Thursday, July 23, 2015

Something New: Unusual Lipsticks

I was introduced to LA Splash Cosmetics Smitten Lip Tint Mousse by my friend Azaza one time in pole class. She showed me swatches. What got me though was their line of unusual shades that may not be used for everyday street wear but I can use it for shoots or for character makeup. She says it glides on really well like gloss but dries to a matte finish with amazing pigmentation and staying power. Also, I was smitten that the names of these unusual makeup shades were taken from Harry Potter.

LA Splash Cosmetics isn't available locally here but they can be purchased via online makeup sellers. I purchased mine from Lipstick All U Can, and you can check them out in Instagram and Facebook. Since it's Stellar season and I'll be doing makeup for Stellar, I know I'll be needing unusual lipstick shades and I can use them also in other shoots or shows.  I purchased two lip tint mousses online and went to the bazaar they had last week to buy another one. I got three shades inspired from Harry Potter. L-R: Bellatrix, Sirius, and Nagini.

The swatches show the vibrancy of the colors: opaque and matte through and through.

I would have purchased Bellatrix even if it weren't that deep indigo lipstick on the tube anyway, even if it was a deep black, brown, or dark blood red. I love Bellatrix Lestrange in all her crazy, twisted ways and her crooked wand and Helena Bonham Carter was amazing as Bellatrix.

 Actually, this probably can be the lipstick that I could wear on any occasion since it's purple


Sirius is a deep, brooding navy blue that even registers awesomely in black-and-white. I might have to combine this with Bellatrix to form a deeper, blacker color for a Halloween look I'm planning to do.

Nagini is a deep forest green that's so pretty and vibrant. Maybe my Riddlers can wear this for their show on Saturday.

This lipstick definitely takes a great deal of effort to remove, especially when it sets after application. Baby wipes didn't cut it quite well and regular eye and lip makeup removers wouldn't even make it budge. What made me remove this easily was oil-based makeup remover, such as my trusty Shu Uemura cleansing oil. Some use olive oil or virgin coconut oil. Accidentally, it goes away too when you brush your teeth, sort of peeling it off.

Not to worry. For the ladies who would still want their regular colors, they are still available and have that same pretty pigmentation and staying power. To wear this, I would prep my lips first with lip balm especially if I have dry lips. Nude lipliner may help fill in or a similar-colored makeup pencil (like eyeliner). I apply this using a brush for clients, but that means I have to carry a lot of brushes if I'll be using more than one shade. Or alternatively, I can use disposable lip gloss doe foot applicators as well.

Of course, I purchased the unusual colors since I can use them for Halloween or for shoots and shows. I may purchase a few bright colors which I can use for bridal, for the no-retouch second look of the bride come reception time. The lipsticks are available for only Php480 at Lipstick All U Can, an online distributor that you can follow on Facebook and Instagram for updates. They also do bazaars as well.

I'm a girl with no limits to lipstick colors, so it's no doubt that not only would these shades make an appearance in shoots where makeup has to be wild, but I definitely would wear this as streetwear.