Thursday, April 30, 2009

Survey Time

Hey guys, my friend and I have a project and I'm asking for your help if you could spend a few minutes of your time answering this survey. Thanks!

To answer, Just click here.

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner

When Kiehl's first opened here in Manila, I've been a regular visitor of the store for one thing since I love the simple, straightforward packaging with no frills but with a vintage-y like charm and they're also a brand that does not promote animal testing or use much chemicals. Horray!

At the L'Oreal Luxe Beauty Event, I was lucky enough to be one of the 9 people to take home a Kiehl's Iconic product and this was my choice. Not only did it say alcohol-free (a bit of concern to some girls with sensitive skin, and I do have my raw skin days too making me do away with makeup) but it also is good for normal to oily skin types.
Retail Price: Php1,375
Yes, those little fibers still come with the bottle and when I saw my bottle, I happen to see them as well. Heeeheeheee. It kinda looks like tea and when I smelled it, guess what? It smelled like iced tea too.

So after washing my face, I decided to give this a try and give my regular toner break for a minute. The directions states to moisten a cotton pad and apply to skin in areas where needed, avoiding the eye area. By this time, I have passed the traditional Kiehl' Patch-Test, and I have had no adverse reactions on my inner wrist when I tried it. Horray.

Anyhoo, so going back to the product, when I applied it, it felt like water on my skin, except that it smelled like iced tea. I was expecting a cooling or tingling sensation but I felt none. No burning sensation either. It may be a good thing though, if your skin is raw and sensitive. I found the scent quite energizing too, just like drinking iced tea.

Overall, I think this product is okay, especially when my skin's feeling sensitive. I did notice that my skin felt a tad better than what it was pre-oil and all, maybe I could use this after my exfoliation, when I should stay free from alcohol or other chemical ingredients.

Tokyo Kamon Girls: Coming this July 2009

Lookie lookie lookie what's coming this July 2009 aside from the rain of course:
Me *hearts* the train case, which I'm eyeing on (drool! now owning one brings me to these dilemmas: It's white and I need total 411 to keep it that immaculately clean and how to bring that to LA), the portable brush set with the Tokyo Kamon Girls and the bottles of cleansing oil. Talk about ultimate cutenesses!

Shu Uemura UV Armor Arrives This May 2009

This May 2009, Shu Uemura launches their new Sun Protecting Face Cream namely UV Armor. UV Armor does sound like a weapon of mass destruction but it's actually a sunblock cream in a super-gentle formula.

I got a sneak peek of this as this was given as part of the goodie bag during the Beauty Art Makeup Competition launch. I kinda like the squarish bottle it's in, although it was a challenge to pry out of the box. When I tried it, it went on my skin almost like water and not heavy or creamy. You know what that means, it's like the fates calling to me and saying, "Hey, you have no excuse not to wear sunscreen because it's not heavy and it won't feel like your pores need a quick boost of oxygen!"
Scent-wise, the scent is very light. It smells like the Shu Uemura WRex cleansing oil, if you ask me, which is my favorite cleansing oil, with A/I and Fresh ranking a close second (they're a tie!). Summer makes me gravitate towards lighter scents, so again, no excuse not to wear sunblock.
Whitish cast? Nada. It's easily absorbed by the skin, and I could put my makeup almost right away.
As of now, this is available in Japan, but hey, May is just a few weeks away here in MLA. It's got two SPF factors: 30 and 50.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Go Pink

Here's my look during last Sunday's shoot. I wanted something quick and fast since I needed to dash to QC, which for me is the other end of the world but still needed to look good.

My scheme last Sunday was a happy color - PINK! Why pink? Coz I haven't worn pink in a long time and it somehow uplifts my spirit. :) I also learned from Ate Nina that pink is a pretty color and with my occupation relying on making other people look good as well as look good myself, what more than to use makeup in a pink scheme?
Hair is my traditional beachy waves which has saved me an ample amount of time in prepping myself before I head out the door to work or to hang out. The makeup I did here was really quick. I didn't want to wear much because it was too hot. What I did there was just even out my skin tone using concealer/liquid foundation in a light/gel formula only where needed and set everything with powder. The one important thing I did was to define the eyebrows. I learned that from Dennis who's as OC with eyebrows and has converted me to someone to be OC with eyebrows. Since the makeup was light, I just filled them in and set it with blond brow gel hence keeping the makeup soft and light. I brushed pink eyeshadow from lashline to browbone for a wash of color and used the same e/s on my cheeks for a shimmery, glowy blush. Frosty pink lipstick in the same color family as the eyeshadow sealed the color part while mascara opened my eyes and further framed the face completing the structure. For once I did away with eyeliner, just for today.
Minimal makeup is usually what I wear during shoots unless I'll be made up myself. just last night, I had a client shoot and since I was lazy to put any makeup on, I just defined my brows with Make Up For Ever Eyebrow corrector and brow gel. Brows really have a lot of impact and I'm mastering them now.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dirty Dirty

Sunday I had a shoot again and despite the fact that I travelled all the way to QC, a land I'm too scared to conquer and got my hands full with cocoa and oil mix (simulated dirt) and dealt with a taxi driver on too much uppers, the outcome was worth it.

models: Fatima and Matt
photographer: Dan Santos
art director and stylist: Dennis Celestial
makeup and hair: Bambi de la Cruz

White outfits brought out the color of the mud and B&W just made it more classic. Makeup is basically smoky eyes and nude lips with defined eyebrows, which totally rock the fierce look. The smoky eyes I made on Fatima were smoky cat's eyes to give the eye a lift plus a sex kitten allure.

Full falsies for a better effect. For her hair, I curled them and totally hairsprayed them. I used hair extensions to add length and volume so her hair has this sexy sort of Giselle Bunchen look.

I love the shock value the shoot has, and the whole impact of the outcome. :) Working with geniuses like Dennis, Dan, Fatima, and Matt are opportunities I wouldnt let pass plus the models were super game. Didn't have a hard time, hence the look of the shoot.

my goody (bag) day with my pink shoes

Okay, so this is the day where I went home teetering in 4-inch high-heeled hot pink stilettos (My height instantly shot to 5'11") armful with stuff but I couldn't complain even if I have this dialogue:

I came from the parlor after having my hair flat-ironed when Kang of MAC Makati called me and told me that my product payments were already ready and I could fetch them at the Rustan's head office already.

Makeup ready? Then it's time to go there, sweltering heat and all. When I got there, Sam handed me a plastic bag with the MAC logo and lovely babies inside.

It's got my name. Wheeee! I chatted with Sam a bit before proceeding to my next function. But before that, here's what I got:

The Emmanuel Ungaro Collection :-) It's not gonna come out here though and I'm glad to be able to get my tabs on them. I love the rosy-earthy color schemes I got, which could be perfect for my signature glamour look :). The Emmanuel Ungaro logo etched on the package doesn't hurt too. I love the simple minimalist statement. Shown here is Beauty Powder in Flower Mist Dew, which could double as a blush and highlighter, when all i want is a subtle glow. The cream color base in Fresh Morning can be used as a highlighter or an eyeshadow base. The two eyeshadows mineral and soft flower are very neutral pinks and browns that I could use for everyday. They go well with my Popster tinted lip conditioner if I want just a tad of color on my face.

I got the bonuses to take home not one but two Mineralize Skinfinish compacts. :)

Left is Gold Deposit and on the right is Soft and Gentle, both Skinfinishes are pigmented and can be used as bronzer for a sexy summer glow or a highlighter for those who want some features to pop. Pigment-wise, as I swatch them, they're both good. Summer summer summer is making its way.

A little bonus is an eyeshadow duo from the MAC Suite Array collection. Originally, I got the Smoke & Ash but since you guys already know I purchased it, Sam was nice enough to switch it to something else. I got the Counterparts:

Suite Array is quite sheer so layering is the key. I've got a beige-y base and green eyeshadow. This green is different because it's more muted so smoky smoky smokey!

So aside from MAC I dashed to Discovery Suites for the L'Oreal Luxury Beaute Groupe event (yes... still in the 4-inch heels and sprinting) where L'Oreal unveils their newest products from their Luxury brands - Kiehl's, Lancome, Armani, and Shu Uemura. So I went around sipping cocktails and chatting with makeup artists and familiar faces. We were given Luxe passes where we moved around to try out and find out about what these brands had to offer

At the Kiehl's station, I got to experience a hand massage (yehey! My hands have been overworked). I was given to try the Yerba Mate Tea Gel-Cream, which was light to the touch and to the nose. :) I loved how my hands felt soft after.

And then up at the Shu Uemura station, I saw up-and-coming brow products:

The brow-styling kit for perfect brows to frame the face. I've started becoming OC about eyebrows after I worked with a stylist who taught me everything about eyebrows and to be OC with them as they frame the face. Since Shu Uemura is offering a Brow Styling Course at their Atelier, I plan to take that course soon. I also chatted with Shu Uemura Makeup Artists Qua and Angie Cruz and asked them the long-sought question on how to take care of the Shu Uemura lashes. The trick is to dab cleansing oil on the band to quickly remove the adhesive and clean them and yes, inasmuch as we would want to keep them for life, these lashes have an expiration date. The tweezers also are perfect to attach false lashes on the eyes with precision, especially if you're fidgety about using your own hands.

Oh and I did see a very familiar face:

That's me (in cat's eyes and nude lips reminiscent of Angelina Jolie, whose makeup style influenced my look) and John Pagaduan, Shu Uemura accredited makeup artist.

Straight from a photoshoot, he arrived just in time to do eyebrow styling and answer questions. John has gone a long way since I first met him on counter. He's done numerous magazines and shoots yet he still remains the bubbly and sweet person he is.

When the crowd settled at the Fragrance station, I had a chance to have a one-on-one fragrance workshop with Blossom Alesna-Morante, the Jr. Trade Marketing Manager of Prestige & Collections international. I found out more about perfumes than I could know, like what fragrance suits me according to my personality and how to apply it. Here were some pointers:

  • I found out that my personality being an indoor-party type of girl (not really a clubber but I'm hardly sporty or outdorsy I prefer being indoors in constant temperature and my style is all glamour. Since that's my type of personality, floral-oriental fragrances are for me, which explains why I tend to gear towards floral scents and sexy-woody scents and sometimes men's fragrances. I'm currently using Ralph Lauren Romance (the one in the pink bottle), which is also a good choice. Although my fragrance choices depends on my mood (Like I'm not an outdoorsy girl but I like citrusy scents and fruity scents during summer days), warm scents have always been associated with me.
  • During the day, wear fragrance light, and spritz it in non-pulse points or mist it on the air and walk through it.
  • During night, pulse points should be applied for the scent to linger. Apply it from bottom (ankles, navel, wrists, inside of the elbows, base of the neck, and behind ears) and up. The reason for this is that when the fragrance evaporates, it stays on longer.
  • Rubbing wrists when applying fragrance is a no-no. This is because it crushes the fragrance molecules so the fragrance doesn't last long. Oopsie.

Hmmm... so those are tips that I could remember when I open my cologne for a spritz. I'm currently using baby colognes and body splashes now due to the humidity but during the cooler months, I could learn a tip or two.

I also was introduced to Lancome's newest anti-ageing skincare line, Primordial Cell Defense, with a watery consistency that's okay for oily skin and it works to the chromosomal and genetic level (whew!), and details and review on this to be out soon. :)

Definitely what's an event without goodies?

Come to mommy, babies :) Now I'll be having super-spoiled clients and models. :)

I guess I got one thing to say to these babies after practically teetering and standing up the entire time:

I should wear these more often. :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Erika's Eyes

Last Wednesday, I had another shoot and when Mike showed me a peg, he specifically told me (while I was at MAC on duty last Tuesday hahaha), "I want defined eyes, not smoky eyes. Keep the eyeshadow neutral but make the eyes pop".

So I'll share the look,who else is the model but Erika! Here she is before makeup, post-hair straightening with my flat iron and pre-skin prep:

As is, she's naturally pretty and she has a childlike innocence about her and since she'll be totally transformed in the shoot to be a little more sophisticated. After a few shots with her with the soft curls (I straightened her hair then curled it), I went for wild and crimped her hair

Girls like to have fun with makeup. We're glad to have guy friends to consent it too (Hi Ivan!) So there's her makeup and we see a bit more definition on her features (facial structure, eyes, lashes, eyebrows,), eyes intense, and in contrast, neutral lips.

The dork who didn't bother to define brows but managed to put a four-layer coat of red lipstick is me (duuuh!)
On my lips: MAC lipliner in Beet, MAC Russan Red, MAC Ruby Woo, and M.A.C. Red. Color stayed on even up to dinner @ Lutong Macau.

Detail on Erika's Eyes and Makeup:
The pictures shown are just portions of the actual picture taken since I wanted to focus on her makeup. All photos are taken by Mike Yu.
To get the makeup, here's how:
  • Even out the face (after skin prep of course) with foundation, concealer, and powder. Since I want pillowy lips, I prepped her lips with yummy, strawberry-flavored lipbalm.
  • I applied bronzer slightly below the cheekbones in an angular motion and applied highlighter on top and blended the two well so I get a subtle shadow instead of a clownish line. I wanted to bring out her cheekbones here and make her face more angular. The bronzer also warms her skin
  • To frame her face, I defined her brows with brown eyebrow pencil and set with brow powder. To make her brows 3d and soften her features, I added a blond eyebrow gel.
  • For her eyes, I tightlined her eyes with brown pencil. Then, I applied creme eyeshadow from lid to browbone so that the eyshadow would hold. I used a warm neutral beige eyeshadow on her browbone and stopped at the crease before applying the lid color: a warm brown eyeshadow then contoured the crease with darker brown. I blended the colors before adding a pop of highlighter on the browbone.
  • For the subtle smoky effect, I lined her eyes with soft, smudgy black eyeliner and set the eyeliner with black eyeshadow. to clean-up the edges, I brushed the edges with pressed powder to avoid the black smudgy lines/powder fallout.
  • For fluttery lashes, I curled her lashes and brushed three coats of mascara. I added false eyelashes too for total pop quality.
  • Lips were kept neutral by lining the lips with nude lipliner and filling in. I used a nude lip color for her lips, blotted, reapplied, and topped with neutral pink lipgloss for a bit of shine. I applied the gloss center-out for more shine.
For the sexy big hair, I used a crimper on the hair in small sections and teased it for big, big, big volume. :)

Summer Hair for Wavy Hair, FOTD, and a super-nice surprise!

My hair is naturally wavy. I don't have poker-straight hair that's seen in commercials or shampoo ads and with humidity that bad, even if I wrestle with my straightening iron, my hair mushrooms up plus I'd have to blow-dry it first then hot-iron it and that takes a whole lotta time.

Just yesterday, I did something to my hair which was taught to me before. It works well for girls with natural waves (like meeeeee!!!!) and layers (like meee tooo!!!!) who want something quick.

Anyway, here are products used:
Hair situation: Damp, towel dried and combed to avoid tangles
Hair products: Curl-boosting gel, mousse, hairspray
Hot tools: NADA. If you have time, like if this is in a shoot or something, you can blow dry your hair:
Brushes: a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product and your hands and major crunch power.
So, here's what I did: After towel-drying hair, I combed it with a wide-toothed comb to smooth out tangles and then brushed it a bit so it's a tad smoother. I mixed curl-boosting hair gel with mouse and worked this through my hair with a wide-toothed comb to distribute the product. Then, I scrunched my hair in bunches and scrunched and scrunched. Kinda like taking sections of my hair and squeezing and release. My waves sort of came out here and for hold, I sprayed my hair with hairspray and continued scrunching and scrunching and then hairspray and scrunch and scrunch. Periodically, I'd scrunch my hair too so I get a "wave-boost" This works well for us wavy-haired girls.

So while wet, hair looks like this:

On face:
MAC Concealer in NW30 on undereyes and VOV concealer #3
Revlon Bare-It-All lustrous lotion in Goldi-Looks
Powder: Ellana Minerals in Caffe Latte and Nu Skin Loose Powder
MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30 for touch-ups
On cheeks:
Contour using Coastal Scents contouring palette
Shu Uemura Bronzing Powder slightly below cheekbones
Cheeks Highlighted with MAC Mineralize Satinfinish in Redhead and so is my nosebridge and chin.
On eyes:
Paul and Joe eyebrow pencil #4 and set with MAC Brow set in Sophisticated
Kryolan eye pencil in dark brown to tightline
Elizabeth Arden bronze eyeshadow on the ball of the lid and Revlon eyeshadow (a netural shade) on the browbone. Blend blend blend
Eyes lined with traditional Kohl eyeliner and set with MAC e/s in Mont Black since this tends to smudge and travel. I used a skincolor powder on the border too.
Mascara: MAC Prep+Prime Lash and The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara (old Favorite
On lips: MAC lipglass in Icescape

So the waves are coming out here. Since the hair's still damp, the top still is quite flat so I still do my periodic scrunching just to boost it and of course, not while there are other people around :). The look is like this beach-y, sexy, and wild head of waves. When dry, here's how it looks like:
I'm here with my good friend Yeoh at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Rockwell with Mike:

and me with Mike:
waves tumble-tumble now. Since Mike had a meeting, Yeoh and I proceded downstairs for the event (details to come out soon) and guess who we saw? She was even nice enough to pose for photo-ops. :)
Omigod it's Heart Evangelista! She's so pretty in person even with very little makeup and her long, black hair tied back. And I love her bubbly, quirky personality. She has such a positive and friendly vibe!

I love, love, love her smile. No wonder people are so drawn to her naturally.

Anyway, this is how my waves look like by the end of the day when it's more relaxed and natural. The look is softer and it frames the face more. :) Since I got lots of compliments with my hair (One of my friends actually thought I wrestled with a deep-waver here.), I thought I might keep this look for a while when I go out. Besides, this gives me more time for makeup and lotsa stuff. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Omigod Omigod Omigod!

Look what I found in the Sunday daily today! It's my print ad!

I remember being hired to do this shoot as makeup artist then the client was shown my portfolio and saw my picture, she immediately asked if I could pose. Of course I was game (I love posing and I love doing makeup!). This shoot was a whole lot of fun, quick, and pretty easy. The kids were soooooooo cute and one of them even played my baby. :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Graffiti Love Project!

Hey guys, spreading the word for my photographer friends' project. =)

COME JOIN THE FUN and be part of THE GRAFFITI LOVE PROJECT- A project shoot for people who's out to experience a fun-filled PUNK ASS shoot!

with Photographers Ryan Christienne Sulit and Henry Anima II, Dino Lazaro for Make Up, and Hair Styling by Icko Enriquez. Finally, we have a stylist to make sure you'll look fab and smashing!

Pol Tapia, stylist for Manila Bulletin's lifestyle section guarantees that you'll never go out of style!

Package Includes:
4 best shots in cd, with a chosen photo printed out in A4 (8½ × 11 inches) photo paper.

Photos will include headshots plus half/ full body shots =)

Photos will also be posted at the respective photographer's multiply sites.

Where: Indios Bravos Studios, Makati

UNIT 305 & 309, 3rd floor, Palm Tower A, St. Paul Road San Antonio Village, Makati City

Participants will be able to claim their package 2 days after the launching of the photos at the Indios Bravos Studio.

Date: 26th of April, 2009
Time: 11am - 8pm

What to bring: Stylish clothes

Don't fret, we have a stylist to mix and match your clothes. There will also be outfits and accessories provided by the stylist during the shoot.
(but take note, you still have to bring outfits! :)

stylists are there to support you, to help you look your best with your outfits.

Be yourself and be creative!

For Questions/Queries and for Registration details, contact Erika Maguad @ 0916 381 5837 or Marge Abas @ 0916 573 15 83

Email us:

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Me Love Model Mayhem

Does anyone here have a Model Mayhem account or get MM invites?

Model Mayhem is like Facebook and Jobstreet combined for artists. You could join for free although they have a VIP status, which you could get for a fee, which lets you put more photos in a profile. However, before you become a member, you have to submit basic information like what you are, what you do, and 4 of your works for approval (if you're a model, your shots) so better get out the good ones with international standards. Once you become a member with the basic benefits, you can add up to 20 photos, and just update.

Once you get approved, you can search for your friends in the industry, be searched, and look for people you could collaborate with. It's pretty easy to discover on your own, the basic features, and the welcome note will show you more.

The thing that catches my fancy is the Casting feature (toolbar shown below), where an artist could look for jobs, based on their specialty. So that's where the Jobstreet-like feature comes in.

It's specific to filter the job you want if you're a model/stylist/photographer/MuA, what country and/or city you're based, as well as the compensation (Cash Money, TFP, TFCD, X-deal) available.

For jobs, there's not much in Manila as of now, but there are quite a lot in the US and countries abroad. If you're visiting another country to study or for vacation and would like to network and work on your portfolio (and even get someone to shoot it for you TFCD if you're in a budget) a bit then MM could be your source.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Shu Uemura Beauty Art Make-Up Competition

This year, the Philippines takes part in a tradition Mr. Shu Uemura started since 1972, in an effort to promote the talent of local makeup artists and to give dozens of hopefuls the chance to join their team. This is the Beauty Art Make-Up Competition and this is open to all make-up artists here in the Philippines, both aspiring and pro.

So here's how it works:

There are two categories:

1. Novice - Includes aspiring makeup artists and these individuals may have graduated (or be currently enrolled) from a professional makeup school but have little experience.
2. Professional - Professional makeup artists, beauty stylists, and freeelance makeup artists. These are those who have frequent exposure in being a makeup artist.

Take note that contestants should not have current affiliations with other makeup brands.

For those interested, they must fill out a makeup competition entry form (available at the Shu Uemura boutique, 2nd level North Wing, Powerplant Mall Rockwell Center), The form must be attached with the items below (placed in an envelope)


1. photo of beauty artwork (no editing, minimum size of 5r)
2. video of the makeup application process (again, no editing)

Also, at least 5 items used in the artwork should be shu uemura products.

Submit entries to any of the following addresses on or before July 8, 2009

1. Shu Uemura Boutique
2nd level, North Wing
Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center
Makati City

2. L'Oreal Philippines, Inc
23/f Robinson's Equitable Tower
#4 ADB Avenue cor. Poveda St.,
Ortigas, Pasig City

Please address all entries to Lyra Importante, Shu Uemura Product Manager.

So here's how it works: Among the entries submitted, 20 entries (10 novice and 10 professional) will be selected to compete for the top 10 slots, which is still 5 novice and 5 professional. They will be screened by the Shu Uemura makeup artist team (screening would be on July 10, 2009). The top 10 entried would compete on September 2009 for the finals.

The prizes at stake for the winners are:

For the Novice Category:
  • Opportunity to become part of the Shu Uemura Associates Team
  • Ultimate Collection leather brush set
  • Shu Uemura Make-up Box
  • Shu Uemura Artist Starter Set
  • Cash Prize
For the Professional Category
  • Opportunity to become part of the Shu Uemura Associates Team
    Ultimate Collection leather brush set
  • Shu Uemura Make-up Box
  • Shu Uemura Artist Starter Set
  • Cash Prize


.. Will compete in the regional finals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It looks pretty exciting, especially for those who want to jump-start their career in make-up artistry. The prizes are just as exciting too (wheee on the brush set!). I'd sure love to join too but I dunno, there are gazillions of great MuA's out there.

Good luck to all participants! Mwah!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Clean Summer Makeup

Summer = Hot

Seriously, I love makeup but with this heat, I don't think I could stand makeup meltdown already or the thought of makeup suffocating my face. I've been wearing less of it just for now. However, with my features and probably because of habit, I'm one of those who can't stand going out without the slightest bit of makeup. During the cooler months where I could go my smoky eyes, colorful shadow and full on makeup, I've let makeup take a backseat and go for a fresh look with minimal glam.

First up is skincare. I've started taking care of my skin keeping it hydrated, removing makeup at the end of the day thoroughly, and proper skin care (that includes SPF) so it would be in top condition so I'd have less to cover. Less to cover means less makeup to use. I also try to get an ample amount of sleep so I have less bags and dark circles.

Here's my minimal makeup look. The good thing about it? It takes less than 30 minutes (10 if I'm super systematic) and I have more time to fix and comb my hair or sleep or EAT.

Never mind the dorky expression here but summer for me is supposed to be effortless makeup with fresh, touchable skin. :)

For my base, I even out my skin by applying liquid foundation and concealer only where needed. For now, my foundation is Shu Uemura Face Architecht Fluid Foundation and Paul and Joe Moisturizing Compact or Creamy Compact (this one I apply all over the face and set with powder). Sometimes, I use my liquid foundation as concealer. I set my makeup with powder to avoid makeup meltdown. I use my stock of mineral makeup here or any loose powder would do.

I frame my face by defining brows. For summer, I prefer my brows light since I like the gentle expression my face has with light brows. I use MAC Brow finisher in blonde, which is like a wax stick that sort of shades my brows and keep hairs in place then set my brows with a light brown eyebrow powder. I also use MAC in Lingering, which is a classic and lighten it with brown powder or Paul and Joe eyebrow pencil #4, which is a blond shade. For me, I need an extra help of brow pencil since I have thin eyebrows.

For my eyes, I line it with brown eyeliner since black could be harsh. I line close to my lashline to make my lashes fuller. With this, I could skip eyeshadow and proceed to mascara. If I want eyeshadow, I apply a browbone highlight or a sheer contour on my crease. Then, I curl my lashes and here's where I go heavy on: mascara. Those who read my EOTDs know that I have 7 coats of mascara on my eyes. But yes, I do give it a rest with 3 coats, I just want my lashes alive.

Next up is blush/bronzer. On days when I feel bronzey, I go for bronzer. Usually, I'm using a peach blush or a pink mineral illuminizer for a soft glow.

For lips, I still can go dramatic, knowing full well that I'm still and always will be a red lip fan. I have my staple Russian Red in my purse if I need to go glam in a snap. For now, Im sticking to a sheer lip tint like MAC lip conditioner in Popster (from the Hello Kitty Collection) or a neutral-colored matte or satin/creme lipstick with a slight coral or berry tint, depending on my mood and the color scheme of my makeup. In this picture, that's just lip conditioner.

The good thing with this is that I actually spend less time with makeup, but my hair has been taking a lot of my time since I need to iron it since I just had the layers trimmed and I would need to tame my hair.

My Whole Day Shoot

One time, a photographer sent me a PM in my Multiply site asking if I would like to collaborate with her for a photoshoot. She assured me that even though it was a TFCD shoot, it would be awesome.

I looked at her portfolio and I was quite impressed with her work since it was different, so I gave it a shot. I found out too when we chatted and we were talking about the peg that she's currently in the same school as where I graduated from in high school. Going back to the peg, when I looked at it, I fell in love with the messy, curly voluminous rumply hair and the colorful makeup. Good thing the shoot was scheduled to a day where I could make it.

We met up in a small cafe near my place (since she lives near me) and then we went to BF paranaque for the shoot. We did makeup in her friend's house and since the house had a rustic charm to it, we shot there first outdoors.
That's us at the backyard with our model, Torj. Here's a detail on her hair and makeup as I documented it:That's just a warm shimmery bronze and I mixed it with lilac and fushia plus I used a hot pink lipstick with gloss. The hair was fun to do, although a bit time-consuming since I had to curl the hair in small sections, pin them in place, mist with hairspray and then tease it for volume to get that messy-fix do. No wax since I didn't want to weigh the hair down. Here, the humidity sort of helped us pouf up the hair.

She was really game and Lyka, the photographer was really creative. She even asked Torj to lie down on the pavement and she was game during the shoot. It was really fun and the sun was so hot it practically burned us but it was worth it. Actually, after using the house, we explored the village and made use of the vacant lots, streets, and pavements. It was a good thing that it was held during the long weekend where almost everyone was on vacation so there was no oggling around.

So here are some of the shots. I'm still waiting for the one where I used feathers and pinned up her hair in this sort of refined Amy Winehouse look:

Here's when she lay down on the pavement:

and a detail on her makeup:

photo credits: Lyka Ohrel (
model: Angelique

The secret to seamless shadow is not the product but Blend, blend, blend and blend.

It was a great way to warm me up for a big project I did last Monday, and I can't wait for that to come out as well. :)

I wish I could have photoshoots and clients everyday, even if that means cleaning my brushes each time I get home and repacking my stuff.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Look What I Found

I'm kinda guilty of one of those people who google their names and see what's up. Hahaha. anyway, I googled my name again and guess what I found? I saw links to this blog, my multiply site, my dotcom site (in construction), and credits from Model Mayhem, Deviant Art, and various model/photographer portfolios. Whew! Clean slate. Anyways, I found this picture too and I shared it to Erika:

Photo Credits:
Photography: Bugsy Jimenez
Models: Bambi de la Cruz and Erika Maguad
Makeup (Bambi): Apple Mae Casumpang
Makeup (Erika): Egay Dacay
Hair: Egay Dacay
Barong Gowns: Mike Llavarez

I remember this was our ever-first shoot. The only one I knew there was Paelo, who texted me the weekend before if I could join the shoot. This was also the time I modelled after he made tampo to me that I modelled for Stan but not him and after coaxing I finally gave in. That shoot must've been my good luck charm because I've been modelling since then. In this shoot, I couldn't model yet. :P

Anyway, that was the day I met a whole lot of people who later on became my good friends, especially Erika. We hardly had much contact that time, save for this series and to put on her lashes. The first time I saw her was her series of modelling with Ate Nina.

Fast forward to almost a year, she's one of my closest friends, my constant blogging event date, and my Krispy Kreme eating butty-buddy.

Hugsy butty! >:D< Miss u! Let's eat Krispy Kremes again.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tuesday Maximized

Can I just say I'm so happy that it rained?

Lady Luck must have kicked the Fates and told them, "You gotta get this girl's butt to work!" because I was once again productive aside from being my usual bored self.

I was headed out the door when I got an SMS inquiring for my makeup services for graduation since they would be needing my services that day itself. I sure loved to but I already commited, RSVP-ed, and promised to go to an event, which would be by 4:00 p.m. and I needed to be at Makati at that time. Good thing they agreed to take an earlier slot, which was 1 pm. The makeup was supposed to be for my client's graduation. I used my super long-lasting makeup and waterproof mascara and gave her a neutral look ehancing her features and focusing on her youthful glow, since she's only high school.

That's me and my client Ana. I just gave her a natural look and contoured her features so her look doesn't get washed out. Her sister was with us and she told her her own personal experience of the horror she had during her graduation when she looked old. With my philosophy of youthful glow and this trend of hydroluminous skin, I just settled for glowing skin. I used waterproof eyebrow corrector, eye color base, mascara (and spirit gum to glue falsies) and lip fixer plus super-staying makeup for the makeup to last and gave her and her sister retouch tips. For eyebrows, I went for 2 shades lighter than her head color. I set her hair and curled the ends and combed it out for movement and body. Not much on volume since the hair would be flattened out with the graduation cap anyway. :)

After that, I quickly dashed to Makati on cab. Good thing I was able to find one that was willing to take me straight there. But here's the thing, I haven't been to the place at all so today would be my first time. I guess I was lucky because the cab driver knew streets so we were (sorta) able to avoid gridlock traffic.

So what was the event?

This event was a press launch of the Shu Uemura Beauty Art Makeup Competition. Apparently, this competition has been held worldwide and it would be the first time that the Philippines would be joining . There would be a makeup competition where makeup artists would be competing for 2 slots to be part of the Shu Uemura associates team and only one would be chosen to compete in the regional finals. The prize and opportunities are definitely something so I'm sure this would be a hit. I'll post the details soon.

I thought I'd be a lone belle during the event when I was there (and being 30 minutes late due to the little traffic by the rain) but good thing there were familiar faces - Jamie, Shen, and Jheng, the latter two, I finally got to meet personally after commenting on their blogs, now I finally met them and we all got started talking makeup. :)

Of course we wouldn't go away without these new babies:

1. Mika <3> 2. Shu Uemura Bronzing Powder
3. Sunblock Cream (SPF 30)
4. A travel-size bottle of the classic star product: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil in Fresh
5. A tiny atomizer of Depsea water

(at this point I'm starting to miss butty-buddy :( )

More stuff for my stash. I love the bronzer. Not only would it give me a sunkissed glow but it could be useful for subtle contours. And of course, the cleansing oil is another heaven on earth.

Makeup kit .

Yes, Tuesday is a lucky day despite the rain