup bride since purchase of my airbrush makeup kit. Marie had her wedding at Fernbrook Gardens Alabang and had her preps done at B Hotel. Since I'm in the area anyway, it was quite easy for me to travel and B Hotel wasn't hard to find.

Did I tell you this was the ever first time I met her in person? We didn't have trial makeup, and my only basis of how she looked was her Facebook profile. But even when we first met she's not hard to love. During makeup session we exchanged stories about makeup school (she and I are also makeup school schoolmates) and our addiction with makeup, which never seemed to stop years after makeup school.

Marie's a good girl, she already had her face prepped up to primer so all I had to do was apply makeup on her but before that, I refreshed her face with Fix+, a weapon of mass beauty that's too impossible to live without.

I had my brushes armed for battle. Her auntie gets aliw at my toolbelt, which is a definite conversation piece.

Marie's got bright eyes and full lips. While at it, we both shared our love for red lipstick, and she firmly believes that anyone could wear red lipstick. Aside from being my first airbrush bride, Marie is also the first red-lipped bride I have.

After makeup, Fernbrook's limo picked us up and the limo got us to Fernbrook where all the rest of the preps took place. Before that, here's a photo op of the two of us at the back of the limo:

Even if her wedding would be in a few hours, she was still upbeat and cheery, only feeling tension when she descended the carriage before she walked down the aisle. Anyway, back to the preps. Her gown was more of a Royal Victorian motif, so we were all whisked away to the Victorian era of romantic laces and full skirts, minus the discomfort of a tight and waist-binding corset.
Her hairstylist Manny managed to turn Marie's bob into cascading tresses with the help of extensions.

Ready when you are Marie!

Another hidden talent I discovered with her is that she could sing. She surprised her groom (and all of us) by a different twist with her vows: She sung the vows that she wrote herself! And she did so really well that everyone applauded and a handful of the guests were teary eyed. Although she was crying herself as the song ended she really sung well.

Congratulations Marie and Cedric! Thanks for making me part of your special day.

Happy Blued Holidays

When something starts small but it's bound to be good, it will go big and go places, don't you think? A hobbyist photographer posting pictures becomes the next big thing in fashion photography or a preschool camp from a little bungalow house morphs into an integrated school system. In this case, a college thesis becomes a clothing line popular among college students for as long as 19 years.

Blued has been around with its classic and cool comfortable clothing reminiscent of college days where we live on sneakers, jeans, and backpacks 80% of the time. Clothing for college students made by college students, right? Most of my college days were spent losing more weight, carrying thick books which I never bothered to read, and detoxing at Robinson's Place with my girls having coffee while the books I'm supposed to read are stuffed either in the locker I rented or the org tambayan vowing to myself that I'd be hitting the hardbounds the moment I step in the house. Anyway, for much of the toxic lifestyle a then science major had, there practically wasn't much time to doll up, especially come exams time, so comfort is always the key, right? I'm sure college girls there would agree.
Classic white shirt and jeans, which are usual uniforms of immersion programs or community activities are here and they didn't have to be boring. Of course we don't have to be college students just to wear Blued. The classic cuts and comfortable stretch fabric are good for people who work on-the-go or would just like a casual weekend without sacrificing fashion. Although it's our day off we still hafta look good, right?

The spotlight outfit for me during their fashion show last Tuesday was a conservative version of my shorts-and-tshirt uniform. Loving the shapelessness plus the way it's cropped to hide a full food tripping meal. And shorts cut at that length are shorts I love.

Depending on your personal style, lifestyle, or okay fine, school dress code there are various outfits to choose from in prices that are college-student friendly. And who says that a Blued shirt is just for casual occasions? Check what I wore in last year's fabulous Viva Glam event? Black top with white sash by BLUED. :)

My Idea of a [Stuffed] Christmas Stocking

Dear Santa, If you're reading this post, this is what I wish and want for Christmas. I figured I have to be practical now since I have all the whims I want but each time I walk, I'm super prone to aches and pains. My back pain has tremendously increased and I need major support with my body and better footwear.

Lemming Number One: Fit Flops

[ image from]

Makeup artist friends of mine swore by the fact that it helped them with their work and lessened their back pain, since that's probably our number one complaint with our work. At first, I was hesitant when saw the price of a pair, thinking why would anyone spend more than Php 3,000 for a pair of flip flops until I tried it on. Surprisingly, the pair was comfortable, despite the fact that it was a chunky pair. I like how it cushions my walk and they were comfortable even after a few minutes of wearing it. It's got more support than my generation's Birks, which were flatter and sometimes would cause me pain on the ankle area when I'm standing (same problem I have with flats). Aia told me that after a long walk, she could feel her calves burning after so I'm glad that there's a tad of workout I get even when I forget to squeeze in a workout session.

Lemming Number Two: Rubber Shoes
[image from]

I'm not a runner and I'm not athletic, so I didn't see the need for running shoes after I no longer had PE classes. However, I see what people now mean when I'm at places where I'll be doing lots of walking. Obviously regular tsinelas can't do and my heels would need an extra support that only rubber shoes could have. I'm not after sprint and lightweight functions and zero buoyancy though, I just need a decent pair that's easy to maintain and would last me long too.


I know this won't fit my stocking, Santa, but with the clothes I have, I need a decent wardrobe to stuff them in instead of keeping them in acrylic keepall boxes, especially the dresses that need to be hung. My outfit choices may be simple with a sea of blacks and grays but I need them to be still in pristine condition right?


Okay Santa, I promise the last would fit the Christmas stockings. I guess I can't get enough of these. I plan to be good though, and wish for ones that would last me a long time. I don't need a Birkin, Santa (although that wouldn't hurt). Nice ones in classic colors that I could take from meetings to work to events to weekends and weekdays out or coffee with the guys. I promise to educate myself in bag care so these bags could be passed on to my (future) daughter if she stays good and follows my artist footsteps. okay I kid on that.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis The Season To Smell Fab With The Body Shop

Start of December everyone! Have you girls done your shopping yet? If you girls haven't, I've scoped out a few stocking stuffers for all of us. First up, I've checked out this Holiday's collection of The Body Shop. As I blogged about the winter collection, let's check the stuff out to keep our body skin squeaky clean, baby-soft, and yummy smelling, right?

This year, The Body Shop brings back memories of Thanksgiving turkey with the fruity scent of Cranberry Joy. If you want red and berry scents, that is.

Cranberry Joy shower gel, shimmer lotion, body butter, body scrub, hand cream, and lip balm give the festive vibe that would last us from Thanksgiving to New Year. The hand cream is handy enough to tote in our purse and would be great to moisturize your hands after subjecting it to a hand dryer or to harsh detergents. The body butters take away the chappies on our heels or whenever we need spot-correcting. Or if skin's super dry, slather it the night before to wake up with cushy skin in the morning. The lip balm moisturizes the lips that's chapped from too much hot drinks or exposure to dry recycled air.

What I do like though is the improvement on the body scrub formulas. I'm not a fan of scratchy and oily-based scrubs since they leave my skin raw and sticky. The scrub here is gentler, in a gel-like base that reminds me of strawberry (err... cranberry) jam.

If you want the scent of cranberries to fill your home or to deodorize a lavatory after doing your nasty business, you could check out the pretty home candle that smells good even if it's not lighted yet.

If you're more on citrusy scents though, something more fresh check out jolly orange, with scents that remind us of orange gum drops.

Of course there's also a lip balm at hand too, if you prefer the fruity citrusy taste on your kissers. :) The lip balm isn't waxy when I tried it (I tried all 3 flavors in store) and the TBS lippies gets my lips some definite lovin'.

The third scent is my absolute favorite, Spiced Vanilla, since I gravitate towards the spicier warmer scents since the weather's colder. Also, my signature scent is vanilla.... ooops. I didn't mention that. :P

It says vanilla has a very sensual scent, but I really think it just reminds me of cookies, spice, and a hot cup of cocoa with a dash of nutmeg, since this one has got just a hint of spice, at least that's what the scent says. Instead of the gel formula of the body scrub that Cranberry Joy and Jolly Orange has, this one takes a creamy lotion form. I suggest as the scent of Cranberry Joy and Jolly Orange are more uplifting and energizing, the warm cozy scent of vanilla would be perfect to wind down with a cup of hot tea reading your favorite book curled up with a quilt after a long day. Quite a description, but you get the picture.

Hand creams and lip balms are perfect tiny stocking and purse stuffers for girls on the go. There are also bath sets available, depending on the budget you want. The full sizes are perfect if you're a fanatic of a particular scent. Shimmer lotions would be perfect for the party girl or for anyone who's out and about at night who wants to shimmer and shine like a disco ball.

Whether fruity or spicy, the choice is up to you so be sure to catch The Body Shop's bath and body line this Christmas!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Miss Smoky Eyes

Lately I've been lazy to wear makeup. But since it was the despedida lunch of my auntie and grandma as they would be flying back to the States the following day, I thought I'd look good too and go with teal-ly smoky eyes to match my teal dress. All MAC unless stated otherwise.

Skin Care:

  • Human Nature Tomato and Lemongrass Toner
  • Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with Cooling Essence
  • Just a Pinch Gel Blush (from A Rose Romance collection)

Base Makeup:
  • Concealer: MAC Studiofinish NC30
  • Foundation: MAC Studioperfect NC30. I'm so pale now. Subic was months ago and I had to use NC40 for a good few weeks since NC35, which is what I really use was too white. I like Studioperfect's finish though.
  • MAC MSF in Dark to contour
  • Fanny Serrano in Skin to Highlight
  • MAC MSF in Blonde as a blush


  • Mosscape and Shell as base (Mosscape on lids and Shell on browbones)
  • Shu Uemura Eyebrow Gel in Seal Brown
  • TBS black eye kajal
  • TBS eye color #43 (the green one from Smoke and Fire collection) on crease
  • Mood Ring on inner 2/3 of lids highlighted with TBS Emerald Sea
  • Cloudburst to set black kajal
  • Blacktrack to line upper lids and create the winged eye effect.
  • TBS Sea Shell on browbone and inner tear duct highlight
  • Plushlash on lashes


  • Saint Germain mixed with All Styled Up
Glad the weather cooperated as well and didn't make my hair mushroom up or make the makeup melt. I really missed wearing makeup though and I miss the time I actually had time and energy to put makeup on myself. Oh, and my skin actually feels so much better after my diet. I thought I'd keep it for a while though, yet I really miss the French Fries I used to down everyday. Maybe I could do a few cheat days because yes, I do food reviews too. I promise I'll work out.

And speaking of working out, I've been doing and following Tara Stiles' Yoga for Weight loss for a few weeks now. The girl's done wonders for my arms though and my back, but more of that later.

Naughty Little Vices Swatches

I passed by MAC last Monday to purchase Fix+ as my bottle is about to run out and I need a decent amount come the wedding. Spotted five little bottles among the collection sets definitely catching my attention. This year's Holiday collection, A Tartan Tale, features also a nail lacquer set with five cute mini-bottles in curt proper colors.

I like that the set comes in a reusable tin so it serves its purpose later on to hold cotton buds/cotton pads/cotton balls/sponges in the vanity rather than a carton box which looks too pretty to throw away but ends up collecting dust later. The mini-bottles are about half of the regular nail lacquer, and IMHO, I find this size best for those who are fickle with their nail color. Although MAC nail lacquers are quite famous for not drying up too quickly. I love my underlacquer basecoat and although it's less than half the bottle already, the quality's just the same as the day I bought it (on sale).

Swatches from thumb to pinky finger: Asiatique, Beyond Jealous, Vice Is Nice, Nocturnelle, Vintage Vamp

Among the five, Asiatique catches my eye for being the classic bold bright cherry red that transcends time and beauty icons. Beyond Jealous is a deep pine green that needs two coats to get the full effect. A conservative girl with nail color would give away the four others and keep Vice is Nice to herself for a sheer gold frost to go with a white party dress. Nocturnelle, I already have in full size and I think the simple black shade looks better on a Halloween Party or on the MAC counter when I'm guesting. Vintage Vamp is another red, but in a deep blood color. Think of it this way, if Asiatique is Russian Red, then Vintage Vamp would be the Diva counterpart. The color is deeper. The shade could enhance alabaster complexions so you could use this if you want to bring out your inner vamp. All you need are pincurls and fingerwaves.

I'm not much of a nail polish girl, but I think this set absolutely makes a cute stocking stuffer. Wear one today and another one tomorrow, it's up to you. Like I said earlier, my experience with MAC nail lacquers are quite good, liking the fact that it's easy to apply and it dries fast once applied. My only problem though is that when used alone, it's prone to chipping. I guess that's what topcoats are for though.