Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Body Shop Launches Nature's Minerals

The Body Shop takes makeup and friendliness to the next level by launching their own mineral makeup line, limited edition of course!

While I was at MoA for some retail therapy, I passed by the Body Shop and saw their display. Luckily, Toni was there and invited me to have a look at the products. I must say that a lot of big makeup companies are going to the mineral makeup craze nowadays. I also have mineral makeup on my makeup kits, and I use the mineral makeup foundation as loose powder in some of my shoots. I just apply little though, as this can be heavy if applied too much. For everyday, though, sometimes I go with just mineral foundation. :)

Anyway, so I zeroed in on the brushes....

My camera angle doesn't show it but the smaller brush is for the blush brush and the bigger one is for foundation. Like all TBS products, these brushes are all made of synthetic hair. I asked about the difference between that brush and my current kabuki brush, also by The Body Shop, which I got for my birthday. These brushes, though, are more compact and specified for the face whereas my kabuki brush can be used for both face and body.

Texture wise, this brush is so soft. No prick. No hurt. No owie, even with the slightest pressure. However, I still apply my makeup with the lightest touch!

The foundations here...

are in loose form and here's what The Body Shop says about them:

"A premium, up-to-the-minute loose powder foundation, made from minerals. Long-lasting, blendable powders act like a veil to help defend the skin against sun damage with SPF 25. Ultra light powders apply evenly and blend easily for a radiant, natural-looking complexion. Colour builds easily to provide an adjustable light to medium coverage. "
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So what you do is just dispense a slight amount on the cover, swirl the kabuki brush, tap the excess off, then lightly buff on face and blend. You can add another layer if you feel you need another coverage. I like the glow actually. Since I had some redness problems, they applied concealer first to even out my skintone and then proceeded to buff the mineral foundation. It actually didn't feel heavy on my face, another thing I'm particular with my makeup.

All mineral makeup is in loose form and come with specialized brushes as well. I particularly like the glow the bronzers and blush gave me, although it can be hard to control since it's loose so better just apply little first. And also, as we all know, mineral makeup can be very intense. Eyeshadows are just as pigmented as well, and they are also in loose form. I actually bought myself an eyeshadow brush (all brushes and mineral makeup are Php100.00 off and if you buy a set, you get it at Php300.00 off. Each purchase of Nature's Minerals gives you a free mascara. Discount+freebie!)

I actually like the effect it gave me (pic is actually repeat performance from my food blog post). Natural with just definition on the eyes and glow on the cheeks. Lips? That's just lip butter!

Natural natural natural. :)

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hey bambi do you know how much the mineral foundation cost? thanks!