Thursday, November 24, 2011

Glitter and Ice: MAC Holiday 2011

When I visited the MAC counter at Shangri-La, it really showed that it was Christmas time. Instead of rich red colors, though, it was crystal, silver, and white, as the otherwise chic trademark black MAC counter seemed to be enveloped in snowballs and crystals as their Holiday Collection arrived, aptly named Glitter and Ice.

Superhuman, mystical, and fierce is what I'd describe the design of the poster.

Carlos busy setting up the displays. As you all know, every holiday collection consists of gift pouches or sets, which are perfect gifts to self (heehee, if you're a makeup addict) or to a female friend or relative you love who you know loves MAC makeup (uuuhhh helloo!!!!!! In case you don't have a gift for me yet!).

The goodies such as lip glass sets, nail lacquer sets, and stacked pigments are encased in a pretty see-through sphere, that's like a crystal ball showing your wish, except your wish is tangible when you dismantle the crystal ball. Aptly named Dazzlespheres, these sets are just too pretty you'd giggle. Take note with the lipglasses that their caps are white, which matches everything.

Eye makeup junkies, here are your eye palettes. What's perfect to make them stay put on the eye? Paint pots! :)

Travel-sized brush sets in white and glittery silver. And no, that's not a design, that's a dual fibre brush set you see containing SE versions of 187, 130, 266 duo fibre taper brush, and 282 duo fibre shader brush. These are the four key Mineralize brushes, used for, obviously the Mineralize line.

What else do we see during the Holidays in the MAC counter? Viva Glam! This year's Viva Glam endorser is the ever-so-unpredictable Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga's fans will go gaga for the Viva Glam Melt Your Heart Lip Bag, which contains not one but two full-size lipsticks.

Remember the sold out in minutes Lady Gaga pink lipstick? It's back with its younger sister, Gaga2 (the nude one).

See? I'm not lying when I told you they came in full sizes.

As I'm typing this, I'm sure that some of the items mentioned are up for grabs. Anyone eyeing on a favorite now? What would it be?


Prudence said...

Just came from Shangri-la. Was eyeing the I love winter. Pero wala na daw stock :-( And hindi na daw magkakaroon ng stock. Huhu. What to do? What to do?

Bambi said...

awww really? hmmm check online. do you have relatives abroad? maybe the MAC branches there have. Can they get it for you?