Monday, January 24, 2011

Cham Pale and Stylishly Yours: New At The MAC Counter

Of course a week of mine wouldn't pass without me visiting the MAC Counter in Makati. Since I was busy the weeks before moving to the new place and all that, I wasn't able to visit much so I got a really good surprise when I saw them setting up a new display.

Cham Pale pale but with life. We usually think of pale as lifeless and dead but this one despite the presence of smoky kohls and smolder in the swatches is no palette inspired from Night of Iron Deficiency Anemia. It's just got nudes and neutrals in the cooler spectrum instead of warm and red bronzey. Champagne shades, malt-y colors, and shimmer were the inspirations for this palette, adding a cushy lip gelles in silvery shimmers and a quad with mainstays Brule and Retrospeck included.

My spotlight in this collection are the liners. I really adore Chromagraphic Pencils since they open up the eyes without looking fake or cross-eyed. These are creamy eye pencils in the shade of MAC concealers, so they're flesh-toned instead of stark white. I really think flesh-toned liners on the waterline make the eyes look brighter and healthier in a natural way, that's why I'm making super tipid my Chromagraphic Pencil in NC15. It works in theater, bridal, fashion shows, or in days where I want to look awake. I'm praying this becomes a mainstay in MAC counters.

NC15/Nw20, NW25/NC30, another NC15/NW20 and Eye Kohl in Feline swatches. The fairer girls would like NC15/Nw20 while morenas could go for NW25/NC30. You could use this too if a strong smoky eye color closed up the eye. Speaking of smoky eyes, Feline is an adorable kohl for the supermodel eye with a stare the cuts through. The only problem with Feline or any eye kohl for that matter is that it tends to bleed quite easily so my best friend would be translucent powder under the eye and to quickly set the kohl with a powerful black eyeshadow like Carbon.

While examining the Cham Pale collection, I saw Kang wear a hot pink lippie that looked more opaque than Lustering, almost like my old Hollywood Nights but creamier. It was actually part of a new collection called Stylishly Yours with candy color pigments, cream color bases, and lippies that are in perfect contrast to the pale of Cham Pale, or if not Cham Pale, a statement to a clean face.

I'm here to spotlight on the lippies though, which I took shots and swatches of.

Something New, Style Curve, Cockney, and Neon Orange. Something New was the pink Kang was wearing. It really looks so pretty and Barbie-like, something I would like to be another mainstay in MAC counters as it's so hard to find a bright fuchsia lippie nowadays. Style Curve is a very attractive violet color that goes on bluish plum on the lips. Since it's a cremesheen finish, it looks more like a hug of grape rather than like the violet lippies of the 90's with the annoying blue frost that looks more psychedelic than flattering. Cockney is actually a relaunch. It really looks like a bright red on stick but it's actually just a kiss of red in a lustre finish, so it could be a beginner red for those who want to try red out first. Neon Orange, as the name stays, is Neon Orange, quite similar to Morange, which I also blogged before. On lips, it's something that's typically dare-to-wear but really cool once you put it on:

Even with minimal makeup, a neon orange lip is already okay. Summer is soon coming up and now's the time for bright bold colors. :) It's kind of dark though, since I just used my phone's camera to capture all images so that I'm not so conspicuous while taking shots. MAC launched really cool collections this year now, from a flattering pale to bright candy colors to lusher lashes. Here's something I'm excited about though, Fix+ Lavander. I already fell in love with Fix+ that I make it a point to have one on stock. Regular Fix+ bottles have a nice refreshing scent as it is and this one's got infused with the scent of lavander.
I really love the scent of lavander. It reminds me of a relaxing day at the spa. It's not too overpowering nor is it too floral for me to have a migraine upon first whiff. I know that lavander's scent is for calming and is definitely perfect for us to wind down after a long day. I could use this on a bride upon setting her makeup to calm any pre-wedding jitters. Ooooh this sure is one that I would love for MAC to keep regular - their infused Fix+!!!!! Although my bottle of Fix+ is hardly half-empty, I'd love to keep this on stock. So now you guys know probably what I'd get once I get my talent fees already for the month. Okay maybe another lippie as well wouldn't hurt.


Aiiya said...

How much is the lipsticks , blush , eyeshadow , brushes in the philippines ?

thanks =)

Bambi said...

lippies are usually Php950, blush Php1200, eyeshadow Php 870, and brushes it depends, it starts from 1100 (brush 217) to Php 2950 (brush 187)