Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Warning for New/Aspiring/Veteran models

Hey guys! I'm reposting this from my friend. I was really apalled at how there are quite a number of sick people in the world pala. As a makeup artist who dabbles on modelling, I feel the need to share this too to others, especially models who are just starting out. Talaga nakakagulantang talaga!
Here's the post:

I am posting here an article i read from a multiply friend which made my blood pressure shoot up. KINDLY READ, LEARN & BE WISER! Unfortunate things like this it worth it? what you should always ask yourself.please read : FASHION without SENSE Sep 22, '08 5:20 AMfor everyoneTo all Models, aspiring models, photogs or any other people concerned...this is a BLOG for warning.A very ugly experience I had...I will not mention any name of people involved because some details are really way foul.I did not write this to screw up the so called "established organization of that modelling whatever" but to impart my BAD EXPERIENCE and be of warning to everyone. especially to the models :)and so here it goes.............

_____________________________________________________________________________Last February 2008, I was strolling down MEGA MALL when a girl handed me a card and ask me if I was interested to join their group. ( IT was a modelling production / workshop whatever) The aspiring model that I am .... I took the card and kept it. Then another girl handed me again a card with the same "modelling workshop name" only a different layout and ask me the same thing. I got the card and took off.The following day. I was very enthusiastic thinking i could start from there. As in " wow okay... modelling ) So, i called the number posted and "DIREK ( sabi nia I call him DIREK daw kasi he's the director of the show" answered me. I asked how can I join....

He said " IKAW yung naka preppy polka dots kahapon?" i said yes... and the conversation went on... what's your height? Vital stats? address etc.then he said " call me back later if nasa bahay kana " I was on my way to my duty that day kasi. THAT NIGHT : he texted me. " call me @ this number ******* ( i forgot na , basta landline yun) the enthusiast that i was I called him ..... He told me " O-cge photo shoot mo na bukas... kayo ng mga friends mo ( i was supposed to be there with some pretty gals that i know of ) bring stilletos and shorts . what's your height again? VS?and the list went on.

Then he started telling me weird things....DIREK : "alam mo ayaw ko ng model na pavirgin---- ayaw ko ng maarte, nakakainis nga mga yung mga nagsasabing vigin pa sila."and started asking me.... "VIRGIN KAPABA? NA-SECOND BASE KA NABA? MAY EXPERIENCE KA NABA? ( which is not supposed to be a part of the iinterview dba? )and telling stories like "yung si k**** ( he was laying down names and that girl he was talking about happen to be my school mate- kakahiya talaga . " pag sinabi mo jang hubad . Hubad kagad yan and ang bilog ng B**bs nian....he was bragging about how he was able to give his models their first experience and how they enjoyed it . He was telling me " kung wala kapa experience ... paturo ka sakin . yung mga models nga after ko sila bigyan ng exprience nasasarapan and humingi ulit." PWEDE KITANG PASIKATIN,IKAW ILALAGAY KO SA MGA POSTERS NATIN and calling CARDS.... lahat ng show isasama kita .... ANO BA KAYA MONG IBIGAY? and he said " huwag mo sasabihin kay k**** ( d' overall model president whom I happen to know) itong pinag usapan natin.

I was so scared i made an excuse that my brother is going to use the phone so i could hang up. THE FOLOWING DAY , I did not show up and still he was making kulit and texted me a million times ( my friends have read those messages) " SORRY if I scared you last night , sana you won't talk about it to others... you don't have to undergo the screening anymore WELCOME MY NEW MODEL... I just replied " NOT INTERESTED "

I change my mobile number after that kasi he was still bugging me.LAST MARCH 2008 they have launched the new batch of models in which i was supposed to be a part of somewhere in MARIKINA... I just felt sorry for the other girls who fell for him. ( espacially the ones he had mentioned to me...... they are far too many of them )A photographer friend who covered the event was chatting with me... and said " alam mo ba MANIAC daw yung director nian " and I said " tell me about it..... geezzz I should know"

________________________________________________________________________There organization is now invading the multiply world. They kept sending invitation to girls who are in the modelling world.. Read my title carefully and get a hint. I did not do this to wreck some names after all i did not mention anyone. I just want to set an example that BULLSHITS like this happen and if you are not careful enough you might turn the wrong wayNOte : there's a part two to this write up, I'll take you to what happens when you go there for the screening or workshop process ( whatever they call it) A MODEL FRIEND told me her story ( it was so devastating that she ended up filing a case against this so called "DIREK" )

PART II. please read : FASHION without SENSE Sep 22, '08 6:50 AMfor everyoneto all models, aspiring models , photogs, etc... pls take time to read this. To those wonderin' what organization i am talking about read my title and get a hint. This is the second part of my blog.

____________________________________________________________________________This is a story of my model friend who have encountered that "bastard DIREK" . this happened 2 years ago. MY friend is just 17 years old now. So i bet she was 15 that time. ( the hell with him !!! )

____________________________________________________________________________The story goes......She went to that place somewhere in MANDALUYONG , for the start of the workshop . She was one of those aspiring models that was "discovered while walking at that very same building... MEGAMALL "They were in a room. Direk told them " what's there vital statistics? "let's call my friend *girlie. Girlie was writing them in a piece of paper when Direk said " HINDI SUSUKATIN NATIN YAN" Girlie thought that the other girl in the room was the one who will measure her stats. Only to find out that DIREK ask that other girl to go out and he was holding the tape measure.He was behind girlie. wrap his arms around her chest and then " nilamas" ( sorry for the term * girlie used the very same term when she was telling me the story. She was shocked and was stunned for a moment. then direk acting very profesional ask " may pads ba iyan? "

Then She was asked to sit in a room. While Direk let another BEAUTIFUL MODEL in the room. She was directed to sit and watch what they're gonna do becasue she will be doing it next.Girlie felt something was wrong.... and the next thing she knew....She was watching Live S3X right in front of her. She pretended she was texting .... but she was really capturing it on her mobile phone. ( imagine for a 15 year old girl to see that )

The next thing she did was pretend that she has her period that day and went OFF.Next step... She filed a case against this DIREK!!! and guess what this Direk has the nerve to say that " isa ka lang... madami ang models ko " girlie got a threat from those poor girls that they'll kick her off if she spills a word. ... sadly .....after two years he is still free...girlie had erased the video she had captured.


Askmewhats said...

oh sis! that is appalling!!!! This is a very good post and I hope a lot of girls would read about this!

royalmocha said...

this is sick!!! i hope everybody would get to read this post, thanks for sharing it. i had a friend way back in college and she was harrassed by our professor (a known director) and the nuns kept it from the public!!! i wonder why "direk" are all the same. we used to call him "direk too"