Friday, November 25, 2011

Short, Pink, and Sweet with a cut too

I love wearing pink. It makes me happy. And so do short dresses that hug every ab and quad. It makes me feel pretty when I'm done with a day of work/chores.

dress: Gift from the States
scarf: an old Marks and Spencer scarf bought 15 years ago in Hongkong
shoes: Aerosoles
watch: Mickey Mouse watch from Hongkong Disneyland
leg bronzer: None. that's my natural color.

Wear this with a scarf if I wanna dress it up and pump up the height in heels or wear it with flip flops, bundle my hair in a messy bun, don shades and it's okay for a casual but comfy-sexy vibe when I want to have milk tea in Serenitea.

Dresses make me look tall and I love it. I must be swimming a lot more because I'm getting darker, which I love. I hope that my guilty pleasure indulgence of Gong Cha wintermelon tea and Potato Corner fries didn't show.

Another place I like to rave about: Lucy Britanico salon in Glorietta. They gave me a trim and blow-dried my hair to Victoria's Secret sexiness waves and volume in less than 30 minutes. Their price is okay too. My trim is only about Php400. I'm usually scared whenever I enter a new salon for a trim but they did a good job in knowing to cut only the dry ends and maintain the length and shape of my hair, which I've been trying to maintain for like 3 years now. I told them I'm growing my hair and I prefer that it fall on my waist or a little above it since it's more low-maintenance that way for me. No experimenting or anything. Yay!

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