Thursday, September 11, 2008

As the Rain Pours, Let the Skin Glow

As I was about to attend the CPK event last night, even though it would be a food event, I made sure I dolled up. Heeheehee... Since it was raining, I didn't bother the curls, which would get washed on the rain and flattened out by my hat (to protect my makup) and so I flat-ironed it to straighten out the kinks.

For the face, I went vintage but simple. I wanted it quick, too, as I left the house early.

Products used:
  • Skinfood Moisturizer
  • Watercolors corrector kit as concealer
  • Paul and Joe Moisturizing Compact Foundation #30
  • Nu Skin Powder
  • Careline mestiza white on the browbone
  • The Body Shop Lip butter
  • Fashion 21 black pencil liner to create cat's eyes
  • Paul and Joe Eyebrow pencil in #4 topped with Body Shop brown eyeshadow.
With my journey to Makati becoming haggard to due the traffic, weather, and floods, it was automatic that some makeup is bound to slide off. However, the foundation was intact but for staying power using:

  • Paul and Joe Dual Protective Dual Powder Foundation #31 to set
  • Paul and Joe Face Color powder in #09 and blush.
  • Paul and Joe Waterproof Curly Mascara in black (I realized that I didn't bring mascara.eeek! How can I forget mascara?)
  • Paul and Joe lipliner in #6
  • Paul and Joe lipstick in #15

I realized how soft and cushy P&J lipliners are. They didn't event dry my lips and they double as satiny lipsticks. And that mascara was able to withstand humidity so no raccoon eyes! Horray! I was going for vintage as usual, but with a tad more time. I forgot how fun to was to create cat's eyes.

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