Thursday, September 11, 2008

Checker girl

When I was still studying makeup in CAS, we were asked to color face charts in one seatwork. I designed a checker-pattern look that I wanted to recreate once I sourced the right materials. Last Saturday's shoot, I was able to do so, and Lauren was the canvas.

By Shed Chua
First time do do face/bodypaint and it was really fun and exciting. Lauren was really game to do posing. Had to use my Kryolan palette as a makeshift rule. Also, it was my first time to use 3 falsies and put falsies on the bottom lashline. Lauren also was a sport posing for me.
I discovered how I like the Snazaroo brand of face paint better as it's water-based. It moves around easily as well and it's easier to blend. Plus, it washes out rather easily.
Review coming up!


miemiemie said...

cool!:) the eyes look great and the checkered pattern, galing galing naman :)

hi ate bambi,hehe i'm jamie the one you messaged at multiply :)

Anonymous said...

i like the 2nd picture better, more natural. :-) good job on the face paint, not bad for a 1st timer. :-)