Thursday, July 31, 2008

Articles Coming Up!

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For my future posts here's what I have lined up:
1. Authentic Indian finds at Festival Mall! I bought a kohl pencil (not those commercialized and expensive kohls but the one directly from India at Php100) and bindis for 50 pesos and I wanna come back and raid it! Better road-test it today.
2. Charm dual fibre brush review.
3. Bollywood tutorial - as soon as I get my camera/service unit back.
For my reviews, I'll be having to road-test the goodies first. :-)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Peeling" Glowing: The Start of My Day-Long No Makeup Sentence

I always say, makeup, no matter how well you apply it, what brand or kind you use, if the skin is bad, makeup will not sit well. Just like a painter preps up his canvas for his masterpiece, we should always take care of our skin. I'm now a sunblock fanatic going to having at least SPF 15 moisturizer (and layering with makeup with SPF) up to SPF 50+++ whenever I go out and always remembering to remove my makeup at the end of the day. Just like a car, my skin also needs a tune-up, and here comes face peels to do a "general cleaning". Skin peeling is actually a process where the dead skin cells that stay on the surface of our skin are removed revealing the young, glowy skin underneath. It's the dead skin cells that actually make us look ashy and our skin dull and although they automatically shed, sometimes, our skin needs an extra help. I do my own DIY exfoliation process at home usually, but here's an extra help.

Facial peels, I'm kinda shy from them since I always associate facial peels with redness, flaking, burning, and that raw feeling. However, I was assured that this peel would be suited to my skin type and would be done by a licensed physician. This peel would also be not the peels I know of but a gentler type. Actually, my first-ever facial peel experience happened a while ago at Ageless Center in Festival Mall in Alabang, just 30 minutes away from I live.

Since I knew that this would be a facial session, I left the house without anything on my face save for SPF 50+++ sunscreen and huge sunglasses to cover my un-lined eyes and nonexistent un-defined brows and lashes. That's a feeling I have yet to get used to since I'm really not used to not wearing makeup at all in public. Heeheehee.

So here's how it works:

They cleaned my face using cleansing milk save for the eye area, then used a scrub then cleansing milk again. After which, my face was brushed using this mechanical brusher to smoothen the surface then steamed to open the pores. As my face was getting steamed, I received a head and shoulder massage (I love massages). Then, they vacuumed my skin and gave me another quick massage as I waited for my peel.

My skin was analyzed and I was asked if I was allergic to anything. I stated that I was allergic to aspirin so aspirin derivatives and salicylic acid are definite no-nos. That was such a big plus to me since they really made sure that the treatment was customized according to my skin condition. I was just given a very mild peel, followed by serums for anti-redness, to tame my pigmentations, and some serum containing vitamin C, E, and antioxidants to keep my skin healthy. I was also asked if I felt any pain or stinging. From a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest, I would rate the highest level of pain as a 0.75. There was a bit of stinging, but it's nothing that I could not handle. Also, despite the layers of moisturizers and treatments I had, my skin didn't feel heavy or sticky.

A gauze was placed over my face and then subject to high frequency to close the pores. So how did my skin feel? I actually love how it feels so smooth and soft. It didn't feel raw after, especially since this is my first skin peel. Also, it looked glowy, up to the point that I actually feel comfortable walking around without makeup. I keep kidding them, "I'm now Photoshopped!" I was given also post-treatment instructions (wet face 6-8 hours after treatment, no heat on the face, no direct sunlight, wear sunscreen, etc). I also asked when I could wear makeup and two hours after the procedure is the minimum time but since I want to play safe, I'll declare tomorrow as no-makeup day for me.

So how does it feel walking around without makeup? At first, it felt kinda weird, since I'm so used to wearing makeup, sort of vulnerable at first. Actually, when I do my at-home peels, I forgo makeup the following day save for eyebrow definition, mascara, and red lippie. This time, it's all just skin. :-) So here, I'm letting my overworked brushes rest for a while and let the skin do the statement, save for my staple red lippie of course!

(Note: No pix here! Just a bit of resting on the camwhoring thingie too!)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Romsie's Makeover

Last Saturday, I was doing makeup for a press event when a pretty girl walked in. I paused from working and said "Hi!" When she saw me, the girl beamed and exclaimed, "Omigod! I know you! You're a blogger!" I looked at her closely and she did look familiar.

"I met you in the Pantene event!"

It was Romsie, and yes I did meet her during the Pantene event. She arrived looking fresh with her hair pulled back in a simple ponytail, wearing a brown sleeveless dress and for makeup, mineral foundation and lip balm. Of course! This is also her account! We immediately chatted up along with my client and she was like, "Oh, doktora, you're in good hands! I'm such a fan of her!"

She was back and forth chatting with people as well as Tippy and our hairstylist, Dimples, who was in the other room. After which, I asked her if she would like to get her makeup done. She was shy until everyone told her to. She finally conceded and then I did her makeup.

I cleansed her face to remove her makeup. Since Romsie was already pretty to begin with with satinlike skin, I just evened out her skin tone and sprayed airbrush foundation on her and blended it with a sponge. I contoured her face to bring out her best features. I kept the eyes neutral and made her lips the focus - bringing them out with red lipstick.

So here's Romsie before:

Prepped skin. Just had to even it out with foundation and color correctors. Romsie never wore red lipstick, so this must be her first time. She also had long lashes (think Marian Rivera) but she told me her horror when one time she had an eyelash curler incident which left her traumatized. However, I gently curled her lashes and reinforced it with curling/volumizing mascara. Eyeliner was kept at minimum, since her eyes are pretty much well-defined.

So here's Romsie after red lips and looking glam:

Since it was a daytime event, I made it a subtle red instead of all-out vamp red (L'Oreal in Burgundy Richess, a shade that one of my clients also loved) and gave her cheeks a flush so she won't look washed out using a peachy-pink blush. It was such fun to do makeup on Romsie. FYI, she also tried her luck in modelling before. I wouldnt be surprised if she would get back on track again.
The look is good on bridals, especially for the red-lipped fanatics, like me!

Bridal Beautiful

With the Philippine wedding season being December-February plus the 08-08-08 craze that has been going on, wedding makeup artists are bombarded with inquiries and bookings for trial makeup and the like. Wedding makeup is very lucrative and challenging because nothing should fail since your work will be documented and be a part of a woman's life for many years to come. That's why wedding makeup packages are very expensive as compared to regular client makeup or event makeup despite the natural palette - the bride has to look exceptionally beautiful in person, close-up, in pictures, and in video. Beautiful in a sense that she looks radiant, fresh, glowing, and this should withstand hours of dancing, eating, kissing, posing, with minimal retouching.

So here's my say on bridal makeup for those who would like to tap on this field:


Trial makeup is done before a bride signs up for the makeup artist's services. During the trial makeup, this would be a "practice" session as to how a bride wants to look like during her wedding day. The makeup artist might have to do some adjustments as to her skin color, face shape, preferences, and cut of the gown. This is usually scheduled months in advance. Take note that trial makeup rates are paid. In fact, these are more expensive than regular client makeup because documentation and trial-and-error would be involved. Make sure to document each look in pictures and list what was used where it was used so just in case the bride does get you for her wedding day, you know how to go by the look, not to mention it would save time.

It would also be best to give advice as to when threading procedures, doctor's appointments, etc, should be held before the actual wedding day.


For weddings, the key is "the more classic, the better." The bride should be able to look at her wedding pictures years from her wedding day and say, "Wow! I really looked good back then". So dated looks, colorful eye shadow, and fuschia blush are no-nos (I can hear just 80s brides with the blue shadow, frosty pink lipstick and mad blush are cringing right now). Keep eye colors netural and muted. Opt for soft colors of browns, peaches, pinks, and taupes. For lips, I always prefer lipstick in a satin or matte finish. Super glossy finishes can stick to the veil or it could intimidate the groom.

Mascara is always a staple in the look and so are defined eyes and glowing skin. I go generous on my bride's mascara and use a waterproof formulation on the mascara and liquid/pencil liner. Some brides can get emotional and cry as they walk down the aisle. Falsies are okay, as long as they look natural and enhance their lashes and eyes. If the brides are uncomfortable with falsies, it's better not to put them.

For eyebrows, I want defined but natural brows. I don't like it when brows look penciled in. I go for two shades lighter than the head hair color for a subtle, girly expression but keep the shape defined.

I use little bronzer on the bride, just to warm up their skin. I prefer a peach blush or a blush that would make the bride look naturally blushing. For mineral makeup fanatics, I suggest not using purely mineral makeup. Although it creates a flawless "glow", the effect can be too sheer as not to withstand cameras. I use mineral foundation as pressed powder for my foundation but use quite little to avoid cakeing


Daytime wedding means enhancing their best qualities. However, for nighttime wedding, do a subtle taupe smoky eye or add a bit of shimmer. Red lipstick looks sexy on brides who go for red. But remember the focal point rule - focus on either the lips or the eyes - NEVER BOTH! Dark eyes and dark lips are harsh, even on nighttime.


Wedding makeup should not be taken sweet time to. Work up on speed. Have assistants/hairstylists ready to save time.


A good aura will result in good work. Don't pressure yourself and just have fun with it. :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Chair Saves The Day!

Again, here's good news to makeup artists, old and new!

We've all had that #1 problem in doing makeup: our back hurts up to the point that we make the makers of salonpas, ibuprofen, and topical pain relievers richer in one sitting. Also, personally, I've experienced low back pain when doing makeup in an uncomfortable position. When I saw the director's chairs being sold at makeup stores, I saw how practical it was being able to be adjusted at a comfortable level so I'm at eye level with my model and my model does not experience back pain from sitting too long. Alas, thay cost a whopping 16,500! Imagine all the makeup that could buy?

Tippy came up with a solution to manufacture makeup chairs that would save our backs, bones, and pockets from over-spending. Presenting.... the makeup chair!

(Photo by Paul Ang)

Imagine what it would save you from the risks of surgery, physical therapy, and doctor's fees and the hassle of back pain. And not only will it save your back, it would save your model's too. :-)

For orders, please contact 0917.730.3865

Monday, July 21, 2008

Photoshoot Guidelines

(AKA The Controversial Blog Spinoff)

The world of makeup artistry portfolio and network-building would rely on photoshoots. Photoshoots are part of beefing up a makeup artist's portfolio. These photoshoots may be paid or unpaid, but for shoots where money is not involved, there are a few things I would like to clarify.

My good friend and fellow makeup artist Tippy wrote a blog entry in his website some clarifications in photoshoots as well as certain protocol in photoshoots. Apparently, there have been makeup artists complaining that they were not fed, the pictures take ages to come out, or they have been mislead. As a follow-up post to the controversial blog entry that has awakened makeup artists, I would like to write this post as well. Part of being a good freelance makeup artist is being a good businessman/businesswoman. If you must work where cash is not involved, whether a new makeup artist or a veteran, you must know your rights and privileges.

X-deal versus TFCD versus TFP

Please note that these three terms are different. Please do not use them loosely if you don't know what they mean. The similarity between X-deal, TFCD, and TFP is that cash is not involved. For X-deal, instead of money, in exhange for our services, we get a premium item like clothes, makeup, gift checks, etc. TFCD means we get a CD of ALL the pictures taken and the chosen pictures in a seperate folder. There should be a CD that we receive instead of grabbing pictures in Multiply or what-not. TFP means Trade for Print, meaning we get PRINTS of the choice pictures and a CD. These terms should never, ever be interchanged.

Food is not a privilege. It is a RIGHT. (I quote from Tippy)

Hungry makeup artists are cranky, moody, dizzy, and most of the time, work is not executed well. So please feed your makeup artists, or offer water/refreshments at least.

Confirm the day before or earlier.

This also applies to paid shoots, personal clients, events, etc. Please keep in touch. We have our emails, cellphones, and all contact information in our websites. Don't leave us hanging. If you received an email/PM/text from us of the price list you asked for, please acknowledge that you have received it. If we confirmed our attendance for the photoshoot, please acknowledge. Please keep in touch also with regards if we also have questions, for the pegs, or whatever instead of leaving makeup artists hanging.

A makeup artist is a makeup artist.

When we say makeup artist, we do makeup. If we are hair-and-makeup artists, we do hair and makeup. A stylist provides the accessories and clothes.

For location shoots, please secure all permits necessary plus clarify the facilities that should be used.

Renting studios have the package of being able to use the dressing room/makeup room, lights, power outlets, etc. For location shoots, it would be different. Facilities include use of power outlets that are important for lights, blowdrying/hairstyling equipment, compressor (if using airbrush makeup), lights, and each and every area to be shot. Specify the areas that you will be using, because some locations really need specifics. If you need to use lights or power equipment please specify. Also, in doing location shoots, survey the area first if there's a good place to do makeup or dress up. If there's none, provide a studio/makeup area that's comfortable for the model, makeup artist, and hairstylist and then go to the location and just touch up there.

If you are a group of makeup artists/stylists stick to your models.

If you must change the makeup/retouch another model, do not grab the model and powder him/her without asking permision from the makeup artist who did the makeup. Ask the makeup artist who did the makeup and ask "Can I retouch your model?" or "Can I do your model's hair?" out of respect to the other makeup artist. That's ethics. Even if you're very close to the other makeup artist, you still must ask permission. Do not touch what's not yours.

If it's pro-bono, please help out with the transportation and miscellaneous product usage at least.

Our gear's heavy, mallette pa lang haggard na. Maarte ang MRT, and imagine lugging all the stuff we have, especially if we are to do hair pa. If you could arrange for transportation, please do. Otherwise, please help with our cab fares and fare sa gas, toll, parking, etc. Nababawasan rin produkto namin like tissue, sponge, cotton buds, etc.

Please give us the pictures instead of making us wait for ages.

Some take ages for pictures to be given to us, months or years even. Those are our work.

Credit properly.


These are some of the many guidelines of photoshoots. I'm just writing from experience and also from the experiences of my fellow makeup artists. Makeup artists, especially the good ones, are not just plucked out from a neighborhood parlor. They trained, invested, and experienced blood, sweat, and tears in an expensive and prestigious makeup school. Makeup also is expensive, even the drugstore brands. Makeup artists also have rights and it's time we are all awakened, whether a hobbyist, a newbie, or a veteran, we all deserve to be treated well .

Friday, July 18, 2008

Avante-Garde Love

With glam being my specialty, avante garde is my fear. Although it's something that no one could go wrong with, the challenge is to still make it look pretty and "astig" rather than clownish or done by a kid let lose at a cosmetics counter.

During a photoshoot, one of the layouts was avante garde and the model, Steph, had a leopard print sash to go with a plain dress. Since the dress was plain, I decided to jazz it up by matching her makeup with the dress. Whaddya know... for her next layout, the leopard makeup still matched!

Here's me and my model, Steph, after the shoot

and Steph working her poses

This was taken using a regular cybershot camera. I can't wait for the digital versions though.

For avante garde, we also have to make everything match and color-coordination and color harmony would come to consideration. I also didn't use "special" makeup for that. the prints are just plain ol' eyeshadow mixed with mixing medium. :-)

Avante garde makeup is very liberating, and for me it's a form of self-expression. Although rest assured I still am a glam makeup/clean makeup kind of gal, photoshoots like these are nice to just let lose with color. :-)

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

YSL Makeup Workshop

(Image from

Presenting the ever-famous and forever sold-out and tester-wiped-dry Touche Eclat, which became a must-have in every girl's purse has been the buzz in making dark circles (and feigning a good night's sleep) disappear until you wash it off. Not to mention it looks good, 'no?

If you want to know about YSL makeup and the Touche Eclat's cousins, then come to the workshop at the YSL makeup counter in Rustan's Makati tomorrow, July 18, 2008 from 4-6 pm. Pastries will be served and there will be a demo by Tricia Bautista. There's also gonna be a raffle and 20% discount will be given. It's also great to meet fellow makeup artists and makeup junkies as well.

My Very First...

Train case that is...

Would you believe that I NEVER OWNED A MAKEUP CASE/TRAIN CASE - EVER! Until now. I just thought it was deadly expensive and a gym bag would be practical for someone like me who refuses to take a car, refuses to renew her driver's license, and just go, "I don't want to plunk an extra 5,000 on something so heavy that I'd have to pay double my fare. Although practical for me since I could just put the thing in my lap, It was a pain having to set up since I have to bring out all my pouches whereas my colleagues with makeup cases have an easier time setting up. They'd just lay out the stuff on the table and open their malettes and then go whereas I have to take everything out and cleaning up is a chore.

Since my back and shoulders have been strained with the gym bag and the gym bag broke down, I got a trolley (A small suitcase that I pull), and it could accomodate my equipment for hair, rollers included. This, though was another pain especially if I only had one model to shoot. My problems with setting up were not resolved though my back pain was solved.

Anyways, I was searching online and I found someone auctioning her train case. It looks like this: the exact picture she posted:

It's a a 3-layer case made of aluminum. It's relatively small, 8x7x7 I think, but it's okay if I'm doing bridal where there are only select colors, if I have just one model/client, or if I'm doing male grooming. Anyway, I bid before at 350 only to lose. But she relisted it again and I won the bid for 1k. Usually, they sell stuff like this at 2,500 at makeup schools so 1k is a good buy.

Since, it was bulky, we decided to meet-up instead at Glorietta. I asked Mika (the girl selling the makeup case) why she's selling it and she said that she doesn't need it anymore and since it's been hanging in her house long enough, she decided to sell it (good decision heeheehee). True enough I needed a good train case to save me from the hassle and this was a good buy. When I got it, it was still in pretty good condition, save for a few bumps and scratches from wear-and-tear. It was just dusty from storage but with good cleaning, it will be okay.

I showed it to my other co-MuAs (first Mikee of MAC, who taught me how to clean it then the people at Paul and Joe). I disinfected the exterior and interior and wiped them clean with soapy water and wiped them dry and sprayed it again with disinfectant. After which I proceeded brushing the exterior to remove the dust, rubbed it with a damp cloth, and polished it. I let it dry then organized my "Bridal Supplies" in it. It was able to accommodate foundations, concealers, powders, pencils, blush, some palettes. I just have to keep the lipsticks, mascaras, and skin care in another bag or trolley but at least, setting up and working would be easier.

So here's the makeup case:

Reconditioned and newly-polished

And now full of goodies:

It was such a good bargain. I'll be fixing the interiors this weekend, since the bottom floor still needs work. Actually, once I get used to it, I'll be able to toy around with the exteriors wth some aluminum paints and all.
Looking at this train case, I can't wait for my next gig where I could use this. :D Now for a labeler!
Thanks Mika for the train case. Rest assured that it will be in good hands. ;-)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ready, Get Set Start!

So really to get into makeup, what do we need? Uhm here you go.... a LOT OF MAKEUP! Going into the field of makeup, just like photography requires you to really invest. But since we're all doing something we like, which is makeup, a little shopping trip could be fun, right? Although wallet draining. Some makeup schools offer a starter set of makeup so we know more or less what to buy. However, if you really want to know what to buy here's a list that'll hopefully get you started:

1. BRUSHES - #1 in my list to buy for makeup whether for professional or personal use. Before the train case (I still don't have a train case until now). I'm actually wanting to buy another Suesh brush set for backup (I'm using a mixed blend of brushes right now). I'm actually looking at their site now again.... *drool*. Shame on me. My assistant owns a set and I don't I've tried Suesh during one shoot and aside from the price, I love how soft they feel and how comfy the handles are. Suesh has been used by a lot of makeup artists and they're highly recommended by makeup schools.

2. FOUNDATION - Do not hoard the entire counter for every shade possible. All you have to do is get a light shade, a dark shade, and a medium shade (or two) and just mix. It's safe to get yellow tones or beiges instead of pinks because we Asians are all generally yellow-toned. Beige is in-between and quite safe. I like liquid foundation since it feels light on the face and it's easy to blend. I do have my cream foundations, which also could double as conceaers. Cream concealers are also good for those with extremely dry skin. I have both formulations. I use two-way foundation as powder to set makeup.

3. POWDER - Powder sets makeup. like foundation, it's good to get this in a wide array of shades. Loose powders are good because they adhere better but for touch-ups i like them pressed because they are less messy that way.

4. BLUSH AND CONTOUR - Blush gives that healthy glow on the face. Powders are easy to work with and they're buildable. I like pinks and peaches and apricots although plums are good for certain people. I like blush that will give a healthy glow rather than blush that screams BLUUUSH! For contour, it's safe to get them in a matte finish because getting a shimmmery bronzer to contour will just do the opposite (in a worse manner) of what you may want to achieve.

5. EYESHADOWS - Most of us love shopping for these, and I can't blame with all the colors. I like my eyeshadows pressed since they're less messy and it's good they come in palletes. It's nice to get a big one with all the colors. Neutrals are a must in every makeup artist since it's neutrals that sell but once we get the hang of it, like me... we might need a lot. What kind of eyeshadow do I prefer? Powder (loose or pressed) because it's easy to work with. The cream could crease, I use it as base though to help my powder stick longer. Some matte brown eyeshadows can be used as eyebrow makeup. Oh and get some eyebrow makeup too!

6. LIPSTICKS - I love lipstick I have over 50 lipsticks in rainbows of shades. Lipsticks are great in nude, pink, taupe, brown, or plum. I always carry red with me since I'm such a sucker for red lipsticks. Mattes are always classic and I love matte. MAC has the best range of mattes but for a glossy and pretty finish, makeup artist Rae Venturanza recommends Clinique for glam and beauty photoshoots. And I got a lot of Clinique!

7. PENCILS - lipliners and lip pencils are good for definition. I like them to glide well effortlessly instead of tugging and gashing. My favorite lip pencils are guess what? Ever Bilena! They're cheap and soft enough. For eye pencils, I like Fashion 21 to start off with. My favorite eyebrow pencil is Paul and Joe #4. But if you find that too expensive, I like Nichido light brown (use sparingly) or dark blonde and I just set it with powder.

8. EYELINER - Gel/creme or liquid for extra definition. My hands are quite shaky so I use gel eyeliner. If you're a super expert go for liquid. Fashion 21 is the best liquid liner there and I really love it.

9. MASCARA and EYELASH CURLER - We must not forget our lashes! I have mascaras in black and brown. Both volumizing and lengthening formulations. I have both waterproof and smudge-free varieties. My favorite mascara brands are Face Shop, Fasio, Clinique, Maybelline, and Paul and Joe. For eyelash curler, would you believe I own four! Hahahaha I'm not saying you should own four. One will do. I'm just a packrat and eyelash curler collector. I have to say I love the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler and ModelCo Lash wand. If Shu is a bit too expensive just get Fanny Serrano or Revlon, since they're both affordable and deliver excellent service.

10. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS - Of course here are some stuff and they include: Tissue (LOTS OF IT), skin care items, face wipes, cotton buds, cotton pads, false lashes, wedge sponges, velour puffs, lash glue, and most of all - A SUIT CASE TO CARRY ALL THESE STUFF.

Tip: For gigs, I don't bring all my makeup. I just pack what I need in individual pouches and place them in a suitcase. However, setting up has been a pain with this technique I gotta buy a train case soon. :)

It does not seem much, but I'll review some skin care and makeup I highly recommend.

Cosmetics Fair Loot

Let me start my blog by my favorite thing aside from makeup - retail therapy!

I went to the CAS Cosmetics Fair held at the Center for Aesthetic Studies last week. Participating brands were Guerlain, YSL, Revlon, Bobbi Brown, Skin Food, Watercolors, and TSM. For the makeup crazy like me, I had to control especially when Guerlain slashed off their prices up to 800 pesos only for the foundation and Touche Eclats were marked lower. And
today, they allowed credit cards! Whoo and auuugh since I really needed serious control. But anyways... here's what I got.
Skin food had most of their items at 60 off and I badly needed blush since I could not find my Patrick Rosas blush so I bought this candy pink Skin Food eyeshadow that could double as a blush. it's very shimmery and pigmented and it's good for weddings. I also got a Black Bean pencil eyeliner in a plum shade. This one gives a warm smoky eye and it also glides easily like butter. The circle with the four sections is actually concealer from Watercolors, and these are good for covering blemishes, redness, counteracting yellowness, and all things that we need to even out the skin tone. It's quite potent, a little goes quite a long way. Those sachets are actually freebies of moisturizer I got from Skin Food (review coming up).
The pink shadow worked like a great blush. I used it on my client during her trial makeup and the cheekbones really popped out.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hi! I'm Your Neighborhood Makeup Artist!

It seems that I'm in a blogging spree. I've set up another blog dedicated to makeup. So what makes this more different to the other blogs I moonlight? Well, this blog is mainly for makeup as a career and advanced makeup techniques. With the makeup industry booming and many hopefulls enrolling in makeup schools in hopes of becoming the next big thing in the makeup industry, I decided to set up a blog for the makeup artist, by a makeup artist!

And just in time, It's my one year anniversary in the industry and so much has already happened -- all of which I've been grateful of, both good and bad. They both made me who I am, and these have paved the way of a career path I've grown to love.

So with reviews and tutorials and raves and rants, I will also be featuring makeup schools, announce makeup workshops, photoshoot collaboration, job openings, apprenticeshp programs, etc. I would also feature makeup artists - seasoned individuals in the industry in differet fields - counter makeup artists, chief makeup artists, teachers in makeup schools, and budding yet talented freelance makeup artists that are sure to make it big in the industry

If you're a makeup artist, pro, amateur, or aspiring, then read on here. If you love makeup... you're welcome here as well. :-)