Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bright Colors at the MAC Counter

Fall colors are usually known to be either warm and rich like pumpkin pie and cinnamon toast or subdued and muted. MAC's Fall Colors, Wild Color is like an oxymoronic mix of spring during the fall - with a bang

"A wild, whimsical, & wonderful palette. Stars Small Eye Shadows, Pigment, MAC Artist Favorite Chromagraphic Pencil, and Lipstick."

I visited Avy on counter since she was guesting for the week and she showed me the bright and pretty lipsticks and pigments, some are from the collection, which she knows I'll like and some are from other collections too, that she'll know I like. As I held out my hand, she swatched several lippies and pigments in bright colors that say "Hello! I'm here!"

Avy swatched two matte pigments from the collection. The bright peachy orange one is Neo-Orange and the pink one is Magenta Madness. They're both matte powders. Matte powders can be used as eyeshadow or mixed with lipgloss for a sheer lip color. I remember the MAC powders were used in the America's Next Top Model photoshoot where powders were splashed on artistically on the model's face like this one shown:

Anyway, there's also a frosty green-gold color that's called Golden Olive (shown at the right, below), which can be used as an eyeshadow, tearduct highlight, or a fresh break of color from a very deep smoky eye. The pigment jar next to Golden Olive is Tan, I think, and this is part of the Midnight Blue Collection, which is also one of the fall collections of MAC.

The lipsticks aren't going to be subdued and I mean they are pops of color that's like colorful candy. Actually, lipsticks to me are like candy or snow ice to my toddler self.

The nude one is Fleshpot and the violet one is Violetta (if the color name is familiar, this was part of the Venomous Villains collection last year, hence a relaunch) and these are part of the Midnight Blue Collection. The Wild Color collection ones here are Show Orchid and Fusion Pink, which are two bright pinks but are both different since they're in opposite ends of the color spectrum. Show Orchid (another relaunch from the MAC Riveting collection last year) is a vivid hot pink that's got a cool bluish undertone. Fusion Pink is more of a bright corally pink, so it's warmer. Mentionables too in this collection but pictures I haven't taken are Neo-Orange (A bright and clean orange similar to Morange) and the famous bright in-your-face red lippie that's seen a million miles away - Ruby Woo.

Aside from the lipsticks and pigments, you guys should also check out the chromagraphic pencils which can be used on the eyes or lips, depending on how you want it. Eyeshadows are also super bright and pretty, and since I've been a MAC eyeshadow user for years, I can attest that this is just so awesome!!!!

Wearing bright colors can be fun. The easiest foolproof way is to use it on the lips and the rest would be effortless. For pretty eyes, it's nice to keep the lips simple though, but there can be a rulebreaker look that's also pretty. Just don't go overload with color pops so as not to look like a clown, like in the promo photo. It looks pretty on picture, funny on real life.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Creamy and Sweet Energy in A Bottle With Enercal

So a few weeks ago, I got invited to the launch of Enercal Plus, an adult nutritional supplement that fuels our body with the right stuff. When I asked if this was one of those energy-spiked drinks which turn me to sluggish then to hyper in a millisecond then crashes my system, I was told it was like those health milk drinks we drink.

Actually, when I got to the event, I felt like the event kind

a called to me. First of all, we were asked to answer a quiz form in an iPad, which asks us our current lifestyle - how much we exercise, how we usually feel, how much sleep we get, and so on. I was enthusiastic to answer it anyway, since as you all know, I exercise a lot and I have a relatively healthy diet. I did, however cringe on the junk food intake and how much meals I eat. Why? Because junk food is my comfort food and I eat 5 meals a day. Not five tiny meals, five big meals fit for truckers. Yes, that's me. I guess part of the reason why I get to eat junk food some time is probably I'm so much exposed to it, living in a fast-paced environment. Sometimes, I come home really tired from a shoot and instead of cooking a healthy meal, I tend to call a food delivery hotline. It's unavoidable too, to get stressed for one reason or another be it traffic, heavy workload, or stuff like that. Sleeping late is also one of my sins, having being guilty of sleeping late actually the night before. Not that I party a lot (in fact, I don't and I prefer spending my Friday nights watching Spongebob or Fairly Oddparents than staying up late in a club).

As soon as we were served our lunch, the program started, and who better to host the event by another sports and fitness enthusiast than Boom Gonzales.

Boom introduced too, three plus achievers. If supermen and superwomen did exist, it would be in the form of these three celebrities who have ever so busy schedules but manage to pull everything off

Paolo Bediones, Angel Aquino, and Jett Pangan are no strangers to everyone in the audience. Paolo is a reality TV host/broadcast journalist/businessman who performs in a band and supervises his soccer team. Angel Aquino is a top model/tv host/actress/mom. Jett Pangan is a singer/rock icon who now dabbles his acting chops in musical theater (and he rocks at it too) and hosts MYX Live. These three celebrities are what I call "slashers" - meaning their occupations have slashes - they do not just have one role. Yet despite their very busy schedules, they manage to stay on top and look their best (Avy and I kept wow-ing on Angel's makeup).

After the celebrities shared their experiences and how they cope and compensate with their lifestyles, Dr. Oyie Balburias, Medical Director of Medical City explains the mechanism of the body when it's on stress, its side effects, and how it will take a toll in the body in the long run. He also showed results from the survey taken that

same afternoon, as well as proper lifestyle aspects. I did find out that day that:

  • 8-10 hours of sleep has a reason. The body needs to rest and regenerate. At a certain time in that period, the organs also do its own repair (looks at my strained wrist: I better zonk out!)
  • Water is important! I think this is self-explanatory and I think being confined once for dehydration already should teach me a lesson
  • Protein first before carbs in the food pyramid.
  • Never miss meals, and have regular meal times


With everything "instant" being unavoidable, though, we need an extra help for filling in the nutrients lacking that we get from food nowadays. Enercal made it easy since it's a complete source of essential nutrients that we need. Enercal Plus is a powdered drink that can be taken in the morning to give our body an extra boost. I usually use a 4 scoop : 200 mL of warm water during the morning, since my body takes in dairy better in the morning, for some reason. It's pretty yummy too. The creamy vanilla taste reminds me of White Rabbit candy (the white one with the edible clear wrapper).

Another thing I did too with my Enercal Plus was that I used it with my cereal since I didn't have milk. Well, whaddya know, it worked! :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

New Plueys for 2011 + Cute Bowed Booties!

For quite some time, Plueys have been every girl's life and poise-saver, making even the stormiest of all stormy days happy and dry so we've been trooping from one place to another in pretty and quirky rainboots while keeping our jeans and feet dry in a very pretty way. Makes me look forward actually to happy showers instead of cursing them to oblivion.

As you guys all know, I've been doing makeup for their lookbook for quite some time now, and it brings me a smile to my face whenever Esel would contact me and tell me that it's shoot time. Once she gives me a peg, I'm up to elbows researching and testing materials which I could use. Every year, our shoots get better and so much funner. This year, our shoot takes a very unexpected turn, and it actually challenged my and Mike's skills as a makeup artist and a photographer respectively. We did a photoshoot amidst rain and a blackout. That's right! With a project that's ever-so-dependent in light, we had to pull off a fab shoot even when there's a power interruption.

Since the shoot was located at a studio that's near my place, I offered to do some of the makeup here in the house before proceeding to the location. Esel and Erika did makeup in the house as Mike did product shots in the studio. When Erika and I got to the studio and set up, I was about to plug in my airbrush gun and blowdryer when the studio experienced power failure. We were able to make use of a few lights the makeup table had as well as a few lights. Still, instead of waiting, we proceded with the shoot with traditional makeup instead of airbrush and cold set and updos instead of heat style. Yes. I also did hair.

So what was the outcome? Check some of our photos out (credits in first photo):

Some people say that the show must go on. We say the shoot must go on, and make it rock. HARD!

The 2011 lookbook can be found here at the ReadyForRain Facebook page. You can also visit the Ready For Rain website to see past lookbooks and other products like the My Brolly umbrellas and suggestions on how to care for your boots. As you can see, Plueys have added a few more designs to fit anyone's fancy. There's Retro Pop, which shows gray need not be drab if it were peppered by cute lil polkadots. Erika (yep! That's my Erika! She modelled for Plueys this year, and I'm such a happy mommy ducky!) models Savanna rain boots, which are just so cute and rarr at the same time with cheetah prints adding an unexpected twist to pretty proper cuts and lines. Rainbows and stripes collide with Spade rain boots which give print-on-print a cute spin.

If you check the lookbook, notice how much of the looks are styled with the girls wearing pretty dresses and skirts showing that you can wear Plueys not just with jeans but with shorts, leggings, skirts, or dresses. I personally like wearing them with shorts and dresses, as you can see in some of my OOTDs.

Plueys also launches a new product: Booties! If you find boots too heavy, booties provide another alternative to keep the tootsies dry (Hey! It rhymes).

I think the bow's pretty cute. Booties are available both in black and nude color, with a different colored bow accent. They look so cute and pretty I can actually wear these pretties even on the sunniest on all sunny days instead of flats or sneakers. Remember how the sun is blasting our pores one moment then rains hard the next? Booties make sure we're protected when the rain part comes when we go out with the sun shining. And yes, you can wear this with shorts and dresses.

I chose to get Savanna this year, since I love animal prints. With cheetah prints, it expresses my love for kitties just like Catstooth did. :)

Cheetahs are kitties too! And looks like the kitty in the background is about to notice familiarity upon spotting the print. Don't worry, kitty, that's not made of real kitty fur but of floodwater-protecting rubber in a cute cheetah design.

So what's your Plueys choice for this year and how do you want to wear it? Whatever choice you have, the only key to look good is to put things you love together and are comfortable with and just rock it.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Gigs: Polecats At the 2nd Avenue Launch

I was thrilled and honored to do makeup for my teachers, the Polecats again, this time in one of their performances. This time, 2nd Avenue invites the Polecats to perform for the launching of their latest series, "The Playboy Club." This is a wholesome event set for prominent media partners of 2nd Avenue and the audience was really excited to see what's in store for them.

I got to the venue (Palladium) at 6 pm and just in time, I was able to see them rehearse. I was given a peg beforehand and their costumes shown to me but it was great to see their number so I get a "feel" already of the look before my brushes, muscle memory, and brain start working. Just like an actor, I have to be in "character mode" doing the makeup.

X-stage properly set with sandbags: Check!

Makeup: Check! Makeup must-have is dark MSF (to contour), lip seal, MUFE Eyebrow corrector, MAC studiofix, and glittery eyeshadow. For their look, Myla told me that they wanted hot pink lips with smoky eyes.

Makeup artist and canvases (that's Kayleen) with me: Check!

I wanted a clear space to give them at least some privacy with their preps so we turned an available washroom's corner to a makeup corner.

Amaya goes first. Doing makeup on their shows is somewhat different from doing makeup on their photoshoots. They both need to be long-lasting since they'll be cooked under hot studio lights. Since they'll be dancing some numbers, makeup should really last long, so I used MAC paint pots to make their eye makeup hold, MAC fluidline, Fanny Serrano Two-Way Foundation (which I've tried and tested during the Stellar Summer Show. Did not fail AT ALL!) and Fix+ to set makeup while making it look natural and meld with the skin instead of it looking powdery. Since lighting is quite dim, I have to be stronger in application here than in photoshoot makeup, like deepen the contours, intensify the eyes, and exaggerate the lines a bit so they don't look all washed out. At the same time, it has still to look pretty instead of clownish.

Others are OC with eyes, others are OC with lines, I'm super OC with base makeup and contour. I want skin to look flawless and perfect.

By performance time, Polecats Amaya, Myla, Kayleen, and CD are already prepped up for their number.

I could hear a lot in the audience going "Wow!" and a lot were whipping out their cameras to take photos. I can't help but be happy and proud of my teachers - all four of them (Myla in beg1, Amaya in beg2, Kayleen in Beg 1 and Pole Mix and now CD in Intermediate 1). This is definitely pole dancing that takes away the sleazy and focuses more on the artistic and acrobatic.
Their super nice jades which made me do split exercises when I got home.

Special thanks too to Police Bennett and James for helping them out and being ever-so supportive. James took most of the photos you see here.

Thanks to the Polecats for letting me do your makeup for this event (you can read their post here)! Glad you girls loved it.

While at it, I'd like to plug their anniversary show, Polarity, which would be this Sunday, October 16 7:00 p.m. at the Philamlife Theater in UN Avenue Manila.
Visit Gen Studios Ortigas or contact 0917 701 POLE(7653) to buy tickets.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forever 21 SM Megamall 3-day Sale

Who loves Forever21? I sure do and I'm sure you do, or else you wouldn't be reading this post. Forever 21's flagship store at SM Megamall so hop on the MRT, get off at Ortigas station and be prepared for exciting sales, deals, and discounts!

If you're an SM Advantage Cardholder or BDO Rewards Cardholders, be sure to bring them as you're in for treats namely:
  • 20% off on regular items (with a minimum spent of Php5,000) for the first day until 12:o0 noon when you present both Forever 21 Mastercard and SM Advantage card/BDO Rewards card.
  • Get 10% off on regular items for SM Advantage Card and BDO Rewards Card

Forever 21 Mastercard holders are entitled to the following:
  • 10% off on regular items (with a minimum spent of Php 5,000) for the whole weekend with your Forever 21 Mastercard

*Get 5% rebate with a minimum spent of Php5,000 with your BDO credit card (Forever 21 Mastercard included in this promo)

Monday, October 10, 2011

R02 Beauty And Wellness Center Rescues My Hair Again

One out of three friends I know are into group-buying sites. They rave about how they're able to find really great deals and advised me to check it out too. I keep shy on things like that, with the shopaholic tendecies I have, I might end up splurging on a lot of things. I did sign up, upon a friend's invitation one day, and promised to myself to use it on a really good buy.

It took me months after I signed up before I finally made my first purchase. Reason for this was most of the deals were located in places far from me, like QC or out-of-town. Second was that, I always think three times before making a purchase so I don't make any impulse buys. Anyway, let me tell you about my first Groupon purchase, which was something for my hair, which I always abuse. Hahahahaha. I saw a really great deal on my email for hair detox + oxy-jet therapy + head and back massage + haircut that was only Php 499 from the original Php 2,300 value it had. So I was like, go buy! Plus the location was super near my place and I have a lot of time this week so go (No typhoons okay? Heaven I call to you.).

As soon as I made my purchase, Groupon sent me a notification that I'll be sent a coupon via email. I got my coupon the day after, which I printed, before I decided what day to avail the deal. I thought of availing it today, on a Monday, where salons are usually empty as they usually get filled with clients on weekends. I called and set my appointment and as soon as 3:30 p.m. struck, I dashed out the door, fed the cat, and hopped on to Jupiter.

R02 Beauty and Wellness Center is a salon and spa located at Makati City. It's along Jupiter street right next to the entrance of Bel-Air 2 Village. I never really paid attention to it before to think I used to frequent that area especially whenever I have shoots at Mike's house. So when I called them and asked which side of Bel-Air they were and they told me they were near Bacolod Chicken Inasal, I knew the place already.

When I got there, I was welcomed by the friendly staff. I presented my coupon and I was asked to fill up a client information form. I was introduced to my therapist, Ian, who was really very detailed in explaining the treatment I'm about to receive. The hair detox is a treatment for the hair and scalp to return hair to its natural and healthy baseline state. The oxygen (or oxy-jet) treatment is for the scalp, and it's recommended for those with itchy scalp, dandruff, and falling hair. I told them that they could skip the haircut part as I'm currently growing my hair (I like keeping my hair long) and I already have someone who maintains my hair.

I was brought to the salon area at the second floor, which was filled with the relaxing scent of lavander. That alone (and the mood "spa" lighting) was enough to get me in a relaxed mood. First up, was to cleanse my hair so Ian shampooed my hair and towel-dried it. After gently detangling my hair, he applied the hair detox cream on my hair and scalp, section by section. During the process, he noticed one thing: FALLING HAIR! I was like eek! He asked me if I was stressed. I did have a lot of work influx the week though, and although I love working, it does beat me up physically. Hahahaha so I barely notice the stress part.

After the treatment was massaged through, my hair was wrapped in cellophane and I was told to relax (with a relaxing back massage I didn't complain) as the treatment started to work.

During the time my hair was immersed in hair detox solution, I had magazines to keep me company.

And tea of course. I love tea!

After that, my hair was rinsed and blotted dry. The oxy-jet part came next. The oxy-jet machine looks something I'd usually see in a lab rather than a spa, but I assure you it's nothing like torture, although it looks so scientific.

What happens when the machine is turned on is that the probe, which looks like a pen, sprays a solution directly on the scalp, like a cold mist. It's a 0.9% Sodium Chloride (NaCl) solution with chemicals, so it's not water. After that, my hair was blow-dried straight but not overly blow-dried that it's cooked all over again.

After my treatment, my hair started to look like it belonged to a human being rather than a wolf. Ian also gave me advice to keep my hair healthy and in check:

1. Avoid leaving the house with the hair wet, as wet hair attracts pollutants more, which damages the hair.
2. Dry hair before leaving the house. Blot with towel, then air-dry with a fan.
3. Use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair instead of a brush.
4. Load up conditioner on the ends rather than the roots.

With hair like this, I think I'd keep this for a moment and shampoo on Wednesday morning, as I was advised to let the treatment sink in. I didn't notice that when blow-dried straight, my hair comes up to my waist already. As the girls there said, "Hanggang Marilao Bulacan."

I also ought to try their spa services soon, like the bedrock massage, which currently is on promo. That maybe next week. I'm due for my healing massage this week, so I'm keeping my massages in moderation.

I love it that I got a really good deal. I really should keep those deals in check because there might be a good deal for me, that's a fraction of the price that it originally is.

Divine Inspiration

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and aside from donning a (virtual) pink ribbon, I decided to dedicate a post to one of my pole buddies, another Jill-of-all trades and probably one of the bravest and strongest women I ever knew.

Divine Viola is a doctor. That alone got my jaw dropping because I know surviving med school is no joke, but Divine seemed to still view life through rose-colored glasses, with no trace of fatigue on her face.

Aside from surviving med school, Divine has won a bigger battle, that is, her battle against breast cancer, probably the biggest battle in her life. You read that right, Divine is a breast cancer survivor. I’ll never forget what she told me. The reason she got to pole was she needed exercise for her bones to make her stronger because of her cancer. In March 2007, she palpated a lump on her left breast. It was then excised and the biopsy results showed it was malignant. Divine was diagnosed with stage 2A breast cancer. She went through everything – total mastectomy (she showed me her scar where her whole breast was taken out), chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal treatment. “It was scary,” she said. “I felt like I had a death sentence.”

Halfway through her chemotherapy, depression hit her. By that time, her immune system had already weakened due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Her activities were severely limited too. Watching women dance on TV made her envious. But instead of further sinking to depression, Divine made a promise to herself that she will start dancing and dancing when the time she gets well. She also had to deal with the anxiety over the possibility of recurrence. As time passed by, her anxiety lessened. She still undergoes yearly checkups to keep her health in check. As of the moment, Divine has been cancer-free for 4 years and 7 months. When people say that she is in remission, she tells them, “No, I am cured.”

At 47, Divine has the stamina, strength, and fierceness of a healthy woman half her age. and she rocks the sport of pole fitness. She has taken her love for dance and pole up a notch by being part-owner of Dance Station, a dance studio that offers classes in pole, hiphop, burlesque, and Latin aero. Her love for pole dancing is not just a hobby but a business as well.

Her positive outlook in life and success story in her career (she opened her clinic Skin Science Medical Aesthetic and Laser Center last summer) made me want to feature her in my blog, as she symbolizes the fierce, independent, beautiful, and strong woman that’s perfect to emulate. I've been wanting to feature her ever since she told me her story and I've been waiting until October for this post to be up. Read our Q&A and let’s all be inspired!

Divine at the opening of Skin Science Medical Aesthetic and Laser Center in a beautiful Ronaldo Arnaldo dress.

How long have you been pole dancing?

I started pole dancing in July 2010 but had to stop because some activities interfered. I finally took it seriously in November 2010. So, roughly 10 months.

What keeps you busy?

My work as a doctor takes up most of my time. But I try to live

a balanced life. I work, I exercise (pole, of course), I also man the the dance studio (i.e. Dance Station) whenever I have time. I also find time to cultivate my spirituality and have a social life.

with the girls of Dance Station

Is dermatology your first choice?

I initially wanted to become a neurologist. But when I was assigned at the Neurology Department, I realized I would not be able to handle the stress. I decided to pursue Dermatology. I am more on the aesthetic side although I also treat pathologic cases. I hate medical emergencies.

What gave you the strength to go through the obstacles?

I have always been a fighter. My family, friends, pastors and most especially my faith in God (that I will be healed) kept me going.

Divine loves pole dancing so much no one stopped her, not even a guy from doing what she loves.

Why did you choose dance as a hobby and now a business?

I have always loved dancing. And although I do not have a dancing background, I would always join dance performances when I was still a student. Since I love pole dancing, when the offer to become a partner in a dance studio was given to me, I did not have second thoughts. Now, it is not just a hobby but a business as well.

What makes you look younger than your age?

I avoid too much sun exposure ( I use sunblock daily), eat a nutritious diet ( no junk/fatty foods), get enough sleep, exercise 3x a week, and drink lots of water. I do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages.

It is also important that I love my work because I do not feel like working at all. I also find time to relax. I try to maintain a positive outlook in life. I see the glass as half-full.

What is your favorite pole trick?

i like doing the inverted crucifix, eye opener and aerial superman.

If you were to choose between your passion and a man, which would you choose?

That already happened. I had to choose my passion over someone who did not like me doing pole dancing. I do not like to be put in a cage.

What is the best beauty advice that you got and from whom?

It was from my beautiful aunt who I admire a lot because she has aged gracefully. She told me to stay out of the sun as much as possible.

What can we find in your make-up kit?

Sunblock, mascara, red lipstick and mild-scented perfume.

10 years from now, do you still see yourself dancing?


Divine is a breast cancer survivor, and she rocks her life like anything - success, beauty, passion and she shows us that she can hurdle any trial and come out from it smiling, and you can too!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ticker List Before 30: Yay! Almost there!

I'll be 30 in a few months! Am I dreading it? Actually, no. I'm looking forward to it as another year and a milestone in my life, just like kids look forward to their birthdays every year. In fact, I told everyone I stopped counting the age at 7, and look at age as a number.

Normally, we all have our ticker list before 30. As for me, I'll look back at these years and see what I've done thus far, counting the blessings that I did. Don't expect though that it's like "made my first million" or like "become CEO of company ABC" or something, because obviously, that's not my line of work.

Found what I loved to do and rocked at it

I think for me that's the most important thing. I found what I want to do for a living already, stuck to it, and survived. It's not easy though, and I think most of the people who are in my line of work agree that getting to be a makeup artist is a tough job. The thought though of waking up every morning and looking forward to going to work, whatever it may be is more than millions to me. It's working while having fun because I like what I do, and I'm glad I'm here and newsflash, I'm staying here in the makeup industry like I'm superglued to it until the day I die.

Turned pesco-vegetarian

It's something that I always had potential to, since I really like vegetables more than meat. I find myself sluggish and bottom-heavy everytime I binge on meat, but veggies somehow give me a cleaner feeling inside. What I can't give up though is seafood and sushi, that I eat still. I feel so much lighter and cleaner. I bet mother nature thanks me for it.

Took care of my skin

Would you believe I still get mistaken to be in my early 20's? Thankfully, I was introduced to skin care techniques and products specific for my skin type. I got educated as well on the need to have SPF. It's not just a bottle of greasy stuff... it protects you from the sun and ageing.

As you all know, I'm a faithful Olay user and I use Olay on my face and when it's pole-free days, I use Olay body wash or Olay body bar on myself. On days that I go out though, this baby is on my face and neck:

This is Olay Regenerist Superstructure cream, which even is highly potent in anti-ageing benefits plus SPF 30 (normal SPFs are like just 15, this one is practically like heavy-duty sport sunblocks), it goes on light as milk on my skin and doesn't interfere with my makeup. I do what Kris does sometimes, and use this on my body at night too. :P

Gotten married and moved out of my parent's house

One sign that I'm a grownup already! Self-explained.

Whipped myself in better shape by going to a class

I'm getting mad muscle tone and I'm doing this the natural way - no steroids or protein enhancers. It's been eight months since my first pole session and we're having our evaluations later. But regardless what level I'm in, I'm happy at my accomplishments.

I did my Gemini already and it's becoming my favorite trick
The jade is like an inverted split. With regards to my splits, they're getting better, and it looks like I'll be able to do two full splits before June 2012.

Handstand butterfly, the latest trick taught to us in class.

By the way, it was only through pole that I got amazing abs and strength in less than a year. My bruises and muscles don't get me to model anymore as I'm no longer flawless but I wouldn't have it any other way. I think I belong here more and prefer working backstage in the fashion industry.

Went International

Well, sort of. One of my fun shoots shot to international level when several of the photos landed at the online version of Vogue Italia.
I have an amazing team to thank for.

Seen and fell in love with Singapore

When everyone I know wanted to move to Singapore I was intrigued about the fuss Singapore had. When I got there, I didn't want to go back home. It's just too beautiful, too clean, and too organized. The food is amazing, and it's my type of city definitely. I'm more of a metro than suburbs girl. The suburbs bore me and I prefer being surrounded by buildings and taking MRTs rather than bore myself to death with clean air and birds chirping. It's like a big mall with trains and zero crime rate. And, I can pole in here too.

I'll be adding to this list as I go along, but here are a few goals I would like done, still got more than half a year to go:

  • Have another billboard done
  • Learn more vegetarian dishes
  • Polish my music skills and hopefully upload more music covers
  • Get a pole of my own so I can practice pole at home
  • Do another show
  • Do a TVC
  • Study hair
  • Travel more
  • Visit Europe (this I'll extend my goal to hmm... say 40)
  • Have more staples in my wardrobe - not just funky stuff
  • Finally develop my drawing skills because I still can't draw
  • Take more pictures, now I have a better camera

And the list will go on. Why? Because I think life is an adventure and I only have one so I'll live it and rock it.