Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Erasing Wrinkles Almost Instantly

Are you the type of person who's guilty with looking in front of the mirror inspecting every nook and cranny of your face? Then you discover a horrific thing especially when you're in your early 30s or late 20s - the formation of a wrinkle. A wrinkle is a fine, thin valley on your face caused by the sagging of the skin's outer layer - the epidermis, and this sagging is caused by the skin losing collagen and elastin - two components, which contribute to the skin's youthful appearance. When we're younger, we don't have wrinkles since our skin has a lot of these, which helps the skin in stretching and holding moisture. So you notice that some older women have dry or leathery skin, right? Or a friend who's in her 20s already having lines due to the skin appearing really dry? That's due to the lack of these collagen and elastin. Now we know that collagen injections aren't just for plumping lips.

Normally, when girls have a wrinkle, they freak out, sulk, or speed-dial the nearest derma to give them a shot of Botox. I personally have a love-hate relationship with wrinkles. I think they indicate expressions and how a person ages in time. I hate them for makeup appears to sink in creases enhancing them rather than making them less pronounced and that takes up most of the time in makeup. I find Botox injections crazy since it kills the muscle that causes the muscles to move so the face gets that taut and tight expression - with the cost of being sad or happy or angry even if you have a high-stress level meeting. Sure they look pretty in photos, but I think having a face that could move is so much better, especially if you're acting when you have to deliver lines really well.

Is there something that could magically erase wrinkles though? We don't have that yet but we do have something that can relax and reduce the appearance of wrinkles after an application. That's Olay's newest product, Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Cream, which promises dramatic wrinkle reduction in just one application.

So you mean we'll have zilch wrinkles at all? It won't erase it entirely but it will help. What Wrinkle Relaxing Cream does is to fill in the depression in the face lines so they look and feel smoother.

Whereas most primers are silicon-based and feel like plastic on skin (which is why people don't use them), this Wrinkle Relaxing Cream acts the same without the blocking-the-pores like feel. It feels really nice on the skin when I tried it at the back of my hand with a faint scent. My back-of-hand skin felt really smooth. Take note that my skin's really dry so that's a big improvement.

So does that mean their effect will last only until you soap off the area. With immediate solution to wrinkles come preventive treatment. Aside from the particles which help us with the veil, Olay Wrinkle Relaxing Cream plus a combination of B3 complex and advances biopeptides, which heal and treat the skin enabling it to be healthier, especially if you're the type who loves subjecting the skin to frequent humane levels of abuse like tweezing and all.

If it works prettily on the face, I wonder how it would work though, but this could be an option for clients/models with dry and/or mature skin. Most clients like that like to get everything done fast, so it's cool I have this as an option.

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susanmeade said...

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