Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Pole Halloween and My Exercise Barbie Look for Halloween Lookbook

When pole and Halloween collide, my smile tends to be from ear-to-ear. As I've said, I love Halloween, and since our teachers announced a Halloween pole class day last week, I was super game to come in full gear. In fact, I couldn't even decide what to wear as I had so many stuff and ideas already.

Our teachers went as the Spice Girls! I love the Spice Girls and they're just the cutest. We danced to songs by the Spice Girls today from warm up to cool down to choreo. Viva Forever! Just a trivia, I also had Spice Girls dolls.

Anyway, I decided to come as my favorite toy ever - BARBIE! But what Barbie right as there's so many Barbie variations! I went as Exercise Barbie, since I'll be pole-ling and it was an outfit I could dance, flip, and twirl to.

I researched on workout Barbie pictures and found this darling. And she belongs to the 80's Barbie series, which is my generation. I'm not a Barbie hater and I never will be. When I was a kid, I thought Barbie was the coolest girl ever. She can be a teacher, a pilot, an astronaut, a doctor, a dancer, a rockstar, and so on. Plus her perpetual smile on her face made me stop crying whenever I'm being bullied so all I had to do was open my box of Barbie dolls and play and all would be okay. I want to be the awesome and multitasking pretty girl that she is! The abs are a bonus.

What I wore is a pole adaptation of the original Exercise Barbie costume, which had her in blue leotards, leg warmers, and sneakers. I curled my hair, put it in a high ponytail, donned bright aqua blue top and shorts to match, put sneakers on (I had socks instead of leg warmers since I need my leg skin as grip), and had a headband. The costume was dual-purpose pa. :) For the blonde hair, since I'm not blonde, I sprayed my hair with spray-on temporary hair color, which washes out with shampoo. For makeup, Barbie's tradmark pretty pink makeup down to the hot pink lips (MAC Hollywood Nights + Candy Yum Yum).

My classmates were un-kabogable as well, of course! I did makeup for my classmates too so we're all pretty in our costumes.
Our baby girl Eti came dressed as a fairy.

Grace is a soldier, but a malanding soldier. Only Col. Grace will go to war in smoky eyes, glitter, and false lashes.

Our supergirl Cheriza was very much like Chun Li. :)

We learned doubles today. It's much harder than we thought because we had to be the same speed as our partner as well as each other. But we loved dancing to the song. Kayleen did an awesome job with the choreo!

We all came in costume so we got treats! Yay!

I won best costume! Being my favorite doll and dancing to the Spice Girls got me so energized too!

Till the next Halloween. I guess you're never too old to play dress up, says me the perpetual seven-year-old.

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