Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Miss Smoky Eyes

Lately I've been lazy to wear makeup. But since it was the despedida lunch of my auntie and grandma as they would be flying back to the States the following day, I thought I'd look good too and go with teal-ly smoky eyes to match my teal dress. All MAC unless stated otherwise.

Skin Care:

  • Human Nature Tomato and Lemongrass Toner
  • Olay Total Effects Moisturizer with Cooling Essence
  • Just a Pinch Gel Blush (from A Rose Romance collection)

Base Makeup:
  • Concealer: MAC Studiofinish NC30
  • Foundation: MAC Studioperfect NC30. I'm so pale now. Subic was months ago and I had to use NC40 for a good few weeks since NC35, which is what I really use was too white. I like Studioperfect's finish though.
  • MAC MSF in Dark to contour
  • Fanny Serrano in Skin to Highlight
  • MAC MSF in Blonde as a blush


  • Mosscape and Shell as base (Mosscape on lids and Shell on browbones)
  • Shu Uemura Eyebrow Gel in Seal Brown
  • TBS black eye kajal
  • TBS eye color #43 (the green one from Smoke and Fire collection) on crease
  • Mood Ring on inner 2/3 of lids highlighted with TBS Emerald Sea
  • Cloudburst to set black kajal
  • Blacktrack to line upper lids and create the winged eye effect.
  • TBS Sea Shell on browbone and inner tear duct highlight
  • Plushlash on lashes


  • Saint Germain mixed with All Styled Up
Glad the weather cooperated as well and didn't make my hair mushroom up or make the makeup melt. I really missed wearing makeup though and I miss the time I actually had time and energy to put makeup on myself. Oh, and my skin actually feels so much better after my diet. I thought I'd keep it for a while though, yet I really miss the French Fries I used to down everyday. Maybe I could do a few cheat days because yes, I do food reviews too. I promise I'll work out.

And speaking of working out, I've been doing and following Tara Stiles' Yoga for Weight loss for a few weeks now. The girl's done wonders for my arms though and my back, but more of that later.

Naughty Little Vices Swatches

I passed by MAC last Monday to purchase Fix+ as my bottle is about to run out and I need a decent amount come the wedding. Spotted five little bottles among the collection sets definitely catching my attention. This year's Holiday collection, A Tartan Tale, features also a nail lacquer set with five cute mini-bottles in curt proper colors.

I like that the set comes in a reusable tin so it serves its purpose later on to hold cotton buds/cotton pads/cotton balls/sponges in the vanity rather than a carton box which looks too pretty to throw away but ends up collecting dust later. The mini-bottles are about half of the regular nail lacquer, and IMHO, I find this size best for those who are fickle with their nail color. Although MAC nail lacquers are quite famous for not drying up too quickly. I love my underlacquer basecoat and although it's less than half the bottle already, the quality's just the same as the day I bought it (on sale).

Swatches from thumb to pinky finger: Asiatique, Beyond Jealous, Vice Is Nice, Nocturnelle, Vintage Vamp

Among the five, Asiatique catches my eye for being the classic bold bright cherry red that transcends time and beauty icons. Beyond Jealous is a deep pine green that needs two coats to get the full effect. A conservative girl with nail color would give away the four others and keep Vice is Nice to herself for a sheer gold frost to go with a white party dress. Nocturnelle, I already have in full size and I think the simple black shade looks better on a Halloween Party or on the MAC counter when I'm guesting. Vintage Vamp is another red, but in a deep blood color. Think of it this way, if Asiatique is Russian Red, then Vintage Vamp would be the Diva counterpart. The color is deeper. The shade could enhance alabaster complexions so you could use this if you want to bring out your inner vamp. All you need are pincurls and fingerwaves.

I'm not much of a nail polish girl, but I think this set absolutely makes a cute stocking stuffer. Wear one today and another one tomorrow, it's up to you. Like I said earlier, my experience with MAC nail lacquers are quite good, liking the fact that it's easy to apply and it dries fast once applied. My only problem though is that when used alone, it's prone to chipping. I guess that's what topcoats are for though.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hey Boy, Wanna Date?

No I'm not pimping myself in this post. I'm promoting RJ Ledesma's newest book by Anvil productions, which I promised to promote wherever, whenever I may be or I be cursed by him. And check out the cover too that exudes hotnessness that my computer froze when I downloaded this so I could post this in my blog.

For boys who would want a date and later avoid the Samahan Ng Mga May Malamig Na Pasko at Masaklap na Valentine's Day support group, RJ guides you step-by-step on flirting, body language, and all that with matching humor, plunging necklines and snakeskin pointy-toed shoes optional. And if you've got nothing to do Thursday night 6:00 p.m., you could drop by Powerbooks Greenbelt 4 and meet the master himself as well as he promotes his book.

So who wants a date, boys?

Ala-ka-zam, Abracadabra with Shu Uemura

One visit to Rustan's Makati yesterday had me glancing over to my left with new candy-colored pink displays. Shu Uemura, the Japanese brand who I love for creating the Hard 9 eyebrow pencil in seal brown and the cleansing oil that wipes out all traces of makeup in a snap before sleep enters my system also has got a Holiday treat up its kimono sleeve colored in whimsical and pretty candy colors with pink and sorbet dominating the palette

Shu Uemura collaborates with Japanese pop artist Aya Takano in this collection inspired by magic and symbols. When I googled her, Takano's drawings often depict heroines with large eyes and usually almost partially nude. She uses ink and acrylic as her medium, as depicted in the cosmetic cases.

These pink palettes would pop out in the sea of reds and greens as department stores are now bedecked for the Holiday season, yes? The packaging popped out even in the Shu Uemura counter.
The triangle-shaped box holds the LE brush set,The brushes with the super-cute hot pink handles got the face covered here for makeup application on the go - lip brush for the perfect lip, powder brush for blush and powder foundation, and two eyeshadow brushes, one for blending and one for depositing color for eyes that pop and sparkle. That little mesh on the left could be used to store cotton buds, sponges, makeup, stuff like that.

Cleansing oils get the LE design too, and yes, they are still priced at Php 1,700.

You could view the collection at the Shu Uemura website. If you're a US resident, you could shop online at the Shu Uemura USA website. Philippine residents could check out this collection at the Shu Uemura counters in Rustan's Tower, Makati, and the Shu Uemura boutique in Rockwell.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Top 3 Stuff I Love From Artistry and More

I first heard of Artistry when they were the official makeup sponsor of Philippine Fashion Week some seasons ago, so it's a brand that I've heard as well. It's available via direct selling, and it's a brand carried by Amway, which is known for the organic and all-natural supplements as well as home and personal care. I admit being quite curious as well with the products. I always tell myself that although I have my personal favorites, doing makeup for a living and writing about it for my passion should allow me to keep an open mind about new products in the market. So when I got the invitation to visit the Artistry Experience Center, I gave a yes. I just needed to clear and double-check my schedule since the week before, I had a project beforehand.

I was first introduced to the skin care line, depending on skin type and consumer preference.

The whitening line just evens out the skin tone instead of making it pasty white. The fairest one could go is just the color on the inner arm. But not to fret my dears, trust me, it's better because it's more natural that way and I like it more, because the result isstill you with just even skin tone of course.

With all of us being conscious about anti-ageing, Artistry also has an anti-ageing line called Time Defiance, which takes things to the cellular level, enabling the cells to better communicate with each other. I like the cleanser though, it didn't feel tight and dry. It smelled really clean and fresh too, like springtime.

Anyhow, among the products I tried, I'll lay you in my favorites. These are the three that I love and would highly recommend to makeup artists looking for good eye makeup or for skin care addicts as well. If you have any Artistry product you love, feel free to share.

Artistry Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel

This was one of the bestsellers, and I was lucky enough to experience this via tester since they currently don't have a stock of this. Normally, when you think of peeling, you think of raw and red skin and staying away from the sun. Although by default you do really have to stay away from the sun, this one is quite a gentle peel, and the chemical make-up of this formula is suited so that it only acts upon the pH of the dead skin cells, lifting these uglies away. On skin cells that are still alive and kicking though, the formula deactivates so it only works when you needed. It's like a dermatologist in a bottle that mixes her solutions just right. Using this product also helps the skin absorb other products like moisturizer better.

It looks like a serum, really. You apply this to the face after cleansing. The directions call for four pumps but in my case, 1 pump was already okay. I'm supposed to leave it on for 8 minutes before washing it off. I didn't feel a sting though, but I felt my skin tightening up. Then, when I rinsed my skin and patted it dry, I felt like I placed a silicone-based primer or serum on my face that leaves a velvety and powdery finish on my skin. This costs around Php 4,000.00 and the bottle is good for approximately 6 uses. Use this product only twice a week. For men, it is recommended to use the product at nighttime as shaving during the morning serves already as exfoliation during the day. By the way, don't use this with other exfoliating products like scrubs or other peels.

Artistry Brow Definer

I think Meeko got me raving about this a handful of times. I'm always in the lookout for really good eyebrow makeup that doesn't give the que horror kontrabida or linta eyebrows. Artistry Brow Definer is like a cross between MAC Eye Brows and Shu Uemura hard 9. I get the best of both worlds - the ultra-fine tip and the hard formula that defines brows into a natural shape that doesn't tint the brows a horrid and off reddish hue. I like that it comes in ashy and natural colors.

I recommend Dark Brown for everyday. as Charcoal (a grey-black) could be harsh, save this for photoshoots or using this on the ends. The brow definers come with a spoolie brush so we could brush the hairs after penciling them for a more natural look. I also set them with matte br0wn eye color powders from Artistry like Godiva and Drift. I used Godiva with me, which is slightly warmer than Drift. This product happens to be my favorite. Like I said, you don't get good brow makeup anywhere just like that.

Artistry Total Mascara

Everything-proof basically - flakeproof, smudgeproof, and waterproof. I used brown here, and although I have a qualm for brown being too light for me, it was dark enough to define. Check out how mascara could turn eyes from so-so to YOWZA! Spot the one with mascara. It won't be that hard, yes?

This could be a lazy girl's mascara. Why? Well due to its brush, since as you turn it, it sort of changes form. You could practically skip eyelash curler here, since it looks good on its own already. However, yielding your faithful eyelash curler would yield more dramatic results. It lengthens, separates, and defines lashes too, for long lashes that look like falsies. Although it's pricier than other mascaras, I'd save this for me on special occasions where I need waterproof powers activate.

I not only did experience skin care but a full face of makeup too. I brought my brushes beforehand so I could play with the makeup. I did a sorta basic smokey look, with a palette of plums.

The foundation is great giving a flawless and poreless finish and guarantees up to 12 hours of long wear. I do recommend it only for everyday use though since it contains a high SPF (SPF 20). On picture-heavy functions, a high SPF could cause a ghostlike effect with flash photography so I don't recommend this for weddings and photoshoots where there would be a lot of picture-taking involved. For cheek colors, Rosewood would be a good universal choice since it's a peach-pink with a bit of brown so it flatters most Asian skin tones. For alabaster skin, a raspberry or candy pink would be much suited. It was a fun meet though, and as soon as I get more info, I'll let you in on that.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Love Your Bling, Kate!

It's official my dears. I saw it on the headlines yesterday morning. Prince William, second in line to the throne, who once graced teen magazines during yesteryear has finally proposed to his longtime beau of 8 years, Kate Middleton.
[image from]

Lucky, lucky Kate, yes? Although this may not be a close-up photo of the gem, I could still see it from where I am.

[image from CBS news]

ZOIIIIIINNNGGGG!!!!!! I may not be a fan of bling and jewelry but this baby gets anyone's attention. The ring isn't just a lovely piece of accessory though, it once belonged to Prince William's mum, Diana, Princess of Wales.

Isn't it lovely? Rings like these definitely belong to beautiful women. I agree that it does look lovely on Kate as much as it did on Diana. It matches the lovely dress she's wearing too right?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Security System for Baby Skin

With our shizophrenic weather, would you believe that the rainy season has pushed forward to the supposedly Christmas months already? Just yesterday, I unfortunately experienced a drizzle on my way from the office building of a project I'm doing to the mall. Anyway, we do know that there are hassles the rain bring about, like floods and puddles of stagnant water which bring about more hassles like traffic and the dreaded dengue (tadadadaaan).

With the dengue scare rising, precautionary measures have been taken. One time, my favorite organic store had their citronella-based bug sprays selling like hotcakes it was too late for me to grab a bottle. If you're a mom and have kids that go to school, you'd notice that schools have already taken precautionary measures and distributed memos to parents already.

Citronella and other organic-based insect repellents have been proven to repel bugs like mosquitoes. Personally, I like the citronella alternative because it's safer on the skin and just as effective. I'm not bothered by the scent and I'm actually fond of it. However, I do understand that there are some people who aren't exactly fond of the citronella scent but would want mosquito protection that's safe on skin.

Esel introduced me to Guard, an insect repellant that could widen our choices when it comes to shopping for insect repellent during our next grocery trip. I received a sample two weeks ago and of course, I did a road test first.

The bottle pictured is actually the smallest size, I think about 30 mL, so I could fit this in a teensy tiny pouch should I need to reapply. The bigger bottles cost around Php120, this you could take on your next backpacking trip or let this stay at home. It's quite ironic though, that when you hear the word "Guard", you immediately think that upon opening, an armed dude would just materialize by your side and defend you from bugs that come your way, The Human Fly included. Despite the tough-side name though, Guard has a baby powder scent, so it's not that offending to the nostrils. In fact, it does remind us of childhood memories when our mommies or yayas would dust our backs and necks generously with baby powder. That nicks out the complaint of having insect repellent lotions in the past that smell like kerosene. We do understand that insect repellents are supposed to be offending to insects so they won't be attracted to the skin, but that doesn't include humans, right?

Secondly, Guard's anti-bug ingredient is Picardin, instead of DEET (N, N-diethyl-metatoluamide). Although DEET is an effective solvent, it's actually a skin irritant that should not even used under clothing or on damaged skin. Of course we wouldn't want harm on our kiddies' skin right? Picardin in fact, is the one recommended by the World Health Organization as an ideal insect repellent. It's less likely to irritate the skin than DEET but it's effective in keeping the bugs at bay. You could use this on children too, so our kiddies stay protected and bug-free.

Thirdly, when I tested this, the other thing I noticed is that it didn't leave a grimy or sticky feeling like I'm wearing an invisible overcoat on a hot and humid day. When I sweat, I still smell baby powder and no irritating chemical-like scent. It's great to use this on summer outings on the beach where we're exposed to the elements or our next camping trip don't you think?

In case though you're taking and using this on your next pictorial, here's how skin treated with Guard looks with and without flash.

Basically, there's not much effects or white-casting and skin appears relatively more normal. I suggest if you're a makeup artist to pack one on your kit so the model (and even you) stay protected from possible health hazards.

As of now, Guard is available at Rustan's and Shopwise branches. I saw Guard already at Rustan's Makati while I was grocery shopping. With the baby powder scent and a formula totally safe and comfortable on the skin, I guess mommies, daddies, and kids could now breathe for a lotion that's great for the family. If you're a backpacker or the type who's always exposed to the great outdoors, I suggest packing a big bottle of this as well.

Although I spend most of my time in the concrete jungle that is the city, my uniform of shorts and skirts tells me to slather some of these. Mosquito bites of course are irritating and they leave itchy patches and raised areas that destroy the continuity of flawlessly long and smooth legs. As they say, prevention is still the best cure.

[disclaimer: Product provided for review]

Running From North To Center On An Event-full Friday

Can't complain my loves, can't complain. I didn't expect to have a full Friday, and normally, I'm quite apprehensive about leaving the comfort zone that is my home on a vehicle-full road of a payday Friday. Anyways, despite coming home almost 12 I was smiling from ear to ear and I'll tell you why.

Romina texted me if I would like to attend an Olay event at Robinson's Galleria. I had an event 6:30-ish and since the event in Galle was in the afternoon, I had some time to buy though, and I already put in my head that I'll be taking the MRT back to Makati after Galleria when the northbound EDSa traffic was getting me antsy. Anyhow, the event encouraged women and of course men to use Olay body bar by trading their empty soap bars for a bar of Olay to get the habit going. The bar of course, should cost at least Php 25.00. It was a very systematic procedure, from registering, liking the Olay Philippines page on Facebook, and there were even some fun stuff where participants get to do a 30-second video on why they decided to make the switch to Olay and have their pictures taken in the photobooth. If they're one of the first 50 participants though, they get their 1 minute of fame where they get to meet, greet, and have their picture taken with one of the Olay ambassadors, Angel Aquino.

Who doesn't remember Angel's performance as the feisty Vera Cruz in the recently-concluded Magkaribal? While her TV persona is mean and scheming with matching hurling of yards of fabric or screaming at her character's subordinates, Angel is actually a real down-to-earth Angel who gamely answered questions of women when it came to ageing. At the end, Angel encourages the audience, citing several examples from friends and colleagues and even herself, that it's never too late to make the change. If you're curious about an Olay body bar experience, you could read my review on it here.

After an early dinner, I dashed off and was glad to catch a train back to Makati. At that time, Yeoh was already calling me that he was already at the next event. It was quite cool that we were both in that same event, since his alagas (also my good friends) would be modelling at the event.
Proud itay Yeoh with his models.

This was the RIIR or Rags2Riches event where they unveil its Fashion/Holiday collection of signature bags and accesories. RIIR's premier designer is Amina Aranaz-Alunan, who's also the designer behind the luxury bag line Aranaz.
So let's check out the bags, shall we?

So proud of Jazel. I remember still her first-ever shoot where Nix did her makeup and I curled her hair. Jazel has gone so far and there's a lot of potential I see in her.

This assymetric white dress (by Rajo Laurel, who provided the clothes for this show) goes well with Kae's honey-colored skin tone.

Those colored woven fabrics are actually scrap fabric materials converted into usable accesories so there's minimal discarded materials that would just end up as trash and litter. Guess who makes these bags? The community of mothers from Payatas! It's just amazing and heartwarming how fashion houses like these extend all the way to Payatas so the mommies there also have a sustainable source of income. The fabrics are meticulously weaved and crochet-knitted into the designs I showed earlier. Aside from bags, these fabrics could also be made to belts and accessories.
I may not wear much accessories but I love statement pieces.

I think these ladies deserve a round of applause, don't you think? After all without them, there would be no bags. It's just too cute that they were there with us too so they saw how fierce and fasyon their handiworks are. You could check out the site at to view the collection and to know more about RIIR's products and social statement.

Yeoh and I of course in our obligatory wackiness. Why is this just the makeup on my face? I had a good ten minutes to change to my micro black dress which means skip a lot of stuff on the makeup department and whip out that red lipstick. That's one reason to love red. It cuts my makeup time in a total fraction.

Right after that, Yeoh dragged me to the Urban Athletics event since it was my butty Erika's event and we were there for moral support. Another cheerio and shoutout of support also to our model friends who ramped the catwalk in style.



Group shot!

Since our gastrocnemius muscles were giving way after teetering in heels, We traded the cocktail tables for comfy chairs at Coffee Bean, but wanting real comfort food, we walked over to McDonalds for happy junk food and kwentos. Seeing my friends in person instead of updating via Facebook and SMS is totally different. Definitely worth the painful calves, speedy makeup, and jampacked train. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Glambox's Fab Holidays Fab Portfolio Giveaway

Just as Christmas inches its way, the lovely angels Valerie and Andrea of Glambox gives us Glambox airbrush users a chance to win up to 6 months' supply of Glambox cosmetics. The moment I was tagged at the promo it was a big fat YOWZA for me. But of course I'm not greedy and I would definitely share it too to my fellow Glambox users. If you haven't even opened your Glambox kits yet, then I guess it's time to do so and get that gun to work! Wow, I can't believe I'm saying "Us" meaning, I'm also a Glambox user since I just purchased a compressor a few weeks ago. Surreal! :) But happy. Okay, anyway, back to the contest:

GlamBox’s Fab Holidays Fab Porfolio Giveaway is a quick portfolio contest of all Glambox users. If you've used Glambox in a recent makeup gig or fun shoot or you loved your look using your Basic starter kit, then it could be an entry.

Basically, the contest mechanics are simple. First, you have to be a GlamBox user, because you need a Glambox Airbrush compressor kit for this as well. All you have to do is send a photo of your work where you used Glambox. Personal and commercial work are both okay and a contestant could send up to 5 entries. Take note though, that photos should at least be 200 dpi or 800 pixels on the longest side. These entries would be posted at the Glambox Facebook page.

Next, you should write a brief testimonial/description about Glambox and the photo you sent. Meaning, where you used Glambox and what products you used and how you used them.

If you got the photo and testimonial ready, then it's time to send in the photo. Send your entry to and be sure to include your name, age, and contact details (i.e. phone number, address, and email address).

Promo period is from November to January 2011 and the winner would be picked on January 31, 2011.

Okay, so here are the prizes at stake:

  • First prize: 6 months worth of GlamBox makeup refills (Worth P12K)
  • Second prize gets: 3 months worth of GlamBox makeup refills! (Worth P6K)

It doesn't stop there, for three runner up entries, they would be getting also mink lashes!

So girls, are we ready to get those guns up? Let's get set and go and good luck to us all!

Yowza! Zoe Saldana for Calvin Klein

Whether lending her voice as a computer-generated Navi princess or in a conservative bodysuit as a spacecraft crew, Zoe Saldana doesn't need to bare much flesh to radiate sexiness. She just is. Now the new face and body of Calvin Klein underwear, Zoe takes her classy sexiness to fashion.

[pictures from]

Monotone pictures without much contortionist poses or voluminous hair, sexiness is not sacrificed in a simple ad with a lot of impact. Black underwear, headthrows, and a sultry stare was enough for this shoot to get a second turn. Now that's sexy without trying too hard.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Shimmy and Sparkle With The Body Shop Winter Trends

The Body Shop welcomes winter, i.e. Christmas season here in Manila with shimmer, sparkle, glitter, and glamour. In the absence of snowflakes in this tropical country, the glittery pigments and sparkly colors in cool color schemes would signal that the winter - er - season has begun. Named Joy Of Sparkle, The Body Shop's 2010 Winter Collection would bring shimmer and sparkle to the face during that annual Christmas party. Just be sure not to go overboard so as you look like an overdecorated Christmas tree.

The two eye palettes feature four powder eye colors and a cream highlighter for a dewy look on cheeks and collarbones. You could also use the cream highlighter as an eyeshadow base for lasting eyeshadow power. The palette comes with a mirror so you get to know where your color's going as well as sponge tip applicators, although I still prefer a densely packed brush to apply color.

The Twilight Eye palette is more on the plums and lilacs, cool color schemes to go with a forest green party dress. Smoky eyes with sparkles on the right places for a bit of twinkle.

Midnight has warmer colors of rose and peach to go with the cool slate colors of silver and gray. The right balance for a smoky eye, which are musts in glamorous Christmas parties.

Having a showgirl-themed party or can't get enough of glitter? How about Star Dust, which are just like MAC Glitters that adhere to the skin even without lotion. I suggest too to mix dollops of lotion so these sparklies adhere better to the skin. A lesson learned though: Not to mix glitter dusts if you're going to be near intense heat, say you're firedancing for a party. The glitter conducts heat and could act like little hot sparklers on skin. Ouch! But otherwise, without the presence of intense heat, it looks fabulous on skin.

Whether pink or gold, you could choose either or or mix them both for a different effect to go with your dress. The only way to get this out is by oil-based remover, which I used after I swatched them. I especially like the protective inner cover, which dispenses just the right amount so we don't go overboard with shimmer and waste products.

The Liquid Liner in Starlight has shimmery silver glitters and this happens to be my favorite among the collection. I use this to line the inner corners of my eyes to sorta open them up and create sparkle. Day or night, I use this.

The built-in brush is easy to use. On clients, I suggest using of course an eyeliner brush to avoid cross-contamination.

This look has been my favorite lazy daisy look for the day if I want my eyes to pop - cat liner and glitter liner. I'm too lazy for eyeshadow. The sparkles sort of open up the eyes and give it some twinkle.

Lipgloss addicts would love the cool pink of the Love Gloss, with pale pink shimmer which go well with the uso pink lips of today. :)
It's got the same heart-shaped sponge-type wand, sealing lips with a sweet, sugary kiss of pink.

Alone on lips (below) it does look good. Not to mention it's absolutely yummy too. :)

These makeups are already out in The Body Shop stores. If you want, you could come check out also The Sparkler in Boudoir Pink, which is a bottle of powder shimmer for a more subtle shimmery glow if chunks of glitter aren't your thing.

This atomizer with the pretty candy pink thing you press does remind you of the vintage perfume bottles in a girl's boudoir, yes? I tested this on one store yesterday and it was absolutely charming and cute! I wouldn't want to finish this since it also looks good on a vanity.

The best way to wear these colors is to still mix it with different textures, especially matte and satin. Going overboard could make you look like you smothered your face in a vat of glitter. Balance sparkly eyes with a matte or creme lip and up the amp of dark smoky eyes with a kiss of gloss and a dusting of glitter. Have fun creating a pretty and sparkly Christmas look!
[disclaimer: Products provided for review]