Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Heatherette Look and Hollywood Nights Review

Post-Heatherette purchase, here's a Heatherette/MAC look I did at the counter on me (Thanks, Kang for showing me the trio and for guiding me on the products):
  • Brows: Mac Brow set in Girl/Boy
  • Eyes: MAC Nylon as all-over base. Then using Eye Trio 2: VIP on inner lid and Cassette on outer lid. Highlight browbone with Baby Petals. Dipdown fluidline on upper and lower lashlines.
  • Blush: None. :) Just MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30 and concealer just where needed.
  • Lipstick: Hollywood Nights.

Hollywood nights is actually a fuchsia pink shade, quite similar to Pink Noveau. Both of them are at a satin finish. The thing that attracted it to me is that it did not budge, slide, bleed, or crack. This in fact, that I prepped my lips with lip butter before applying to lipstick as since I'm such a lipstick addict, my lips tend to get dry.

The pigments are just lovely... check how pigmented the lipstick is (eye makeup already darkened and blush added)

Pink eyes were darkened by MAC Pigment in Accent Red. By the way, I haven't retouched my lipstick yet and I have already eaten half a can of Pringles. :D Color is soooo intense. Aside from the quasi-non-drying staying power (uber-dry lips can benefit from some lip balm/butter loving), another lovely thing about it, and actually the first thing to see? The PACKAGING! Gotta love the candy pink shade and the disco-fever theme.

I'm practically in a pink frenzy right now. I just watched Legally Blonde The Musical on the internet just a few weeks ago and I totally fell in love with it. Maybe I'll do a Legally Blonde inspired look, for you pink lovers out there. :-)

Oh, and I just had a haircut today. :D

Bangs and layers, 3 inches shorter, 5 years younger! :D

The Canon Chronicles Update

As you can see that I was able to post my Heatherette baby on the former post, I would like to update you that:

My Powershot is Back!

WHOOOOT!!!!! Cheers cheers! My baby is back and in good condition!

Here's the first shot it took after it recuperated:

Just to test it to see if it works. Hopefully it will serve me a lifetime even if I already have a dSLR. That means to say I'm back as a Canon user since I started out with Canon.
I love my baby powershot! Thanks to those who greeted me. I know it's kinda corny, but I just feel so happy that it's back.
Here's to more FOTDS
more YT tutorials.
more lovely macros.
I already have a line up of posts already and I just dunno where to start!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Pink-Letter Day

Pink is <3!

Just before I head out of the door.... I'd like to present the youngest addition to my makeup collection in conjunction with an announcement:

Heatherette is here in Manila shores, with only limited stocks!

I was at MAC yesterday when Mikee showed me the collection and I just could not resist. After jobs well done, I needed a reward:

That's Hollywood Nights, a bright, semi-matte pink. :-) And the packaging is ooh-la-la gorgeous. Pink in all forms of flirtiness.

I actually have a tutorial coming up in mind already. Overall, when I tried it, I already loved it. aside from the richly pigmented pink, it stayed on even after I wiped it off. it sort of has a staying power, and that's one thing I like about MAC's semi-matte lipsticks. So I was like, "Mikee! One Hollywood Nights! Here's my credit card!"

Coincidentally, I own a pink credit card as well.

After that I texted Sophie and informed her and the rest of the MAC-aholic bloggers (hello! hello!) Guess what? she also has her own Heatherette loot too!

Okay, so I love my reds still but maybe my lips need a vacation and have a bit of the tint variety.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shoe Talk: Cole Vintage Fiji

A makeup artist talking about shoes? Well really, inasmuch as that I'm not the type of person to pile up on accessories (at least a watch, but I've been lazy to put one on lately), shoes and bags are stuff I fuss about. Bags because I do carry a lot of stuff and I need a big, sturdy bag that will not cause a noticeable dent on my wallet.

Shoes, for a fact, are something that aside from makeup, I would not think twice on splurging on- providing I'm rich enough. For one thing, my feet are very picky. Whenever I want shoes, I have to try them on myself rather than ask someone to buy it for me. I also have to make sure that they're comfortable. I've learned my lesson from buying shoes that look hella good on my feet but hurt like hell. My feet are also very picky with the design. My size is an 8-1/2 M but for the cutesy shoes I can go up to a 39 and sometimes even a 40 (I think that's a 10). Also, since my work entails me to stand up for prolonged periods of time, comfort and durability is always the top priority for me. Price comes next.

My usual shoes are a pair of cork slides I got from the US (on super sale at the Navy Exchange) and these live and work well until now. I also have the usual flip-flops everyone is crazy about when I feel like being low-maintenance. When I was in makeup school, I learned the value of close-toed flats hence my purchase for ballet flats at the Paseo Center Bazaar, and this served me for well, more than a year until it decided to give out on me after wear-and-tear. I needed a replacement for these that would protect my feet yet help me stay comfortable.

While at Serendra, I chanced upon sale items at Mia Bella and saw that Cole Vintage had sale items. On sale was this line called Fiji, which were peep-toed faux croc skin mules.

I saw a burgundy, gold, and beige pair but when I found out that they had it in black, I immediately asked for a size 8 and size 9, thinking either or could fit me. I tried the size 8. It was okay except it felt a bit snug. The size 9 was way too loose. The salesladies suggested I try an 8 since the shoe would be expanding as I break into it anyway . I saw the point so I purchased the size 8. Oh and the money I spent for this was just Php495, so it was indeed a good buy.

This Fiji design had a bit of a wedge heel to it, so there's a tad of support. I also like the fact that it was "close" enough so it could protect my toes from being stepped on or run on, and my toes are very sensitive since I've had surgery twice on my foot already. Another bonus is the cushion it had for my foot arches. Since I stand for a whole lot of time, I've got my feet protected and covered plus, the bonus arch support. For the strain I have when I stand for long periods of time, I usually wear support stockings with my shoes.

With these shoes, my feet looks a tad smaller than its real gargantuous size. Shoes like these tend to minimize the size of my feet. Plus, although it is closed, it's still okay to wear on hot days. It's also got this peep-toe detail so I could flaunt my newly-polished nails. I'm currently in the darker, warmer, and spicy nail shades. Currently, my nails are painted in a nice, warm bronze shade, but that's another topic altogether.

As I'm writing this article, I'm currently wearing my Fijis while breaking them in. I'm currently wearing a pair of socks to help give it some more room and for my feet to get used to them first. I usually do that when breaking in a new pair of shoes. Overall, I'm pretty satisfied with my purchase. I'm sure this pair will serve me well. The quality looks sturdy and not to mention they do not pinch. Oh, and the arch support is indeed love.

I'm glad I saw these items, and at a very good price too!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Canon Chronicles Part 2

Remember my post regarding my camera's condition? I've gotten advices from my photographer colleagues that are Canon users. Apparently, since my camera is under extended warranty, they are still awaiting for word from the insurance. Since I was infuriated at my camera not having any updates, I gave a call last Friday and the CSR told me that they will give me an update by 9 AM the following day at the latest. Well guess what, I have given them 3 contact numbers and no word.

Yesterday, I was near fuming when I called again Canon and they gave the same excuse. I told them that I'll follow it up myself at the insurance company if they give me the number of the insurance company and the information I need to give them. Afterwards, I called the insurance company and they stated that they could not find the paper that Canon has faxed them. Canon has claimed that they faxed the quotation already weeks ago. I told them to find it and gave the serial number and the situation. Turns out it was buried under a pile it was already approved and somehow, they forgot to fax it back. I told them to fax it right now because I have been waiting for the repair for so long already. I heard the guy at the other line mutter, "Mahirap ata yon," I was appaled and said "ANO?" and the guy said, "Ma'm we'll fax it right now. Please tell Canon to check their fax machine as sometimes it does not work." So I said thanks and hung up.

Afterwards, I called up Canon again and told them that the insurance company will be faxing the approval right now and they go need to check it out. They asked the number of the insurance company just in case and they told me that they would call me again today for an update regarding the repair. Come 5 pm-ish they did call me and told me that the insurance has approved the quotation and the engineer is now repairing my camera.

Finally! I just need to call them, follow up, and make them kulit. Till the next update. will be blogging about it soon.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Paul & Joe Moisturizing Compact Foundation: The Un-Foundation Foundation

"Skin looks flawless with just one coat
Compact cream foundation makes pores vanish and creates a smooth, fine complexion"

Retail price: Php 2,150 for the full compact, Php 1,250 for the refills @ the Paul and Joe Counter in Rustan's Makati.


I've decided to do this review on the Paul and Joe Moisturizing Compact foundation after I've heard my clients rave about how it looks and how I've experienced it first-hand. The first time I've tried Paul & Joe foundation was at their workshop at Ascott a year ago and this was conducted by their international makeup artist, Craig Ryan French. And here's how it looked like on my model, Owee:

This was taken using my then-okay powershot, which I'm bugging Canon to fix right away, but you can see that her skin had this dewy glow. It didn't look like dry, cakey foundation but it looked like her skin.

The compact is your regular cream foundation. Aside from the pretty packaging Paul & Joe makeup is known for, I like the fact that it smells really nice. It reminds me of tea, for some reason, but at least I don't get a whiff of the "cosmetic" smell. Despite the fact that it's cream, it feels really light on the skin, it's not heavy or pore-clogging or do I feel it will slide the moment I step out of the sun. It also blends very easily, and even non-makeup artists can use this. It's great also for mature skin since it's cream so it has some extra-moisturizing capacities.

As far as photography is concerned, what I like about P&J foundations is how they photograph well. They have this sort of "dewy" appearance that gives the wearer a dewy glow. It's just perfect for wedding when you want to look fresh and youthful. I used this on my model, Asa, on her photoshoot

(photo by Shed Chua)

I've also used this on my brides for their trial makeup and I've seen how they really have that radiant "glow" and they did not look like they're wearing foundation. Despite the creamy formulation, it's okay on oily skin since they sort of "set" into powdery-silky smoothness. Plus, they also double as concealers.


You can apply it with your fingertips on yourself (just "cut" the desired amount from the pan with a spatula to avoid contamination) or go ahead and use a sponge or flat foundation brush to go ahead and apply it.

For client use, better if you "cut" the desired amount from the pan with a clean spatula then apply on your pallete and use a foundation brush or wedge sponge to apply on your client.


I love it! I love it! I love it! It's foundation that's like second skin- except much better. A technique I learned as MUA is just to buy the refills, it's cheaper (and more earth-friendly) that way. :-)

(Note: My models are just used for illustrative purposes only, to see the effect of the product. They are not modeling or promoting Paul & Joe cosmetics. :-) )

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bollywood Eyes

I surely miss giving tutorials. So I made one just for you.
Aside from the vintage look, one of my favorite looks is the Bollywood look, which is very exotic and very sexy. I love the dramatic eyes, the lush lashes, and in contrast, the creamy-textured lip and the bronze glow all over. It would really look good if you have a Bollyw00d or Indian-themed party or you're in that mood to just radiate the glow of an Indian princess.

For my Bollywood eyes version, I used the mineral makeup brand Elegant Minerals. It's pretty easy to do. All you need is to start with clean skin, then apply your favorite EM foundation and concealer and also, you might need a kohl pencil or smudgy eyeliner too.
So let's go with the eyes first, since I'll be doing an eye makeup tutorial.
So here's my bare, slit-like eye:

I already did my concealing and I set my makeup with rice powder in Warm Neutral.

I did my eyebrows next. Here, I used my trademark ashy eyebrows using EM in Khaki but you can go a tad darker if you must by using a matte brown shade like Oak.

(Funny hair effect). The whole eye looks more structured with a defined brow.

Now here's what I did. next, I lined my eyes with kohl pencil but you can use your traditional black (or dark brown) smudgy eyeliners. Make the line on the upper lashline thicker. Then, using a Q-tip, sponge tip applicator, or your ring finger, smudge the eyeline on the top lashline up to the crease. This will act as a "base" for your eyeshadow to hold on to.

Now, set the eyeliner on the lower lashline with a bit of a smoky blue-grey eyeshadow. I used Elegant Minerals in Smoky Black here. Since the powders here are in loose form, it's best you use little first then build on as you go. If you use too much, not only will you overdo it but you can end up with black speckles on the cheeks. Then, layer the same shadow on the upper lashline and build the color up to the crease, building and blending as you go (see illustration below).

The whole layering process is best with a small shadow brush, so just continue doing this and build in layers. Another challenge with smoky eyes to make both sides even so check and double-check them and blend and adjust as you go.

For more dimension, add some black eyeshadow like EM in Eclipse on the upper and lower lashline and blend this towards the crease. Get the black shadow to encircle the entire eye to mimic the effect of traditional kohl.

Finally, highlight the browbone with a nude shimmery shade like Elegant Minerals in Latte with a large shadow brush. Again, it's best to use little first and then build on as you go.

Lashes can get lost with that heavy eye makeup so after curling them, be generous with mascara. If you have time, you can add on full false eyelashes.

So that's how the smoky eyes should look like. For eyes this heavy, we need a nude lip, so choose a nude lipstick in a creamy or satin finish. Then, brush skin with bronzer for a warm glow. For accessories, you can stick bindhis or rhinestones and add chunky jewelry to feel the princess vibe.
What's good with this is that you need not stick to black. try an ivy shade, a plum, or even warm copper browns. you can even add liquid liner in a contrasting shade for drama. Just have fun with makeup!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

My Shoot-Filled Weekend

It was a 3-day weekend pala last weekend and while others spent the day relaxed, I was plugged with shoots and activities from saturday to tuesday. Kinda tiring but worth it. Last Saturday, I did makeup for my (now) regular client, Touie, since she was going to a party. She was wearing a green dress so I did green smoky eyes to match. Last Sunday, I had a shoot for BARE in Paranaque, and although I was there for half-day, I really had fun. I got to meet new friends and did makeup for my old friends, some of them I worked with in past projects like MPC.

Anyways, Monday, I had a shoot with up-and-coming photographer friends Marc, Shed, and Eric. I met them from my shoot with Hued Manila (a multiply clothing line) and they've asked me to MuA for another shoot. The theme was dark glam and 1920s. So here are the photos:

(Photo by Marc Yu)
This is Iya. For those who frequent my folio, you know Iya as the girl I shot with for Hued Manila. This time, she channels the flapper era and dons dark smoky vampy eyes, the trademark 1920s eyebrows, red lips and yes - fingerwaves. I did all the fingerwaves and Iya was so galeng in posing. I love how I could play around with her eyebrows. In fact, I was amused that she even went to the mall with that makeup. :D
(Photo by Shed Chua)
And here's the other model, Kate. I really could relate with Kate because she's a pre-med student in DLSU. BS Biochem! O ha! I gave her a gothic bride look. Okay, for my brides-to-be, this is not how you will look like on your wedding day. We just wanted to go for a dark but glamour look. And me naman, I always like making my models look pretty. This is a new look for Kate because it's darker whereas Kate is used to the sunshine, clean, pretty look, but she still rocked it, 'ne?

Oh yeah, and I did manage to do a bit of camwhoring myself. Why? Because I'm very vain.

(Photo by Shed Chua)
Very natural... at least in my case because it's got my own favorite makeup: A clean face save for the red lips. My hair was set in loose waves . Also, I like black dresses so I wore a black dress. Marc said this could pass for a shampoo ad. Me? Do a shampoo ad? Why not! hhahahaha. Oh, and this is not photo-retouched so that's all me - with makeup.
The thing with photoshoots is that although they look so glam, there are a couple of funny shots behind the scenes like these:

I'm such a dork behind Kate as i fixed her black "veil".

Clockwise from top left: Me, Marc, Eric, Shed, Kate, and Iya. Photographed by Shed's makeshift tripod.

Ayan... who says we're all serious? I'm very satisfied with their work. For people starting out in the business, they sure do pretty good in what they do.
The next day was a shoot with one of my favorite photographers: Stanley Ong! Stan has been a favorite of many models, MuAs, and stylists for being so kwela in shoots. In fact, he already has a fan club. Since my last Stan Ong shoot was May or April pa, I was already having a serious case of Stanley Photoshoot Withdrawal Symptoms. So I said yes to this shoot. This time, it was different. I did makeup and hair and the models were body-painted so they look like dresses. It was really cool. The body paint was done by Badj Virola, a bodypainter/makeup artist. Badj is also a model and I used her as my canvas towards the end of the shoot.

Leah doing a Chinese-inspired look. I must say cat's eyes and winged eyeliner are my now favorites.

And here's Breezely doing a Cleopatra. What I did was bronze her (I love the model's color) then gave her colorful smoky eyes. Badj did a good job also on her dress. She reminded me of Patricia Velasquez's character in The Mummy.

Galeng galeng! :-) And again, like all shoots, this was a very fun shoot. Events like these remind me why I love my job as a makeup artist... I get to meet wonderful people, make people beautiful, while have fun as well.
Badj Virola, me, and Leah. The model/bodypainter. The makeup artist. The model. Photographes by Stanley Ong

Camera Users Please Help!

My Canon Powershot A430 has been taken to the service center after 1-1/2 years of service. Apparently, it had decided to die down on me by conking the sensor/shutter/whatever. It can't take good pictures anymore and since I need it for work, I need to have it repaired. And take note: It has never, ever, ever, been maltreated, wet, or whatever. Never nabagsak rin yan. It's treated well like a firstborn child.

Anyway, the good thing is that it's under extended warranty program, so the repair will be free of charge. The bad thing about it is that they stated that it will be done in 14-21 days and I will hear from them. Come 14 days, Canon Service Center has not sent me email confirmation, texts, or called me. I have given them all contact information but still no word. I proceeded to call the, and they stated that the insurance has not given any quotation or word to them. After a week, I decided to give it a call and what do you know? WALA PA RIN UPDATE! I was really fuming mad kasi parang walang ginagawa sila sa problema. Apparently, a lot have those problems with their Canon point-and-shoot. I also requested for a loan unit na sabi nila pwede naman but sabi nila wala raw until now. No quotation, no word from insurance. Naririnig ko lang is puro magfoforward ng report and all.

Really, I mean hindi ako palagalit talaga but that's all I can hear from them - puros na lang follow-up, promos, susulat ng report, and all. All I want is my camera to be fixed. And sinabi na if it could no longer be fixed, papalitan ung mismong unit. I waited the 21 days that they stated and ni quote ng insurance wala pa. According to the customer service representative, since my camera is under extended warranty (with warranty and sales invoice to prove it), I will not shed a single peso for the payment since I paid an extra 1K for the extended warranty (I purchased the unit last December 2006 at Automatic Center in Glorietta 4, and the extened warranty is up to 3 years, so abot pa), ang magbabayad yung insurance. But according to Canon, wala pa raw word ang insurance. Standby pa rin.

Whoever is in charge of the following up with insurance, warranty, repairs, or what-not, I really hope he or she is reading this blog entry. I've been a Canon loyalist, and I plan to be using Canon all the way. Kahit point-and-shoot yung camera ko, I still need it, and I want action done fast. I don't want pa-follow up or pa-forward ng report. I want UPDATES. I want ACTION. I want something done fast. I want COMMUNICATION. At least man lang, kulitin ung insurance, whoever the insurance may be na magsend ng quotation.

Anyone have any idea how this exactly goes? Para naman maliwanagan ako o. Thanks!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Beauty Arsenal Tag

What facial cleanser do you use?
>>PCA facial wash. :-) I love how it's super unscented but it gets the dirt all off. My face feels clean but not tight. I also use Eskinol with tea tree oil. I'm a tea tree addict. Heeheehee.

What toner do you use?
>> PCA smoothening toner and Shu Uemura WREx whitening lotion.

What moisturizer do you use?
>> Day moisturiser: Paul and Joe Moisturizing Lotion or Myra Moisturizing lotion since they feel ultra light and are lightly scented then I top them off with sunblock. I use Neutrogena or Shu Uemura.

Night moisturiser: Still Myra. I also use Paul and Joe serum. :)

How many times a day do you wash your face? >> One in the morning and a thorough one at night, especially when I wear makeup. I got to remove all that gunk before I go to bed, no matter how tired I am.

Do you use eye makeup remover? If so, what kind?
>> Yes. I use cleansing oils (Shu Uemura gets my vote, since it's very gentle on my skin yet removes gunk like no other). I like those made by Asian brands like Paul and Joe, Shu Uemura, and Elianto.

Is your skin oily, dry, or combination skin?
>> Combination.

What is the best part about your skin?
>>I'm not allergic to makeup and I have fine pores. Plus, I don't get breakouts easily, provided I use the right products.

What are your skin problems?
>>I have redness on the sides of my nose. I'm selective with my skin care and makeup.


What foundation do you use?
>> Paul and Joe Creamy Compact #30, MAC Mineralize Satinfinish in NC35, Sally Hansen Airbrush Foundation when I need waterproof abilities.

What powder do you use?
>> MAC Select Sheer in NC30.

What eyebrow pencil do you use?
>> Paul and Joe Eyebrow Pencil #04, MAC Brow Finisher in Blond.

What eyeliner do you use?
>> Kohl eyeliner and Kryolan when I want it smoldering and smokey. I use dark brown when I want it simple. I like Italia because it does not smudge and it's pretty easy to apply.

What is your favorite eyeshadow? >> MAC, hands down for color. Clinique and Shu for a sheer wash, revlon for staying power, and Fanny Serrano and Baxi for the pigments without sacrificing cost.

What mascara do you use?
>> I go for cheap mascaras since you chuck it out every 3-4 months anyway. I like the waterproof formulation of Fasio and it's not pricey. I also like Face Shop. I'm really eyeing on L'Oreal Volume Shocking for personal use.

What are your favorite lipbalms/glosses/sticks?
>> I'm a matte lipstick girl and MAC has the best mattes out there. I also collect red lipsticks. I'm using a conservative red, MAC Hot Tahiti and I'm gonna buy a MAC Russian Red Lipstick in the US. Clinique lipsticks photograph really well. I also love Shu, YSL, Guerlain, Paul and Joe, L'Oreal, Maybelline, and Body Shop. For gloss, I'm not really a gloss fan, as I find glosses sticky and slide-y.


Do you color your hair?
>>> Not anymore. I don't like it when the roots grow out.

What is your stylists name?
>> I only go for a haircut as I can do my own hair and makeup anyway. I go to Going Straight in Greenbelt, Alabang, and here in LP.

What salon do you go to?
>> Going Straight or Fix

What is your natural hair color?>> Black

What is your hair color now?
>> It's back to its natural color and I plan to keep it that way.

Do you have straight or curly hair?
.>>> Wavy

Do you use a curling iron?
>> Yes, when I feel like it.

A straightener?
>> Yes I do.

Do you use a blow dryer?
>> Yes to dry the hair then set it in velcro rollers for volume, benders for tight curls, or flat-iron it for poker-straight hair.

Do you use gel and if so, what kind?
>> Bench Fix

Do you use mousse, and if so, what kind?
>> Clairol Herbal Essenses and White Rain.

What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
>> I'm using Sunsilk now.

Do you use leave in conditioner?
>> On occasions when I flat-iron.


What deodorant do you use?
>> Dove

What body wash do you use?
>> The Body Shop Olive Body Gel, Bath and Body Works, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea.

Do you use a loofah, washcloth or soap to wash?
>> Loofah. They get dead skin cells out better.

What perfumes do you use or like?
>> I go for baby colognes and fresh, fruity scents. Some scents I use: Pure in Vanilla, Bath and Body Works, Victoria's Secret, Ralph Lauren Romance, and Lancome So In Love.

Do you always have to smell good?
>> Yes I do

I tag everyone who's reading this.

Friday, August 15, 2008

What Makes a Makeup Artist?

Makeup school and high-end products aside, there are some practices and key points that I'd love to share:

A makeup artist should be able to thrive with just the basics.
Take away the complicated brushes and practice with your hands - on yourself, of course. Make sure your hands are clean and clean them in between products. You will find out that your strokes will improve and so will your dexterity. A good makeup artist can apply makeup without the use of a sophisticated brush, especially on emergency cases. Try using both right and left hands.

A makeup artist is always early or on time.
I worked in a call center before and when they say that be there at 9 pm it meant be there at 8:30 so that you could set up your post. The same way it is with a shoot or a client. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the call time so that you could set up your station. Wash your hands, gargle mouthwash, and make sure everything is clean. Retouch your own makeup if you must, so that when the model/client comes, you're all set and ready.

A makeup artist can work with various brands and could mix and match.
This is what I loved about my makeup school, because they exposed us to various brands. Various brands have different techniques on how their products can be optimized. Whenever we have activities, there would be a brand sponsor, which required us to use their stuff, and this helped us understand more about their products and how they're supposed to be used. I'm proud to say that I can work with brands A to Z and some 1, 2, and 3. We were taught how to manipulate our Kryolans while we discover around how to maximize our MACs and Paul and Joes. Use high end products. Use cheap brands. Use even China brands found in Divisoria. Practice, practice, and practice.

A makeup artist is up-to-date
The digital age shows what are the trends to follow. Don't keep your style stagnant. Learn new things by researching online, reading books, or asking around your network. There's always the Internet and magazines. You can always pick up a new thing or two from another makeup artist. Ask counters to alert you when they have workshops conducted by their makeup artists. And if you can, enroll in a class. On your own, practice.

A makeup artist is professional.
This means always being early, knowing where you should stand, and doing your job well. When a client inquires with another makeup artist, do not contact the client and offer your services for free or for a big discount. Wait for the client to contact you. Walang agawan at sulutan ng raket please. Walang bastusan ng kapwa makeup artist.

A makeup artist is wise.
Makeup artists should know their rights. Makeup artists should also know what gigs to accept and where to do pro-bono. Do not just do pro bono or else your services can be abused. Don't also keep hoarding makeup stuff. Think 5x before buying an item, especially if it's out of whim.

A makeup artist is a perfectionist.
"You are your worst critic." This is what my makeup teacher, Bo, would tell us. Never settle for "pwede na" (It's okay). Always aim for perfection. Check color harmony, color matching, contouring, and most of all, BLENDING. Blend like your life depended on it.

A makeup artist should have passion for what he or she does.
Again, if you think makeup artistry is the fast track to a very rich lifestyle, I have to tell you this, "Are you kidding me?" If you don't have the passion, patience, perseverance, and time to practice for it, you will not survive in this industry. The industry is a tough one, it really is, and the people who have thrived well here are those who have really passion for their jobs, not just the pay. Of course, we do love the pay when it pays, but the point is, whether it be makeup artistry or another, if you don't have the passion for it, better not.

Mid-Year Christmas Wish

A little early for the Holidays, but worth mentioning.

Just as I came across Specktra look what I found out what MAC's releasing this Holidays. And Christmas is just a few months away (My, my, how time flies, eh?)

(Image credits from

Red She Said Collection. The picture alone is a dead giveaway as to what colors and how the whole stuff looks like and I sure can't wait for them to be internationally released. And omigod.... these are stuff I'd sure save up on and look pretty on my makeup kit:

Check out the pretty red brushes and the red packaging. OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!! As you know, I love anything red and for one who's not really into following all those LE shades, this sure got my fancy.
The brushes, I'm eyeing since I know these will serve me for YEAAARRSSS and I'll sure get my money's worth. Expect me to be there with the MAC-addicts when this comes out. :D
(Image credits from

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My PCA Peel Lowdown

Okay, so you guys found out that I had a skin peel 2 weeks ago, and you see me raving about my peel experience on how my skin felt new after being abused with makeup. So here's what I can say about the products itself.

Since I had very little skin problems anyway and skin irritations, they gave me a very gentle, the mildest of the mild blended TCA peel. This was after analyzing my skin condition, since it's actually very fine.

So the PCA Sensi Peel was what I had, which really was
"formulated for extremely sensitive skin types, offering ski n smoothing, tryosinase inhibition, strengthening, and hydration to many who previously would not have been candidates for chemical exfoliation procedures (e.g. rosacea). It is very effective with virtually no irritation."

So after the facial (no prick!) I was smoothed on a toner and on a scale of 0 to 10, asked the pain. if I would have said 5 or more (like araaaayyyy!!!!) level, my treatment would have stopped there but since I felt almost nada, I was brushed on the PCA Sensi Peel.
How did it feel? Painless. Had I not known it was a chemical peel, I would swear it was water or very mild toner. Like the toner and facial wash by PCA that I just absolutely fell in love with, this was unscented and very light.
I had like around 2-3 coats of this, since I didn't have any pain at all. Since I was allergic to aspirin, the PCA Esthetique Peel was skipped for me due to its salicylic acid content. I also had some redness on the sides of my nose so I got the PCA Anti-Redness serum on those spots. Just like all PCA prods, it was virtually scentless if your nose is numb, but if you could take a whiff, it had a hint of a clean smell, another thing I like about it, since I don't want my chemical treatments smelling like medicine. I also got a vitamin C serum which tanned me a bit (I forgot the name sorry!) and since pre-anti-sunscreen me has given me some pigmentation spots, I also got a spot-dose on those by the PCA Pigment Gel HQ Free on those uglies before they start becoming a brown little island on my skin.
Protection came in last with the PCA hydrator plus SPF 25... on the few minutes that are inevitable that I'm on the sun, at least my newly-peeled face is protected.
My overall say on the products: Light as a feather. Imagine how many layers of products are there but I didn't feel like I had a whole hollow block on my face. Normally, what I don't like about going to treatments is that my face ends up heavier with all those creams than I had with a full face of makeup on. And when the peels of yore make us look like molting reptiles, this one left me "peeling glowing". The scent-wise, I like. It's very light and it's good that they're not too scented because too many scents intermixing together can be baaaaadddd right? And no scents mean less chemicals. Oh, okay, not all are super unscented, there are some products, like the hydrator plus, which had this really nice scent that's not too heavy on the nose.
Loving my peel? Yeah. Well, since it's been two weeks, Imma already wearing my full face of makeup (actually I just had a photoshoot that weekend), but I can say I'm more aware of my skin now.
For more info on PCA skin and their products, email or check their website at

Everyone Can Be a Supermodel

Sure you can! That's how it is in the industry, right? Let's all help each other out. And that's the philosophy of The Model Project, a photoshoot organized by models for models. "It all started as young models trying to help each other out with their folios," states Yeoh Egwaras, one of the models and organizers of the project. Soon, professionals in the industry began helping out as well. Participants of the project are up-and-coming talented artists some of them photographer Jaydproductions, fashion designers John and Paul Herrera (their works have already sashayed Philippine Fashion Week), fashion designer Dax Bayani, makeup artist/writer/stylist Tippy Destacamento, and photographer/graphic artist Paul Ang to name a few.

VINTAGE LOVE: Tanzie Amor [right] and Brian Galicia work it. (Makeup by Tippy Destacamento. Amor's corset and headpiece provided and styled by Tippy Destacamento. Brian's clothes by Shannon Pamaong). Photo by Jaydproductions

Last August 9, the website was officially made open to the public featuring the pictures and a lot have garnered great remarks. Models were transformed by the makeup artists, stylists, and photographers from the casual but fasyon look to high fashion mannequins worthy of the runway. I also took part as part of the makeup team, and also this shoot helped me express myself through avante garde makeup, my second time in years.

A WARRIOR GOES GLAM: Sheng Du comes at you. Makeup by Bambi de la Cruz. Clothes by Rodel Morris. Photo by Jaydproductions.

SAMURAI STYLE: Yeoh Egwaras keeps the pose simple and quiet yet not sacrificing impact. Yeoh was my first avante garde canvas featuring my lighting abstract cubism artwork. Makeup by Bambi de la Cruz. Coat by Shannon Pamaong. Photo by Paul Ang.

Model and logistics Jovy Querubin adds, "Yeoh and Amor had great aspirations for the success of everyone in our circle of friends, Later on we realized that what we are planning would not only help the Model but everyone in the industry as well. It was a small idea which was made big by the desire to uplift each one of the artists involved."

The project also introduced Multiply businesses that have been popular in the blogosphere particularly The Perfect White Shirt, with fun illustrations boasting school pride or making a statement.

BASURA QUEEN: Jovy Querubin makes a fasyon and earth-awareness statement. Makeup by Tippy Destacamento. Shirt by The Perfect White Shirt. Photo By Paul Ang.

NO MONKEY BUSINESS: Model and upcoming TV actress Rachel Narag and her perfect tarsier shirt. Makeup by Bambi de la Cruz. Shirt by The Perfect White Shirt. Photo by Jaydproductions.

"I guess what worked for us was the effective communication through SMS and YM conferences, though at first not all people were able to attend the nightly mettings, towards the end of the planning we were able to coordinate well with everyone and through constant reminders and our own willingness and perseverance for the project to be a success, everyone was able to participate at their best effort," adds Jovy.

With The Model Project Cycle 1 being a success and a lot of inquiries about how it goes, I sure hope that there would be a next cycle.

To the models and crew of The Model Project Cycle 1, Congratulations! For those who would want to view the complete set of the masterpieces, as well as models and crew, log on to: All shots were taken at the ArtPhotoStudio. Do leave comments as well. Thanks!

(All pictures are from The Model Project Website)


Make A Statement and BARE!

What is Bare?..
Bare is the very first moving photoshoot by JAYDPRODUCTIONS.
It is an alternative to studio pictorials, aiming a union of not just faces,but voices, ideas,and experiences.
Bare is open for everyone who wants to make a statement.
It will be on Aug.17 from 9am-9pm. For inquiries pls call/text 0906-420-9820.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

An All-Skin Look

Picture this: You're done with your photoshoot and you're already haggard with all the faces you're done. Suddenly, they say,

"O, picture with the makeup artist!"

Whaaaat? Your hair is in a mess and you have NADA makeup on. Not to fret, here's a foolproof makeup tutorial that relies on a clean canvas and definition on your key features - brows, eyes, and lips. So do a quick skin care routine on you (cleanse with wipes, toner, moisturizer/spray with hydrator and tissue off) then do this quick routine.

FOTD for the day. Time done in 5 minutes.

EYES: Check!

  • Tightline eyes with dark brown liner. Tightline means getting in between the roots of your lashes. You can smudge this a bit with your pinky or a cotton bud for a softer effect.
  • Curl your lashes and define with mascara
Products used: Kryolan eye pencil in Dark Brown, Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, and Clinique High Definition Mascara in Black

BROWS: Check!

  • Define and tame brows with brow pencil and brush in place with clear/tinted brow mascara. I prefer doing brows after the eyes in this look so the look is softer as doing the brows first may tend to overdo brows. The look is soft but defined.
Products used: MAC Brow Finisher in Blonde and Paul and Joe Eyebrow Mascara in #01.

FACE: Check!

  • Feign a perfect face by concealing imperfections and brushing on powder on the T-zone. Keep the cheeks bare for a dewy, natural glow, if you're not oily. For oily skin, go ahead and brush a bit to mattify the shine. Blush is optional. If you must, go for bronzer or illuminating shimmer powder.
Products used: Watercolors eye perfector, Givenchy Compact Powder Quartet in #07 (this quad can also be used as a blush and the individual colors as eyeshadow)

LIPS: Check!

  • Go nude! Line lips with nude lip liner and fill in. Then, Brush a pearly gloss. Lipliner is important because it would give your lipgloss something to hold on to.
Products used: Sephora lipliner in nude and Guerlain KissKiss Pearl Lipgloss #800

Or you can do this when you're lazy to go full-on with the makeup, especially on weekends! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Red For Beginners

The first thing my friends know about me and my makeup post-makeup school is that I always campaign for red lips. I used to be a nude and pink lip fanatic but I never discovered the power and beauty of the red lip until it was introduced to me at a workshop conducted by Paul and Joe's international makeup artist, Craig Ryan French. It was an instant sexy look. I've also fallen in love with red lips as to how effortless it makes a statement on its own. If I need to look glam and all i have is 10 minutes, I whip out my red lipstick. I always carry a tube of red lipstick in my purse so when I need to upgrade my look, all i need to do is change my daytime pink to nighttime red. I don't need to whip out so many brushes to get that smoky eye. Effortlessly, one makeup product can create a lot of impact on the face.

Actually, as I promote red lipstick I hear 2 out of 3 girls stating that "Oh, red will never look good on me" or "Red makes me look too trampy." Tell you what, when someone tells you that "Girls with this skin color should stay away from this lipstick color," do not believe it, because there will always be a perfect pink, a perfect brown, a perfect coral, and a perfect red for each and everyone of you. If you can't find one in the market, you can always mix your own. Here, my red lips here in this photo:

(taken from the Collezione event)
is actually a combination of 3-4 reds to get that strong, bold red. Well, yeah, it actually faded since me and the wine were bonding. Yet here's the thing: you can mix, match, and layer reds to get the red you want or you could tone down red by adding a bit of beige or pink or try mixing it with clear gloss.

Okay, so I'm very adventurous with reds. I own like 8 of them at home in different hues, tones, undertones, and finishes possible and gravitate to the matte, blood red color. But for girls who are starting out with the red bandwagon and are shy to go all-matte, all intense, here are some reds that I would suggest to try out first. Then when you're ready, try going for more adventure. Some have swatches and actual photos from file photos, but since I don't have my camera with me, I just made do with pictures from the net.

1. MAC Flash-N-Dash from the Fafi Collection

Okay... that's a picture of me all joys after the Body Shop event at BK Glorietta wearing my new purchase: Fafi has just been launched and here is my corally-red lippie. I dunno if there are still Fafi lippies in MAC counters, but they may have a similar shade. It's actually a frost finish, and there's some orange to it to "tame" the red.

2. Maybelline lipstick in Dragonfly Red

This is actually very sheer and it shines the lips with a sheer red hue. It's not as drying, if that's your problem too with the harsh matte shade. It's in between a gloss and a lipstick. I recommend this to red virgins. Also, Maybelline is relatively affordable. :-)

3. MAC Lipstick in Hot Tahiti

A glaze finish, this is described as a "soft reddish-coral" This is a more subtle red, more conservative than frost in terms of shimmer specks but a little more subtle in pigments than Russian Red. (MAC Lipsticks: Php 900)

3. Chanel Rouge Hydrabase in Barcelona Red

I was counter-hopping at Rustans when I went to the Chanel counter and tried their lipsticks. Rouge Hydrabase is semi-matte, there's less shine but with your lips shining through. Here's how it looks like on me:

I'm still suffering from a VGA camera but will get my camera soon. What I loved about Chanel's lipstick is that with matte being notorious for drying up lips, this one didn't feel dry. The wallet dent it'll cost me though is Php 1450. Maybe on a very, very, very special day. :-)

4. Max Factor Color Collection in Chili

Morenas can never wear red? FALSE! Like I said, there will always be a red for everyone. Max Factor's Color Collection is in a cream finish. Although this shade was classified for morenas, I broke the rule and tried it on... Not bad! I actually found it subtle, or maybe it's because I'm used to fire engine reds.

It's a very warm red, but less intense. Not drying too (SRP is Php575. Not bad!)

5. Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine in RD 165 S

This universal red (Php1350 at Rustan's) is buildable from a sheer stain or wash of color with a hint of glitter up to an opaque, shiny red when you're bold enough to. If you want, you can swipe a coat first then when you want more red swipe 3 (or 5!) coats more!
(picture from

6. YSL Rouge Pure Shine Sheer Lipstick in #8 (Plum Fusion)

(swatch from

A sheer plum-red shade with gold sparkles that glides smoothly on the lips. It smells good too, like candy! For me, it also made me graduate from my "fear of plums". Another YSL Bonus: SPF 15!

Does anyone have a red in mind for her already? Do share!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Give A Little Love To Yourself With YSL and Guerlain

(photo from

So you're a med student or a young doctor studying right smack on Manila. Amidst your code reds and sleepless nights doing hospital rounds, studying your pharmacology modules, or just getting stressed out, you go "I need to give myself a treat!" For the hard-earned money you earned or the allowance you saved on, why not let the makeup junkie in you (c'mon, beneath the scrubs and white uniforms is a hidden makeup fanatic) get a little treat?

Since YSL and Guerlain launched two new makeup counters at Robinson's Place Midtown (the new expansion wing of Robinson's Place in Ermita), if you want your Touche Eclats to erase (temporarily, until you cleanse it off at night) those dark circles you acquired from all that studying or just want a long-lasting blood red lipstick for that detox night out, then lunchbreak or duty-break splurging is just minutes away.

I was really impressed at how this new wing was. At first when I was told that this would be in Robinson's Midtown I was like, it sounds familiar! I was familiar with Manila Midtown Hotel and Robinsons Place having my 4 years of college life in UP Manila. Turns out, from a friend who frequents Rob, it was actually a new wing in Rob Manila. When I got there, my jaw dropped open at how this expansion wing looked like. Rob sure is progressing! Anyway, over cocktails, overflowing wine, tarot reading, and hand massages, the two new counters were introduced to the press and beauty bloggers/makeup artists.

Guerlain also introduced Meteorites Collection Perles

Ain't it look pretty? And I loved the glow it gave on my face when I tried it on. It's really subtle and although I'm not too fond of pinks, this one looked that I just had this dewy, rosy glow. Oooohhh... another one I want to try......

(Image from

(On times like these, I really miss my camera. It'll be a week left before it leaves the service station)

I've also fallen in love with the Kisskiss lipsticks particularly the red variants since not only were my lips plush (not dry!), the color was still intact despite 4 glasses of wine. :D More reds to love! Oh and you don't have to be a med student or doctor to go treat yourself to these babies. So when you're tired, stressed, and want to spoil yourself .... go ahead and splurge. Whether it be the Touche Eclat, a lipstick, gloss, mascara, or an eyeshadow, choose what you love. You deserve it. :-)