Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Go Brazil(ian)!

Writing about brazilian waxing can be a sensitive topic since it's one of those topics that many are shy to know about. Actually, here's the thing, a lot actually are scouting for the perfect place to undergo brazilian or bikini waxing and some are clueless as to how it goes.

Take me for example, while I was about to finally go for it from a pro (I resulted to DIY microwave wax treatments), I asked around my model friends and even a friend who owns a spa that offers waxing how it goes. They're like "It really hurts!" From my own research, I saw that quite a lot actually undergo the process.

At my favorite neighborhood spa place Nail To Toe, I went for my treatment since it's near my place and I've been a longtime client and they've never disappointed me. "We'll give you the sphinx." They told me. I was like, "What do you mean?" They told me, "We leave nothing behind." I get it. Just like the sphinx cats.

The therapist briefed me days before as to what I'm supposed to do. She told me the best time to have my wax done and how long the hair should be (approximately 1/4 inch. Longer than that they would have to trim it as it could hurt). People who could be sensitive to pain may take ibuprofen an hour before the treatment. I decided against ibuprofen thinking that I could stand the pain since I've been doing waxing treatments via DIY kits.

During the day, I made sure everything should be clean. Yep, especially there so I was advised to shower first before the procedure using warm (not hot) shower. When I arrived, the waxing area had been prepared. Fresh linens were laid out and the wax was already pre-heated. The therapist sanitized her hands with alcohol and she told me to do the same to my own. A fresh and unused tongue depressor was prepared. Prepping the client with pre-epilating lotions and creams was done. I think this is used to numb the pain (other salons use baby powder to absorb excess moisture so the wax does not stick much) or to prevent the wax from sticking (much) to the skin. And I thought that waxing was just spread, rip, and writhe in pain.

Of course I will admit that the whole process hurts (those who have gotten waxed even on the legs would agree with me) since the bikini area is very sensitive and the skin is thinner than say, your underarms or arms. The therapist was like, "No. stay. I have to finish" She plucked the remaining hair that couldn't come with the wax. When I asked why not just apply wax again, she said that we couldn't apply the wax to an area that has been previously waxed because the skin could get burned. Threading is also an option for people who would want less pain. After an hour and a half or so, the whole process was finished and not a single strand of hair was spared. Post-waxing lotions were applied to the skin, which also helps ease pain and redness. I was also given instructions on post-waxing care in a leaflet.

I must say that I am very satisfied with their service. Not only was the process clean and well-executed, but therapist was very professional with her work. She answered all my questions well and even helped me relax (by the way, relax is one tip they told me. :) ) In fact, I already had my second session last week.

The second session is usually less painful than the first, and hair grows back finer and slower than say, using depilation creams and shaving. Maybe because I'm already used to it? Plus, I like how they follow international standards and rules and use high-quality equipment.

Do I recommend getting one? I sure do, especially since after Christmas, beachtime is fast approaching. For those who would want to defuzz without breaking the bank, I recommend this service. Price ranges from Php 550-650, depending on the service you're getting.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Review: Vidal Sassoon 4 Way Style-To-Go

Wheee! Come gift-giving after Christmas dinner, my sister handed me a rectangular box and when I opened it....

Tadaaaa.... and my hairstyling tools are almost complete. This slashes off a crimper, a straightener, a waver, and a micro-crimper instead of bringing a whole lot of stuff during shoots. I already have a curling iron already and a blow dryer. What's missing now is a spiral curler, but that's easy.

By the way, this should be used on DRY hair and not on wet hair.

The 4-way style-to-go has 4 pairs of interchangeable plates:

Shown from L-R: Straightening, crimper, and micro-crimper.

Here's what I just used: The deep waver:

1. Heats fast. No need to wait forever to be used
2. Delivers well. I see results 10 seconds after releasing the clamp.
3. Easy-to-use. Just clamp and release.
4. 100-240V.
5. Affordable (php 1590, and that's 4 tools already)

1. Metal and not ceramic. Don't forget to use a heat-protective spray to prevent fried locks.
2. Can be heavy and bulky.
3. The handle may take getting used to. My hand kinda cramped up after using. Kinda like the one you get after playing with your PSP too much.

I tried the waver just a while ago and I was pleased at how I immediately got the big retro hair I want (you can adjust the volume of hair you clamp up depending on the effect. Thinner sectioning means bigger volume and more texture. Thicker sectioning results to a gentler effect). After the whole crimping process: here's the look I got:

(no makeup. heeheehee)

Big hair here. I could even go wilder by teasing for shoots or high-fashion looks.

The handle could get a bit of getting used to. Oh, since the plates are metal, remember to condition hair to prevent damage and not to use this everyday as it could leave the hair dry and dull. But hey, on the occassion for retro waves and textures... bring on the heat!

Happy Christmas ladies! Stay pretty!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Shoots before the Holidays

Just yesterday I had a shoot with my good friend JC. He showed me pegs of the looks and most of them are beauty/headshots that could be good for a makeup artist's folio. I got to the studio on the calltime and did makeup on the model. The first look is supposed to be bronzed and smoky eyes with a lot of volume on the hair and the second look, the same makeup with flecks of eyeshadow thrown in, sort of like a play on color and texture.
Here's the first look done by JC's friend, Franz Manalo. Model is Ford Supermodel '07 Emerald Villahermosa.

Here's another shot this time playing with texture. Photo by JC Cerilla

Shoots are fun as always. The shoot yesterday was like a Christmas party. :) One last stretch before the Holidays.
Advanced Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Warm Holiday Look

Just as the temperature drops down (I'm not complaining :) ), I thought I'd warm up with spicy and golden shades in this look I did two days ago:

Face: MAC Hyperreal Foundation in NC200 set with MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC30
Contour/Blush: Ever Bilena in Amethyst
Brows: Set and filled with body shop brown eyeshadow
Eyes: Gold creme eyeshadow as base on the lid and set with a matte golden brown color. Contour with a warm brown in a darker shade than lid color plus highlight the browbone in peach e/s. (no brands as you can use whatever you like). Dab a shimmery loose coppery bronze shade on lid for more highlights
Liner: Dark brown eyeliner on upper and lower lashlines. Line top lashline with an olive green liner for more pop of color.
Mascara: Lots of volumizing mascaras on curled lashes.
Lips: Red brown lipliner then filled in then topped with MAC lipstick in Hot Tahiti and blended in.

I didn't bother drying my hair here as I was running pretty late. This look would go well with spicy nail polish or a gold cocktail dress.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Oxford Shoot Series

As I posted before, the shoot of Oxford Series has been completed, and I'm more than thrilled to share it with you. I love the international look of it.

The shoot started at 6 am and ended at 12. :) Love the view of Rockwell and Makati.

Very international indeed, plus everyone was very professional during the shoot and since we were already bonded, everything turned out great.
photo credits:
Photography and Digital Imaging: Darrel Pobre
Model: Chinz Ching
Art Direction and Styling: Dennis Celestial
Location: Oxford Suites

Makeupbybambi meets Fashion Icon

I was at the mall when I received a missed call when I was hanging out at Coffee Bean. I called the number and it was one of my photographer friends asking if I could do an emergency makeup on his shoot. I was like, "What do you guys have on hand?" and he said there's foundation, concealer, and lip balm and personal brushes of the model. I armed myself with hair gel and blush to serve as highlight (since he'll be doing black-and-white photography) and whatever equipment I have on hand and rushed to the studio.

Guess who the model was?

photo by Filbert Kung

Popular fashion icon and blogger Bryanboy! The guy's a real pro with the poses working each pose after pose after pose. Amazing and without any complaint! The shoot finished in two hours with gazillions of fantastic frames. I love how the picture turned out.. super classic and international level.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Study on Prosthetics

I googled on tutorials on how to make prosthetics in makeup. After extensive research, I found some easy instructions and I used whatever I had on hand substituting liquid latex for glue (where do you find liquid latex anyway here in Manila?)

So I made third degree burns out of glue, tissue, and lots of grease/wax-based paint/lipsticks, and Kryolan makeup"

I'll try using black spray-on haircolor to make things easier. The Kryolan lip rouge pallette I got proved to be better as special effects makeup rather than beauty makeup. It made realistic-looking bruises.

Oh, and here's the wound, which happened to be another favorite:

Bruised and lacerated and straight from a horror movie.

It looked so real a lot got freaked out when they saw it. To think I haven't placed fake blood yet, which I have yet to make. I added some texture inside the "peeled skin" using cotton rubbed in red/maroon grease paint.

I still have to master making slashes, as that would require a lot of dexterity on my part

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Heavenly Present

With my earrings post below, I got a lovely early Christmas gift from the master accesories designer himself that really was a total delight:

Love the earrings! Super duper thanks Dennis! He made these and the religious details are just exquisite. Perfect for remindin us the true meaning of Christmas, don't you think? I just fell in love with it. In fact, as I'm typing this, I'm already in my nightgown and with no more makeup at all...yet I'm still wearing the earrings. Heeheehee..

Of course I gotta model these first. Ganito muna, but yeah... you'll be seeing this pair in one of my photoshoots, with credits, of course! :)

Merry Christmas everyone. Only nine days to go!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

An Early Christmas Gift For Being Nice

Because I could no longer help it...

because it's one of my tried-and-tested favorites....

because I could no longer keep my joy and because there are only 2 tubes left....

I got myself that shade of red at the MAC counter without thinking twice.
I thought to myself... it's now or never. I want it I need it and only MAC Makati can assure me that it fits me fine because I have been their counter client/pest for almost 4 years and I've started buying from them after I became a makeup artist and fell head-over-heels with their products in the professional manner, if there's such a term :P
Oh... finally... I'm a proud owner of MAC LIPSTICK IN RUSSIAN RED! My eternal wishlist entry is finally scrapped off because I've decided to get one for myself. I've been wearing it for 4 straight days now and I'm loving every minute of it. It stays quite long even after eating (and even longer with lip seal). Plus, getting ready has never been easier. Although in this picture I've went for a bit of drama with a tad of a smokey eye, my other days have been just concealer, mascara, eyebrow pencil, and red lipstick and PLOOF! INSTANT GLAM!
With my red nails, red brush set, and red lipstick, looks like I'll have a very red Christmas, doncha think?
Anyone got themselves an early mini-Christmas gift like I did?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Nina's Touch Experience

Yesterday, I visited my good friend and one of my mentors, Nina Dumpa, who happens to be one of the top makeup artists in the industry specializing on airbrush makeup. It was her birthday last week and since I knew she would be in her studio, I wanted to drop by and give her something.

I first encountered Ate Nina while browsing through Multiply. I saw her work and I found them very creative I was wowed at her techniques in makeup plus her skills in bodypainting. I also wanted to model for her before when she was looking for folio models but I was shy (I wasn't a pro makeup artist then yet). As fate may have planned it, we did meet and she became one of my idols, friends, and mentors in the industry. She taught me the value of sharing my talents to others, as she does to her assistants and even when she blogs.

A teacher, a makeup artist, a businesswoman, a mother, a friend, a photographer - Nina has played many roles and each role she plays she plays well. We have common friends also, and we love her not just for her work (Check them out at http://www.ninastouch.com/) but for her generous and loving heart. Despite her extensive portfolio and international accreditations tucked under her belt, she remains the down-to-earth girl that she always has been. Since we had some time together, she offered to give me an airbrush makeover and I gladly agreed. I asked her if I could blog about it and she said yes. So for the first time, I'd like to blog about my airbrush makeup experience.

After prepping my face (she likes to start with super clean and moisturized skin and lips), she concealed my blemishes and some undereye circles. She analyzed my facial structure, skin type, and studied my skin color to know what foundation she used. After mixing the foundation to approximately match my skin color, she proceeded airbrushing my face. The airbrush experience was really something. It felt cold but it was not uncomfortable. When I looked at the mirror, I saw how even my skin was (even up close). "The coverage is even and you don't need much retouching if you use airbrush foundation," she said. "This is very popular in the US and many celebrities use this." Despite the coverage, I didn't feel that I had a lot of makeup on. When I touched my skin, there was no caking of makeup. It didn't feel heavy or greasy or did I feel that my pores were being too suffocated.

After airbrushing the foundation, She set my makeup with powder and contoured my face. I found out that day that I had a square-shaped face. The corners of my forehead and jawline were defined and my face was not that long. She brought out my cheekbones and contoured my nose a bit, to make my face look 3D in photography makeup. Her hands were very light and I'm also very particular about having the lightest touch, especially when it comes to the eye part. She knew what colors to put and I love how she blended all colors to make them look seamless and my skin glowy. She knew what features to conceal, minimize, and enhance.

After contour and blush, eyes came next. She gave me an electric blue eyeshadow look that was not too 80s. "I'll give you an Eva Mendes-inspired look!" I love how my eyes looked huge afterwards. It was a smoky blue-plum color highlighted with a bit of yellow-gold. She also perfected my eyebrows and she made it frame my face and she didn't make it super thin nor super dark. Orange-gold lips were the first choice, but she decided on something darker next, which looked absolutely fabulous (pink, both our favorite colors). For my hair, they set it in curls and they were let loose in bouncy, sexy, Victoria's Secret model curls.

So this was me before airbush makeup:

No makeup, hair down... super simple

And here's me all made up looking fab by Nina's Touch

hair up

hair down

and hugging a pretty pink pillow

I love how she didn't totally change how I look but enhanced what I have with color, contour, and a little bit of her own creativity. The curls really stayed too and so did the makeup. Minimal retouching was needed. Of course, one plus to me was she had a very light hand and didn't poke or scratch. :) Nina's truly a pro.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Smoke and Ash : Suite Array Swatches

My latest MAC purchase because I couldn't resist leaving the MAC counter without buying anything:

MAC Suite Array eyeshadow in Smoke and Ash. (Retail Price: Php880, so you get two shadows for a little over the price of one eyeshadow pan). Both shades are
"matte with an overlay of pearl and provide sheer to medium buildable coverage with a beautiful luminescent effect."
The coverage is quite sheer, since I used only 1-2 swipes for the black one (smoke) but if you add more layers, you can go for a more opaque coverage like the silver one (ash). My main color usually is the silver one and I use the black to contour but you can make black the main color and add silver as a highlight.
To apply, MAC makeup artists recommend using a cream eyeshadow base or primer and then really layering for intensity as these are quite sheer. If you want a subtle wash, then 1-2 swipes would do. But for super-duper intense colors, you might need layering and a bit of patience.
Recommended tools: a dense eyeshadow brush, a sponge tip applicator, or your finger. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


On the first day of December, I got an early Christmas present! Well, not really a present because I pre-ordered it a month ago and just got it this December and I'm just so happy and giddy!

It arrived yesterday morning while I was busy uploading pix in my folio but everything had to stop first for this... :D I couldn't resist opening it!

Ooooooohhhh! It's REEEED!

And look at all the brushes!

22 pcs of pure delight!
I've finally gotten another brush set from my experience of having back-to-back shoots. sometimes, my brushes don't have time to dry especially during the rainy weather. As of now, they're just newly washed and now waiting for them to dry.....
Review coming soon!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ruby Woo, the Vivid Blue-Red

Here's how I got (sorta) picture-perfect ready for the Olay Product Launch:

Perfect Black Cocktail Dress: Done! (thank you Ultimate Travel Pal!)
Scarlet Toes: Got It! (Sally Hansen Maximum Growth in Faith)
Matching Nails: Got It!
Periodic Trim to keep my strands healthy: Check!
The perfect red lip: Sure!

A reader requested that I road-test MAC's Ruby Woo after I posted Russian Red. With the help of my favorite MAC Makeup Artists at MAC Makati, I got ample information on Ruby Woo

Here it is:

MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo (Php 900.00) shown

(the yellow tone is due to MAC's lights but I'll post a better picture on my lips)
According to product specialist Mikee Raymundo, MAC Ruby Woo is also a matte finish but the difference between Ruby Woo and Russian Red is that Ruby Woo has more of a bluish undertone (a vivid bluish red, according to the MAC website). The effect is more pronounced and striking, this despite being a matte finish. MAC Counter Manager Kang also said whereas Russian Red is more universal, Ruby Woo might be selective in its wearers, particularly those with fairer complexions because of its intensity. In fact, my friend told me that the attention zeroes on my bright red lips.

Staying power is also as effective, since it was able to withstand 1 glass of Starbucks iced tea, 3 glasses of wine, 3 goblets of water, cocktails, and a sit-down dinner. I just needed to retouch once. :)
Ruby Woo, I would recommend to those girls who want a big, bright, and vivid red. Since it's got a bluish hue, it makes the teeth look whiter (although I would recommend it to those with fairer complexion, but you can mix this with another red to suit you, since I do that too!)

(photo by Apy Arevalo)
The perfect red lipstick? The perfect vivid red lipstick!

The Official Product Launch of Olay Regenerist

November 25, 2008 is the official press launch of Olay Regenerist. With me being a new avid user of their line, I wouldn't miss this for the world and so I came and witnessed it for myself.

In a program called SkinDeep, hosted by Ms. Daphne OseƱa-Paez, the complete line of Olay Regenerist is introduced, complete with information and advice from leading dermatologists Dr. Ma. Pia Lagdameo-Leuenbeger and Dr. Clarissa Villarama-Cellona and P&G Beauty Skin Care Scientist Mr. David Khoo, M.Sc.

This event also introduces Olay Regenerist ambassador Ms. Tweetie de Leon-Gonzales, supermodel/mom of four/designer/all-around fashion icon. Already in her 40s, Tweetie still looks radiant and beautiful. How I'd love to be like that at her age.

Here's what she has to say about the product:

"I really enjoyed using it [Olay Regenerist] because it applied very smoothly. It feels velvety in the skin and it finishes oil-free. It's matte. My skin tone improved. I've less lines. And the most dramatic improvement in my skin is the texture - the clearness and flawless finish that my skin now has."
The event was capped off with the guests receiving gift packs from the event for all of us to try...(wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I just couldn't resist doing a bit of layouts. Heeheehee... That's the Olay Regenerist cleanser and their star product, the Olay Regenerist serum, in elegant black-and-red packaging (which was the color theme of the night). In fact, I've used the serum as my makeup primer for my makeup at that event and I really loved how my makeup glided on that day.

The cleanser (retail price Php299.00) is supposed to lift away dead surface skin cells in a gentle exfoliating action with their oxygenated Derma-Bead formula. It's safe to use everyday. In fact, I just used it this morning and it's pretty gentle. The beads did not scratch and I love the luxurious texture of the cleanser. It preps the skin for the rest of the skin care line.
Oh and what's an event without pictures?

Me with the event host, Daphe Osena-Paez.

Ms. Daphne and my lovely friend, Apy Arevalo.

Apy and I with the Olay Regenerist Line. :P Give us 3 months after using the product. :P

Olay Regenerist is already available in leading drugstores and department stores. In fact, before the event, I already checked and it's available already in Watsons, Landmark, and Mercury Drug. :) Aside from the serum and cream cleanser, they also have an Eye-Lifting Serum, Regenerating Cream with spf 15 (for daytime use), and Regenerist Night Firming Cream.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Makeupbybambi Says Thank You to P3

Plugging plugging plugging!
November 25, 2008 is a good day for me!
For one, I attended the Olay Regenerist launch and not only did I learn the product and got a pretty goodie but had fun. :-)
Also, Issue 04 of Project Three online magazine has been launched and I'm happy to be a part of it since I got featured as an On The Rise Artist!

For those who haven't heard of it, Project Three (P3) in

"an online magazine geared towards featuring artists and upcoming artists in the genre of fashion founded by Leandro Mercurio aka Curios.

The name Project Three is a metaphor. It stands for the third phase of its founder's life. Leandro felt the need to continue his cause to promote artists from all realms. He also felt that there was a strong need to provide the artistic community with resources."

This cause is something we as artists have to be thankful for. I've met a whole lot of talented individuals - photographers, makeup artists, models, stylists, graphic artists, designers, etc. Just in the Multiply community alone, there are dozens of them, as talented as those who have graced glosses, publications, and billboards, perhaps even more. This helps all of us as we struggle in this path and get up there.
I've already contributed in the P3 Issue 03 remix edition's special collaboration, which I blogged about before. Here, now, they have featured me as an On The Rise artist, which are artists who are relatively new in the field. It's been a pleasure to be featured here as an On The Rise Artist, so I'm really excited about it. When I checked my Multiply account while I was outside, I saw an announcement that Issue 04 has been launched, so it's one happy day for me. :)
To go to the feature here's how:

1. Go to this URL: http://project-three.net . You will need fast Internet connection though.
2. You will see two covers, enter the cover that says On The Rise.
3. Click on my feature. You'd see my name there with a thumbnail of my picture (it's my work, which I also modelled taken by Marc Yu)

Be sure to leave a comment so I know you stopped by! At the last page, just click on the banner that says, "Click Here To Comment"
Congratulations too to the other feature artists. More power to p3!

Red She Said in Manila

Wheee! Wheeee! Wheeeee!!!!!! Just in time for the Holidays

(layout by me)

Red She Said, MAC's newest collection here in Manila arrives this Saturday, November 29. I already got a preview of the collection, which includes 6 mineralize eyeshadows (in trios which you could mix and match, although the coverage is quite sheer), 2 fluidlines (including the classic Blacktrack), 3 brow pencils, fibre rich lash mascara, five shades of lipsticks, 5 dazzleglasses, 2 blushes, and 2 nail lacquers to give that pretty classic old Hollywood girl vibe.

When I saw the collection, it's all about the brows (remember how vintage girls have such defined brows, regardless of the shape, size, and contour?), lips, and lashes. I love love love love the "Red" She Said lipstick, which according to the MAC website is a Mid-Tone Blue Red. It's in an Amplified finish, meaning it's more creme rather than matte so the look is glossier and moist.

For lipgloss fans, the dazzleglass gives glitter and shine in a nonsticky, sheer finish, if you just want a slight tint with lots of shine. They didn't come in red packaging though, but in the classic black MAC is known for.

Anyone passing by the MAC counter for an advanced Holiday purchase?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Makeupbybambi Loves MAC Russian Red

When I look at my Christmas stocking, I wish to have a Russian Red inside it for each time I swipe it on my lips, I fall in love with it more and more and more

Russian Red is an intense bluish-red in a matte finish. It's a favorite among red-lipped fanatics and flatters almost anyone. It's a universal red that anyone could pull off. I was introduced to this shade by makeup artist Mari Wild, who happens to be a long-time Russian Red fanatic. I was sitting next to her and I noticed her red lips and I asked, "Ms. Mari, I really love your red lipstick, what shade is it?" When she said Russian Red, I knew I had to immediately try it on for myself.

I love how Russian Red makes my lips pop. Since it's matte, it can be drying on the lips to it's best to prep first the lips with lip balm prior to lipstick application. Then, before lining the lips (a must if you're sporting dark or intensely-colored lipstick), blot excess balm with a tissue. Line lips and fill in then go with your lipstick. Blot and re-apply. It's pretty effortless I can just go on with neutral eye makeup and I look polished.

Russian Red can be mixed with another red to create a customized red for you (I will always remember Ms. Mari saying that there is always a perfect red for everyone, and indeed she's right.) This red is just purely Russian Red with MAC lipliner in cherry. MAC Russian Red can be mixed with MAC Viva Glam I for a very intense red (this tip I learned from Kang of MAC Makati).

Aside from the bold, intense red.... here's what I love too about it: STAYING POWER

That's been wiped a wholelotta times already, yet it's still uber pigmented. I love lipsticks that stay on my lips since I can get too lazy to reapply.

Next project will be this one...:)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tough (Nail) Paint

After I read this review from Phoebe about Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Xtreme Wear Nail polish, I've been intrigued and impressed as this type really stays on your nails and still remain shiny and true to its color with hardly any chips for a longer time than your regular polish. As you all know, my hands are subjected to laundry, harsh chemicals, washing dishes, and all sorts of things that wreck havock to nail color. That's why sometimes, I only wear polish (especially dark ones) when I have events and I take them out the next day, when most of the time it starts chipping.

When my auntie arrived from the States, she gave me a pouch full of nail polish and among them I received two bottles of Xtreme wear. Last Friday, I used it for my manicure since I'll be going to an event that night and another one the following day so I needed something to withstand the test of hard work.

So here it is... my newly-manicured and shiny nails painted red (rarrr)

shiny, no chips, and fresh... just like a mani done well. The therapist actually didn't have a hard time with the polish as the consistensy was very manageable and the brush long and thin enough to get to the edges without straying from the nail.

7 days after washing dishes, doing laundry, washing brushes, typing, doing makeup, and all sorts of mechanical work... my polish looks like this:

Save for the nails starting to grow, it's still presentable. As of now, there's a tiny chip on my left middle finger, but it's not like other polishes that chip off quite easily. I told my aunt how long-lasting the polish was, for people like me with abused hands and totally subject to manual labor.

I plan to get this in more colors as soon as my stash runs out. :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My 3-minute Miracle Experience

With my smack of photoshoots for the past few months subjecting my hair to teasing, products, and even walking in the scorching sun, inevitably, my strands have turned lifeless and frayed. Since again, I'm a cheapskate to spend thousands on a salon treatment, I went for another DIY, quick (3 minutes!), and waaay cheaper experience.

Those who pass by EDSA would see Judy Ann Santos's posters across the MRT station with her long, shiny hair framing the product. At only Php 299 for 3 ampoules (roughly Php100.00 per ampoule), this looks like a cheaper and quicker alternative rather than spending hours and pesoseseses in the salon.

After Pantene's product launch last Friday, I received products from Pantene's Total Care collection, which included a box of Pantene's 3-minute miracle. The following day, after my hair being parched from blow-drying, teasing, settng, hairspray, mousse, products, and all, I gave it a powerdose of TLC.

The direction states that after shampooing and conditioning, squeeze all excess water from hair and apply all the contents of the entire tube (goodie... my hair's really long and I'm growing it) to your hair, leave it for 3 minutes and rinse off. So as soon as I hit the shower, I shampooed and conditioned my hair (with Pantene Total Care products, of course!). The directions stated to "twist the cap to open" but I think I got overly excited I just broke the cap (heeheehee) and then poured everything on my palm and worked this magic potion on my hair.

Oh, and just when I thought I squeezed everything, when I gave the ampoule one more squeeze, out came more. The product was rich enough and creamy. I love that the scent wasn't to chemical-like or "parlor-like," which are like the scents of most parlor treatments. It wasn't too strong either. Anyway, so I left the product on my head for 3 minutes plus a few more, since my hair was parched dry. I left it with a butterfly clip and rinsed it after. Of course, I gotta rinse it well!

My ends feel softer after, not that it's sales plug or anything, and I could feel a difference. The ends are no longer as itchy and I haven't blow-dried my hair since last Sunday and my hair's been pretty obedient. My blower and hair's been thankful. Just a tip for shorter-haired girls... maybe you could use half of the ampoule for one session and half of the other ampoule for another session.

Yep... I may not be a hairstylist but I take care of my hair

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bratpack Launches its flagship store at Greenbelt 5

Bratpack opens its Flagship store housing brands such as Jansport, Timbuk2, and Hedgren. They have also included new brands catering to more lifestyles such as DC, Sector9, Sanuk, Skullcandy, Eastpak, and Life Is Good. Each brand caters to different lifestyles and different personalities.

The store is located at Greenbelt 5 and being true to its indie roots, this store was designed by renowned graphic design house Team Manila.

Big, Bouncy Waves Tutorial

While shampoo commercials and Asian soap operas standardize the look of poker-straight hair as beautiful hair making salons richer as girls avail of rebonding and hair straightening procedures, in last night's Hairspray show, I went the other way and lived with what my hair is naturally when air-dried - big, bouncy, and wavy - although a bit better than how you're all used to it.

me with Gabe Mercado, one of the actors, after the show

The hair is best on girls with naturally wavy hair with layers, as the layers can also add shape. It's also good if the hair is not rebonded or relaxed or chemically straightened. I used medium-sized rollers on this one but if I want more volume, I use large velcro rollers on the tops.

I started with washed hair (conditioner can be skipped especially if you're scared of conditioner could weigh your hair down, like I did). I blow-dried my hair until it's about 90% dry. For more volume, you could add a bit of mousse and continued blow-drying lifting my hair to produce more volume and shaping the hair with my fingers. After spraying my hair with a bit of curl-defining spray (or you could leave the hair a bit "damp" with the mousse), I set my hair in velcro rollers (thermal rollers are good too) and blow-dried my set hair to heat the rollers. As I waited for my hair to cool, I did my makeup.

When my hair has completely cooled, I removed the rollers. My hair is a bit toussled now, so to hold the style, this is when I applied mousse for hold and scrunched the ends for more curls. for definition, I used styling clay on the ends and on my bangs and lightly smoothed my hair to avoid messy strands. A spritz of hairspray (how fun!) and a shake of the head and I'm done. Velcro rollers add just body and define waves instead of curling the hair. The look is really soft waves without looking too 80's.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Super Starstruck Sunday

Last Sunday, I had the pleasure of doing makeup for a shoot featuring two of the most-renowned people in the field of fashion. I did makeup for supermodel Ms. Jo Ann Bitangcol who modelled the creations of Philippine fashion Maestro Jojie Lloren of Project Runway Philippines, and meeting them has been an experience for me. Jojie will be featured soon in an online magazine and Ms. Jo Ann modelled his clothes.

photo by Darrel Pobre

I was really thrilled to have this experience and I really learned a lot from Jo Ann, who's also a photographer so she gave us some tips on how to take pictures, how to direct, how to pose, and how to work. I also learned a lot on speed without sacrificing quality, especially if we're pressed for time. Also, it's important to concentrate well on every detail of my work and not rely heavily on digital photo-editing. JoAnn really was effortless in her poses. She looked fierce in each frame! And can I just say how much I love her skin and bone structure? She really is a true, ageless beauty.

I really enjoyed the shoot. They were really fun to work with and are such sweeties despite their overflowing success. Thanks to Dennis for the invite again!

Watch out for the pictures soon! In the meantime, here's a teaser: