Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Lookbook #2: Cheetara

Another Halloween look! I must say I got the hang of it. This happened quite accidentally since I was watching my childhood cartoons. As I was watching Thundercats, I saw Cheetara (the sole female Thundercat) and a light bulb effect came to me - Cheetara look! I'm quite torn between that and a look that I want for me for pole class later so to save and fulfill my Cheetara cravingness, I gave in and created a Cheetara look after I practiced my look for today.

Originally, Cheetara looks like this:

blonde spotted hair, red eye makeup like a mask and of course, the iconic Thundercats bodysuit. My Cheetara adaptation had the red makeup (even her blue eyeshadow) but due to the lack of spots on the hair, I did a different version, making it mine.

Red makeup check! Red lippie check! Big hair check! Blonde color check! Spots... check! So the spots were above my brows. Doing the eye makeup's fun since I had to take note of the shape and make sure I look like a cat instead of a spider or a girl in a mask, because I want to use makeup and not a mask.

I practiced spraying my hair blonde beforehand so my hair was stiff enough to be teased so it was pretty easy to get it that big. A crimper beforehand also produces the nicer rar results. I used MAC cream color base for the red makeup and topped it with matte red eyeshadows. I didn't bother defining brows as cats don't have brows anyway. For the eye makeup, I didn't just dab on bright blue. I sorta winged the eye twice so I really look like a cat. This was a makeup look that required detail on shape.

If I'd want to wear that in a party, I've heard that Kryolan or MUFE cream colors can be used since those are the once that are really made for stage performances and won't crack or slide when you sweat or when the paint dries unlike kiddie face paint. For the spots, I used dark brown gel eyeliner. I used my bangle as a guide on how cheetah prints look like.
Ya huh! I'm blonde! That's just a spray. It washes off easily with shampoo. :)

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