Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Make Up For Ever Launches White Definition

A few weeks ago, I tripsy-ed over to the Make Up For Ever Store in Bonifacio High Street to witness as they unveil another line - White Definition - a powder foundation that's said to provide coverage while protecting our skin from the sun while giving an all-over brightening effect. It does sound like a superproduct in a compact right? Don't be scared, it comes in a compact for easy touch-ups and travel, with no power buttons to scare you.

To start the event, Make Up For Ever invited Dr. Anna Palabyab-Rufino to talk about the basics of sun protection as well as breaking down the jargons we often see in sun protection products - what does SPF mean, PA++, the difference between UVA and UVB, and so on.

Basically, it summarizes one thing - prolonged sun exposure can lead to premature ageing and skin cancer and we must stay protected especially if our lifestyle/sport/activities of daily living cause us to be exposed to sunlight. Also, staying indoors does not necessarily guarantee 100% protection as UVA (i.e. the ageing) rays also penetrate glass, so there can be UVA rays sneaking up our windows. So to those who are driving, be sure to extend sun protection to the hands and arms.

After that, we were introduced to the star of the show - the Make Up For Ever White Definition powder foundation, a special product that addresses the special needs of Asian women, especially those living close to the equator at the same time making sure makeup (with skincare/sun protection incorporated) stays put in the hot, humid, and sticky environment.

"state-of-the-art formula, which contaions an optimum blend of the finest quality powders and pigments, and also incorporates high level UVA/UVB protection." - SPF 30 / PA ++ this literally gets you covered.

A demo was given by two of Make Up For Ever's talented roster of artists. Chief Make Up Artist Yuki Gerardo demonstrates a very pretty look using the White Definition powder on the model, in combination with their other products such as the HD primer and lifting concealer. Explaining the technique is Make Up For Ever Philippines' national trainer Mikee Raymundo.

Their demo was super entertaining the audience was in giggles from time to time. Yuki and Mikee have been friends before they were makeup superstars, which explains the wonderful teamup.

The product apparently also comes with a specialized sponge with two sides - one smooth and one flocked. The smooth side is for medium to full coverage. However, if you want to just achieve the "freshly mattified" look, then turn over to the flocked side for lighter coverage or if you're the one who prefers to add little product and then build as you go. Or, you can opt for a balance by using the smooth side on the t-zone or shiny areas and the cheeks can go with the flocked side for natural dewy-ness, it's up to you.

We also got the chance to experience the product for ourselves by having makeovers done by the Make Up For Ever Pro Team. I had my makeover done by fellow polekitten and good friend Jinky Ureta. She did a very natural look on me, which I can take from client meeting to dinner out using only three colors on my eyes. For me, she used shade 40, which happens to be the darkest shade in this line.

The product has an intense brightening effect, which gave my skin a sort of rosy, mauve-ish look instead of the bronzey look I'm used to. The coverage is actually quite good. Jinky only used concealer on my undereyes, and she tried to see if the foundation alone would be sufficient enough to cover the redness on the sides of my nose. Well, whaddya know it did! It's a yay for the very comfortable feel and lasting ability. I do wish though that the line would broaden the range of shades as it only came in four shades - Beige (10), Ivory (20), Flesh (30), and Sand (40). The shades are mostly catering to those with fair skin to enhance it. Shade 40 is still a bit too light though for most morenas, but what they can do though, is to balance it with contouring and some bronzer so the brightening effect ties in with the wearer's natural skin color rather than having that ghastly contrast of the face being like 2 shades brighter than the neck.

For personal use, use this during the day when sun exposure is inevitable. I'm not a fan of whitening but I do believe on even skin tone and healthy young-looking skin. This product will not turn you from honey bronzey to alabaster in a split-second, so don't worry about it, if you love you skin color too much. As I've said, a balance can be achieved with a bit of contouring and bronzer. Do take heed though, for photo-heavy functions in wearing this product as products high in SPF can react in flash photography. For photoshoots, this probably wouldn't be your option if used entirely but don't take it out of your makeup kit. I use products like these to highlight undereyes and cheekbones.

I wouldn't let the night end without a photo with my three talented makeup artist friends, Yuki, Jinky, and Mikee.

Mikee is practically like my "ate" in the makeup business. We made chika even after the event was done and she gave me tips on makeup techniques and how to maximize my products.

Hugs and thanks to the Make Up For Ever team for this wonderful opportunity. It was awesome!

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