Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smoky Eyes This 2011 Holiday From The Body Shop

Saturday was a busy day for me. I started my day 5 am since I had to do a wedding (which I'll blog about soon). Then, I trooped over to QC for an appointment and back to ortigas, at SM Megamall to be exact to bond with one of the brands that I consider my "coming of age brands", a brand I stuck to from teenage years to adulthood. I'm talking about The Body Shop.

The Body Shop's makeup collection is all about smoke and sparkle, which means smoky eyes, glossy lips, and sparkle. Remember, come December there's gonna be a lot of Christmas parties, events, and it's definitely a must to look good.

I was given a makeover by The Body Shop makeup artist, Roma. She was really nice and had a very light hand with applying makeup. We tried out this season's palette, the 4-Step Smoky Eyes Palette. She even made me choose if I wanted to try the Silver Black palette or the Golden Brown one, I opted for warm smoky eyes so golden brown. She agreed and in fact had that same idea in mind.

Here's Roma's super awesome makeup station that I wanna take home with me.

For foundation, she used The Body Shops' Extra Virgin Minerals for foundation. She had to use the darkest shade mixed with a little drip of medium foundation on me. My my my, someone's been tanning but she got it right. I love that it didn't feel sticky or heavy at all, and it complied with my lack-of-sleep skin making me look supermodel fresh.

And speaking of supermodel, here's how the palette looks like for the supermodel smoky eyes.

It's so pretty! On its own, it looks like a gift waiting for you.

The 4-Step Smoky Eyes palette contains four colors - 3 powder colors and one sparkly cream-to-powder highlighter. It even has a mini applicator brush and pencil since smoky eyes aren't complete without eyeliner.

At the back there's a mini-lesson for you, in case you don't know what to do. When you familiarize yourself with the palette, you may create your own modification and adaptation of the smoky eye.


#1 is warm white base color, which can be applied from lashline to browbone if you want just a sweep of color on lazy office days.
#2 is a dark brown shadow, which can be used to contour the eyes to give depth.
#3 is a chocolate brown shadow, which can be used to further add depth or to define the lower lid or set the eyeliner so it doesn't run.
#4 is a rich brown eye liner (or definer) to be used to tightline and define eyes.

Do you notice that this palette has no presence of black whatsoever? Although black may be omnipresent in smoky eyes, can it be possible to have a purely brown smoky eye?

It looks like it! Roma gave me a warm brown smoky eye that I can take from an afternoon photoshoot to an evening event, depending on how I want it. The look is very wearable. A bride can wear it, a maid of honor can wear it, and well, anyone can wear it in any occasion. I like that the colors are so neutral but they're not so harsh or anything. Yet, my eyes still popped out. What Roma did with the cream-to-powder highlighter was use it as a topper color on my lid, so there's sparkle. It can be used for the browbone too, if you want it to pop.

Just as an ender to smoky eyes are subtle contours and peach glossy lips. The hi-shine lip treatment in coral was topped on a natural peach lip color so all blends in.

With regards to my brows, I was actually surprised that I could carry a darker brown shade than my usual. I like! Another discovery.

The 4-Step Smoky Eyes palette costs Php 1,495. The palette used on me is the Golden Brown Palette, but there's also the Silver and Black palette, which is stronger and more on the cooler side of the spectrum.

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