Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Surviving Summer At The Olay Natural White Healthy Fainess Launch

Hello Summer, how do you fare? The sun is shining, (friendly and safe) bodies of water (i.e. calm beaches and swimming pools) are inviting, and the mercury's rising up the thermometer as school's out and hemlines get shorter. Isn't it time to just have fun? Summer gets my body going in the right amounts. I spend a great deal of my mornings sunning by the pool and taking a morning dip as part of my strengthening exercises. As my boots make way for flip flops and I tuck my coats and cardigans at the back of my closet making way for the tank tops and shorts, it just dawned to me that we do need to take care of that part in our bodies that get exposed all the time, which is our skin.

In just the nick of time, I received an invitation for an event that's in time for summer and this time, Olay, a skin care brand I totally swear by has come up with another line for girls who would like, well the lighter things in life in a healthy and safe way. Naturally, we all live in a culture that's obsessed with fair skin. There are others in the spectrum who love our natural golden color, like myself. Sometimes though, sun worshippers like me do tend to get in tanning accidents and walking around the concrete jungle that is our own city sometimes get us a bit of uneven skin. For example, the dark forearms but pasty white chest. It's like, you're tan, but not the right and even tan we want. So even if we want to bare it all in those sexy skirts, we still can't because of the uneven patches of skin color.

Last week, Olay launched the Natural White Healthy Fairness Bar, a moisturizing soap bar that could be a bathtime companion when we want a bit of evening out of the skin so it would be so much easier flaunting the skin. The event was held at the SM Makati activity center. As we've been familiar with the face moisturizers that came out last year that takes care of our faces from blotchiness, we now have something to take care of the rest of our skin. Aside from that, the event also introduced their ambassador, actress and celebrity endorser Kim Chiu.

This soap contains the same Vitamin C technology used in the facial creams, so it's not bleaching and burning our skin. As Kim says, it doesn't turn your skin really, really white. It just brings out your natural fairness. I was told before that the lightest our skin could get is the inside of our forearms, as that part gets less exposed. So (sigh of relief) we get results that are natural and fit for our skin tones, so nothing pasty or unhealthy here too. Besides, Vitamin C is good for the skin!

Aside from introducing this new product, the event shows us all how to maximize our summer time from experts who know how it's all done. Tim Yap gave tips on how to get noticed in parties and shindigs to avoid another wallflower moment while wedding photographer Pat Dy also gave tips on how to pose so our one million and one summertime photos are flattering for our figures. To put together summer outfits, celebrity stylist Ana Kalaw gives tips and tricks on how to look our best during summer.

Tip #1 was to experiment on jewel tones like sapphire, emerald, and ruby colors. So it's all about bright colors to get noticed. Hmmm... come to think of it, she does make a point. A pretty ruffled fuchsia top gets you noticed more than a gray maxi dress. Don't get me wrong though, I love gray. Hmmm... maybe I'll pair that with a jewel-toned statement bag too.

Jeans, check! Turquoise flowy top, check! Even with minimal or clean makeup, Natasha didn't look like a wallflower in this getup.

For those na matigas ang ulo and would still wear black (like me!!!!) let's not fret because black is still okay, and in fact, a classic. However, it's time to spruce up the black with a bit of texture so it's not flat and blah. Take this cue from Melissa, who wore a black bodycon dress with sequin details.

The shimmer adds a bit of dimension on the photograph, so it's not one chunk of black. As I stare at the sea of black outfits in my closet, I wonder how to spruce them. Hmmm.... silver accessories maybe, just for dimension, or a statement necklace or belt perhaps?
Of course summer staples are swimwear and accessories, and Ana shows how to wear two-piece swimwear depending on the body shape.

Shades are summer's best friends - they shield the eyes from harmful UV rays and prevent the fine lines and wrinkles caused by squinting. Another bonus is they hide bags from sleepless nights. They also make us look chic even if we're not wearing makeup. Don't these three look so very Charlie's Angels?

If anyone finds the pieces familiar, these clothes come from everyone's favorite clothing line Forever 21. By the way, they'll be opening in a few days in SM Makati so whoop-de-do from yours truly, who's guilty of a weekly shopping trip in the SM Megamall store. :)

Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Bars are already available in supermarkets, drugstores, and department stores. They cost Php 45.00 for a 90 g bar. I'm sure you'd love the yummy scent as it pampers our skin. As of the moment, the unopened bars smell really nice and clean, I'm tempted to use them on my sponges and brushes too, but of course, my skin comes first! :)


Anonymous said...

I saw a picture of Kim Chiu at the Olay event and loved her lipstick. Do you have any suggestions of a possible match to the shade she is wearing? Thanks a bunch!

Bambi said...

try ever bilena off beat pink