Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Behind-The-Scenes: Polecats Manila 2012 Calendar Shoot

Last September, Polecats Manila and I had a photoshoot for a project which was a little secret until, well, last week. We shot for their 2012 calendar, which had a pretty theme which will make anyone smile: PINUP! But instead of the regular pinup photos we see, what separates this calendar from others is that the subjects also showcase their awesome pole skills and strength.

I will show you the contents in a bit.

10 dancers, one photographer, one makeup artist, and one hairstylist. It was time for a rocking photoshoot. The shoot started at 9 am and we started with hair and makeup at Kris's apartment.

I brought out the big guns here - literally. I used airbrush makeup on them. Instead of identical makeup, they each had different themes, depending on the month they represented, which was just so cute. I think my toys were just as excited too because everytime I do gigs/shoots like these, they cooperate so well. Anyway, Lorybelle Barretto, a hair and makeup artist I met online via common friends and network did hair for the shoot. It was our first time to meet personally actually. She worked fast and did all ten heads before 4 pm, even switching hairstyles.

After half had their makeup done, we proceeded to Pioneer Studios where we started doing the photoshoot. I told you about different themes right? Here's a preview of Amaya's summer theme - beach ball, shades, bandana, and all.

with matching balancing act and pointed toes. The Polecats always emphasize on pointed toes all the time, in heels or barefoot or boots and I agree it really makes everything look prettier. (Note: As I am typing this, my toes are actually pointed for practice because I have class later.)

Daemon showing the results to Amaya and AJ.

Caryn, Chot, and Myla by the couch, waiting for the group shot.

One of the prettiest shots is the Christmas themed shoot. I love the white outfits on them with the matching Santa hats. Usually, I use a yellowy red on them but for this shoot, I used a different wine red, to make everything deeper, but still keeping with the festive red theme. Subtle smoky eyes because I want it to be pretty and festive. During the entire shoot, it was drizzly or rainy outside, but we all didn't feel it. We were having fun working and picture-taking.

The Polecats Manila 2012 calendar is already available at Gen Studios Ortigas for Php350. Here are some more shots to convince you to get one:

Mara as a witch for October. She had crimped hair and green smoky eyes and hot pink lips here, I took inspiration from Bewitched and Barbie dolls. After crimping her hair, Lorybelle curled her hair into soft curls for the next photoshoots.

I asked Lorybelle to put Kayleen's hair in a high ponytail, just like the Cheerios in Glee. Sweet pinks were used on Kayleen here for makeup. I asked her if she could sign also my calendar. Heehee. Fan mode!

I won't post more pictures because that means you have to get a calendar to see all the photos yourself. And probably, this could also convince you to try out pole fitness. :) Currently, my calendar is in my workstation here at home, by the living room. When time comes that it's 2012 and I get to use the calendar, friends who come over might see it and ask me, "Who are those in the calendar?" I would reply, "They are the Polecats, they are my teachers in pole dancing and they are awesome!"

credits for the calendar shoot:
  • Polecats Manila
  • photographer: Daemon Becker
  • makeup: Bambi de la Cruz Makeup Artistry
  • hair: Lorybelle Barretto
  • location: Pioneer Studios

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cranberry, Vanilla, and Ginger for the Home

The Body Shop not only takes care of our bodies and make sure that our skin's soft, glowing, and smelling so good with our faces primped, prepped, and smoldering, but it takes care of the home and make sure that the home smells just as yummy, with their collection of home fragrances like fragrance oils, candles, reed diffusers, hand wash, and body, room, and linen spritzes.

Last year, The Body Shop's three yummy holiday scents: Cranberry Joy, Spiced Vanilla, and Jolly Orange sent Christmas as early as November to me. The Cranberry Joy scented candle, I was surprised at how the candle didn't smell too waxy. I used it early this year and light it up occasionally whenever I want to waft off the smell of cooked food and I'm surprised that even after a year, it still smells super yummy, like cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving dinner. Anyway, for this year, Cranberry and Vanilla remained but Jolly Orange had to step aside. It did make way for a yummy scent, which I fell in love with I'd go for hoarding sprees when the TF hits more. This new scent is Candied Ginger.

Candied Ginger is an uplifting and energising scent. Ginger is known for its therapeutic qualities (like healing sore throat or muscle pain) with its warmth that helps soothe and relieve swelling. Now just when you think, "So will my room smell like luya on tinola?" it won't I promise. The combination of sweet and spicy notes will remind you of freshly baked gingerbread cookies. When I smelled the body scrub (which is super creamy and lush on the skin you won't realize it's sloughing dead skin off you), I was reminded of cake batter, in fact instead of salabat.

As I rave about Candied Ginger, I'm so happy I went home with two of these Candied Ginger treats - Fragrance Oil and Hand wash. You can use the hand wash in your powder room or in the kitchen sink after an entire afternoon cooking up Christmas dinner and you want to greet your guests without letting them smell the chopped garlic or onion from your hands.

The fragrance oil is my super-affordable (only Php 495) and super-sulit (a few drops is all I need) companion if I want an energizing boost when I'm sniffly or tired or if I want the house to smell like a house instead of the dinner I cooked.

I got this oil burner as a giveaway from one of the weddings I did this year. What I do is light the tea candle, put some water on the bin and a few (four will do) drops of candied ginger fragrance oil and relax. I always remember to put out the candle of course, if the oil burner is starting to dry and empty out.

For a safer alternative if you want to just drift off and sleep and not worry about putting out a candle, the reed diffuser is a good alternative. I have here with me Cranberry Joy, which I bet will smell as sweet and fresh as the candle I used.
Reed diffusers (this one costs Php 2,095) work very simple. You open the bottle, remove the cork of course, and then you place the sticks inside the bottle and capillary action will do the rest. the setup is pretty enough as a display. To be extra-safe, put it in a place where kids or pets won't knock over it or reach it to avoid any accidents. I was advised to set this up before I leave for a trip so when I come home, the house doesn't have that musty dead air smell. And since I don't have to light anything with a match or candle, it's just great to be left alone until the scent wears off (which would probably be a month or so).

Just like all holiday collections, yummies like these are only available at a very limited time so best to catch them at The Body Shop Stores while you can.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Petra You Awesome!

I've been raving about Petra Mahalimuyak in Facebook and Plurk for quite some time (no Twitter here because I don't have Twitter and I'm anti-social that way). I swear she's funny, she's cute, and she's talented. She turned my frown upside-down halfway through her video.

The first video I ever saw was when she did the How to Dance in a Club video. Just for the record you guys, her exaggerated Filipino accent is fake, and it's meant to humor people. Obviously, the name Petra Mahalimuyak is not her real name. Her real name is Ashley Rivera. She's a Filipina who resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. She loves entertaining people and I'm sorry she rocks at it.

One of my favorites is the makeup tutorial video, which aside from being funny shares some pretty effective techniques.

I tried to use the 15-times-with-the-kurlash technique and my lashes lifted like they were resurrected. Before you guys react that how come she didn't set her concealer with powder, it's probably because since she lives in a drier climate (Nevada is desert climate) , her skin might not need the extra step. And why no brow makeup? She's a lucky girl to have a full set of brows. When I followed it, the brows were the extra step.

Ashley AKA Petra's videos are on her YouTube Channel. She's got more of those Pinoy parodies. You know another thing about her? She poles! She's got a pole installed in her house and she had a video showing a few seconds of her on the pole complete with spins and an invert. :) Petra, you awesome. I wish we could do collabs together whether it be makeup or pole or both!

Short, Pink, and Sweet with a cut too

I love wearing pink. It makes me happy. And so do short dresses that hug every ab and quad. It makes me feel pretty when I'm done with a day of work/chores.

dress: Gift from the States
scarf: an old Marks and Spencer scarf bought 15 years ago in Hongkong
shoes: Aerosoles
watch: Mickey Mouse watch from Hongkong Disneyland
leg bronzer: None. that's my natural color.

Wear this with a scarf if I wanna dress it up and pump up the height in heels or wear it with flip flops, bundle my hair in a messy bun, don shades and it's okay for a casual but comfy-sexy vibe when I want to have milk tea in Serenitea.

Dresses make me look tall and I love it. I must be swimming a lot more because I'm getting darker, which I love. I hope that my guilty pleasure indulgence of Gong Cha wintermelon tea and Potato Corner fries didn't show.

Another place I like to rave about: Lucy Britanico salon in Glorietta. They gave me a trim and blow-dried my hair to Victoria's Secret sexiness waves and volume in less than 30 minutes. Their price is okay too. My trim is only about Php400. I'm usually scared whenever I enter a new salon for a trim but they did a good job in knowing to cut only the dry ends and maintain the length and shape of my hair, which I've been trying to maintain for like 3 years now. I told them I'm growing my hair and I prefer that it fall on my waist or a little above it since it's more low-maintenance that way for me. No experimenting or anything. Yay!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Glitter and Ice: MAC Holiday 2011

When I visited the MAC counter at Shangri-La, it really showed that it was Christmas time. Instead of rich red colors, though, it was crystal, silver, and white, as the otherwise chic trademark black MAC counter seemed to be enveloped in snowballs and crystals as their Holiday Collection arrived, aptly named Glitter and Ice.

Superhuman, mystical, and fierce is what I'd describe the design of the poster.

Carlos busy setting up the displays. As you all know, every holiday collection consists of gift pouches or sets, which are perfect gifts to self (heehee, if you're a makeup addict) or to a female friend or relative you love who you know loves MAC makeup (uuuhhh helloo!!!!!! In case you don't have a gift for me yet!).

The goodies such as lip glass sets, nail lacquer sets, and stacked pigments are encased in a pretty see-through sphere, that's like a crystal ball showing your wish, except your wish is tangible when you dismantle the crystal ball. Aptly named Dazzlespheres, these sets are just too pretty you'd giggle. Take note with the lipglasses that their caps are white, which matches everything.

Eye makeup junkies, here are your eye palettes. What's perfect to make them stay put on the eye? Paint pots! :)

Travel-sized brush sets in white and glittery silver. And no, that's not a design, that's a dual fibre brush set you see containing SE versions of 187, 130, 266 duo fibre taper brush, and 282 duo fibre shader brush. These are the four key Mineralize brushes, used for, obviously the Mineralize line.

What else do we see during the Holidays in the MAC counter? Viva Glam! This year's Viva Glam endorser is the ever-so-unpredictable Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga's fans will go gaga for the Viva Glam Melt Your Heart Lip Bag, which contains not one but two full-size lipsticks.

Remember the sold out in minutes Lady Gaga pink lipstick? It's back with its younger sister, Gaga2 (the nude one).

See? I'm not lying when I told you they came in full sizes.

As I'm typing this, I'm sure that some of the items mentioned are up for grabs. Anyone eyeing on a favorite now? What would it be?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bridal Work: Dea

Last October, Wacks and I trooped over to chilly and foggy Tagaytay to primp and prettify Dea, our bride for October. From Fort, we met up at Sucat and then proceeded to Tagaytay. We were there early. Yay! Although I think we did wake up the entire venue. Hahaha. But nevertheless, although it was a pretty drizzly day, nothing's going to ruin Dea's big day, right? She in fact, greeted this day with a smile. It's her wedding day after all.

Dea's been following my blog for quite some time. That's how she found me, by the way. She's also a makeup artist too and she knew exactly what look she wanted down to the products to use. For her bridal look, she wanted to have a bridal version of her trademark look - red lips with the hair pulled back in a neat bun. During our trial, she said to go smoky (although in this case bridal smoky) but after being inspired by a celebrity's look in a magazine, she wanted simple eyes, defined brows, and red lips. I love it! I asked her quite a number of times if she really wanted red lips, as it was a very bold choice. It was a yes for her, and I was happy to oblige. Red lips are awesome!

For her makeup, it was fun and easy. Dea and I knew what products to use. MAC Mineralize Foundation in NC35 check! Russian Red lipstick (both our favorite) Check! Girl/Boy Brow Set Check! And Urban Decay Naked Palette. Dea has this and omigosh, it's just so pretty! It's got pretty pigmented eyeshadows that are perfect for the neutral eye. Although it was going to be a bare, almost nude eye, it still needed a bit of depth since we have to consider pictures, so I did a bit of "cheat" contouring so her eyes do not get washed out in photos or videos, but it still looks natural.

Dea before makeup.

Since Dea was getting married in Caleruega, she opted for a simple white dress, and since Caleruega is a small chapel, she skipped the veil (with permission from the priest) and had vines pinned to her hair like so, in a pretty ensaymada bun.

Although her hair was pulled back, Wacks didn't make it super school marm tight that it hurts. There's still a bit of softness, but it's got the neat quality Dea wanted.

Although Dea entrusted me to do her makeup, when it came to her mom, she played her makeup artist role by doing her makeup. So our pretty bride while waiting for her hair to set whipped out her brushes and tools too. I love it!

Dea's sister was the maid of honor and her sister-in-law one of the secondary sponsors. In contrast to the strong lips-neutral eyes Dea had, I gave the girls smoky eyes.

Everyone is a pretty girl that day, yes?

One more shot before changing. Now wear the pretty dress and...

Tadaaaaa!!!!! I took these photos from my camera as Dea was getting her portraits done. I really love the no-veil part, because with a look as pretty as that, why hide it, right?

This picture is a very classic Grace Kelly-ish look. I can't wait for the official photos from Mimi & Karl.

Her bouquet of lilac roses is the absolute cutest ever!

After the preps, I met a cute little kitty too. I think it was our lucky kitty because it was such a happy and pretty day, who cares about the drizzlies?

I really know that her wedding won't be the last time I'll see her, because I'm pretty sure I'll bump into her in work.

Bride: Dea Macachor-Mesa
Makeup: Bambi de la Cruz Makeup Artistry using traditional method
Hair: Wacks Joaquin
Location: Tagaytay
*photos all from my personal camera

Monday, November 21, 2011

Libertine: White Musk, but Girlier.

White Musk is one of The Body Shop's iconic and epic fragrances. It's still in stands as of today, as other fragrances go on and off their shelves. Clean but musky (that's why it's called white musk), light with a bit of spice, you can share this with your man, since it's a unisex scent, and it won't look so girly too, in case he brings it in his travelling bag. This new White Musk though, is for us ladies, and I think the pink pretty bottle is already a giveaway.
Save for the pretty pink bottle, White Musk Libertine body mist still retains the usual clean, woody muskiness of the usual white musk. Yet it's made sweeter with notes of Turkish Delight (yumm!), baby orchid, and Chantilly cream. In comparison with the original White Musk, Libertine is much more floral, a bit warmer and more romantic.

Since musk fragrances are warmer and headier than fruity fragrances, I like wearing it as a light mist on me. Muskier fragrances are great that the weather's starting to get colder as well and they won't be as overpowering as it is when the temperature's higher.

White Musk Libertine is available as eau de parfum ( Php 1,595), body lotion (Php 995), body mist (Php 995, it's the one pictured above), body wash (Php 750), and eau de toilette (Php1695 for 60 mL and Php 1,095 for 30 mL). The Body Shop also offers White Musk Libertine sets, which are perfect gifts for girls who you know who are fans of the original iconic White Musk set.

Getting The Sculptured Brow From Nature Republic Eyebrow Pencil

I love brows. It's a torture to do but it's the most important part of makeup, aside from base. Without brows, we look funny. They may be two little arcs sitting on top of your eyes but mind you, alter it a little it can change how you look almost instantly. That's why I always make the effort to make them look like they're in top condition by getting them shaped regularly and maintaining it on my own. There are brows that are pretty and perfect on its own and only take a few minutes to define while there are those that take 30 minutes to do. Whatever time it takes, I never leave brows for granted. That's why I invest on quality eyebrow makeup and equipment. If you see my makeup collection, I have different eyebrow pencils, powders, and gels for the perfect arches in face-flattering universal shades.

When I went to the launch of Nature Republic last week in SM Fairview, I saw that they priced their makeup pencils quite affordably, only around Php 170. So you guys could imagine what I hoarded at that shopping trip, knowing that it might take quite some time before I reach a Nature Republic Store.

I hoarded on the pencils, particularly the eyebrow pencils. While I was swatching the eyebrow pencils, I loved the consistency of the pencil. It wasn't too waxy or creamy, and it had the right hardness I want for my brows. The fact that it was automatic and never needed sharpening is another plus.

The tip is really fine, and if you put the pencil sideways, you'd notice the tip's quite flat, which makes it easier to mimic hairlike strokes when you do your brows. The shade above is #4, which is a light, ashy blonde-brown shade that's easy and wearable.

The other end of the pencil is a spoolie brush, which can be used to tame unruly hairs or brush the pencilled strokes so it looks more natural. I'll show you how to utilize the spoolie brush later. Now, let's do some swatching.

I purchased #3 and #4. The #3 shade is darker, something similar to MAC Spiked or Stud. this shade can be used for the end tail of the brows, if you want a longer-looking tail or a more defined brow. This technique applies in shows, photoshoots, or if you want a look with a nice brow focus, a look I'll demonstrate in this entry. Anyway, I really like #4, and it's a shade I really recommend, especially for first-time buyers.

Don't you hate it when you have perfectly defined brows in the morning then as the day goes on, the tail end starts wearing off? Well let's see how this one goes.

I tried to swipe my hand on the swatches a few times and this is what I got:

When I rubbed my thumb on the swatch like crazy like it's going to reveal the winning combination of a lottery ticket, this is what I got:

So far, with the rubs and swipes, there still are marks left. the back of my hand may be red but the swatches are sorta there. So we won't be left with a brow cut short at the end of the day. But just to be safe, especially if you're the type who's fidgety and sweaty, set the pencil with a matching matte brow powder. Nature Republic has a duo also for you.

So now, how to work the pencils? Let me present the Sculptured Brow featuring Nature Republic Brow Pencils.

First of all, the usual. Wash your face, apply your base, and set. Before the rest of the makeup and the world ends, brows first, since that's our focus. Some people like starting lips first or eye makeup before brows, but since our topic today is brows, I start with brows. Make sure that the brows are nicely groomed because this won't be as pretty if there are strays and funny hairs.

Step 1:

Apply shade #4 on the brow. Apply using "flicking" strokes like you're mimicking the hairs of the brow. Or you can just fill-in (but not totally color in) like I did below, but don't color like a grade 1 student on too much candy. Less is more. You can always go back and add more later.

Step 2:

Using the spoolie brush attached to the pencil, brush the strokes so the lines blend in more naturally and the brow looks more, well, defined. If you prefer using a separate angled brow brush instead of the spoolie, you are free to do so. The spoolie comes in handy if you're defining brows on-the-go.

Step 3:

Using #3, which is the darker shade, define the tail end of the brows like I did. You can use this to extend the tail to make your brows look like it has a tail. This works well in a shoot or a show when you need to show the audience or the world that you have brows even when they're seated at the far end of the balcony. Again, so it doesn't look "marked-on" like the picture does, blend with a spoolie. Just like eyeshadow, we need like a gradation of colors so it looks pretty and natural, just like contours of the face, we contour the brow.

Final Touches:
It depends on the person and the situation. If you did this look on the go, leave it at that. You can highlight the top part or bottom of the brow for a lift or add a bit of shading for a 3D effect. Soften the look with brow gel in a blond or light shade (this look is really pretty especially if you have highlights). If you want and you want more lasting power, you can top the pencil with matte brow powder in a matching shade. This also cleans up the edges so the brow looks sharper. What do I do? I do all three! Then the rest of my makeup follows.

For first-timers, I recommend just doing a few strokes first, brush, and add on as you go. It's easier to add makeup than apply a lot and remove. When you get the hang of it, you see why I'm obsessed at brows. A pretty, well-groomed, and strong brow can make you look confident, put-together, and emphasize your overall look too.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Product Review: Avon Extralasting Liquid Eyeliner

I know a handful of female friends who will cry, die, or go into a state of distress without eyeliner. Whether it be gel, pencil, or liquid, it seems to be a makeup must-have. It's easy and quick to apply and it doesn't require much tools - just a steady hand, depending on the formula you choose.

In my case, eyeliners of every shape and formula have made its way both in my work and home makeup cases. As the Mexican telenovela actress Thalia wrote in her book, "nothing makes the eye pop like eyeliner". Between whipping out primer, shadow, and brushes versus a pencil of smudge-proof eyeliner, I'd pick the latter when I have only a few minutes before I head out the door. Pencil eyeliners are great if I want just definition and to make my eyes look more, well alive in photos. If I want the screen siren look like Angelina Jolie's cat eyes on the red carpet, then it'so onto the gel or liquid liners I go.

Liquid liner creates a very intense defined eye, but I admit, it takes some skill to master a perfect line. It took me quite a while to finally "adjust" to working with it (I salute those girls who could apply it on the eye on a moving vehicle or with low light). Kevyn Aucoin even finished an entire bottle of it. But just like in dance, it's like a warm-up - it's something that I need to master. Think of it as challenge na lang.

Avon sent me their Extralasting Liquid Eyeliner to try. So far, within weeks of using it, I found myself using this quite often. Not only is it tiny enough to fit a teensy kikay kit, it's pretty easy to use as well.

It's a fairly tiny bottle containing only 2.5 mL of the product. I like that it contains only little amount. If you use this quite often, you'll use up most of the products before it even dries up. Yay! It's such a steal too at Php250, if you're don't want to spend too much on a little bottle of eye makeup.

Big horray on the applicator tip: it's pen-type! The usual brush-tip liners somehow get me oh-so fidgety. This one gives me better control.

This intense liquid color is said to glide over lids without smudging or fading. The one I have with me right now is named Shimmering Black. As you can see in the swatch, it looks black on camera, obviously since it's black. Looking closely though, there are some shimmery particles. It's not exactly like chunks of glitter but they're super fine, the swatch comes out as almost a gunmetal gray mixed with black. In fact, if you swipe your finger while it's still kind of wet and not set yet, you'd see some silvery shimmer particles too.

Like any liquid liner, yes, you have to wait for a bit to let it dry completely. Otherwise, that precise definition will turn into an utter mess. So do wait for it to dry completely. It does dry quite fast once applied, and the line doesn't look like an embossed line or crust, but more drawn once it sets in. you see the sparkle more when it dries too.

The color doesn't smudge or fade. I'm actually rubbing my thumb on the (completely dried) swatch and the line won't come off or budge. Yay! So this one can last from morning coffee to after-work dinner. With regards to waterproof ability, I put my hand on running water and the swatch came out completely with quick rubbing, as if no makeup was placed on my hand ever. Does that mean that since it's not waterproof it's not good? No. We can use makeup that's not waterproof during the days when we don't need waterproofing our makeup, say if it's just an ordinary day at the mall or if we're seeing friends. Our eyes need rest from waterproof makeup once in a while (imagine going through the hassle of removing waterproof makeup everyday). The effect on its own is super pretty!

In the line of work, I'd use this for photoshoots where makeup can be removed right after and it's pretty much okay. Personally, I'd use this more as part of my personal stash, when I need to take a breather from waterproof makeup.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smoky Eyes This 2011 Holiday From The Body Shop

Saturday was a busy day for me. I started my day 5 am since I had to do a wedding (which I'll blog about soon). Then, I trooped over to QC for an appointment and back to ortigas, at SM Megamall to be exact to bond with one of the brands that I consider my "coming of age brands", a brand I stuck to from teenage years to adulthood. I'm talking about The Body Shop.

The Body Shop's makeup collection is all about smoke and sparkle, which means smoky eyes, glossy lips, and sparkle. Remember, come December there's gonna be a lot of Christmas parties, events, and it's definitely a must to look good.

I was given a makeover by The Body Shop makeup artist, Roma. She was really nice and had a very light hand with applying makeup. We tried out this season's palette, the 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette. She even made me choose if I wanted to try the Silver Black palette or the Golden Brown one, I opted for warm smoky eyes so golden brown. She agreed and in fact had that same idea in mind.

Here's Roma's super awesome makeup station that I wanna take home with me.

For foundation, she used The Body Shops' Extra Virgin Minerals for foundation. She had to use the darkest shade mixed with a little drip of medium foundation on me. My my my, someone's been tanning but she got it right. I love that it didn't feel sticky or heavy at all, and it complied with my lack-of-sleep skin making me look supermodel fresh.

And speaking of supermodel, here's how the palette looks like for the supermodel smoky eyes.

It's so pretty! On its own, it looks like a gift waiting for you.

The 4-Step Smoky Eyes palette contains four colors - 3 powder colors and one sparkly cream-to-powder highlighter. It even has a mini applicator brush and pencil since smoky eyes aren't complete without eyeliner.

At the back there's a mini-lesson for you, in case you don't know what to do. When you familiarize yourself with the palette, you may create your own modification and adaptation of the smoky eye.


#1 is warm white base color, which can be applied from lashline to browbone if you want just a sweep of color on lazy office days.
#2 is a dark brown shadow, which can be used to contour the eyes to give depth.
#3 is a chocolate brown shadow, which can be used to further add depth or to define the lower lid or set the eyeliner so it doesn't run.
#4 is a rich brown eye liner (or definer) to be used to tightline and define eyes.

Do you notice that this palette has no presence of black whatsoever? Although black may be omnipresent in smoky eyes, can it be possible to have a purely brown smoky eye?

It looks like it! Roma gave me a warm brown smoky eye that I can take from an afternoon photoshoot to an evening event, depending on how I want it. The look is very wearable. A bride can wear it, a maid of honor can wear it, and well, anyone can wear it in any occasion. I like that the colors are so neutral but they're not so harsh or anything. Yet, my eyes still popped out. What Roma did with the cream-to-powder highlighter was use it as a topper color on my lid, so there's sparkle. It can be used for the browbone too, if you want it to pop.

Just as an ender to smoky eyes are subtle contours and peach glossy lips. The hi-shine lip treatment in coral was topped on a natural peach lip color so all blends in.

With regards to my brows, I was actually surprised that I could carry a darker brown shade than my usual. I like! Another discovery.

The 4-Step Smoky Eyes palette costs Php 1,495. The palette used on me is the Golden Brown Palette, but there's also the Silver and Black palette, which is stronger and more on the cooler side of the spectrum.