Friday, September 12, 2008

No To Haggardness

We all have that don't we? We got that "haggard" phase at the end of the day or at the middle of the day. Name it - we're fatigued, flat-out, and all we want to do is just go home and snooze. However, not only do we feel it, we also look haggard as well - our complexion is sallow, our eyes puffy, and we just look plain blaaah.

So, here are some tips that we could use to perk up our day - sans nicotine and caffeine overdose, which could dehydrate the skin.

1. Rehydrate. Haggardness = dehydrated skin. How do we rehydrate? WATER! Our office has a whole water dispenser right? Use it. Remember how in kindegarten we were always told to drink 8 glasses of water? That's the key. It replenishes lost moisture and also flushes out the body's toxins. Got a long flight? keep hydrated with water. You can also carry a plane-friendly facial mister to re-energize and rehydrate the face from yucky, dry, recycled plane air.

2. Detox or take a break. Yep. just like the commercial. If drawing relaxes you, grab a scratch paper and start doodling. You can also surf the Internet for the latest chika or your favorite YouTube channel. Take an office break and detox by reading your favorite beauty/lifestyle/tech blogs or blog as well. These little 10 minutes can also refresh and recharge you. When I was working back in the office, I take a break from transcribing reports by blogging or catching up on the latest chika or watching 80s cartoons in Youtube. It preps me up and gives me my much-needed energy for the day.

3. Have a snack. There's a merienda time right? Go down to Jollijeep and have your favorite turon (bananas also give energy). Sip some warm tea.

4. Take a power nap. This is, if your work allows it. If you really must get some shut-eye, a 10-minute nap can do wonders. Just don't abuse it by taking your afternoon siesta. :P

5. Meditate. Working nonstop for hours can make you see stars later on. Believe me, I've had that experience. I worked nonstop even if my body was crying "TAKE A BREAK ALREADY!" It came to the point that my hands were shaking and I had to pause. When we're about to reach our breaking point, I've learned to just pause first. Close your eyes and think of your favorite vacation spot or just empty your mind and breathe slowly.

6. Do a quick exercise. Remember how after an exercise session we have this "feel good" vibe? Actually, here's the thing, when we exercise, our body releases chemicals called endorphins, and these produce that "natural high" or sense of well-being. Okay, I'm not telling you to hit the gym but you could get a quick endorphine rush by taking a quick walk to stretch your legs. Or combine with #3 and walk to your favorite coffee shop (okay, so I said no caffeine but a little nonfat iced coffee drink won't hurt, huh?) Your body will thank you for it. Plus, the atmosphere change could relieve you of the "office rut".

7. Aromatherapy. It really works! If you're jittery and anxious, take a whiff of lavander, which has calming properties (remember how spas smell like lavander?). If you need energy, have a citrusy and light fragrance with you. Spritzing your favorite cologne also helps.

So, here are stuff that might help you re-energize mid-day when you need that extra oomph at the end of the day.

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