Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bridal Work: Kaycee

The day finally came where Mike and Kaycee finally tied the knot. Everything was beautiful, from the flowers, the details on the dress, and of course, our bride, Kaycee

During our prenup session, I discovered that Kaycee loves makeup too, she's got awesome gear that she specifically wanted to use. On her wedding, she got gear for the day. She had her foundation ready (MAC Studiofix, the holy grail of all foundations), her eyeshadow palette (Urban Decay Naked 2), and she had two choices of pink lipsticks - MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj and NARS Schiap. Since I wanted a bit of freshness, we chose the Nicki Minaj lipstick for her wedding lip, as I previously reviewed it before, it brightens up the face instantly for a fresh, youthful glow without looking too overpowering. we kept the rest of her makeup neutral - browns for the eyes and just a kiss of pink on the cheeks. 

Wacks busy at work. Photo from Kaycee's Facebook account
For her hair, Wacks decided to go with a loose and romantic updo, to fight humidity since it was raining so hair does not mushroom up or fall limp and flat. 

Artistic minds really do go together well. Kaycee and Mike designed and printed their wedding invitations themselves. Mike's a graphic designer. I love the vintage artsy effect of the invites. Their monograms were also reproduced into stickers on our powerpacks, which were snack packs given to suppliers so they are constantly energized. Thanks guys!

photo from Kaycee's Facebook account
For those getting married, they can design and print your invitations too! (Plug plug!)

Santuario de San Antonio provided an excellent backdrop for their photos. It was a rainy wedding day for both of them, but thankfully, there were no rains by the time the post-ceremony photos came.

 Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles! (Finding Nemo mode)

MIKE + KAYCEE | SDE from Kris Matanguihan on Vimeo.

Kris Matanguihan did an excellent job with their SDE. You can see most of the happenings there.

Thank you Mike and Kaycee, and have a happy awesome life together!

Makeup Technique: Airbrush
Hair: Wacks Joaquin
Photography: Bobby de los Santos (solo photo of the bride and photo of the couple are his)
Videography: Kris Matanguihan
Flowers: Vatel Manila
Coordination: Tie-The-Knot

Monday, July 30, 2012

Introducing Glambox Pro 5000 Series

I've been a Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics user for over a year, ever since I purchased it last October 2012. It has been with me in many weddings and shoots. I love how easy is it to use, even for personal use and also how handy it is to take it with me. The easy-to-use foundations are also a plus for me, and I also like the fact that they're yellow-toned to fit most Asian skintones.

The deluxe pro 5000 kit

As we all like to level-up, Glambox introduces a new model - the Glambox Pro 500 Series, for makeup artists or makeup enthusiasts who want to level up in their makeup skill.

With higher PSI (up to 40 PSI) and bigger gun cup capacity (7 cc), this is the device to use if you're into bodypainting or airbrush body makeup, especially for glamour photoshoots.

The cup also has a lid to prevent spilling so each bodily curve is covered with ease of maneuvering.

Although it may be bigger, the Glambox Pro 5000 Series still is compact only weighs 2.7 kg and has a handle for easy transport. It may be a bigger model but for makeup artists, this is better than lugging something really big, bulky, and heavy.  It also has a low noise emission so this won't be much of a trouble if your client has a baby catching up on sleep.

Another thing is to love about is its affordability. Whereas most airbrush apparatus costs around Php 40,000 or more, the Premium Pro set below comes with sixteen bottles of all foundation and cheek colors, 2 luminizers, and 2 adjusters plus 3 bottles of cleaners. It also has a bag and a tutorial CD.

 Total cost of that: Php 27,500

Other kits are available too. The one pictured above, called the Deluxe Pro 5000 kit (Php 22,800) comes with 4 bottles of foundation, 2 cheek colors, 1 luminizer, and 3 bottles of cleaner. This can be for a makeup artist starting up. For those who already have the first Glambox Airbrush kit model, a  complete set of colors but want an upgrade, the Starter kit may be the choice for you, with 1 foundation, 1 cheek color, and 1 thinner for Php19,500. Hmmm... wish list updated!

More details may be found at their website at http://www.glamboxairbrush.com or at their Facebook page where tutorials may also be found on how to do complete and pretty makeup looks. You may order online as well.

Friday, July 20, 2012

One-Stop Glow With Benefit Pocket Pal Plus Tutorial

I've heard great reviews with Benefit's Benetint from a lot of blogs or just conversing with friends, how it provides a natural flush on the skin and a slight tint on the lips instead of looking clownish and funny. It was quite intriguing that when Benefit cosmetics wasn't here yet, it was a pasalubong list of many girls from relatives going abroad. So I decided to try it out for myself last Tuesday, to see what the fuss was about.

When I got in the Benefit Cosmetics branch in Greenbelt, I was intent on purchasing the full-size bottle. But before my purchase, I wanted to ask for a sampler first. Thinking that I would be given the full-size bottle, I was surprised that I was handed a double-ended wand, with one end containing clear gloss and one end containing the Benetint liquid. The girl instructed me on how to put it on, like dab a little first on the apples of the cheeks and blend quickly. For the lips, I had to dab some of the stain on the lips and top with the clear gloss. Although the full-size bottle was available, I thought I'd purchase this one first. For one thing, it's cheaper (PHP 1,100 as opposed to the full-size bottle which was Php 1,800) and also, I was still trying it out. Makeup usually lasts quite a long time and it pains me to see makeup dried up in the closet. Maybe if I ended up liking it, I'd purchase another one, yes? By the way, if the pink isn't your thing, there's also a Chacha Tint version of the pocketpal, for a peach glow.

The pocket pal looks like this:

It's as big as a regular lip gloss and it could fit into any a teensy bag. Anyway, the darker end, like I said earlier contains the lip and cheek tint while the clear one contains the gloss.

Just be very careful in opening the container. When using the tint, remember to open the container gloss side up to prevent spilling of product or else you will cry. Why? Because your beloved tint will fall on your dress or the ground and since it's a stain, it would be hard to remove.

When I tried it on counter, despite the deep red shade the tint had, it came out fairly natural on my skin, like I just ran a few rounds or did a few inverts. I like natural flushes though, and since I was pole-ling that night, it was perfect. The gloss also wasn't too sticky. You know I don't like sticky glosses.

Just some key points, since this is liquid, apply this under powder so the glow is more natural. Since stains can be quite drying, prep up lips with lip balm before applying the stain.

On my skin, I tell you, it looks very natural.

I especially like the lip color has got that just-eaten-a-strawberry-popsicle look, minus the red teeth and tongue stains.  can take this with me anywhere if I want to look alive, like during travel after a loooong plane or road trip.

Anyway, since I was feeling ill today, I wanted to share a tutorial for, well, you got it, people who are feeling ill but still want to look human. We all are guilty of still leaving the home even when nursing a fever, cough, or cold. We all need to work, and it's hard to be absent. I myself am guilty of going to school despite a 40-degree fever and taking an exam. But of course, I looked horrific then, you'd think I was struck with the Ebola virus miles away. Looking back, there is a way to fake the health, until we get better. We may go out looking ill, but it doesn't mean our looks have to announce it right?

The look is quick and easy and I'll describe it as quickly as possible. It's an effortless no-makeup look that will make you look alive. In my own technique, I didn't use brushes at all, and you'll see why. Maybe in yours, a brush or two may be used, depending on the products and personal preference.

What you'll need:

  • Concealer to hide your eyebags and redness
  • Tinted moisturizer (you may use your favorite BB cream or go DIY by mixing a droplet of your favorite foundation with your moisturizer)
  • Eyeliner - black or brown
  • Face Powder
  • Eyebrow pencil or your favorite eyebrow makeup
  • Benefit Benetint, because this is the product I'm featuring, in my case, the Benetint Pocket Pal
  • Eyelash curler and mascara (try Benefit's They're Real!) 

  1. First of all, wash your face well and pat dry. Get your tinted moisturizer and massage it on the face and neck. Don't just apply and spread. Massage it. Why did I emphasize on massaging it? It will give the face a lifted look and boost circulation. Take as much time as you need here. 
  2. Conceal your panda eyes or redness around the sniffly nose with concealer. Blend well to create the illusion of even skin tone.
  3. Before setting the makeup, apply Benefit Benetint on the apples of the cheeks and blend in. This will create the rosy and healthy glow. Make sure to blend very well. Dab some on the lips and blend outward for that just-bitten look.
  4. With the complexion looking rosy and even, set makeup with powder to prevent sliding. I prefer using pressed powder in here, because loose might exacerbate your snifflies.
  5. Eyebrows need to be defined, so go ahead and frame your face by defining brows with eyebrow makeup. A groomed brow instantly gives the look impact.
  6. Tightline the eyes with eyeliner to accentuate them. When I say tightline, just wiggle the pencil on the roots of the lashes to make them look fuller. use a trusty and smudge-proof liner here. I lined just my top lashes, but depending on your preference, you can go and line the bottom lashes. Just use brown for a more natural look.
  7. Curl lashes and apply mascara.
  8. Finish off with the clear gloss that comes with Pocket Pal or your favorite lipgloss. 

I decided to skip the use of eyeshadow and go with the essentials in looking healthier, focusing on evening out and brightening the complexion. For those who still want to use eyeshadow, just apply a matte skintone eyeshadow to brighten the eyes from lashline to browbone to open things and reapply top liner. Again, I used little brushes here because I want it quick and simple and making use of things that are easy to tote in a purse or tiny makeup kit.

While in the process of getting better, remember to drink lots of fluids and get some rest when you have the time. I'm doing that now because I want to get better. Hope you like this quick and easy tutorial!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

From Duck to Pole Enthusiast : A Pole Dancer's Tale from February 2011 to Forever

Looking back, I never thought that how one simple accident could be the start of something amazing. How something I was then just curious about that I tried, just for the adventure could be something I want for the rest of my whole life. It may cause eyebrow raises among others, and a bit of apprehension but I hold my head high and defend what I love. I chose this. This is what I want.

I'm talking about my love affair with pole, darlings, which I've been doing for quite a while now. I've been inserting pole love in most of my entries here but like any pole practitioner who has grown to love her sport , I figured out I better write a separate entry on it.

February 2011, I met up AJ at Starbucks Pearl Drive. He helped me with my makeup kit, accompanied me to a studio and introduced me to 10 gorgeous girls with amazing muscle tone. They would be my models for the night. They were pole dancers and belong to a group known as the Polecats. When I first thought of pole dancing, I initially thought girls in barely-there outfits would be dancing to sexy tunes, gyrating on a pole, with mood lights wearing well. Little did I know, that was just icing on a cake. They were discussing poses and when I asked how they looked like, AJ pointed to me an illustration of a girl hanging on a pole, upside down with her left leg on the pole, seemingly the only thing to keep her there. I was like, "Is that humanly possible?"  "Yes!" They told me.

photo by James Oliver
light graffiti by King Palisoc

This was the shoot, Polecats versus light, the shoot that started it all.

I wasn't very athletic to start off with. Correction. I wasn't athletic at all. Ask anyone I grew up with or went to high school with. I suck in sports. As most of my classmates look forward to PE class, I didn't. I cowered at flying basketballs and was the butt of all jokes of everyone. I was the classic dork. Tall, lanky, big feet, big hands, with hardly any hand-eye coordination. I took baby ballet because I wanted to be like Liza Macuja and Milo TVCs  had me begging my mom to make me take gymnastics class until I got injured. I loved the dance part in PE but being lanky, I looked awkward and funny. That's why I swore off sports. I was naturally skinny, anyway despite the fact that I eat like a trucker. All I needed was a bit of maintenance workout, so I bought exercise videos just to get the required amount of physical activity going but, it was such a chore to do so. To top it all, I have a defective spine, the number one cause of my insecurity in the world.

After much encouragement from the Polecats, I walked one Saturday to the studio again in a tank top and the shortest shorts I have at home (which was easy as I am the mother of short shorts) to pole class. I was partnered with a guy, Oliver (who now takes up men's pole regularly and rocks at it) where we shared poles. My teacher, CD, showed us how to do a very basic fireman spin. Oliver did it prettily. As for me? I sucked. CD was patient and showed it to me again. I sucked again. Eventually, I was challenged as Oliver effortlessly progressed to prettier spins  and the rest of the girls were doing one-hand spins and inverts. I wanted to cry. It was like high school PE class all over again. CD assured me that I will get stronger and more confident as I continued on with my lessons. With body aches, bruises and all, I thought I'd give it a try.

As I started attending regular classes, I found myself getting addicted to the sport. It must be the endorphins or probably through my teachers' encouragement, I persevered through my classes, bruises and all. When I showed Kris (one of the Polecats) a wound I got from a regular climb and a few other bruises, she told me there would be more to come. "Mas marami pa hindi magiging flawless dyan." The bruises multiplied, though but these were bruises that I dare not hide. Like a soldier, I considered these bruises to be my battle scars.
finally! i can climb!

Wearing shorts with bruises exactly a foot long on each thigh, I walked around the shopping mall with pride despite looks from those I would pass by if I'm a victim of physical abuse. I proudly danced in our stellar 1 recital with those bruises showing. Yes, in four months, I was able to look decent enough for public performance.

I'm not saying that I became an instant pole dance sensation in that short length of time. Inverting, for one thing,  was another story. Most of my classmates were already switching from gemini to scorpio and progressing to survivor dismount when I could barely hook my leg on the pole. My teachers always tell me that it will happen, and it did happen one August night at Amaya's class, I was able to do my first gemini. PRETTILY!!!

I cried at home when I uploaded it. Babaw ko. I cried because I always wanted to do a gemini.

From attending classes, I found myself gaining friends from my classmates, and developing closer friendships among them. Some of them have been featured already here in my blog - Danah, Kiara, and Divine.  All of us had different stories why we took up pole. Some, like me, were intrigued. Some were invited to try. Some wanted a challenging workout. Some needed to get over a heartbreak. We all came from different backgrounds - artists, doctors, lawyers, housewives, teachers, businesswomen, the job list goes on and on. We've helped each other in our tricks and also in life. Taking photos and extra coaching, providing a shoulder to cry on during a breakup, giving helpful advice in wedding planning, we were there for each other.

Through our months of training, we found our strengths and weaknesess. Grace's strength came from her thighs as she does her dangerous brain prettily. Kyla, being the gymnast that she is has insane flexibility and splits. Hannah, as she has been dancing since she was a young girl had all-over body strength and grace. Iana has her very bendy back. As for me, my back's flexibility was out of the question, I discovered a hidden strength - my underarm and knees. I learned the teddy faster than my classmates did, on both sides and had a stable rocketman and yogini. Most of my classmates hated the knee hold. As for me:

photo by Leo Castillo

What I loved from our group was that we pulled each other up instead of pulling each other down. We were happy with each triumph. We applauded each accomplishment.  Students and teachers brought out the best in each and everyone. The studio has become my solace of sisterhood. Being the introvert that I am, I'd usually sulk and cry at home. If it were an ordinary day, I would just be staying home. If it were Tuesday or Thursday, my husband would tell me to attend pole class because it's what usually puts me in better condition. Tuesdays and Thursdays for me are sacred, as they're my pole nights.

Oh and my defective back? I've learned to accept it as part of me. I grew up all my life being insecure about it as I was taunted, teased, and called for it, and had it not been my orthopedic doctor's clearance, I would not be taking pole and forever living in fear of breaking my back. I accepted my body more and learned to love it as it is - faults, bruises, scars, skin burns and all. From being just skinny, I had the healthy body and muscle definition in all the right places. Sure, I may not have silky-smooth palms and my inner thighs have skin burns and darkening from pole friction, but my arms, legs, and abs are toned and my lifestyle has totally changed. As I tell those that chastise me for having the skin burns and darkness, "May athlete bang flawless?"

My love for pole goes beyond the dance studio. I've street-poled in random sign posts and vertical metal contraptions. I practice my splits during photoshoots. I find myself raving about pole at work or with my friends, encouraging them to take classes, proudly showing my photos, and retelling my story to clients and co-workers. People notice how I beam whenever I talk about pole, my classes, my teachers, and my polemates.

Aside from the lessons in class, I've learned to appreciate the art more by working alongside with my teachers during their gigs. No, I don't dance with them. I do my day job by being their makeup artist. I see how they work hard and run their numbers, perfecting their lines, and making sure that everything falls into place. Their gigs enable me to understand their work as performers, and appreciate pole dance not just as a workout but also an art form. It's not just burning the fat and bringing on the abs. It's looking good out there too. Remember when I first thought that pole dancing was just girls in sexy outfits making kembot on the pole? Watching my teachers shows you that it is an aerial art, a legitimate sport - a dance with the perfect combination of athleticism, grace, strength, and just a sprinkle of landi.

As I make sure that their lashes are well-glued, their foundation in place, lips painted a bright red or pretty pink (whatever the peg may be), I watch their performance, applaud at each trick, watch over their stuff, and  take their photos. I'm proud of my teachers, and with each lesson, I  work hard so they can be proud of me.

From a skinny high school student who had been the butt of jokes during PE class who can't even touch her toes, I have become strong enough to lift myself and invert 11 feet up the air and flexible enough to do one full split and is close to working on my second split. From being the waify girl who stood 5'7" weighing only 87 pounds at 20 years old who couldn't grow her hair due to lack of nutrients, I have reached my ideal weight and BMI with the right muscle tone and hair that reaches my waist. During my early 20's I'd smoke Marlboro reds and drink with my friends as we gobble on sisig. At 30 with a healthy lifestyle, I have become smoke and alcohol free with a healthier diet. 

My love affair with pole dancing does not stop here. Back then, I was happy just doing the Gemini. Now, I aim for the iron X and the spatchcock. I strive for a prettier air invert and shoulder mounts. I want to perfect my other side. I constantly watch performances of pole champions in YouTube and get inspired by their stories and performances. A future with having my own child, non-polers tease me that childbirth would be the end of pole. I show them a picture of  Zoraya Judd, a beautiful and strong pole dancer and aerial art performer and mother of two children who is able to balance pole and family life and rock at both and still maintain that awesome physique. How about when you're 50? I show a video of a woman who started pole at 60 years old with tricks more advanced than mine. Disabled? Australian pole dancer Deborah Roach bagged first place at the International Pole Championship in Hong Kong despite the fact that she had one arm.  Virtually travelling to other parts of the globe via the Internet, there is a pole dancer out there, whether an international champion or an enthusiast just like myself that I can get inspiration from.

It's amazing how this sport has changed lives. I see a shy girl in t-shirt and lycra shorts walk in the beginner's 1 class for her first lesson. Months after, she has advanced to the next level, donned shorter shorts, a sports bra, and more confidence to boost. How it changes your life can vary from person to person. You all know my story, and it still hasn't ended. Do I continue on being an enthusiast? Do I become a teacher and then pole champion? I don't know what the future holds. As of the moment, I will continue taking care of my body, training hard, and enjoying this sport. I will work my way to grow stronger as a dancer, as a woman, as a pole sister, as an artist, and as a person, living that one life given to me with uttmost awesomeness and happiness. It's funny how I ended up loving and enjoying each moment of pole when I got here out of curiosity, yet I wouldn't have it any other.

photo by Pearly Tiangco
I am a pole dancer. I stand proud, strong, and awesome. 

and, I can flip upside-down AND kick butt.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vanilla Breeze Clothing Love

Anyone heard of Vanilla Breeze Clothing? If you haven't then let me introduce to you to the brand as simple as possible.  Vanilla Breeze Clothing is a brand that sells high waist cute customized shorts. They have styles to suit every girl's personality, style, and personal taste.

A personal favorite is this: Leopard. Why? because I love animal prints and leopards are kitties!

Girls who like lace and frilly things could check this out.

Want color? Then you have three options:

Shorts need not be blue denim, you know! A bold red could be an awesome statement.

High waist shorts can make legs look longer and a long torso appear shorter (and tummies trimmer with the illusion of a waist) so it may act as an instant slimming and lengthening device. They can be paired with plain shirts or tanks as they're already a statement on their own. Heels/flats/sneakers and you're good to go. I'm a fan of shorts because they're super comfy, super versatile, and perfect for our schizo weather, rain or shine.

Showing my love for them, I wore them both to work and play:

Shorts: Vanilla Breeze Splash
Top: Bazaar-bought because it's loose and Hello Kitty
Footwear: Fit Flops
A break from work, using the soccer goal as a pole. 

At play, camwhoring after pole lunch class:

Doing a Scorpio

Yogini variation
Just in case, I folded the shorts so they're a bit shorter so there's more grip to hold myself up and upside down. On a personal preference, the shorts can be folded too. I prefer mine that way as well. I also like that the denim is soft and comfy.

Vanilla Breeze Clothing is available online at their Facebook page. The prices for their shorts range from Php900-950, depending on the style. They ship worldwide and have different payment options to cater to their customers' various needs. And don't worry, they're up for more designs and styles soon!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Workshop at Hyatt Hotel with Elizabeth Arden

It's fun to always share knowledge. That's why this blog came about in the first place. When Elizabeth Arden contacted me to conduct a makeup workshop, I got really excited. The makeup workshop is a workshop conducted for the female employees of Hyatt Hotel in Manila. The looks are going to be standardized to a specific peg - neutral colors and natural look.

I took it up a notch and applied my own personal touch in execution - to make the procedure really quick and use few brushes as possible. Let's face it, colorful eye looks can be fun, but it takes a long time to do. Most women do not have one hour to do eye makeup alone and get overwhelmed with a lot of brushes. They have chores, children to take care of, and most importantly, have an hour at least to travel from home to work with the traffic situation. So makeup should be quick, the procedure simple, and the equipment few.

Prepping up for the event. Awesome makeup setup with lights, EA products (starting from skincare to fragrance, yes fragrance included).

Each workshop started with an overview with Elizabeth Arden makeup history. Gemma de la Costa talks about skincare, and what specific skincare to use depending on the skin's needs.

I learned that day to look for skincare with ceramides as that's the ingredient that prevents and slows down skin ageing. Currently, I'm using Elizabeth Arden Ceramide toner, which is alcohol free, and doesn't sting the skin.

I discovered too a makeup artist must-have - the Eight-Hour Cream, which is great on lips, nail cuticles, rough and dry skin, and reviving parched skin during the winter or long hours of travel. It works awesomely on chafed pole dancer's skin on off-pole days.

Image Credits

A tube of this goes a long, long way.

I started the talk with the very basics but most important stuff - choosing the right foundation shade and even taking into consideration how to shop for foundation on counter (i.e. testing it on jawline, wearing no makeup while shopping, and how to adjust if you're acidic) and the eyebrow basics.

For eye makeup, I limited the use to just 2-3 colors and 2 brushes - a stiff paddle brush to deposit, and a nice fluffy brush to blend. If you look at my toolbelt, I had relatively fewer brushes than usual.

Cheeks and lips were kept natural. I wanted cheeks with a natural glow instead of full-on paint. I like blush that sits softly on the face with just a hint of flush. As for lips, they should match with the blush. Elizabeth Arden lipsticks are very pigmented, but even though they're pigmented, they don't leave the lips chafed and tight.

Aside from makeup, I gave a demo on how to do a neat bun again following the rules of a busy working woman - fast, easy, with as little tools as possible. 

After my talk, the participants also got to practice how to apply makeup on themselves. It's nice to see that they were game to apply their lessons and feel good about themselves after their makeover.

I also answered and gave personalized demos to girls who have specific questions, like how to apply makeup on small eyes or smoky eyes, as there were restaurants that allowed a smoky look for their chefs.

Me with the morning workshop participants.

Some tips that I shared with them and I shall share with you (some you may know already, some, I learned that day).

  • Makeup sits better on a clean face. Make sure not to skip on skincare. You may skip primer if you don't want to spend on primer but not skin care. Your skin will thank you for it.
  • Eyebrow shaping is an awesome investment. If you're scared to shape it yourself, especially for the first time, have it shaped by a professional, and just clean and touch up by tweezing stray hairs that grow back and trimming overgrowths. 
  • On eyebrow makeup, go a half-step or shade lighter than your head hair color for a softer, more youthful look. Dark, black eyebrow color can age you. Elizabeth Arden Dual Perfection Brow Shaper And Eyeliner is awesome for beginners who are scared to use pencils. The product is buildable so you could apply little product then build on as you go. My personal favorite is Soft blonde, which is a light, ash color.
  • In touching up, it's not just piling powder on the face. Dab off dirt and oil with tissue or oil blotting papers and refresh with facial mist, if desired. then brush powder on the t-zone and blend outwards for a natural, fresh look that's not cakey. Swipe on lipstick and you're good to go.
  • Never underestimate the power of your invisible accessory, that is, fragrance. Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea Collection (Classic, Lavander, and Camellia) are uplifting, fresh scents that are perfect for our weather. The scent perks up the mood too (spritz during the afternoon to revive your senses when you feel lethargic). 

It was a fun-filled day, I didn't feel tired at all. I really hope that I'll get to do another workshop with them soon as not only did I share my knowledge, but I learned new things too. Thank you Elizabeth Arden!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Magic in A Bottle

Avon's EDT Eternal Magic Enchanted not only makes you smell pretty but it looks also pretty in your vanity - pink bottle, crystal cap and all.

Even the box is super pretty with pink sparkles. I didn't want to throw the box away. The crystal cap is pretty interesting. You pull it off like a grenade pin before spritzing the scent, which is a soft, musky rose scent that fades into a warm, sweet vanilla-ish scent as the day wears off. Again, as this scent is supposed to be on the musky floral side, the scent is fairly light on the skin, another perfect thing for our perpetually hot and humid country (it may be rainy season, but I still have my bias towards light scents).

This bottle of EDT retails for Php 599. The bottle is tiny enough to fit in a standard shoulder bag for midday touch ups or the office drawer too, so with the affordable price, you can buy two and keep one in your dresser and one in your office drawer or bag.