Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Cat Rescue Story

As you all know I'm a proud and self-confessed cat lady and animal lover. I feed cats and I'm kept company by the neighborhood kitty friends. I keep kibble in my bag to feed strays who come my way. Let me tell you a story on a rescue mission we did on a cat that went through horrible things.

While I was pole-ling, the hubby got home with a worried look. He told me if he knew the situation that was going on outside. I said I didn't since the music was loud and I didn't hear any unusual noises. Turns out that on his way to our unit from the parking, he saw our kitty friend Chompy "meowing" at another cat. It was a gray tabby cat that looked like our other kitty friend, Jessie. This cat that looked like Jessie had deep gashes all over its body and it was severely wounded and it had a difficult time walking. The cat appeared to be malnourished and thin. At first, we both thought that Chompy and the cat had a fight. However, a neighbor who also saw both cats told us that the cats weren't fighting and in fact, Chompy was sort of "conversing" with the wounded cat. Besides, with the wounds of the cat, it could not have possibly been attacked by another cat. The wounds were so severe that you could see the intestines and internal organs. I couldn't look at it but then I decided that we had to do something.

A witness told us that he was walking that day when he saw the cat bound with plastic straw. It was bound so tight that it couldn't move and it was in obvious pain. That witness took pity and cut the string so the cat would be free. But the bounds weren't what just kept the cat in pain. It had wounds all over its body. The wounds were deep that some organs could be seen. The hind leg seemed like it was fractured then healed on its own but it didn't heel the right way so it's sort of bent. With all the traumatizing things, the cat cowered at people and it hid at the backyard. Two of our neighbors kept it company and tried to give it assurance that we were there to help it. (I do apologize that due to the high stress level at this time, I wasn't able to take photos for documentation as you'll see later why).

Since I was also online in Facebook, I immediately changed my status message asking for medical help for the cat. Since it was around 8:30 p.m., it was probably the time that people were winding down from Facebooking or being in front of the computer the whole day or trying to go to bed. I began calling my friends who I know have cats for pets who could tell me what to do. I called Arpee and he advised me to call CARA Welfare Philippines since they have experts who could help us in animal rescue. I checked their website and called their hotlines. Hubby also left a message in the voicemail, since it was off office hours probably.

I still continued contacting people. I googled vets near in the area. I also contacted friends who might know people involved with CARAPHIL or other animal welfare groups. Definitely the cat needed medical care and it's best to seek advice on how to handle this from the experts. We didn't have proper catching equipment since the cat has wedged itself further in its hiding place. Any DIY attempts we do could stress the cat and besides we didn't have a cage to keep it in. Finally, we were able to contact Reb and Tanya of CARAPHIL (thanks Gail and CD for giving us their contact info!) and they were able to direct us as to what to do. Basically, what we needed was to get the cat to be easily and safely transported for medical care. Fortunately, Reb sent me the contact information of Ms. Nancy Cu Unjieng, the president of CARA Welfare Philippines. She had her staff come over the house and safely catch the cat using a cat net. They put the cat in a cage, and we took her to the vet.

The cat was attended by Dr. Dan, the doctor taking the night shift. According to him, the gashes of the cats weren't fresh, so it could have been there before the cat was bound tightly (so the cat was mutilated then bound? how bad could her torturer be?). According to Dr. Dan, the cat would have to be confined and observed.

Kitty in the hospital, Day 1. Don't worry lil one, you'll be okay. See the leg that juts straight out? that's her injured leg. It fractured then healed on its own but without proper alignment.

While at work this afternoon, I was contacted by Dr. Riza, the surgeon. She gave me updates on the cat. As of the moment, she's responsive and she's been given antibiotics and dextrose and her wounds taken care of. Since the cat's in pain, it was difficult to examine her wounds while she's conscious. She would have to be sedated so that the wounds could be examined carefully and see what could be done. Her surgery would be tomorrow. I asked about the blood tests. She said that all results are within normal limits except for elevated white blood cells, which meant that the cat had an infection.

After work, we visited the cat to check on her. We found out that she's a girl. She doesn't have a name yet, though. She hasn't pooped or peed yet judging from the medical records. She was awake when we visited her.

Actually, if you do look at her, she's a very pretty cat. She's got long whiskers and expressive eyes. Her meow is really pretty though. And it's just adorable that when I do my "meow", she meows back. Her meow seemed polite and enunciated well. This cat seemed to be a proper aristocratic lady . Being alive despite the injuries, I could tell that this is one fiesty kitty who could still put up a fight.

She's been in that position all day since she's still in pain.

She must be scared of people because sometimes the doctor told me she hisses when approached.

From how it looks like, our kitty friend seems to be putting up a good fight. I don't expect her to be up and running the following day. We're taking baby steps but we're both hopeful that she'll be okay. Cats are hardy animals and this little one has been on the street for most of her life so I'm getting my hopes up high that she's gonna be in a good fight.

It breaks my heart that there are people who actually torture animals and subject them to all sorts of cruelty. I wasn't able to look at her wounds when she was found due to my weak stomach but the hubby and the neighbors told me it was really severe. here are some people who aren't fans of animals but if that were the case, it's best that we let the animal be instead of subjecting it to torture and mutilation. This cat had undergone all sorts of torture - it was starved, fractured, mutilated, and bound and strangled and left to die.

But with the presence of those who torture innocent animals in our community, I'm glad that we were with people with compassion towards them who helped us somewhat in helping the cat. Hope that someday, animal welfare awareness could be encouraged.

To those who have helped us bring the cat to recovery, Thank you very much. We'll constantly update everyone with regards to the cat's condition. We're currently looking for a family who would love to adopt the cat as their own when she gets better.


Kate said...

Animal lovers are wonderful people! I recently rescued two abused puppies from the streets, too. Hope to meet your little one soon! :-*

KittyKat said...

God bless you for saving the kitty :)

dementia said...

Kaya pala you were asking for a vet. I'm so happy you saved little kitty! *hugs*

Dang Villanueva said...

I love you for doing that, B! Breaks my heart to read what the cat went through. I'm an animal lover, too, and my first pets were stray cats who eventually stayed in our house because we feed them. We had 7. I hope our laws against animal torture can be more aggressive. :( God bless you & your hubby! Such huge hearts! :)

Bambi said...

thank you for the kind words. the cat just undergone surgery to remove the contaminated fatty tissue and her internal organs back in place. she's stitched up nicely and is under 24-hour observation.

mnel said...

Grabe. You're such a very kind soul Ate Bambi. I hope she's doing well now. God bless!

Bambi said...

I'll update everyone ASAP with her progress. If you're a Facebook contact in my personal account, you would see constant updates in my status messages. It would be great pleasure to spread word around. Any help would be appreciated - finding a suitable family for her, moral support, prayers, donations, or encouragement.

Thank you so much for the support. The cat lived maybe because there were so many rooting for her survival.

It's the second time I've encountered that type of cruelty. The first one, when I saw a kitty being run by an SUV, I cried and didn't know what to do. Now I know better. So when we saw this cat I didn't think twice but take action.

Cats and dogs are living beings, the thought of seeing them tortured or abandoned breaks my heart. We may live in a tiny house so the least we could do is help them find suitable homes with their forever families to love them.

Dea said...

The fact that this cat was abused and that there are people who do this to animals broke my heart, but then there's you and your husband to uplift my spirits.

Bless you and your heart, Bambi. My family are cat rescuers as well (but our last one, Kara, died last week), so this really warms my heart.

I'll add you on Facebook so I can look forward to your updates. I'm sure your new cat-friend will pull through. I wish we could adopt her but one of our cats is pregnant.

Dea said...

By the way, I learned from you to always keep kibble in my bag. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I read your blog through Cat Care Philippines. Thank you for having such a big heart. Will pray for your kitty's recovery. There should be more people like you!