Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going Girly at the Havaianas Event

Inspired by our Audrey Hepburn photoshoot the day before, I went for an Audrey-inspired outfit sans makeup since I came from work. I wore this dress to the Havaianas launch last Thursday, which was a summery event.

It looks so girly and it goes well with flats or heels. I chose flats since I was working that day, and stilettos would be too owie. It was a good thing I had my hair fixed that day though (had my hair trimmed to nix the split ends) so I look more human like I didn't come from work.

Some shots too during the event:
Clowning with the guys while munching on veggie sticks, cream puffs, and unlimited iced tea. Normally, I'd wolf food like no tomorrow but I ate a lot at work so I thought to keep my dinner light. Food was also the reason why I chose a loose dress, so I get to eat a lot. I got a lot of compliments with my Audrey look. Maybe I should try outfits like this just once in a while.

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jillsabs said...

You did look nice that night :)

Hope to run into you in another event soon! :)